Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mindbomb, Part 2: Reverberations

Through an quirk in scheduling, I've been spending a lot of my time delving back into the symbols. And its having a powerful effect on my dreams, which have become extremely huge and vivid.

Last night I dreamed that an enormous, mile-wide UFO was trying to phase into this physical plane over the Tappan Zee bridge. The force of this action was destroying the bridge, very much like the Point Pleasant event. I was primarily concerned with how traffic would get across the river, which is 3 miles at that point. The water was littered with construction debris and floating cars. Vladimir Putin was there, witnessing the event and he and I discussed the arrogance of the UFO's inhabitants. But the UFO was phasing in and out of this dimensional reality. Finally, the UFO - still phasing - was brought down telepathically by a small, bald Asian man. It was like watching a building collapse in slow motion- it took forever. But the bridge was still gone.

I can name any number of items in my thoughtstream lately that played into this construction, but the power of the Unconscious mind takes those bits and pieces and creates something unforgettable of them. And in a few short seconds, I could find just the right images to quickly construct a collage of to illustrate the story.

My question is why is so much of popular culture so dead and empty? Because we as a culture are not dreaming anymore. Americulture is a speed freak; unable to sleep and unwilling to dream. As with all speed freaks, our public life is becoming a dreary, ugly, miserable hallucination.


  1. I fell asleep watching a documentary about the aztecs..I ended up fighting alongside them trying to Kill Cortez before he ruin the entire civilisation..

    a friend I havent spoke to for a while showed up in the dream as an aliens or Ufo's just people killin people, same old same old

  2. Nice post. The Tappan Zee bridge has an interesting history. When I was in my early twenties, I had vivid dreams of slasher mayhem - me and my sword against the horde (and this was long before video "games". I'd slash and I'd kill, night after night, until finally one dream, there were no more demons to kill. I'd killed them all. I think this was during the time I was wrestling with coming out.

  3. Cheers, guys. Good to see apocalyptic dreams are common currency in the Synchromystic community.

  4. Re: 17
    In the Hebrew zodiac KapriKorn [ a goat] = GDY , don't know pronunciation. Via the Hebrew letter/number system G=3,D=4,Y=10 thus 17.
    To reiterate OZ 77 is another Hebrew word for goat/strength.
    Thus we have mountain-climbing goats [ 2 of them ] as part of the OZ ritual , which also invokes cloven-hoofed PAN as greek interloper. [ PAN = 131 if u allow Greek lettters to be transmuted into Hebrew via the English Alphabet]
    Goats go up mountains as did Al Crowley who wrote that Capricornus and Sex go together as expressions of Aspiration, This he then mixed by climbing a physical mountain.
    77+17 = 94 which = 2 x 47. The Twin Towers had 47 columns each as supports
    Also GDY may have given us the word god, which creates a pleasant tie-up
    'Towering Twin GoatGods, Batman!'

  5. Don't forget the 17th book of Revelation, Ferris.

  6. and goats have historically been used for sacrifice to "the adversary" in judiasm - hence we get the term "scapegoat".

    This particular goat, the scapegoat, was given the finest grains, dressed up and adorned, marched through Jerusalem to cheers and adoration - basically treated like a 'King Goat', the local 'celebrity' - then, when the time finally came, he was taken up to the edge of a cliff and thrown off as sacrifice to appease the adversary (the Satan, in otherwords) so he would get his due and leave the people alone.

    There is a moral lesson behind the practice as well - those who seek fame and fortune and celebrity do so at the price of becoming the scapegoat for the rest.