Friday, September 24, 2010

TVOD: The Event

Non-US viewers: poke around here to find something that will play in your country.

A lot of people have asked if I watched this, and I finally did. My opinions are a bit mixed- it didn't really catch fire for me until the end, though it was fun seeing some scattered Ten Thirteen alumni, and Blair Underwood plays a more convincing president than the one we have currently. Jason Ritter acquits himself pretty well and Laura Innes just oozes interesting backstory.

But it was all a bit too network slick for me - meaning that network shows these days all look like longform commercials to me these days. To paraphrase Mike Clelland, you can just smell the lattes simmering around the conference room as the suits pound the creatives to death with notes ("the girl should be hotter!" or "we need more gunfights!"). The result of all of this are characters- and situations- that we've seen a million times before. But the tension ratchets up pretty well as it goes along, and the ending is pretty killer.

So The Event has my attention for the time being, but given the endless bloodbath the networks are dealing with in the ratings I won't be too surprised if it's gone by Thanksgiving.