Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Dog Days: Olympus and the Space Gods (UPDATED)

Well, it's after-Labor Day (the autumnal equinox is a good two weeks away). Time to put away your white slacks and dresses and get out your schoolbooks. Happily, Yahoo is still lobbing softballs at symbol watchers, just like they did throughout the Dog Days.

David Icke fans are familiar with Draco, said to be home of the infamous Reptilians. Shame there wasn't something on the Wolf constellation, since the wolves in sheep's clothing are on the march yet again.

Cosmos-watching is bigger than ever before, what with all of the satellites keeping an eye on the skies. This image crossed my path and I was struck by its sheer psychedelic-ness. If you saw that in an episode of Star Trek you think it looked too fake. Something about it reminds me of old UFO photos. Don't ask me why.

Yahoo also headlined this story, about the sad fate of the USS Olympia, one of America's first modern battleships. It seems to go well with the cosmic imagery, especially that Kubrickian nebula above.

And what's Olympia without Demeter? One of the week's big stories was some bikini pix that Demetria Moore put up on Twitter. Which just goes to show you how impoverished the public discourse has become.

You gotta love the name of this Yahoo personality, which makes me think of Wayne Herschel's recent revelations, for some strange reason.

And then there's this strange juxtaposition on Huffpost, with a Birth of Venus-type visual set for a report on college rape, and Venus herself standing in front of that oddly common flaming ball motif.

Huffpost continues to use the dome-and-obelisk visual for the Iran nukes story, raising all sorts of questions what that story is really all about. I was so struck by it that I thought back on the Glenn Beck revival meeting...

...where the Mormon rabble rouser spoke to a crowd in front of the Washington Obelisk/holy rocket launching pad. Remembering how obsessed the Mormons are with aliens and outer space, I can't help but wonder if Beck's speech on the mall wasn't just about trying to cop MLK's legacy.

No one has adequately explained the symbolism of the Washington obelisk and the reflecting pool, but it's worth noting that the same motif can be seen at Cape Canaveral.

Appropriately enough, cinematic sun god George Clooney had the number one film this weekend with yet another portrayal of an intelligence operative. Note the "17 dead" headline, a number that's certain to be amended in tomorrow's followup.

Finally, the Dominionists' new partnership with the Chinese Communist Party is certain to result in massive influxes of dollars into American church bank accounts, meaning that "exorcism" is sure to make a major comeback. And more "exorcisms" will certainly mean more news stories of dead and maimed infants and decapitated children.

Maybe this story is warning from the Divine against such wicked barbarism.

UPDATE: Obama rings out the Dog Days in typical style. There's not a single shred of doubt in my mind that Obama wants to lose the Congress to the GOP, since it was the best thing that happened to Clinton's presidency. Next January I predict we'll see a much different figure in the White House than the hapless bumbler of the past 21 months.

Thanks to Yacarete for this one.

And the big story today is...

Then this, too.

And this.
And this.


  1. On Autumnal EQUINOX (9/21-22) planet EARTH will be directly between (in line with from the SUN)the planets JUPITER and URANUS.
    Washington Post Story

    Spaceweather.com reports on rare near miss DOUBLE ASTEROID Flyby on 9.8.2010!
    2 asteroids on same day passing between Earth and Moon. SW Says no danger of impact. At closest approach, asteroid "2010 RF12" will be 77,000 km (0.2 LD) away.

    See the ATEN Class asteroid "2010 RF12" at NEO program browser JPL NASA -

    ... more at my twitter page


  2. The as above so below symbolism can be seen when observing a reflecting pool.
    I watched beyond the stars, and although it was wasn't very good, it gets a high score for watchability. It struck me how non sexualized sharon stone and the young girlfriend character were. Lots of body covering fashions from that AIDS obsessed era.(bio weapon test using hep vaccines and homo prostitutes)?
    Seems like a lot is around about the moon lately, and David Ickes new book claims that the moon is an artificial satellite, and compares it to the death star of Star Wars. I know he's a showman, and my bullshit detector is on, but I think he may be right on.

  3. 911:Bioenergy


    The above is off topic but really odd.

    I still think all this alien stuff is just a big planned build up, ready for introducing a one world government police force / army. (which they are secretly making as we speak.)
    Do you think they would be happy with the existing law and order? No chance.
    I think they will make out like aliens have landed - when in fact it is just Richard Branson accompanied by lots of man made humanoid Marcabians! From planet Marcab. Of and some amazing lights like you get from HARP, or maybe a projection in the sky. Oh and a big loud voice that sounds like God it talking to us all.
    A bit like a movie but it would have horrific consequences.
    Shafted - is the word for it.

  4. Hey this will make you laugh...

    “Today, a young man on acid realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration — that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.” ... “Here's Tom with the weather.” - Bill Hicks


  5. I didn't get the most sacred rocket launchin pad bit until the cape caneveral pic with the reflection off the water. Also it seems like it time for hurting the ones we love with obama not doin jack for the people that voted for him and the c street family aiming to serve the poor.

  6. Speaking of dog days:



  7. Dog, dome, pyramid and stars (if you look hard enough).


  8. This week's New Yorker has a fairly lengthy examination of Rhonda Byrne’s The Power (sequel to the The Secret).

    I'm interested in seeing how these "power of attraction" mega-hits fit into your New Age post series.

  9. Wolves at the door? There's a new kids flick coming out on the 17th: Alpha & Omega 3-D...

  10. Saw this and was reminded of your earlier post on Mel Gibson: apparently "International Burn A Koran Day" Pastor Terry Jones has a hefty Braveheart obsession.

    Still doesn't explain that mustache, though.

  11. Saw this and was reminded of your earlier post on Mel Gibson: apparently "International Burn A Koran Day" Pastor Terry Jones has a hefty Braveheart obsession.

    Still doesn't explain that mustache, though.

  12. (Sorry for the double-post!)

  13. Just some more cosmos watching...



  14. Wow, just wow!



  15. Hi Chris,

    A good time to catch up with the latest gnosticmedia podcast. Title is The Virgin Mother Goddesses Of Antiquity - An Interview with Dr Marguerite Rigoglioso. Very interesting and relevant to your blog.


  16. george clooney has traded in his male personal assistant, personal trainer, personal nutritionist of some years for a seventeen year old local boy from the lake como area. but that's another thing entirely.

  17. SE- Excellent information, SE. Thank you very much.

    77M- The artificial moon long predates Icke. Did he credit Hoagland? BTS is intensely homoerotic in almost a Hellenistic sense, but in a very repressed way. So I'm not surprised Stone and D'Abo are so erotically inert.

    Wootie- I know that's a common theory and this new invasion meme certainly lends credence to it. But I've seen it all before, so I'm skeptical. We're seeing a lot of encouraging anti-globalist trends, so maybe the neocon OWG plans are on the backburner.

    Justuss- There's this meme with Obama and the "rope a dope" so it will interesting to see what happens next year. I'm positive he doesn't want the Dems in control of the Congress, just like Clinton. Again, same patterns repeating.

    Jim- Posted!

    Yacarete- Posted!

    Anony- Yes- this is very much the Oprah type of post-New Age I talked about in the introduction. Fascinating that Byrne has these Rosicrucian connections, isn't it?

    335- I saw the trailer for that @ TS3. It looked brain-boilingly awful.

    415- Very Village People, isn't it?

    J- Coolness. Cosmoporn, as I like to call it. Well, starting now I mean.

    J2- We're doomed.

    Mike- Awesome. I'll check it out.

    Limbic- Speaking of Hellenistic....

  18. As I understand it, the obelisk represents the Logos as the Self. This is the Divine Spark buried in the heart (=the sun, in Hermetic symbolism). The reflecting pool is the unconscious. In the process of alchemical transmutation, the Lost Word/Logos rises out of the depths of the unconscious, effecting a union between consciousness (Jupiter/Lincoln) and the body (the Capitol/womb).

    It will also be noticed that the Washington Monument is quite literally a circumpunct (sun) inside of a vesica pisces, recalling images of the solar Christ emerging out of the womb of Nature.

    The same meaning is presumably behind imagery of sunken cities rising out of the ocean (unconscious). See also the mysterious Grail Castle located at the axis mundi that often rises out of the ocean.

    This is all in keeping with the teachings of Uncle Carl, whose esteemed picture is over there on the right-hand side of this page.

  19. Certainly- however all of it was built well before Uncle Carl published these kinds of theories. And as we all know the most powerful symbols are opened to multiple interpretations.

  20. Yes, but Jung did not invent any of his theories; he borrowed them from alchemy and the Western Esoteric Tradition (often without fully admitting it). Clement of Alexandria wrote in the 2nd century, "that healthful Word, that is the Sun of the soul, by whom alone, when He arises in the depths of the soul, the eye of the soul itself is irradiated." Here the same process of the Logos/Self arising out of the "depths" of the watery psyche is described.

    Many reputable Masonic authors (Pike and Waite in particular) have stated that the mystery of Masonry (if it can be termed such, being written of somewhat openly by Hermetic authors) is alchemical.

  21. Of course, The Secret Sun has its own theories as to the real mystery of Masonry and Alchemy and all of the rest of it, long-forgotten and misunderstood by the Pikes and the Waites, et al...

  22. Chris, have you heard about Ron Roach's Armageddonquest Comic Project?

    GØDLAND's Thomas Scioli and Bill Crabtree have contributed some cool cover art for the new collected edition, and apparently Joseph Michael Linsner factors into the book's history as well. I'm not personally affiliated with the project, but I thought it might be of some interest to you and fellow Secret Sun readers.

  23. To the anoy's out there, I would love to go to your links but without some id I prefer to pass you by. Could be junk and worse. why is anyone anoy here at the sun of an occult nature? Dennis