Friday, April 04, 2008

When Mythworlds Collide: Lois Meets Lucifer

In May of 1970, this adorably silly cover hit the stands. It was a truism in the old days of fandom that all fads went to the comic books to die, and the Satanic panic of Anton LaVey and Rosemary's Baby was a dim memory by the time Lois Lane#103 made it debut. Note the cartoonish LaVey stand-in.

Around the same time as that comic, Kenneth Anger took off to Giza with his entourage to shoot his magnum opus Lucifer Rising, which Adam Gorightly and I discussed on his podcast the other night. Along for the ride to Egypt was Donald Cammell, the Scottish art prodigy turned film director. Here he portrays Osiris, who along with Isis is summoning...

....UFOs. Donald Cammell would sporadically work in Hollywood until his suicide in 1996. Frustrated by years of conflict with studio suits, his last film would be the catalyst for his death.

It was called Wild Side and featured none other than Tinseltown's latest Eloah-Isis Lane, the iridescent Anne Heche. It costarred the exquisite Joan Chen and Christopher Walken, who would also play the Angel Gabriel that same year in The Prophecy, alongside 9/11 birthday girl Virginia Madsen ("the Virgin's Mad Son?"). This DVD cover seems to show Walken still done up in his Gabriel role. Heche was involved with Steve Martin and Lindsey Buckingham around this time. Her dalliance with Ellen DeGeneres would inflame both of them. Martin would cast Hathor Graham in a parody of Heche in Bowfinger and Buckingham would write the scathing "Come" in her honor.

Anne Heche was born in May of 1969, one year before Lois Lane #103 hit the racks.

Heche had experience with another Donald- her closeted, Fundamentalist father who died of AIDS in 1983. Heche later would write that her father molested her repeatedly and gave her herpes. Anne was born in Aurora, Ohio and moved to Ocean City, NJ (Near both Atlantis City and US Route 322). After relationships with luminaries like Martin and Buckingham, Heche gained notice with her role in Donnie Brasco. She then made headlines when she began her relationship with DeGeneres and again when she left the comedienne for a man, whom she married in - wait for it- September of 2001.

Aside from Wyrd New Jersey, there's a Secret Sun tie-in with Ms. Heche, since at the time of her marriage my mom was living in Anne's birthplace of Aurora. I visited there in 1999 and took the family to the old Sea World.

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