Sunday, September 05, 2010

Secret Sun Picture Parade: The Cosmic Ghost

Well, it's Sync Log time here on The Secret Sun: the previous post dealt with my encounter with a ghost-like anomaly, and sure enough HuffPost and NAZCA NASA team up for this juicy sync about some enormous black hole or something. 

As a bonus, this graphic looks like any number of non-corporeal entities from the original Star Trek.

The media is bombarding us with space and UFO memes lately, something this blog has been tracking for quite a while. This might not be some kind of subliminal grooming process, but it certainly feels like one.

And there's also the continuing parade of SOHO anomalies, like the line of enormous glowing orbs resembling nothing less than a "string of pearls" UFO sighting. Click to enlarge.

And then there are images like this one, found on Google Earth. It's obviously just the planet Venus.

Because at the same time we're seeing this constant drumbeat of cosmic news, we're seeing the media shills simultaneously ramp up the old "crazy UFO nuts meme." Clashing agendas or just the same old mindf**k?

Speaking of subliminals- Barackobamun might have chosen Gus Grissom's death-date to kick the martyred Mason's enemies to the curb, but it looks like NAZCA NASA believes like it will rise again, like a Phoenix from the flames.

In the meantime, you can stock up on some Grissomwear at school's website, located at Amy Bishop's old stomping grounds.

Has Wyclef Jean been reading the Sun? He may have been disqualified from running for the Haitian presidency, but that doesn't stop him from cashing in on the 17 meme. Well played, sir.

I can't think of anything clever to say here, I just thought it was a cool image. Anyone familiar with this band? Death metal, right?

Speaking of death metal- this story of a real-life Catwoman hit the news a week or so ago. This little cupcake sings in a death metal outfit at night and was pulling stick-up jobs by day, producing what is easily the most hilarious wanted poster I've ever seen. Was it all a publicity stunt? It's certainly a great career move.

Less so was the "Discovery Shooter," whose failed bid for a reality show ended in bloodshed. A Unabomber type manifesto was discovered, revealing an extremist brand of Malthusian pessimism. He'd have been better off pitching the WWF.

The incident got sucked into the partisan politics media machine, but was overshadowed by Glenn Beck's speech in front of the Most Sacred Rocket Launching Pad. He we see his POV of the assembled masses at the Temple Of Zeus

The rally inspired the usual fear and loathing but my favorite quip was a Baptist preacher lamenting that the spectacle of Mormon leading a rally of Evangelicals in prayer was like a nightmarish vision out of some end-times novel from the 90s. Of course I can't find the link.

Seeing that Glenn Beck is a Dominionist, any self-respecting Trekker would share the preacher's qualms when watching Beck's "Founder's Fridays."

Speaking of Trek, I watched some eps of Gene Roddenberry's Earth:Final Conflict and was unsurprised to see the usual AAT tropes, a little less so to see the alien Companions linked to Akhenaten. 

Apparently the Roddenberry's chose not to sue over the original V because Gene was friends with the head of Fox, but V is clearly a knockoff of Roddenberry's concept, which dates back to the early 70s. Bonus factoid: E:FC was produced by Alliance Atlantis.

Speaking of sci-fi, one of the earliest film-makers ever was not only a sci-fi fanatic, Georges Melies work was also bursting at the seams with Synchromystic memes. Like this film, which presented us with Sirens from Space (planet Neptune, in fact). Mer-people and Egyptian Mystery symbolism were favorite thrulines with the cinematic pioneer...

...and his celebrated adaption of A Trip to the Moon was yet another psilo SciFi classic. How about that?

Speaking of Egypt, Wayne Herschel has been working on the sunrise/fan/flower symbol from ancient friezes and links it to ancient UFO depictions. The sunrise as UFO is another old favorite with Secret Sun readers.