Monday, January 21, 2008

Don't Take My Word for It...

Sometimes there is a point when the Collective Unconscious answers your incessant knocking at its door.

Paprika is an absolutely brilliant - and deliriously entertaining - film dedicated to the transcendent power of the Dreaming Mind. I'd never heard of it until I picked it off the video store's shelf last night. In it was nearly every basic concept I'd be mulling over for the past month. And to punctuate the convergence, it zeroed in on the symbolic power of the number 17.

Time and again over the past several years I've been confronted with this magic number. I've not seen much on 17 in any of the literature, but it's imprinted itself on hundreds of news stories, film clips, and whatnot repeatedly. I was happy to see to see its significance acknowledged in this wonderful and important film.

And in addition to this wonderful tribute to the Siren, it also focuses heavily on bridge symbolism. There is also a crucial use of butterfly symbolism as well. An absolute must-see for anyone interested in the power of the Unconscious Mind.

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  1. After reading your email about Paprika u pulled out Satoshi Kon's 'Millennium Actress' to see if it still holds up. Beautiful..

    It's amazing that the universe can communicate individually (and collectively) at any point, with the same film. Giving a unique tailored MSG to the 'observer'.

    Consciousness becoming aware of itself...