Thursday, January 10, 2008

Astronaut Theology: Kirby Does Kubrick

Jake asked where to start delving into the weird and wild world of Jack Kirby. It's difficult to say. But perhaps a nice transition from the movie stuff synchromystics might be more familiar with would be Kirby's zoned-out take on the big kahuna of Semiotic Cinema- 2001, A Space Odyssey.

It actually started out great- there's a two issue barbarian storyline that seems to have been a visual influence on the Conan The Barbarian film- but Kirby got hung up a new character named Machine Man and 2001 ran aground. Kirby spun the character off into his own title.

But it's important to note that yet again we have Kirby's linking of cosmic revelation and urban destruction, only this time pictured beneath a banner screaming "2001."

Bonus Factoid: One of the astronauts in the first issue of the regular comics is named "Mason."


  1. I'm on it...

    Also have to finally get "The Killing Joke". Will post a little about "Signal To Noise" soonish.

    Comics are a great medium for syncs. I dont know how well they perform being shown on the videos allong side film, but I love putting them in...


  2. comics can be very cinematic so they mix well with "film", also 1 reason i think there are some many movies based on graphic novels these days is because it saves the step of storyboarding

    keep it up dynamic duo!

  3. Comics work better in still form, but I like your use of them in videos.

    Note how Kirby depicts outer space as this pulsating energy field, not as a black void.