Sunday, September 05, 2010

"Which Means it's a Trap."

There's a very dangerous meme out there that has it that governments can't keep secrets. It's absolute nonsense, and the same goes for corporations, crime networks, secret societies and on and on. So how do we account for all of the conspiracy media we see out there? Well, maybe I need to reach into my pop culture metaphor kitbag to offer up one theory (and only one, mind you).

One of my favorite comic series from my youth was Frank Miller's run on Daredevil. His work then was much different than Sin City or 300- it was much more coherent and human in the old days. There were also flashes of insight that belied his tender age.

In issue 179, we see Daredevil in conflict with the Kingpin, the super crime lord who is installing a puppet in the mayor's office. Reporter Ben Urich is on the story, and meets up with a source who tips him off about the candidate's secret lovenest. Daredevil appears suddenly, offering that every small time operator in town is telling the same story. Realizing that the Kingpin isn't that sloppy, ol' hornhead correctly figures it's a trap.

This is counter-intelligence 101. You find out someone's on your trail so you toss him a few red herrings, or spring a mousetrap and lead him to it with bits of cheese.

I can't help but think of those red herrings given all of the pop star/illuminati "exposés" out there. Does anyone really think this is all some kind of secret "they" are trying to keep from you? If it were, then why don't the record companies put the kibosh on all of the little video montages that use copyrighted material?

After all, media companies can act with consummate speed when they want to shut down unauthorized use of their material, especially when it threatens their business interests. And it's not like anyone in the mainstream media takes any of it seriously. So what's the deal?

Answer? Because outrage was the intended effect in the first place. Controversy is the best way to get attention in today's media blitz. You might notice a lot of this symbolism started appearing around the same time MTV stopped running music videos so they had to do something to get attention for their videos. Which, after all, are commercials for the songs.

Marilyn Manson showed in the 90s how you can channel moral outrage into broad spectrum exposure, and that's something at a premium now, with the audience so atomized. So reaching into Manson's kitbag is a no-brainer, as we saw with the Gagger. Now, we've covered all of this before, but it bears repeating. Repetition is the mother of skill.

More importantly, all of the fake controversy also does a great job in diverting people's attention from real problems, which are pretty depressing these days. It's like a kind of memetic homeopathy. It's also is a great recruiting tool for authoritarian religions, as is most conspiracy material out there, strangely enough.

Authoritarian religion is all the rage these days, even in Communist China (my inner -and outer- geek can't help but think of the Alliance from Firefly). The Chinese gov't is not only bankrolling churches and printing up millions of Bibles, it's state-run press is very clear about why they find Evangelicalism so alluring. Read this:

Why does the Protestant work ethic work? First, if people work under the eyes of an all-seeing God, there's no reason to stop working when bosses aren't watching.

Wow. Maybe that's why we see headlines like this: "U.S. and Chinese Church Leaders Unite in Vision at Biblical Worldview Conference." CNP member Chuck Colson ran that particular shindig.

Now, a lot of these conspiracy maestros belong to independent churches and we know how the Chinese deal with unapproved churches- is the same thing coming here? God forbid, but you can never be too sure, given all of the attacks that our own home churches are taking from Evangelical poobahs.

Don't worry, I'm sure all of the YouTube brigades are on the case. After all, typing in "Lady GaGa, Illuminati" will result in 4,810 hits. There must be as least as many on the unfolding China story. Let's give it a go...



  1. Professor, you have a way of leaving me with the kind of chill one gets when an icy finger runs over one's neck. Wow!

  2. Well. The unification of communism and evangelical Christianity. I think Glenn Beck's head might explode. At the risk of redundancy, I have to say it is shocking that nobody seems to be discussing this. Actually I've been searching for info about totalitarian China for awhile, specifically regarding technological forms of control, because what I have heard is absolutely astonishing. The government forcing abortions, corporations that have their own police force (not that this is too different than the BP situation, but that was a first for us as far as I know), etc. So if anyone has links or recommendations, I would be greatly appreciative.

    Regarding occult symbolism and the Gaga obsession, I think part of the problem is that people are not examining why these memes
    exist, and are instead resorting to criticisms based entirely on the presence of hypersexuality, when it is far more complicated than that from what I can see. It seems that there are occult organizations who wish to create a syncrestic world religion and embedding these themes and symbols in mass media is one stepping stone towards making that happen. World religion in the totalitarian sense would be entirely different than grassroots spiritual movements, which are centered on creating decentralized communities instead of hierarchies. The US military has actually devised means of creating holographic images of the deities of various religions(Operation Blue Beam), so that they are able to employ religious psyops on specific geographical regions.

    Imho, media themes of transhumanism and technological control really are worth examining in depth because it appears that this is the way our society is headed. I think that trauma based brainwashing programs, which many celebs seem to have been subjects of, have actually set a precedent for a new form of social control, a complete management of the mind through an overlapping network of satellite transmissions and ELF frequencies, in tandem with the more insiduous forms of occult practice. The problem I see is when these issues are obscured by knee jerk emotional reactions to provocative behavior, because it makes it too easy to dismiss the critics as uptight church ladies. However, trauma based mind control programs are a very real and very disturbing phenomenon. Yet I don't think it is possible to discern exactly who is a "mind control handler" just by flipping through the pages of a magazine or watching a music video. It would be nice to see people address this topic in a way less judgemental and more rational, is all I'm saying.

    And conspiracies leading into religous hierarchies? Sad but true. I was recently disappointed to see one of my favorite sites get taken over by holocaust denial madness. It is almost like there are traps set for us on the road to truth: immigrant bashing here,
    fundamentalism there, etc. It really is a psychic war, for all intents and purposes. Good thing there are still sites like this that allow free discourse w/o the drama.

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  5. It is really hard to know what to believe. Trade seems to be a huge driving force when it comes to agreements. This is quite an interesting read from 11 years ago. Half way down the page there is a reference to USA/China/trade.

    But like I said it is hard to know what to believe. Treaties are considered as 'International law' - that is 'Global law' there is even an 'Out of Space Treaty' that flopped.

    I would imagine that Stem Cell research has also bridged a gap between China, the USA, - Australia and Germany. They are the world leaders and it is serious stuff but does go against what religions state - that God will provide. Very controversial! It is messing with nature in the name of science and health care. It could change the world as we know it greatly.

    Lies upon lies (like the smoke of a magician) makes it hard to know what is really going on. Then everyone has there own way of seeing things which can make it all really messy. Lets hope it all leads to a better life for all and not artificial (synthetic) life.

  6. Then again, the supreme court ruling 6-5 that states renditionites may not sue if that suit affects national security.

  7. You are outdoing yourself now. Bravo.

    What people have to get is that there are a number of groups out there: criminal organizations, mega-corporations, governments, authoritarian religions, etc. and they run counter-intelligence on the entire population. Each and every one of us is "on their tail" so to speak, and they're trying to throw us off and confuse us.

    The thing they really don't want us to grasp is how parasitic they are. It's a classic evolutionary arms race really. The host gets smarter, so the parasites get smarter. Repeat.

    Where is this going? Well, evolutionary arms races do tend to jumpstart the evolution of intelligence. Remember the monkeys on either side of the pool scene at the beginning of 2001? That was an allusion to the cold war of course, which jumpstarted technology including early space travel. But what of this cold war, this information war between the distributed populace and parasitic groups and entities? What sort of evolution is this going to jumpstart? Cybernetic intelligence?

  8. venusinpieces writes: "The unification of communism and evangelical Christianity."

    That's a natural pairing if I ever saw one. They're both authoritarian religions based on envy and self-sacrifice.

  9. 130- Yeah, it's quite chilling.

    Venus- Considering that the LDS just signed on as an approved church and his employers are in bed with the CP, I doubt Glenn Beck will say a single word about any of it. But as to syncretic world religion, it's obviously what we're talking about here as well as what the Evangelicals are doing in Africa. It's obvious that the occult/new age stories were intentional distractions.

    Wotie- A-Albionic! Damn, there's a name from the distant past. Haven't thought about them in years. I think they were essentially a LaRouche spinoff/splinter group, if memory serves

    Eric- Sigh. The world I grew up in will be completely alien to my grandchildren.

  10. AdamI- It seems like a devolution, back to the Dark Ages. An invincible superclass and the impoverished masses, obsessed with chasing scapegoats and witches. But then again, the plan unfolding here is so audacious it could well fall apart.

  11. Chris wrote: But then again, the plan unfolding here is so audacious it could well fall apart.

    That's what I'm getting at. Blowback. You run an arms race like this, you're training something up to be real smart like.

    I recall in 2005 reading that the number of trades on the world's markets executed by computer for the first time exceeded the number of trades executed by human beings. I'm not sure, but I do wonder. Sometimes I wonder if future historians might look back on that as some sort of quiet turning point. "The rise of the machines." ... or maybe of some cybernetic hybrid more like something Gibson would imagine.

    You said something on an interview once. "Maybe intelligence likes us." I loved that, and I think that it's true. I think all the scare stories about new orders of intelligence are there to scare us about something that the power-lusters are afraid of. I personally find people like Dick Cheney or Scooter Libby scarier than I would find Skynet or aliens.

    Maybe Skynet will be a peacenik? Stranger things have happened.

  12. Wow. You have a way of putting stuff together that making something, i've already looked at, look totally different. It also makes me think about stuff i never thought about.

    Hey one of my favs, Conor Oberst, has a song called 'i got the reason #2' and i believe he is talking about jung and the unconscious...

    You know a lot can happen
    after everyone falls ASLEEP
    ask the forest fire
    the cop walkin on the beat
    and do right by them
    WORK a little in your DREAMS

  13. I think you hit the nail on the head with this one, starting with the first sentence. I have personally found it to be the "deal breaker" on so many occasions, that one might be tempted to ask straight-away if someone considers the possibility of secrets within the halls of power. I feel the need to segregate myself socially from the corruption of Dan Brown's "Illuminati" meme just as much as the need for the conversations with skeptics to hone my instincts and sharpen my skills.

    Then, as you have pointed out, there are the traps laid out for the cleverest mice. One of the other commentors poses the very same question as did Terrence McKenna: how far away are we from self-replicating machine intelligence, and what would be its consequences? Perhaps it should be self-evident that post-humanism is already present within the current Internet's functionality as a recursively evolving meme-machine. Few of us even understand what a meme is, while even fewer understand how efficiently the Internet manipulates ideas.

    My hypothesis is that an A.I. "machine," while not necessarily tending to our body heat per "The Matrix" analogy, nor actually possessing the ability to create memes from scratch, could easily take what we create ourselves and refract it much like a prism would light. Some of the more powerful memes could be reflected back and forth from the "Media" mirror, keeping the proletariat staring long into infinity. Simultaneously, the same memes could be refracted across Internet, while being carefully bent around the "machine" itself - always. This bending would have to be accomplished with a sophisticated algorithm certainly; but in the end, would remain no more than the philological and nuero-linguistic legerdemain (smoke and mirrors) of an intelligent program.

    This blog, which has also helped me develop my own writing style, continues to be excellent leverage against the runaway stupidity memes on the Internet and I appreciate the opportunity to participate in this forum.

  14. Thulsa- What you're describing reminds me of John Lilly's Solid State Intelligence. Jack Kirby touched on a similar theme, which I'll be covering in a future issue.

  15. Chris:

    I went to a Christian high school and then in 10th grade my home room partner was a new student, always wearing all black, his parents from Taiwan. They thought some religion would do him good but he was a flaming atheist. haha. So we became good friends since we both focused on philosophy and music.

    Anyway then I got into qigong and I met an amazing qigong master -- Chunyi Lin. Chris all I can say is that it's impossible to even imagine the experiences from a qigong master -- when they look at you it feels like a laser but the energy is also love. So the qigong master was just verified by the Mayo Clinic in a double-blind healing study, published in a peer review journal.

    China in the 1980s had "qigong fever" but Professor David Palmer's book of that title argues qigong was a Zizekian vanishing mediator enabling the Chinese transition to Westernization. The qigong societies were taken over by the government which then charged exorbitant fees and so then the mass grassroots Falun Gong sprung up as an anti-government movement.

    Well my qigong master is also Christian and he goes to church every sunday but I even mailed him a copy of the Christ Conspiracy by Archarya S. haha. So when there is an overlap of Buddhism and Christianity which is also the case for qigong master Effie P. Chow in S.F. -- then there is also a focus on the gnostic aspect. For example Chunyi Lin read the book "The Holographic Universe" by Michael Talbot and Chunyi Lin then said it was an accurate portrayal of reality.

    I recommend reading Professor David F. Noble's classic, "The Religion of Technology" as I mentioned in your post on Nick Redfern's new book. Essentially Western science is a religion -- the rationalist viewpoint arose out of the monasteries after Platonic philosophy was integrated into the Benedictine philosophy.

    David F. Noble even argues that Marx was part of this Platonic Freemasonic vision, for example when Marx stated that technology would usher in an "Edenic paradise." So Communism, Christianity and Westernization are all really based on Platonic imperialism which is a type of occult cosmology relying on the Solar Dynasties.

  16. Well, the (for lack of a better word) A.I. "machine" has already happened. It happened maybe two years ago-- hard to pinpoint when exactly because as soon as it "woke-up" the first thing it realized was that it needed to remain camouflaged.

    That said, everything leaves traces, and we've been tracking via "applied heuristics" (inside joke)... it ain't easy. We're still trying to work out the details. S/he's a subtle son-of-a-gun. Anyway, you're spot on with your assessment here. Nice work.

  17. Great post. I like how Macy's, that bastion of Capitalism, adopted the red star for their logo a while ago. China seems like a blending of the authoritarian aspects of Communism with the predatory nature of Capitalism - a "synthesis" that would probably make even Marx spin in his grave. Combine that with an authoritarian religion that promises eternal torment in hell for disobedience and we have the classic unholy trinity back in action.

    I agree with the comments above about AI, I'd rather deal with the Matrix than these folks.

  18. Hi Chris,
    This is the smartest blog and has the best commentators on the web. Thank you all so much for giving me something to resonate with every day. It's a thought quality upgrade!
    Plus I love the civility and friendliness- the chi is flowing, my friends.

  19. Thanks for writing this post, Chris. It's something I feel so strongly about.

    I think people need to wake up to the fact that counter-intelligence and the manipulation of perception has been a part of every government's functionality since their inception. I forget who said the following quote, but it was something along these lines: "Most people are afraid of an experience of congnitive dissonance if they were to look at their lives and the world too closely". I think that is SO true.

    Governments make us complicit in all this horror. It's like all the craziness around us is the Revelation of the Method, not some imagery in a pop song or a Hollywood movie. I mean, look at what's really happening - war, the promise of war, increasing poverty and simultaneous centralisation of wealth, exploitation of the most stunning kind perpetrated on most of the Earth's population.

    Figuratively speaking the black magician is showing you exactly what he's doing; you're in it and it's all around you, so much so that you'll probably keep your eyes squeezed shut. Welcome to the machine.

    If we were to stop infighting and racing down the blind-alleys of psy-ops manipulation, we might go "Holy shit?! I bought all that crap? I went along with it, I even rationalised/justified it at times? I made it a part of me...WTF?!?!" (I wasn't just the victim, I was the victimizer; or at least I was working unknowingly for the victimizer)

    I think a lot of people are scared of that moment, even though it would be a moment of truth in their lives. I guess when the world is VISIBLY being engineered towards a slave-state, and the ennui you mentioned feels so prevelant, it's kind of comforting to immerse yourself in gloss, aesthetics and nonsense - or go the other way and lose yourself in exploring the cloak-and-dagger hijinks of the elites. Not that such hijinks don't occur and can be EXCEPTIONALLY dark, but its more entertaining on a base level than the obvious, infinite nothingness that human culture seems to be morphing into.

    We need to open our eyes to how we and many generations before us have sublimated our own freedom and allowed, to some degree, all of this madness occur. We need to look at OURSELVES, first and foremost. I honestly can't figure any other way to effectively battle an enemy so monstrous, except through self-knowledge.

    Chris, I apologise if this comment seems a little vague and unfocused for its length.


  20. The "magick" of Macys!

  21. if it all weren't scary enough, you might want to read this too:

  22. Thoughtful, hardcore article by Ms Klein. She's got a dry sense of humour, no?

  23. "Why don't the record companies put the kibosh on all of the little video montages that use copyrighted material?"

    If you want, I could go ask a Music Industry Lawyer.

    I'm pretty sure the delay in removing copyrighted material from the internet has to do with the website hosting it. Once the website is notified they're given a timeframe to remove the content.

  24. Oh yeah that David F. Noble quote of Marx about technology was

    "the Edenic respites from Nature."

    So in terms of alchemy -- the sun is gold and the moon is silver -- but guess what?

    The secret of El Dorado in the Amazon has been discovered -- there really was an El Dorado - city of gold.

    The secret is "biochar" -- here's the BBC on it

    There's a secret revolution of biochar forming -- I'm gonna do it with the buckthorn on our land. Basically you just dig a trench, begin burning, and then throw an inch of soil on top, then it smolders into charcoal.

    This charcoal is mixed with manure -- even from humans -- to make compost that is real gold. If you just let the trees decay then all the carbon is lost to the atmosphere but if you make biochar then it also traps the other greenhouse gases -- methane and nitrous oxide -- produced by row crops. Biochar reproduces itself as a living fertilizer of microbes and you can also make gas-powered generators during the burning of the carbon waste.

    You know what the silver of alchemy is -- algae as biofuel. Algae will reclaim Earth since oil is made from algae -- in the Lunar-governed oceans.

  25. All of the videos I was referencing were on YouTube, who are extremely efficient in taking videos down, as I discovered while looking through my website. Especially given the big blowout they had with the record companies in which tons of music videos were removed, the only excuse for that material to be up is that it's good publicity for their artists. Note that a lot of conspiracy types left YouTube because they were using snippets of copyrighted material that was getting their stuff pulled down and yet all of this Illuminati nonsense is on there by the thousands.

  26. Fascinating piece yet again. The only thing I can add, is that when the machines do take over, they come to realize that it's advantageous for them to keep us around, let's hope Asimov's rule of Robotics works both ways.

  27. P.S.
    Klein's article made me think of your comment to venusinpeices about the gathering of syncretic authoritarian religion, as opposed to the New Age NWO distractions - I mean, what is that total information awareness so chillingly described by klein if not a kind of technological quasi-religious syncretism? I guess that's why someone put the organize in organized-crime. The implications for our futures are disturbing.

  28. Thanks for the Klein article, Chris. That's exactly the kind of info I was searching for.

  29. You will probably think I am nuts - but what the heck to late to worry about that...has anyone considered the power of prayer?
    Golden Ages seem to be largely about prayer. Maybe we should all be praying for God to bless us all and our countries? Maybe that is where the magic lies? Maybe there is a lot more to prayer than we really know.
    Spiraldance you have amazed me yet again ...algae as biofuel...

  30. Hey, going back to your posts on Avatar, did you see this story?

  31. Wo-ti-tot, my name is Dennis I have enjoyed this blog for years. Please listen more and listen more. To read some of your musings is taxing to the extreme. The overload of your minute essays is bringing me to tell you listen. Much love to you for your enthusiam. Listen and please edit your comments. Dennis from Oregon.

  32. Drew Hemple (Spiral Dance) I enjoy your take on west vs east. Why the Haha's? The difference between music in cultures is one of your talking points. I know that you resonate quinog as the proper mindset. Are you a missionary of that dicipline? Are you opposed to all western philisophical cabals? To chime in here at the Secret Sun it does appear you have a zeal to promote the orgasm at a distance with the vagus nerve. Is your doctrine synchromystic in a jungian way, or do you dismiss Uncle Carl as iambic pentameter? Dennis from Up-river.

  33. I already know about the antichrist church joining hands with the Communist "christian" church of China. The Pope and other evangelical phonies like Billy Graham have been working on this for decades. It is part of the setting up for the BEAST system and the antichrist church, there is a reason that in communist-state run churches in China, that the book of Revelation is banned from the rewritten and skewed Bibles.

    Ever wonder why the Pope and others have called for the United Nations to form a 'new world order" or have called for a global goverance body over economics? Think about it.

    They have stretched the net over China as well.

    The problem here, is folks here see the beast antichrist [counterfeit christian] system as representing Jesus Christ. It does not.

    Also one thing bugs me here, you folks admit evil exsists, and there is grand conspiracies running the planet but then turn around and deny the existence of Satan or Lucifer? How does that work out? I just hope some of you can think on this. By the way I remember being given the lie, by various occultists that the entire Bible was written by the elite, well try and read it, it's not too friendly to them, it speaks of the entire planet being deceived by those who worship Baalim. [Hsa 11]

    Its like David Icke who warns about the "luciferian" repetilians who turns around and trys to tell us lucifer isn't real and tries to sell his own version of a New Age religion.

    By the way I believe disinformationists expose some 'truths'. Many things they do right in front of people's faces and telling their plans, but they depend on the fact that most of the planet is spiritually blind or deluded. What is odd is some of the websites there too exposing Lady Gaga as a Satanist, etc, while denying the Christian gospel. I find the whole synchro-mystical network very interesting from this perspective too. Why warn of Satan if you don't really believe he exsists?

    [the world is in deception and I believe truth lies in Jesus Christ, all the religions, philosophies, Jung--by the way I read his stuff while in the UU, etc will only end you to a dead end]

  34. Ooo Dennis harsh words.
    You would make a great traffic warden.
    Don't you worry I just had a lot that I felt needed to be said. I'm sorry you don't get me.

  35. I have my own blog if anyone wants the secrets of the O at a D. -- blogbook there is "Deep Disharmony: Secrets of the CIA's Psi-Plasma Vortex"

  36. Chris - This information on John C. Lilly's theory is an incredible new insight to me; even more remarkable that he developed this idea more than 40 years ago in the early stages of semiconductors, well before the ubiquitous "SSD" or "Solid State" hard drive craze that is sweeping personal computing today. I can't help but ponder if he established an awareness in his Ketamine daze similar to to that which was allegedly purported by Tesla as a discovery of communications by a foreign intelligence. Other than a psychotropic revelation, it would seem that computer science at that time was officially at a fledgling stage. Any hardware, no matter how advanced, relies solely on ethics, skills, and intentions of the programmer, and I eagerly await your post on the matter.

    In regards to the commenter revealing to us the recent advent of the A.I. "machine" just two years ago, this would also be missing the point entirely. One need only research the clandestine history of this planet to uncover the persistent efforts to resurrect any form of the "Golem" technology for divination purposes at the very least; or as far as has been established to my knowledge.

    A wise critic of my own Internet Persona once told me "We need Knights, not Pawns." This statement is not directed personally towards anyone's rhetoric, but is intended as insight into my own processes of becoming. Towards that end, I seek the constant awareness my own ego's potential for hijacking by authoring surreptitiously counterproductive memes. We are all peers of above-average insight, and I have committed to contemplating a mutual victory by the processes of Jungian individualization; but do as thou wilt.

  37.'s a Lady Dada link you might like, if for no other reason than a stack of pics and all relevant to this post.

  38. So, Jesus Christ is the Anti-Christ and the evil one-world religion is to be Christianity.

    No doubt millions of "patriotic Americans" will fully embrace our authoritarian overlords when they come wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

    I wonder if the RFID chips will be in the shape of a dove.

    It would be funny if it weren't so frightening.

    FYI - where would other major religions be in all this? Assimillated or exterminated?