Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sync Log: Ladytron

Joe turned me on to this band, whose lyrics are filled with fascinating snippets of deeper meaning. I thought of this song - titled, of course, "Seventeen"- as an example of their esoteric hint-dropping and went to look up the lyrics to their scintillating little number, "Soft Power"...

...and am confronted with our friends in white and red. The song I was playing at the moment on my Itunes has even more hints of a specifically arcane nature...

Silent movers
Black medusa

perfect timing

hallow morning

We`re on the same high you and I

Open the same page, no sunrise

Sickness fading

Darkness falling

New day dawning

Black sun rising

Another new wrinkle in the endless fabric of Synchromysticitude...

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