Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Alchemy, The Joker and Rubeo

The always-revelatory Inside the Cosmic Cube is looking into the alchemical origins of the Joker. I'd just like to add that the Joker's original incarnation as the Red Hood reminds me of the Rubeo from Alchemical iconography...

Also, it seems that Heath Ledger had read The Killing Joke

DRE: Have you read many Batman comics?

HL: No and I think that’s kind of helping me a little bit. I was never really a fan of comic books or comic book movies. I never despised them but I was never one to read them. I never sought out the films but I would sit down and enjoy them. So because of that I really feel that I’m not carrying much pressure.

DRE: Have they given or asked you to read certain comics?

HL: The Killing Joke was the one that was handed to me. I think it’s going to be the beginning of The Joker. I guess that book explains a little bit of where he’s from but not too much. From what I’ve gathered, there isn’t a lot of information about The Joker and it’s left that way.


  1. Ledger - The Stone slab on a grave
    - a horizontal scaffolding pole

    So often the gallows are called the scaffold, and the ledger on the grave, images of 'calling to account', 'closing the book- no more bets please'
    The Fool in Lear is a powerful 'fool' , one may look to his character to find deeper whorls . In fact I'll do that now.
    Which reminds me, at age 17 I acted as the Fool in HENRY the 10th, part 7. Its a parody. My make-up was done in Alice Cooper style, changed a bit. The guy who put it on also introduced me to the Cocteau Twins a year later. He had changed from a normal boy to a punk thanks to KJ, the SKIDS, The Damned etc and then took on the Bauhaus , Cocteau, Magazine style .

  2. Kind of makes me wonder about the story "Little Red Riding Hood" , with the most popular version today being written by the Brothers Grimm ...

    Speaking of which, I found this description on Wikipedia of the conclusion of the film The Brothers Grimm (obviously, starring Heath Ledger) and haven't seen anyone mention this detail before:

    "With the menace gone and their daughters returned to them, the villagers of Marbaden celebrate and give their heart-felt thanks to the Brothers Grimm, who have decided to pursue a new vocation. At this point, the words 'And they all lived happily ever after...' appear on screen. However, a crow flies over this cheerful scene with a surviving fragment of the Mirror Queen's terrified, staring eye in its beak and the message on screen changes to '...well, maybe not.'"