Tuesday, September 28, 2010

That UN ET Ambassador Story...(UPDATE 9/28)

Speaking of The Outer Limits, we just heard an announcement that a special UN office is to be set to greet extraterrestrials should they make (public) contact:
Mazlan Othman, a Malaysian astrophysicist, is set to be tasked with co-ordinating humanity’s response if and when extraterrestrials make contact.

She will set out the details of her proposed new role at a Royal Society conference in Buckinghamshire next week.

The 58-year-old is expected to tell delegates that the proposal has been prompted by the recent discovery of hundreds of planets orbiting other starts, which is thought to make the discovery of extraterrestrial life more probable than ever before.
Is this more fodder for the zany "Weird News" columns? Could be. But given the closest star is four years away traveling at the speed of light, any kind of contact that would necessitate a special ambassadorship isn't necessarily the kind of event that gives me the warm and fuzzies.

The first ep that comes to mind here is "Second Soul," in which a special UN office was set up to deliver corpses to a race of aliens who needed them to reincarnated themselves (a fascinating twist on the walk-in concept). But as we discussed before, the idea of contact in The Outer Limits is usually a quiet and intimate event- and usually deals with shift in perception or consciousness. The implication being that aliens are always there- we just aren't evolved enough to sense them.

And then again, there are episodes like "Promised Land".

The larger issue here is that the pronouncements on aliens from the Vatican and the Royal Society don't seem to be a one-off. What this means for all of us I don't quite know, but it makes me just a teensy bit nervous. Maybe we are on the verge of a large-scale disclosure event. The only problem with that is that I can't game any scenario where that does you or I any good.

There are those who are paranoid that it could all be some false-flag Project Bluebeam scenario, but my feeling is that they aren't nearly paranoid enough. Hawking could be right- there could one day be some large-scale exodus of aliens fleeing a dying sun and have spent centuries traveling the cosmos looking for a new home. Which means evicting the previous tenants...

Unlikely? Sure. Off the table? No, of course not. If Hawking brought it up it's probably been bandied about in a back room somewhere.

Then again, we can all hope for a First Contact type of event, where a friendly, enlightened race of aliens drops by to help us get our act together and join the galactic brotherhood. Well, a First Contact event without the nuclear holocaust.

Either way, I'd say the best thing to do is to keep your antennae up and your ears low to the ground. It's always the sensitives (as well as the paranoids, to be blunt) who pick up on big changes first and I'm more prone to trust their instincts than the media or the UN. Keep in touch with dreams, flashes and syncs and trust nothing that can't be verified.

Then again, maybe it's all some kind of elaborate joke. M. Othman? That's gotta be a fake name.

UPDATE: Or is it? Check out io9's profile.

UPDATE: Looks like someone was telling tales out of school. The Guardian asks UN plan for 'alien ambassador' a case of science fiction?

Finally an email from Othman herself would have prompted our Martian to trudge back to his spaceship. "It sounds really cool but I have to deny it," she said of the story.
She "has to deny it." Very interesting choice of words.

She will be attending a conference next week, but she'll be talking about how the world deals with "near-Earth objects".

Which a giant mothership or two qualifies as. Is this all a bunch of hype or a leak of a story that wasn't meant to go public? Either way, it's more of the same media monkey shines dealing with this topic...

UPDATE: The press conference.

SYNC LOG UPDATE 9/28: In the comments I mentioned that "I just had a strange thought- what if the UN story was a plant to divert attention away from the National Press Club conference? That would be par for the course..."

Or maybe not- a friend chimed in on FB, pointing out that the Guardian debunking didn't go over so well at the time. It's been updated with this disclaimer:

This article is the subject of a legal complaint made by Jonathan Leake, science editor of The Sunday Times.

Leake? That's too good a name to be true. Especially for, you know, a story that might itself be a leak...

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  1. The Outer Limits, of course! Thanks, Chris!

    Second Soul is a great episode. Humans are humbled, and in the eyes of the U.N. envoy to the aliens, akin to cattle.

    If we ever find that we are not alone, I have the feeling we'll suddenly be as powerless as every other animal on this planet is to us (at least that's our human projection). Some will be able to adapt to that fact, others won't. It's hard to take responsibility for who we really are.

    It will certainly be a wild ride.

    I hope we can hear from some sensitives and syncheads.

  2. Strange, but fascinating times Chris. The "Mothman" things blows my mind. I'm kicking myself for not catching that considering I stared at it for damn-near a minute.

    Personally I find the malevolent ET idea much less likely. Especially if we're going by Hawking's standards and conclude this based on observations of current human behavior. Unless the human race gets its act together, I doubt we'll ever reach the point of inter-galactic space travel (unassisted*). Use of that level of harnessed energy would require a level of empathy and personal responsibly much greater than we are presently capable of. I wouldn't rule malevolence out completely. I just think it's the less likely scenario. I'd wager that the aggressive takeover/enslavement plot already occurred millenia ago. We could even be in the midst of some sort-of ancient war. And Earth's leadership doesn't come across to me as the good guys.

    But we'll see...Either way, it's safe to assume the media will be painting them as the new Al-Quaida. If this doesn't happen then I'll really be suspicious.


  3. I would never discount anything the media is capable of, we have spent so much energy objectifying 'the other' in every respect, the Jews, Muslims, The Chinese,... why should we the media stop now.

  4. 1 Anagram found. Displaying all:
    Mazlan Othman=Math Zonal Man

  5. "Maybe we are on the verge of a large-scale disclosure event. The only problem with that is that I can't game any scenario where that does you or I any good."

    My first response to this was "Seriously Chris?!!"

    I've not heard the word game used in that context before, but I assumed it to mean you couldn't envision any scenario. If I'm wrong on that please correct me.

    But c'mon, the amount of sci-fi media you've consumed and your mind can't imagine any scenario where it would be a good thing? Really?

    At the moment we are officially alone in this universe. According to science and religion, we are a freak occurence, the only sentient beings alive in a cold, infinite, empty universe, gods big mistake. So you cant possibly imagine that this "fact" being disproven would bring anyone any comfort?!

    Dont get me wrong, disclosure could be a bad move. Who knows what would happen? But to deny any possibility of it having a positive impact, well, I'm surprised.

    But as I said, that was my first response, I might change my mind later, thinking "Ah, I can see where he's coming from."

  6. So, I was gonna "skip" posting a Comment, as somehow my Self of the Highest Order, warns me not to:

    But, anyhow, here goes:

    I dreamt I was on the set of TRUE BLOOD, and I'm One of the Vamps, Pale, Light-Skinned, NUDE

    Along with two Females and Stephen Moyer's character............

    We're ALL Nude, and about to Partake in an ORGY.............

    This aLL FEELS very REAL, Like Some kinda SpirituaL-PSYCHIC Test................

    I'm about to "insert" my Rather *Large* Member Inside my Female Companion, when I STOP, all of a Sudden, by mere curiosity & Coincidence................

    I decide not to, but I can feel the Relatively REALNESS with which I was about to enter her Soft, Moist Epicenter, hehS..............

    Yars, anyhow, When I stop, the Scene Gets pulled back, to reveal my REAL Dad, Sitting in his SHORTS as though he's the Director, or Observing the Scene.............

    Jump to Third aspect of the DreaM:

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    and it's NOT PRETTY, kinda like a BUTTERFACE, hehS...............

    Fat, & ROUNDISH, but more Importantly, her TRUE FORM has an aura of DISGUST, I guess this part is another TEMPTATION............

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    Finally, last part:

    I SO never DREAM about "celebs" but I saw Natalie Portman, from my First Person Point of VIEW, giving a direct Monologue to me, about the PeriLS of being in "the" INDUSTRY

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    Her message is pretty SIMPLE:

    Don't be LIKE ME, another Mind-Controlled PUPPET................

    Don't fall for the Brainwashing Programs...................

  7. And all of this, I had, under the DIRECT Influence of the MOON, shining BRIGHTLY, even as I WOKE UP, this morning, at Six FORTY, with the MOON Shining STILL in the Light BLUE SKY...............

    Right outside my WINDOW: There it is.....................

    So the MOON Psychically amplified my dream, and became a sorta MoraL & EthicaL Pop Quiz.............

    Ironically, yesterday night, I was reading the CLIFF NOTES on Oedipus REX, Antigone, and Oedipus at COLONUS.................

    The MoraL of those Three Tragic THEBEN Plays?

    DESTINY & Inescapable FATE:

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    Tis better to embrace one's fate, and not "ascend" in the MateriaL Realm, nor have HUBRIS...........

    How does this RELATE to the Alien article?

    Somehow, it does..................

    I went to the Jade Buddha Peace Ambassador thingamabob today, in San Jose, CA.....................

    I wonder: Perhaps, I am destined for Peace & to be a Monk

    But perhaps, that is why all the tests and challenges.............

    For some people, they'll say:

    OH, don't do that, or don't because of this

    But then who would Fight the GOOD fight?

    We are, individuals, and a few Rotten apples won't spoil the good ones...................

    Anyhow, if I'm destined to help others bring compassion and Loving-kindness into the world, so be it

    Maybe, we'll finally realize, this world is all we've got, and there's a LOT we don't know bout what's out there, what's REALLY Going on, who's fighting who, and HOW LUCKY We are, JUST to be aLIVE & where we are, currently..................

    Cuz SO many things, Disasters, natural and UN-NaturaL, that are going on, without our Awareness, for OUR Benefit, and stiLL, we mope, and Gripe, and Bitch n' MOan about how UNLUCKY we are:

    But the thing is This:

    In the end, all questions will be answered, and Finally, the TRUTH wiLL Be Reveal'd................

    Secrets made Plain Knowledge, as though a History Lesson, and we'll Regard THIS Era in Earth-based Human History, as one of Transition, and Magnificent GLORIOUS RenewaL to SpirituaLiTY...................

    Peace, my Brotha, Peace..................

  8. It was unsettling enough to hear that yet another major world organization was actively preparing for alien contact.

    However the notion that the chief astronomer's name is M-othman is truly chilling.

  9. I guess they could appoint helen thomas and the aliens would high tail it back to where they came thinking all earthlings look like her!

  10. @Chris K

    The only problem with that is that I can't game any scenario where that does you or I any good.



    Hint: they didn't get hear by rocket power or fossil fuels, now did they!

    Alien/E.T./E.B.E existence is the easiest way to correct the complete freakin insanity that is our ENERGY segment of the world economy.

    Our current energy practices lead to one single outcome only... species suicide -
    and the ones to perish will be US!


  11. Hey Chris,
    I was away with my girlfriend for a week and just finished catching up with your posts and all the comments. There's been lots of thoughts and opinions, huh? You've got a keen eye, my friend. I'm also pleased to see some great sci-fi musings back on the secret sun. (I'm still not fully recovered from the ending of The X Files...seriously, dude) Awesome, intelligent work as usual.

    Peace, brother.

    P.S. I'm going to see Killing Joke in October and I'm pretty stoked! My full appreciation for the Joke was reawakened by the work of one Chris Knowles. I owe you.

  12. I have sat in the ufo abductee suport group circles, and for what its worth, there is a palpable sense of urgency.

    Everybody (near 100%) of the people who have the experience say something is going to happen - soon.

  13. Speaking of synchronicity, Lesley of New Mexico LOWFI posts about the confirmation and name of the "mythical" underground base in Dulce, New Mexico.

    No Reptilians, but there are 'others'; http://forteanswest.com/wordpress-mu/newmexicolowfi/2010/09/26/official-name-for-dulce-new-mexico-underground-base-disclosed/

    Gotta love it!

  14. Argh …. i just lost what i was commenting to you & all ye presents. Feh. Well, life jus' keeps awn gehin' weirder all o' th' tahm now, dunnit? Yeah, man, the 1o9 site consistently offers interesting & informative pieces, not just as they pertain to fandom, but also in advances in science & particularly weird science. They just emailed me this piece just this morning, How ghosts, superstitions, and vampires have been used for psychological warfare. Coincidentally, I'd just purchased a thirteen (!) films DVD collection of classic horror cinema. Have you given thought to Mazlan's name as Malaysian Azlan? Othman conjures other man, as in nonhuman, so, M. Othman can actually be a whimsy of the universe's (multiverse's?) hurled our way, just to add some unexpected humour, esp. in the context of her role. Great sleuthing work as per usual, Christopher (disappears in a gale of shimmering starry lights) ~ Anadæ

  15. The comments at the 109 are fun. I anticipate a re-union of a civilization with it's offspring. Whether it is civil or not probabally depends on our response. To be positive about the meeting is key.Our Meta history could be revealed, if technology is shared, humans could perhaps quit destroying their habatat.I hope disclosure happens before contact.Dennis

  16. I caught the 'news' about the UN ET Ambassador - I don't know what this really means but I know that 'disclosure' is a myth after studying, on and off, the subject of ufology since the 80s. Its not 'til recently, seeing the Moscow pyramid 'ufo' and the China airport closer, that I started wondering WHY all this ufo 'stuff' is going mainstream in such a mass fashion. I don't believe in 'disclosure' so it has to be something else (to state the obvious)!
    I was watching 'The 'Moth'men Prophecies' last night - how odd!
    Great link on How ghosts, superstitions and vampires have been used for psy-ops...

  17. I just hope that we don't have to pick sides in this upcoming event. If it is "real thing" & not some ultimate scam. Because if you read myths of world, you will pretty quick find out that these aliens/spirits/entities have been here for day one. And if these stories are in fact based on real life events. Then we are in somewhat deep sh!t.
    Every time in history when these entities come visiting to our little plane, it is judgement day for human race. And the story is almost same in every continent; We are like some spawns for the "gods" & their little war game that we might call "War Of Gods".
    Of course we as race are the trophy for the winning side.
    One good thing in these myth's is that these entities will come and go, but for some reason they don't stay here for very long time.
    But there is always big propability that these myth's are just stories from shamans journey's or from human imagination or just metaphors for day & night/good & evil.
    One thing is that these stories got the same basic structure & in the end our planet will go under occupation.
    Gnostic's view is arhcontic invasion, Zulu's have the Reptoid Twins, Christian's will bet on Satan and American shaman's call it somekind darkness that surround our planet.
    Translation of the word apocalypse means; "Lifting the veil". And that can mean many thing's. But in comedic approach it would mean that our round of matrix will be over & we wake up in year 11000 from spaceship that is 1:1 copy of our moon. It is our ship automatic alarm that will go ringin and reason is that our 3 months long trip to the other side of universum is over.. By the way it was our captain's idea to take the "Life of Our Ancestors" -roleplay in matrix.

  18. So...

    How many major NEWS media outlets do you think carried this story today??

    Ufos vs Nuclear weapons - National Press Club - September 27, 2010, 12:30 p.m

    "Witness testimony from more than 120 former or retired military personnel points to an ongoing and alarming intervention by unidentified aerial objects at nuclear weapons sites, as recently as 2003. In some cases, several nuclear missiles simultaneously and inexplicably malfunctioned while a disc-shaped object silently hovered nearby. Six former U.S. Air Force officers and one former enlisted man will break their silence about these events at the National Press Club and urge the government to publicly confirm their reality."


  19. here is a story from yesterday's toronto star.... we've been displaying illuminated dna codes of animals on the CN Tower (one of the tallest free-standing structures of the world...


  20. "trust nothing that can't be verified."

    So how does one verify?

  21. Anony at 4:21, what a trip, perhaps the visible barcode can be transmitted to another entity. So freaking visible for miles from the big city of Cannuks. What the heck are they transmitting this for? This is freaky in the extreme? WTF? Dennis from bug- tussel. (anony please show yourself.)

  22. Someone up the stairway wanted to hear from a sensitive. There are a few here...


  23. I'm not afraid. Aliens still answer to Creator. The UN is a man construct.


  24. Interesting that this story hit such a nerve- I really enjoyed reading your feedback here.

    Let just clarify a couple things- as I wrote about in a previous post on disclosure any possible contact between an alien race and the power structure here would not necessarily translate into some great benefit for the rest of us. There are so many questions- where would this hypothetical alien race actually come from, why would they be coming here, what kind of threat would the paranoids in charge down here see them as, etc? What benefit would they themselves have in revealing an alien presence to us? It's easy to dream best and worst-case scenarios, but my gut feeling about the phenomenon tells me that it's a lot more complex than we've seen in most sci-fi films. The scenario presented in the UN story is the most obvious and simplistic interpretation, but my own interpretation may be a little closer to the "mothman" aspect of this- that we're dealing with something truly alien- something much stranger than we can conceive of. Given the history of all of this, I'm almost inclined to believe that we're sharing this solar system with something far more advanced than we are, and it's our perceptions that change- not the reality of the presence itself.

    I've also becoming increasingly skeptical as to how this is all being presented in the news- it almost reminds me of Charlie Brown and Lucy and the football. Maybe that's the point- it's some kind of aversion therapy.

    So my advice is to continue to look behind the stories, to look at what the left hand is doing, to pay attention to the syncs and the symbols - more so now than ever. And to be very rigorous in this- don't try to shoehorn the evidence into some best-case scenario. Pay attention to your dreams, pay attention to your instincts and any flashes you might experience. When you read about momentous changes in history there are always premonitions, foreshadowings, omens, etc. With something as big as a possible contact/disclosure event, the same would certainly apply and then some.

    If you were a traveler and came to a planet as screwed up as this, how would you react? Would you want to do business with the kleptocracy running this madhouse? Of course not. So we need to be vigilant in the face of this growing contact drumbeat in the news and in entertainment as well.

  25. Yeah I've been thinking about the idea of an Information Apocalypse, which is a possible scenario if the knowledge base of an advanced alien intelligence enters the human overmind.

  26. Wow - what a story.
    Chris. I have given the points that you raise a lot of thought over the years and keep coming to this conclusion.

    If the planet is actually four and a half million years old then what happened in that time. There's a lot of history missing. It is just even possible that all life within the universe has already seamlessly integrated with Earth.

    It is what we are being told to believe that I have got my eye on. That the news that for some reason isn't mainstream news. I feel a bit like one of my goldfish - they have one eye on me when they know I'm getting ready to clean out their tank.

    Well, there seem to be a lot of sneaky goings on in the world. Glad I can just take it all in - and watch the world go by. :)

  27. I enjoyed this post a lot, especially your comments about the oddity, both of Mothman and the UN/Vatican connection.

    I'm still firmly of the believe that aliens are what are also called demons. I also believe that they are getting stronger.

    Your comment on energy also scored a bulls eye, we has humans haven't even begun to recognise emotions as energy, which (IMHO) is the first step in understanding both the "aliens" and the intent of said aliens.

    It is a smokescreen though, and we can tell by the amount of smoke that there's either fire, or something really big to hide.

    The satanic media is growing bolder, and the apathy with which people are buying into these fantasies (and giving energy to them) is quite scary. I also equate the modern "vampire" meme with demons and demonic possesion, something that history bears out quite well. Now we may disagree on some, but, there is a huge push in media to "open" us to "otherworldly" entities, and similarly a desire to paint them as worthy of emulation and admiration.

    Again, this is being pushed by the UN and the Vatican ... who have held us prisoners for millenia, i hardly think anything that excites them would be good for us ...

    Thanks Chris, and keep it coming!!

  28. Your last comment is great advice for people, Chris.

    If I were a warm-and-fuzzy benevolent kind of alien, maybe I'd want a quiet and intimate kind of contact/disclosure of the sort you discuss with regards to The Outer Limits, beyond the full reach of the sociopathic elites.

    On the other hand, if I were a malevolent/black oil kind of alien intent on infecting and possessing the entire visible universe - then maybe I'd want a slow infiltration of the power structures (or an alliance with such like-minded sociopaths)followed by a massive show of force and spectacle to soothe my twisted ego.

    Who knows? I don't, but I think the truth is even stranger than the previously outlined dialectic suggests. Why can't an 'alien' race have shades of grey in its psychological makeup? There are so many competing factions, ideologies and agendas in the human race - why would it neccessarily be any different for something far greater than us?

    A truly alien intelligence that was interacting with humankind - it wouldn't immediately mean they had a unity of purpose, would it? I'm the kind of guy who likes the idea of 'unity' through multiplicity, not unity through conformity and hemogeny. Not sure where I'm going with this...just food for thought, I guess.

    Trust our insticts, intuitions and try to align them with real open-mindedness and genuine critical-thinking. I suspect the actuality of what is occuring on this planet and in this star-system is far beyond our current ability to conceptualise and comprehend. I'd also wager that the Imagination/Creative Mind (whatever that incredible potency turns out to 'actually' be) is somehow intimately involved in all this, blurring the lines between the real and unreal, the seen and unseen. At least, such an idea simultaneously jazzes me and creeps me out, which is why I try to fully explore it.


  29. hey chris,
    just read this, and then literally heard the same stories on cnn
    1. the air force officers testimony
    2. UN appoints M. Othman ( I guess their source wasn't M. Othman, herself)

    way way too weird

    And then the next breaking news I hear here in Austin..... gunman on the Unversity of Texas takes his own life in the library.

    More weirdness


  30. So M. Othman is the ambassador. WoW!! What a neat sync. Mothman ambassador, LOL! If you want to hear some interesting stuff go to Vzygoth's audio interviews with Andy Colvin, here: Classic Grassy Knoll - Andy Colvin and more
    Very, very interesting.

  31. Oh well. So much for "deny, deny, deny..."

    Excellent, interesting, thought provoking reading as always, Christopher!

    Appreciate always, your posts...

  32. Right - not the kleptocracy...

    Perhaps an otherworldly race seeking contact, might seek to reveal themselves to the Earth inheritors. "The Meek". Arts & Sciences...

  33. I just had a strange thought- what if the UN story was a plant to divert attention away from the National Press Club conference? That would be par for the course...

  34. PS- I want to thank all of you for commenting. I'm very busy at the moment and there's a new post waiting in the wings so let me just say again that now's the time to develop and trust your instinctual powers. See my above comment as to why!

  35. Notice anything UNusual?

    FROM Guardian.co.uk
    UN plan for 'alien ambassador' a case of science fiction?
    Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman denies Sunday Times report that she is to become Earth's first contact for ETs

    "...The person at extension 4951 is unavailable..."

    9/25/2010 -
    Delta flight 4951 makes skidding sparking emergency landing at JFK airport


  36. Aliens could land "on the White House lawn", as the cliche goes, and the media would dismiss it if it didn't suit the agendas of the world's elites.

    Please note the small w and small e, these people have privilege and power in common, and to some extent share in an elite culture, but I don't believe they share a coherent agenda. Just a series of gentleman's agreements that have piled up over the millenia.

    Aronofsky directing Superman sounds fantastic. He could approach the Judaic, mystical, and mythical aspects of Superman without losing the "mainstream".

    I would love to see a director use the tone and visual storytelling of the old Fleischer animation without going retro.

  37. Hey Mr Knowles, I made this post for you -
    It may even help me to understand it.

  38. ONE thing we DO know--this will be deep propaganda! (I cant view your vid, MGM or whatever their letters are wont allow us Ukers to see it)
    Check this out http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2010/09/are-you-ready-for-fake-aliens.html

    This guy is claiming it is defo a false flag and is the "final card"

    Me? I admit to being far more confused, and have diverse theories. I can dig the Vallee et all explanations for strange events that are connected with fairies from way before technology

    I can dig that there does exist secret man-made technology

    I tend to WANT to think that some being seeing the utter insanity of the rich and their nukes choose to --in a non hostile way--show that that technology can be disengaged by them----as a warning. Like slappin a kid on their bare leg and hopin they will get more responsible

    But my friend from the link and others might argue that that is a double bluff to get our trust. So you just fall down a rabbit hole--init? LOL

  39. Awesome interview, Chris! I am really enjoying your book Our Gods Wear Spandex. Can't wait for your book next week.

  40. Chris,
    just a few weeks ago you posted a star trek episode with the same theme as Second Soul -only eith a happy ending :)

  41. Another UN Alien Ambassador story to throw on the pile:
    Hills Report Multiple Bets After UN Appoints Alien Ambassador

    100/1 on either the U.S. President or British Prime Minister to "announce intelligent extra-terrestrials" within the year.

  42. Hi Chris,

    when i click on approx 75% of your Youtube links, i get a message saying that it cannot be played coz i live in the UK. any way around this?


  43. Yep- go to youtube.co.uk and do a keyword search.

  44. Hi Chris,

    sorry, that doesn't work. when i clicked on the embedded Youtube link "The Second Soul" a message comes up saying "This video contains content from mgm, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." Unfortunately, this happens on many of the vids you embed into your website.

    when i went to Youtube and did a keyword search, this video didn't appear, and i think it's because it won't play outside the US.

    I know it's not your fault, but it makes following your website difficult for us "foreigners". maybe one of your blog followers knows how to get around this.


  45. That really sucks, Martin. It's also a bit disconcerting- what happened to the "world wide" aspect of the web? I would write to YouTube and request that they make those shows available for the UK. If anyone else knows any way Martin can track down these shows please let us know.

  46. This link should cover most of whats on the one we canny see ;)


  47. ...and this also http://www.theufochronicles.com/2010/09/ufo-news-vidcast-nick-pope-talks-aliens.html

  48. Re:
    "Then again, maybe it's all some kind of elaborate joke. M. Othman? That's gotta be a fake name."


    "Leake? That's too good a name to be true. Especially for, you know, a story that might itself be a leak..."

    Most of you are probably aware that
    John A. Keel wrote
    "The Mothman Prophecies",and Keel spelled backwards is Leek.
    And Alan Bates plays Alexander Leek in the movie...a character based on Keel...besides the John Klein character,who is based on Keel,also.
    Which means in the movie version both Keel characters meet to talk about the how the Mothman is playing havoc with their lives.
    Sounds a little bit "Fight Club" in a way .-)