Monday, April 07, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Let's Go to the Movies!

There's a very interesting triple-feature playing in the IMAX Dome Theatre, located at the Liberty Science Center, which is part of Liberty State Park. The LSC is interesting in and of itself (well, not so much on the inside), seeing that it's two most prominent architectural features are the Dome and the pyramid-capped Tower, which strangely resembles an obelisk. We've seen this conjunction- an obvious phallus and womb- for millennia, and in everything from St. Peter's Square to Washington, DC to the 1939 World's Fair.

Interestingly enough, the World's Fair opened on Walpurgisnicht, exactly seven months after Orson Welles' epochal radio adaptation of War of the Worlds, detailing an invasion of New Jersey by inhabitants of Mars.

A Whole New World Awaits...

Mars certainly seems to be popping back up in our public consciousness lately. Most recently we saw the ESA video of Hebes Chasma, which by some miraculous twist of fate shares its name with Hebes Temple in Egypt. And playing now at the IMAX Dome is Roving Mars, featuring footage from the various Mars expeditions. Note the "wounded Eye of Horus" sunrise/eclipse there.

And sure enough, the other EYE-MAX ("Great Eye") feature playing at the IMAX Dome Theatre is Mummies, Secrets of the Pharoahs, featuring none other than Lord Summerisle as narrarator. And whose poster features what...? The Eye of Horus.

So we have big-budget IMAX movies about Mars and the Egyptian Mysteries playing at the same time in a venue containing an ancient fertility symbol in the shadow of Lady Liberty herself. None of this is even remotely surprising if you've read the work of researchers like Richard Hoagland.

The third feature is Hurricane on the Bayou, a documentary on the destruction wreaked by Katrina, narrarated by Meryl Streep. Coincidentally, Hoagland has also done work parsing the semiotic (and other) mysteries of that disaster. Amazingly, Katrina is yet another variation on Ka-Athyr-Ein and again, Hathor was known as the "destroyer of mankind" in her form as Sekhmet.

Very, very interesting triple-feature, no?

Maybe skeptics will tell us this is all just a multi-million dollar prank on the part of a bunch of high-placed Hoagland fans, hellbent on combining high initiate symbolism, the ancient Egyptian afterlife ceremonies, and Mars, a planet with its hotly-debated-over structures, to unconsciously brainwash people into buying surplus copies of Dark Mission. Ha ha, funny high-placed Hoagland fans! You guys certainly know how to pull a fast one!

Note winged sun disk atop the film's title

And yet, this isn't the first time that Egypt, initiatic occultism and astronautics have been brewed up at the Libery Science Center. I haven't been to the LSC in about ten years or so (outside of the IMAX, it's very boring for anyone over the age of 12). The last time I was there the IMAX feature was the aptly-named travelogue, The Mysteries of Egypt.

Coincidentally enough, the folks from Jack Parsons' old haunt, the Jet Propulsion Laboratories, were also there with an exhibit of NASA concept artist Robert McCall's "symbolic" paintings, including fascinating pieces with titles like Alien Intellect, Light of the Universe, and The Apotheosis of Technology. These "symbolic" pieces are just chock-full of Masonic icons, including checkerboards, obelisks, giant eyes and spaceships, all tied to space travel, ancient civilizations and "alien intelligence."

But this is all too expensive and elaborate to be just a bunch of Freemasons having a chuckle. These IMAX films and these buildings and these exhibits cost millions and millions of dollars and these little scraps of imagery we're being fed by the space agencies are merely the tip of a multi-billion- if not trillion- dollar pyramid. Does anyone really think that NASA and the ESA aren't covertly photographing every square inch of Cydonia?

I believe we will be seeing much more of this, as we are slowly conditioned to this new reality paradigm. We've seen all of this in science fiction film since at least 2001:A Space Odyssey, but as many other more seasoned researchers than myself have pointed out, every advanced civilization in antiquity has records quite plainly and soberly stating that "gods" from the stars came to them, instructed them in the arts of civilization, and left after promising to return someday in the future. I'm not a prophet, but it's as good a bet as any that some very powerful people believe that that "someday" is coming up very, very quickly.

And it won't be pretty.


  1. Very nice intro. I'll be reading avidly. The whole reason I started blogging at Gosporn was to talk about the
    alien savior/threat, especially as it is reflected in homoerotic fiction.

  2. "A whole new world awaits you, in the offworld colonies" - is an advert line, from Blade Runner or Total Recall.

    I'd say it's obvious indeed the Biblical creation of humans (and the rest as regards creaton stories) refers to what I'd term a not-evolutionary (ie - not naturally evolved according to how nature tends to work) creation. There's more than enough evidence from many quarters to cast more than reasonable doubt as to the notion that humans are 'merely' naturally evolved from primates (to use one of the 5 Ps (the penal system) that the 'alien' genesplicers left here in the cultures, civilisations that I'd also argue pre-exited their arrival and meddling).

    It'd seem to me anyway that there were civilisations here, that were of original natural creation, and the 'aliens' that the creation stories speak of had developed their civilisations in terms of war and those kinds of emotions and ways of thinking, they got here and ruined what was here - it maybe was unable to defend itself having not developed in that kind of way.

    As to why and how the 'aliens' that mixed their own genes etc with what was here, came to be so separated from nature themselves; I haven't a clue as to why that would allowed to happen. I see no value in such a thing existing. However, I'd suggest there's a type of paradox involved, and they could be a kind of anomaly - like they only exist in these times here, from peoples now, and they exist in the past because they go back there from these times.

    I mean, there's plenty of peoples here and now, who if they had the chance to would very much go back in time and splice themselves with what they found there, and plunder the place and so forth. I think the 'alien' interveners are "us" (not me, and likely not many reading this either, but "us" as in they come from what this species is becoming / in some cases already is, they're a kind of soul-less pointless directionless self-cannabalising parasite in timespace).

    I think that's why it's so crucial to not be part of the fake and phoney culture, not to be a zombie of the nature-killing dominants; because "we" can head them off, and make sure their future and therefore their entire existenece in here never comes to pass.

    Who can say where their heads are at? Maybe many a planets inhabitants have fallen to them completely, maybe all their stage directions showing up in the culture all the more - the pen gates they put up to guide their herds to what they want them to be - are part of their viral lifecycles standardised stages.

    As to their um pets here (or traitors, if you want to get down to it) I think many of them may well do exactly what the article jokes about, and think they are just having a laugh and making elborate references to things that pertain to how their masters operate on 4D / in the astral. Oh there's a reward in it for them - the equivalent of table scraps I'd wager.

  3. Zupa, tomorrow I'm going to touch upon the bloodline issue a bit. This is al a very complex story and all I can really do for my part is talk about what these groups believe happened. It's a great mystery but if you parse their language, I think it's obvious that a version of this storyline is very much clutched to the bosom of the power elites.

    Michael that last bit in your post made me think of the Martian Child. Are you familiar with that story?

  4. Martian Child - yea, up on it. I think that gay people feel "alienated" from the majority American culture - in a way that is similar to African Americans, etc. Even though gay "culture" is now hip, it's hip in the way that black culture is: best when done by a white boy (Marky Mark, etc.). So we get gay dramas acted by straight actors (Brokeback Mountain) and queers still get subtly cast as the villain.

    As far as the idea that some people are actually aliens/reptilians/nephilim whatever... I look forward to your musings on the subject.

  5. I think you're right that what's being planned is not going to be pretty. I'm optomistic that it will work out in favor of better things; ie - the return of the gods / aliens, & the gods tell the ruling elites that what they've made of this world is nothing at all like what it's supposed to be.

    Otherwise, it'll be a phoney staged event, that hasn't got anything to do with any supressed or hidden histories or aliens or anything at all. Just more mind control and distractions.