Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Art is the Door

I posted this before, but you need to realize that this is how it all works. You start with this...

And it becomes this...

This is how these things manifest themselves into our reality. Things that few people notice at the time resonate with the motivated sensitives who use that inspiration to redefine the culture. Perhaps a motivated sensitive saw that music video and a process began that lead to a massive, annual Beltane celebration in the heart of Edinburgh.

Or this: Following a 1986 revival showing in San Francisco of the obscure British film,
The Wicker Man becomes "Burning Man" and comes to define the lives of tens of thousands of people. In the end, there's only one criteria for the worth of an idea- its resonance.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been alive at a time when so many powerful forces were manifesting practically unnoticed into this reality through Art. There was a period during the early-to-mid 80's when all of this weirdness was slipping into this world and building itself a home.

The reason I fixate on the things I do is that they are ripe to the point of bursting with resonance and meaning.

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