Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Secret Sun Picture Parade: The Joke's on Us (MASSIVE UPDATES)

UPDATE: This story ran last week, but just caught my attention. This didn't run on UFO Mystic or Filer's Files, it ran on Reuters, one of the world's largest and most respected news organizations. Interesting in and of itself, but I couldn't help but notice that an IBM ad discussing their work with "future threats" in Dubai was running when I visited the page. Quite a sync.
Speaking of syncs, this story broke on the 17th. I really don't know what to make of it, but I must say the gathering drumbeat of UFO/alien stories in the press makes me a bit nervous.

Sure enough, Fox ran this image of Will Smith cradling a baby Chthulu, subtly reinforcing the Obama/alien meme, given the two men's association and Smith's quasi-presidential attire here.

Then there's this image of Megan Fox playing a flying object of a different kind, leaving faint traces of the lady-in-red and Nephilim memes in viewer's subconscious. Note the ET logo, speaking of syncs. Identifying ETs with angels was something we saw in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, also starring Megan Fox.

And here we go with the privatization of space, with United Launch Alliance's Atlas V launching a spy satellite. Gee, I was just thinking there aren't enough spy satellites in space these days. The thing that makes me laugh about this new class of rockets is how much they look like vibrators, which would pass muster with at least one newly-minted political celebrity...

Well, autumn is upon us and that means we're in for two of America's favorite holy days. Both of them synthesize the ridiculous and the terrifying and are all about putting on masks and shaking people down. Yes, Halloween and Election Day always fall within a week of each other for good reason- we get the tricks and they get the treats.

The narrative is the GOP wave rolling into town to take control of Congress back from the Democrats, which at least one wag has realized has been Barackobamun's plan all along. I've advised my liberal friends to vote Republican for three reasons- the actual policies won't change, you won't have to defend them anymore and GOP sex scandals are always immensely entertaining.

I really hope Christine O'Donnell is elected- she's a walking trainwreck whose inevitable sex scandal is guaranteed to be pure hilarity. This "witchcraft" thing is just a sneak preview. I also have a strange feeling that it could well be a lesbian sex scandal- a first for a GOP Senator.

Which brings me to the Gagger, who Huffpost crowned as the first lady of gay rights. I'm sure all of the activists who've spent their lives in the streets appreciated her coronation. I'm not sure what's more risible- the Gagger or her sycophants in the media.

Here's a semiotic mindf**k for all of the Palinites- Bristol Palin scores a 666 on Dancing with the Stars.

Trick or treat- it's Jaz Coleman, the anti-GaGa! Killing Joke have a stormer of a new album out called Absolute Dissent and Jaz has been making the rounds on the interview circuit, talking apocalypse and conspiracy. Jaz makes David Icke sound like Tony Blair and he's also more than a little nuts, but as long as he and the Jokers keep making killer album after killer album, the press seems to put up with it all. This is from the metal mag Terrorizer. I can't tell what Jaz was referring to with this cryptic Heath Ledger quote since it wasn't included in the interview.

The new Killing Joke album is the first in 28 years to feature the full original lineup (which includes a druid, a Kabbalist, a martial artist and a Jaz Coleman). After an acrimonious split the band first mended fences to compile this greatest hits (sic) compilation, which featured this notorious photograph of Pope Pius being saluted by a SS phalanx.

This not only ties into the marathon debate on the Occult Nazi issue, it was also made timely when the Pope visited the UK and claimed that the Nazis were atheists, despite all evidence to the contrary. I'm sure this staged photo produced a lot of gooseflesh in some quarters. We usually don't get to see a photo like that without a bonfire and a giant stone owl.

Did someone say druid? The Pope prays with Archdruid Williams during his UK visit.

Helpfully showing us that sex scandals are an ecumenical phenomenon is Eddie Long of the New Birth Baptist megachurch. The surname tosses the late night comedians a softball pitch; he's lucky his first name isn't Willy.

UPDATE: You knew this was, uh, coming (I'm sorry, but this whole story's a minefield):
Long frequently denounces homosexual behavior. A 2007 article in the Southern Poverty Law Center's magazine called him "one of the most virulently homophobic black leaders in the religiously based anti-gay movement."

Robinson's suit alleges that "Defendant Long would use Holy Scripture to discuss and justify the intimate relationship between himself and Plaintiff Robinson."

The suits allege that various staff members working for Long, his church and the Longfellows Academy -- which the suit describes as an offshoot ministry of New Birth -- "knew of Defendant Long's sexually inappropriate conduct and did nothing to warn or protect [the plaintiffs]."
Did someone say owl?

I've been working on a post called "The Trouble with Transhumanism" which will look at how TH will increase inequality of opportunity. It could also damage a whole host of human endeavors such as sports and the arts, if - and mind you, this is a very big if - the technology ever makes it out of the lecture halls and into the applications stage. (And I mean for real, not just a few token gimmicks here and there.)

Being an old Cyberpunk and massive sci-fi maniac, you'd think I'd be all over it, but Transhumanism is almost always seen as being deeply problematic in sci-fi (see Cybermen, Borg, Terminators, etc), and certainly in William Gibson's work. Good scifi writers are aware of the prohibitive costs of the technology and its inevitable weaponization.

And we do have a kind of Transhumanism already on the market, in the form of steroids and other hormone treatments as well as all kinds of cosmetic surgery. And this is usually what is done with it (though this looks more like trannie-humanism to me).

The problem is that without doing a lot more work on the human, the Transhuman is going to be built on a very, very faulty foundation. It will be like tricking up a rotted-out old Model T. No amount of gimmicks will save you when the chassis collapses.

Unfortunately the Jihad being waged on Transhumanism from Evangelical quarters is only going to encourage the movement and accelerate whatever is coming down the pike. More on that later.

Finally, what the hell is this supposed to mean?


  1. Chris, a tangent for you:

    To add to your pile of interesting culture, I've been wanting for a little while to post a film recommendation for you. If you haven't already, get on Netflix or something and pull up the original Swedish language version of the upcoming film Let Me In. The title of the Swedish version is "Let the Right One In," which is a much better title.

    I predict that this film might approach the weirdness level for you of that crazy Dubai/Atlantis spectacle you posted a while back. Not quite since it's fiction, but... seriously... just watch closely.

    It's ostensibly a clever vampire movie with allegories to the dark side of human nature and adolescent sexuality. Yeah, sure. I see that. But maybe it's from reading this blog, but to me that "exoteric" interpretation faded into the background completely.

    More than anything else this movie reminded me of ET: The Extraterrestrial. Except... imagine if ET was an adolescent coming of age love story.

    Eli could be an alien or any other kind of other, but she is certainly other. This is made quite visceral, and you never quite mistake her for a human being. Yet the love story is tender and touching.

    I won't spoil it, but there are several scenes and plot points such as the boy's use of morse code that are... touching. Aww.... he's in love with his first alien!

    Eat your heart out Avatar...

    The film is great on a technical level too. Very well filmed. Something tells me Hollywood won't do as well as this, but we can hope.

  2. Excellent, just excellent. I was just listening to the Hosannahs from the Basement of Hell today and felt almost happy that it was raining out and I forgot to do something important. I stopped listening on the track invocation.

    Nicely timed.

  3. Hi Chris,

    Jaz Coleman might be "more than a little nuts" but I agree with him on the whole Heath Ledger thing. Every time I watch him in 'The Dark Knight' I get the creeps. As a matter of fact, I initially refused to see this movie because even the trailers for it seemed loaded with this unnameable thing that I always interpret as a kind of madness.
    HL's performance was not so much acting as the Joker as it was an embodiment or a manifestation....of something. Even in his earlier performances HL seemed to me to be just one step away from that place that some people are compelled to access but have no business going. There was just something in his eyes.
    So in my own emotive, feminine intuitive way I agree with Mr. Coleman's assessment of Heath Ledger.
    As to Ms. O'Donnell- to quote Jon Stewart "The Palin is strong in this one". All the drama about her dabbling in witchcraft is just noise. Whatever happens with her will happen with nary a ripple in the pond to show for it. She is just more bread and circus for those who like that sort of thing. Tabloid media at it's best.
    Great post!


  4. AdamI- Thanks for the heads up. I saw the trailer for the US version and thought it looked pretty cool, plus it has Hit Girl who stole the show in Kick Ass. I'll definitely look for the import on Netflix- the missus loves stuff like that too.

    Jimson- Hosannas is a very heavy piece of work. Something ineffable about that album.

    Califia- I feel that way about the entire film. There's something very creepy about the movie and so much of what surrounds it. Especially the way it seemed to fall down the memory hole in so many ways, like some weird post-hypnotic suggestion after-effect.

    Candidates like O'Donnell would have been taken down by the party bosses 20 years ago. It just shows how unserious politics is today.

  5. Heh... ok... just to clarify what I wrote much earlier... Let the Right One In doesn't resemble ET in a superficial way at all. But what I was getting at was that beneath the surface the symbolism is interestingly similar and there are several scenes that seem to match up very closely.

    The big differences are: Eli is much more "other" in a way than the pot bellied alien, she is a dangerous kind of alien rather than a cuddly one (unless you are the type that finds gloomybear cuddly), and yet she is an adolescent coming-of-age love interest.

    I find the combination of a much more eerie, ambiguous, and dangerous "other" being connected to with so much more emotional power to be the fascinating thing here.

    It's like we're seeing movies that bring the other closer, and closer, and yet at the same time remove the playful sense of faux familiarity and the purely benign facade that we've seen in earlier works.

  6. Old timey US advertisement from a Japanese produce shop, would fit well between Willy Long and Conan.

  7. AdamI- Very interesting, and it kind of ties into a strange notion I've been mulling over, that reality TV and documentary film has made drama without genre elements irrelevant. Those elements also help to bring deeper themes into focus.

    77M- My uncle lived in Taiwan back in the 80s and said that kind of racist imagery was very common in advertising and marketing in Asia. Some of it still might be.

  8. I just stumbled across an MTV article about how bloggers are accusing Jay Z of being a masonic devil worshipper! Sorry if this is off topic but I wasn't sure where to post it.

  9. The new Killing Joke album is fantastic! 10/10
    Also, the Killing Joke documentary looks even better.
    Hopefully this film comes out this year!
    Part 1
    Part 2

  10. COIL
    Do you like the music of COIL?

  11. Conan makes that owl actually look quite cute.
    This is quite interesting...

  12. Sorry I wanted to mention that I saw a programme on BBC last night that covered why science thinks there is no need for God. The programme was mostly centred around 'The God Helmet'.

  13. Anony- There you go. If it's on MTV News it's a puff piece provided by an artist's PR flack.

    408- Indeed. Thanks for the links!

    409- Haven't heard enough to make a decision...

    Wotie- Typical Makow crapola. The Tea Party Koch's are not Jewish, they're of Dutch extraction. One of the reasons I quit that kind of conspiracy media is that they were always accusing each other of being a CIA plant, but if I had to choose anyone for the part...

    As to the BBC- it's all politics.

  14. Thanks Chris - It's a 'bonkers' mine field out there.

    The helmets may even save the numpties.

  15. I laughingly, earlier today, or yesterday, made a comment on the Facebook page for YOUTUBE, on which question to ask IRAN, or something or other, and whichever was MOST Popular, would be addressed, in a Youtube telecast or Vid Response

    I JOKINGLY Said: We should ASK Iran, how they'd FEEL if UFOS or ALIENS de-weaponized their Nuclear Options i.e. Weapons..............

    Tee Hee........................

    Synch's abound, i'm like a mini_Forecasting Prophet-Poet, hehS

    Always, LyricaLLY Stumbling & Bumbling in the Sync-Whole, hahahahahaS.................

    Anyhow, just thought I'd share that "sync" with yaS, hahahaahahahS

    Looks like the "games" have begun, nehS?

    Let the Countdown begin?

  16. Chris of course the Pope hangs out with the druid, its Mystery Babylon

    Have you seen the pictures where Rowan Williams constantly bows before the Pope?

    Who do you think is the head "warlock"?

  17. I think that Reuters nuke story is actually just a press release.

  18. About the nuke ufo/nuke installation story. That is a rehash of an identical story that was floated about 45 yrs. ago. Some guy wrote a book on the 'incident', I think. Sorry, can't recall the names. An old man I know told me about this because, giving the story full credulity, both at the time and still up until now, it impacted his entire world/cosmo view and even the course of his very life.

    See how they run?

    Anyhoo. Chris did you catch the newsbit the other day about the teenage girl who sued and won a judgement against the school and county officials who had confiscated her smartphone, looked through her pictures stored thereon, and taking a keen interest in the nude images of herself she had in her phone, THEY prosecuted HER for all manner of violations of morality and decency. SHEEESH.
    Anyway - the girl won the judgement. The age of the girl: 17. The amount of the judgement: $33,000.

    Oh, and BTW, I was recently informed the electricity company in our area will be raising their rates this winter. By 17%.

  19. Hi Chris,

    Have you seen this yet? Its a follow-up to the Reuters piece, i assume?

  20. Joe/Brooke- As I said I'm always suspicious when UFO stories run in the news. It's almost certainly part of some other agenda.

  21. Just wanted to drop by and say I definitely ganked that Bristol Palin 6/6/6 photo. Hilarious! A sign of the times, even. Thanks for the good work, Chris

  22. coil..scatology
    This was my entry level album and it is excellent.