Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Please Give Me a Time Machine

Cocteau Twins and the Smiths on back to back nights in a tiny club in Manhattan? Are you KIDDING me?

A door opened in 1984- everyone felt it. There were incredible energies flying around in the air above our heads. It was so brief and fleeting- but absolutely exhilarating.

No one realized it at the time, but it was actually the end of a cycle when everyone thought it was the beginning. But that's the Janus Point- the moments in time when the revolving door turns and all sorts of interesting things slip in before it closes again. The aftershocks lasted for a while longer, but sloppy seconds are never fun. It was like that in 1979, the real start of the 80's. After that, 1980 itself was a major letdown in comparison.

Now, please read the Siren series and see how myth becomes reality right under everyone's noses.


  1. Ahhhh, 1984. I vaguely recall attending some weirdo comic book college with some weirdo punky-type dude who loved the Clash. Damn, if only I could remember his name...


    John E Williams

  2. Hah! Another county heard from! Right on, brother, how's it hanging? Good to see a familiar face.

  3. A danceteria poster?

    My hey-day as a hipster was in NYC in the long ago 80's. I spent a lot of time in those cramped little rooms. Amazing, but true.

    Sadly - I wasn't at this show...

  4. All I can say is WOW!