Friday, January 04, 2008

Clown Show 2008- Survival Tip

As exciting as the symbolism of the Obama victory in the Iowa Caucus was, the cynical voice inside my head was not stilled. I'm very happy that he won, but he's just one man in a sea of clowns. And now the knives will be out for him in the media, who had already annointed Hillary Clinton as Empress Dowager in their hearts. I also realize that in order to get where he is, Obama has cut all sorts of deals not in our best interest.

I'm sorry, but I just don't believe in our political myths anymore. The coming century belongs to Asia, specifically China and India. This election feels like an animatronic charade, wistful nostalgia for the American Imperium.

If you need a voice of reason amidst all the honking and squeaking of the bought-and-paid-for media clowns, I recommend Glenn Greenwald over at Salon.


  1. I'm in agreement with you on this, the "Circus"/"Clown Show" is such a joke. Whoopie Obama "won" Iowa, wow.
    He'll go state to state saying just what he needs to say, to every group he meets. As will all the other performers, promising the masses newness,change or another direction from what is. Once the selected is elected the agenda will proceed.

    Fun times we live in no?

    I've enjoyed your interviews on Vyzygoth and Red Ice and look forward to Spandex.

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  3. It kind of reminds me how producers will bring a new character onto a dying sitcom in a bid to boost the ratings.

    Thanks for checking in, Josh.

    Has anyone heard from Vyz lately?