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So Now You Know (Part Two)

So what the hell was Twin Peaks: The Return all about?

Well, the answer to that question depends on who you ask. If you ask me it was all about childhood trauma and mind control. 

Two of my least-favorite subjects to research or write about, but here we are.


I mean, Twin Peaks was about a lot of other things besides trauma and mind control, but at the core that's what it was really all about. 

Now, I know it seems like this blog has been all over the place lately but we're really looking at just a few basic themes from a number of different angles. And like I've said, it all started with this back-to-back conjunction of Chris Cornell's death and Twin Peaks: The Return's premiere and ended with the back-to-back conjunction of the end of Twin Peaks and the premiere of Stephen King's It (King and Lynch share a lot of commonalities). 

And in between were the hurricanes. All of this is deeply intertwined.

So here's where I am at: The fact that four out of five of the great grunge gods of the 90s- Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell- are now dead (the fifth one recently appeared on Twin Peaks) got me to wondering why. And if you do even the most superficial bit of digging, you see the deep scars of trauma somewhere in their bios. 

My feeling is that this trauma was actually a lot deeper than they were ever willing to admit, which got me to thinking about the zest our national Frankensteins have always had for experimenting on children. 

I don't know if this is true with some of the people in question but it certainly can't be ruled out. All we really know for sure about government mind control programs comes from an cache that accounts-payable either forgot to shred or declined to do so for reasons unknown.

And quite without me asking for it, this whole Elizabeth Fraser business popped back up again. Which makes sense because she's baked into the essential DNA of Twin Peaks. I'm certainly not the only person to sense this but I may be one of the few who actually understands how deep this symbiotic communion really goes. From The AV Club website:
If you want to understand what’s going on in Twin Peaks, just listen to it 
The Mitochondrial Eve of this whole aesthetic vision isn’t something by Lynch, but rather This Mortal Coil’s cover of “Song To The Siren,” which transforms Tim Buckley’s longing folk song into an existential lament at once dirgelike and intensely sensual—la petite mort in song form.

They won't say it, but I will: consciously or otherwise, Laura Palmer is Elizabeth Fraser. 

There are simply no two ways about it. 

Yes, yes,  yes: I know that sounds crazy. But the parallels are more concrete than most people know. 

Like Laura Palmer, Fraser was repeatedly sexually abused and became a rebellious teenager. And like Laura Palmer, Fraser seemed to tap into another reality.

And something in Fraser's voice clearly got deep under David Lynch's skin.  Fraser's primal howling on those records Lynch would have bought when he first discovered her couldn't help but capture his interest, especially when it was set in a confection of late-Victorian childhood fantasy.  

In many ways, the Cocteau Twins were the original inspiration for the Bang Bang Bar performances in the new Twin Peaks:

By 1985, Elizabeth Fraser was David Lynch’s favourite living singer. Lynch wanted her version of ‘Song To The Siren’, the Tim Buckley track, recorded with the studio collective This Mortal Coil, for Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. He wanted Fraser and her partner Robin Guthrie to mime on stage in the prom scene. 
And it's generally agreed upon that Fraser (and the Twins) ultimately had a transformative effect on Lynch's artistic vision.  The music at the Pink Room sounds like Death Valley covering something off The Pink Opaque while zoned out on PCP. 

And Fraser's shunning of lyrical narrative- or of the English language itself- prefigured Lynch's wiilder experiments with narrative structure. Don't look at the videos (studio rats to the core, the Cocteau Twins hated making videos and playing live), listen to the music

Part of what Lynch was responding to was the intensely-dreamlike state* that the classic-era Cocteau Twins music induced, a state that prominent stars like Robert Plant and Prince were enraptured by. This was a very common reaction- fans often claimed they dreamed these songs before they ever heard them.

The Cocteaux are generally considered the originators of both Shoegaze and Dream Pop, and I think there's a case to be made they inspired Trip-Hop as well. And Twin Peaks: The Return featured a number of dream-pop acts such as Chromatics.

Laura Palmer and Howlin' Liz: 
Fan video from 2012


All of which makes sense because what Lynch and so many other well-known directors, rock stars and other artists were responding to in "Song of the Siren" (and Fraser's 80s work in general) were the very, very deep scars of trauma.

How deep? Well, Fraser has been hospitalized at least three times for psychiatric reasons, two events of which bookended her band's longest and costliest tour. Her mental and emotional state was so precarious that it deeply disturbed music journalists. And for good reason:
Grangemouth, as she recalls it, was a dark and stifling industrial town which left its mark on her and her music. Fraser was thrown out of her home at 16 for being a punk...  
Music provided a respite from her home life, where she was sexually abused by a brother-in-law and possibly her father, as well. The youngest of six, she felt abandoned by her older siblings and silenced by her family. 

Despite the image of the fragile Victorian waif that was very carefully crafted for her by designers and stylists, Fraser was no shrinking violet. She seems to have been a bit of a bully in school and knew how to take care of herself. 

From a 1983 Guardian interview:
Robin: "... But if somebody was to sort of ... er ... I wouldn't just sit down and take it, y'know? She certainly wouldn't."  
Liz: "I'm a very violent person, actually. It really annoys me."  
Robin: "We went to see (hardcore band) GBH in Amsterdam. We went to get some drugs, but that's another story, we'll talk about that later ... So anyway, we were walking up the stairs an' this Dutch girl goes 'Ha! ha! ha!' like that, so Elizabeth grabbed her hair and kicked her in the face." 
Compulsive violence is a common after-effect of severe trauma.

So where did Fraser go when she was thrown out of her home? Well, like so much of her biography we simply don't know. But looking at the evidence I can't help but wonder if she wound up at Lennox Castle, a place where horrible things were done to children.
Patients hidden away for years at Lennox Castle mental hospital turn to art to heal wounds 
Lennox Castle, in Lennoxtown, Dunbartonshire, was less of a mental institution than a warehouse, where those deemed society’s misfits were deposited. 
Truants, unmarried mothers, wayward teenagers and children with learning difficulties, Down’s syndrome or mental illness all ended up there. They were starved, drugged, physically and emotionally abused and robbed of their humanity.
Fraser was certainly a "wayward teenager." And she happened to have the misfortune to live in a patch of the world where MKULTRA was still alive and kicking, right up to the 1980s and perhaps beyond.

Back to Twin Peaks...

Yeah. Mind control.

In the groundbreaking Episode Eight, David Lynch and Mark Frost established Twin Peak's origin mythos. It all begins with the Trinity atomic bomb tests at White Sands, New Mexico. The fabric of time and space themselves are ripped open, allowing a supernatural entity (variously described as the Experiment, Mother and Judy) to invade our realm and sent out seeds of evil onto the earth. 

The whole thing plays out like Lynch and Frost's love-letter to Leslie Stevens and The Outer Limits, right down to the radio station and the atomic demons. (The first episode paid tribute to the uncannily-prescient Outer Limits episode 'OBIT').

One of the manifestations these seeds take are the soot-coated Woodsmen, one of whom walks out of the desert and makes a beeline to a radio station, from which he broadcasts an occult mind-control spell on unsuspecting listeners.

Out of all this we see a young girl- generally accepted as the young Sarah Palmer- possessed by a demonic chimera (of a water and an air creature). This is disturbingly sexual and certainly intentionally so, since the motifs of sexual abuse and demonic mind control form the underpinning of this entire series. 

We later see Sarah Palmer as a deeply-traumatized and broken woman, stuck in a tapeloop of the past, and unconsciously playing host to a vicious demon. The unspoken implication here is that like many abuse victims, Sarah replayed her trauma in her attraction to Leland Palmer, an evil and insane man who was himself possessed by a demon, and passed the cycle of abuse down to the next generation.

In the harrowing Fire Walk with Me, we see that these mind-controlling demons use human beings in order to create pain and sorrow in the world, which they in turn feed on. This ties into any number of theories on the sadistic and/or psychopathic mindset in which abusers feed on the pain of others. Children- whose essential emotions are naturally heightened anyway- are special targets for the psychopathic personality.

In Twin Peaks: The Return, the powers of the Black Lodge have created two Dale Coopers, one of whom is possessed (or mind-controlled) by Bob and the other of whom is a blank slate, a classic literary innocent. However, an interpretation can be drawn that this split was in fact part of a false reality instilled in the real Dale Cooper.

The highly-controversial (yet stunningly-brilliant) series finale takes us entirely out of the dream we had previously experienced and into a separate reality, one much more like our own. 

In this version Dale Cooper is neither the silent-movie bumbler or the demon-controlled doppelganger, but a much more authentic rendering of a middle-aged FBI agent: severe, laconic, brutally-efficient at physical violence and yet still on a quest to right a wrong done when he was young. Kyle MacLachlan is utterly amazing here, juggling a complex and difficult series of subtle emotional shadings.

As one might expect of a real-life Laura Palmer, the woman he meets is a broken shell of a person. She's apparently just murdered a man (which doesn't trouble Cooper much) and seems to have only a fleeting acquaintance with reality. This is the grim result of trauma and self-destruction.

After a blood-curdling shriek, we are back in the Black Lodge. We see Laura Palmer whisper in the ear of a visibly-troubled Cooper, which many interpret as her telling him never left. That the Lodge was controlling his entire experience, which was either a dream or an alternate series of reality-shifts.


I believe that Twin Peaks is instilled with Masonic imagery and symbolism and one of the countless sub-themes at work here is a civil war between secret society factions, which seems self-apparent when you see a "White Lodge" and a "Black Lodge" vying for control. A Freemason friend of mine has said the Waiting Room is very clearly a Scottish Rite Lodge, which he said anyone in the order would recognize.  

The Room Above the Convenience Store may well be a reference to the lodge run by the Dolan Gang  (pictured) during the intra-Masonic pissing match better known as the Lincoln County War. 

That lodge was above Dolan's dry goods store, essentially the convenience store of the time. This civil war took place in and around White Sands and Roswell, and featured such legendary Western figures as Pat Garrett and Billy "The Kid" Bonney, both of whom were Freemasons. 

It also ultimately involved one Jesse Wayne Brazel, uncle of the better-known Mac Brazel, the ranch-hand who discovered a bunch of strange debris one fine day in July of 1947.  Seriously.

To bring this all full-circle:
 At least four of the MKULTRA programs were specifically conducted on children. This is the vast sub-structure of MKULTRA experimentation that has for the greater part been successfully concealed by the Agency. 
Curiously, another MKULTRA faction consisted of representatives of the Scottish Rite of Masonry, which had sponsored research into eugenics, psychiatry, and mind control since at least the 1930s. 
MKULTRA doctor Robert Hanna Felix was director of psychiatric research for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and the director of the National Institute of Mental Health. Felix was the immediate senior of Dr. Harris Isbell, already noted in relation to MKULTRA.-- Jim Keith, Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness 
Is this in part what Lynch and Frost are alluding to? Do these factions represent the Black Lodge in our own reality? And tying back to Elizabeth Fraser, what if her extraordinary gifts of music and prophecy were either the byproduct- or in fact the product-- of manipulation behind the scenes?

Because as some of you know, I don't think for a minute that our mad scientists had any intention as stopping with mere mind control. I think they had (and have) infinitely more grand ambitions than that.

And "shamanic initiation" is just a polite way of saying "torturing children," historically-speaking.


Now stop and think about the stories we tell ourselves- and tell our children-  for a minute. Think about how many of them are about intense trauma acting as a portal to another dimension. Where the fuck does that motif come from?

Alice in Wonderland is about a child falling down a hole and being poisoned with disfiguring drugs before finding herself in another reality.

Peter Pan was inspired by the death of JM Barrie's brother, who was reborn as an eternally youthful magical child. It also winds up in another reality (Neverland),

The Wizard of Oz is about a girl trapped in a horrible storm and ending up in another dimension. 

The Chronicles of Narnia is about children fleeing the London Blitz and ending up in another dimension.

A Wrinkle in Time is about a girl who goes searching for her missing father and ends up in another reality. Incidentally, another reality ruled over by an entity called Central Central Intelligence.

Star Wars is about a young farmhand who enters into another reality after the gruesome death of his guardians.

Harry Potter is about an abused young orphan who enters into another reality. And one in Scotland to boot.

Fringe is about an abused young girl who is given strange drugs by Harvard doctors and becomes able to cross dimensions as an adult.

Stranger Things is about a girl stolen from her mother and subjected to hideous experiments. She ultimately creates a portal to another dimension.

The OA is about a blind orphan who enters another dimension when clinically dead.

Are you sensing a thruline here? Given the pedigree of some of the people involved here, you think these stories  might be a reflection of some kind of secret ambition on the part of certain factions? You think it's mere coincidence that most of these stories involve vulnerable young girls? And drugs? And intelligence agencies?

Think about it for a while.


The post-Heaven or Las Vegas period is no one's favorite era for the Cocteau Twins. I don't think they made any bad records,  it's just that the magic was gone. Part of this was Robin Guthrie's debilitating drug addiction and part of it was Fraser's incredibly-fragile mental state.
Parenthood has clearly reordered Fraser's thinking, as has the self-examination she's undertaken since she had a nervous breakdown in 1993 while working on Four-Calendar Cafe. 
"Everything ground to a halt," she explains. "I didn't know what was wrong with me." Entering a treatment facility in the U.S., she was admitted to a trauma unit and confronted both herself and those around her with some hard truths. 
"I got told I was big-time co-dependent. I found out I was bulimic. I found out what I went through is called incest," she says. Deeply buried childhood memories became clearer. "You know, memories of being abused by people with no face. All you do is just cover up for those people, even while you're trying to remember."
OK, now I don't know exactly what Fraser dealt with at home but part of me wonders what else might have happened. What else she may not have remembered. This gets into the realm of wild conjecture but not entirely without evidence. 

Hear me out.

You see, I have this nagging thing about the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. Now, let me be clear- I have an inherent distrust of memory myself, but perhaps for the opposite reason. I believe memory is malleable because it is constantly erasing itself. But that's a topic for another day.

What bothers me about the FMSF were all the MKULTRA luminaries on its board, like Martin Orne and Louis Jolyon West. What the hell were they doing there? It's anyone's guess but my guess is that there was concern that some of the old test subjects may go offline and start figuring things out. 

And so we had this rash of recovered memory subjects, most of whom were claiming abuse by older relatives. The whole thing became a major source of controversy. The topic of recovered memory became a lightning rod after some egregious claims on tabloid TV shows and it all kind of collapsed under its own weight.

But what if that was the point?

What if there were hidden persuaders, feeding bogus cases into the slipstream and making a Geraldo-sized spectacle out of the whole thing? What if the entire point was to shame and intimidate legitimate victims back into silence? 

Scots-born psychiatrist Donald Ewen Cameron became notorious for his role in the top-secret MK Ultra programme, running experiments in orphanages and psychiatric hospitals in Canada in the 1950s. 
He used LSD, electro-convulsive therapy (ECT), insulin-induced comas and repetition to try and erase memories – a technique the CIA hoped to develop into a weapon in the Cold War. 
When details of the MK Ultra project emerged in the 1970s, it caused a huge public outcry and led to both the US and Canadian governments paying out compensation to hundreds of victims. 
Now campaigners in Scotland are to come forward with sensational claims that similar experiments were also being carried out on this side of the Atlantic. 
Last night, one abuse survivor said: “The similarities are unbelievable, the drugs programme, the experimentation – we were also doing these things in the 1950s here in Scotland, allowing this deplorable behaviour by the medical elite.” 
One medic likely to be named by the campaigners is Dr Angus MacNiven, who trained alongside Cameron at Gartnavel Royal Hospital in Glasgow and went on to become one of the most eminent figures in Scottish medicine. 
However, this newspaper has seen evidence that at least one patient died while being experimented on under his care. 
Cameron, who was born in Bridge of Allan, Stirlingshire, emigrated to America in the 1920s, but remained in contact with his former colleagues in Scotland throughout his career.
Oh, Stirlingshire, you say? 

Guess who else is from Stirlingshire. 

Elizabeth Fraser.

Now here's the thing: MKULTRA and its tributaries may or may not have been canceled in the 1970s in America but apparently our cousins across the pond kept right on truckin'. There's also this:
Scots orphans used in ‘military experiments’ 
HOLYROOD’S child abuse inquiry will hear claims that British military scientists conducted drug tests on orphans in Scottish mental hospitals. 
The allegations centre on at least four institutions where thousands of children are said to have been experimented upon in conditions described as “like something out of Auschwitz”.
It is alleged that Porton Down, the top secret military facility in Wiltshire, was involved in trialling drugs for use in the Cold War on youngsters who were regarded as “feeble-minded.”  
One survivor told this newspaper he has obtained written and video evidence that he will pass to the public inquiry into historical abuse of children in care when it begins next year. 
The man, now in his 50s, has been advised by lawyers to conceal his identity for his own safety until his full submission can be lodged at the inquiry announced by Scottish Education Secretary Angela Constance. 
However, he was willing to divulge some of his intended testimony about the treatment he and others suffered. 
He said: “Six and seven year olds were tied to racks and given electric shocks.
The witness believes there may have been as many as 3,500 children who were involved in the Porton Down testing programme over the years.
"The drug programme ran from 1948 to 1982. They were exposed to nerve agents, such as sarin gas, and hallucinogens, such as LSD."
So why haven't we heard more about this?
"I know that the legal people involved do have the relevant files, although the files do have a tendency to disappear. 
"One of the problems we want the inquiry to consider is the destruction of records.” 
For example, many medical files from Lennox Castle Hospital in Lennoxtown, Stirlingshire, where some of the experiments are said to have taken place, were destroyed in a fire.

Oh. That's why.


UPDATE: I had cut a section that further explores some of the possible connections to MKULTRA/MKOFTEN/et al for space from this piece but have posted an expanded version here on The Solar Satellite. 

Give it a read, it may help clarify those issues for you.

Note: This is the exact same process we saw with The Dark Knight, which was a conceptual descendant of the music of Killing Joke, the band of high-initiate occultists who probably had a major influence on Alan Moore's evolution as a magician. 

This ultimately gave us the Batman: The Killing Joke graphic novel, which in turn played a major role in Heath Ledger's conception of the Joker character in that blockbuster. This is how popular culture usually works- things slowly bubble up from the underground and eventually go mainstream.

And almost inevitably, Heath Ledger was drawn into the vortex as well.

* For those who have watched the TP finale, the segue from echoing scream, extended silence and then ethereal washes of sound is remarkably similar in structure to the segue from "Persephone" to "Pandora" on Treasure.


  1. On the subject of 'Twin Peaks' Chris, you probably saw that Harry Dean Stanton who played Carl Rodd in the show passed away today?

    1. I was looking through Harry Dean Stanton's acting credits at IMDB and saw he played a guy named Harvey in the movie 'aLIEn Autopsy' "a humouristic reconstruction of the 1995 scandal when two British lads were accused of having faked a documentary from the Roswell incident in 1947."

    2. From the trailer for the 'Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction' (2012) biopic of sorts:

      'I've been doing this for fifty fucking years, being photographed, doing movies, after a while I got tired of it.'

      When asked by Lynch how he would describe himself Stanton responds with:

      'There's nothing, there's no self.' (Stanton begins to laugh & Lynch joins in.)

      The next shot is of an image of a/the (Milky Way?) g/Galaxy with the underlined text 'YOU ARE HERE' + arrow pointing at one of the spiral arms, but zeroing in on the heart, whilst Lynch is heard to ask:

      'How would you like to be remembered?'

      & HDS says:

      'It doesn't matter.'

      Trailer ends with Kris Kristofferson talking of how HDS has been so much a part of his life, & how HDS loved to come on stage at The Troubadour & sing 'Mexican songs' with him, as he says this HDS enters the room inspiring KK to say:

      'We'll speak of The Devil!'

      to which HDS says:

      'The big stars have arrived.'


    3. As for aLIEn Autopsy, in 2006 a 'British comedy film with elements of science fiction' based on the 1995 shenanigans was released (directed by a chap named Johnny Campbell with an episode of Doctor Who titled 'The Vampires of Venice' & Westworld on his CV.))

      This film, of the film, starred Ant & Dec who rose to fame as 'PJ & Duncan' in the bbc children's drama series 'Byker Grove' which was 'aimed at an older teenager and young adult audience, tackling serious and sometimes controversial storylines... The series frequently depicted life as unjust, with bad things happening to good people...'

      PJ & Duncan went on to have a brief but successful enough pop career, including a No. 1 hit with 'Let's Get Ready to Rhumble' (on re-release in 2013 (the highest chart position on initial release was 9 in 1994)), from their debut album titled 'Psyche' (as PJ & Duncan AKA), the album sleeve image, from the camera's eye perspective, looks up through AKA's legs through a glass floor to their grinning faces.)

      Profits from the 2013 sales went to 'Childline' which is 'a free 24-hour counselling service for children and young people', a mid-eighties brainchild of bbc celebrity employee esther rantzen (host of 'That's Life!, Watchdog, Hearts of Gold, among others), a colleague & friend of jimmy savile, who since the publicising admission of his crimes, claims to have never been (made) aware of his proclivities or been given any hint that, or had any sense of, his doing what came naturally to him OR even hearing whispered rumours, all whilst savile's crimes were an 'open secret' at the corporation.

      'Ant & Dec' are from Newcastle, in Tyne & Wear (the northern-most bordering county in England next to Scotland.), Newcastle Upon Tyne being the full & proper name of the city, which is to be found on 'The Tyne' river, the etymology is again uncertain but no less murky for being so & The Wear is another river sourced in The Pennines (the 'backbone of England'), & although again the name is of muddied water origin, one of the possibilities is 'river of blood'.

      A&D, good pals with simon cowell, having paid(?) their dues, are now the host-frontmen for all manner of primetime light entertainment shows including 'Britain's Got Talent' continuing the cycle they were put through for all to see with fresh and 'easy meat' on the one-eyed monster.

      Ant, Anthony David "Ant" McPartlin, has recently done a stint in 'rehab for drink and drug addictions'.

      The wiki for 'Alien Autopsy' states:

      'The film is framed by Ray Santilli and his friend Gary Shoefield retelling the events to a documentary maker.

      In 1995, Ray and Gary went to America to find Elvis memorabilia to sell on the market stall Ray runs in London. Harvey, a former US Army cameraman, sold them a silent black and white film of Elvis performing live, but later returned with an intriguing offer. Harvey took Ray to Miami, Florida to see a film from 1947 showing the autopsy of an alien supposedly killed in a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico. Harvey want to sell the film for $30,000.' The film was written by a guy called William Davies who also wrote 'Student Exchange', 'Twins', 'The Real McCoy', 'Ghost in The MAchine', 'Bermuda Grace', 'Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde', 'The Guilty', 'Flushed Away' & the Johnny English films, among others.

      (Newcastle's most famous contemporary son is the ex-footballer Paul Gascoigne, a prodigious talent on the pitch, who also succumbed to abusing himself through drugs and alcohol (& also physically abusing his ex-wife.))


    4. Harry Dean Stanton will always have a special place in my heart for Repo Man, if nothing else. It's amazing he was able to put in such an amazing performance on TPTR given that he was probably not in the best of shape. Very sad how many of those actors have no left us since the series aired.

    5. & then there's those such as Lara Flynn Boyle & Michael J. Anderson who for differing reasons are, how shall I put it... 'dead' to Lynch, on that note Julee Cruise may be a new name on that list too:

      'Cruise had some choice words for Lynch and the show, which she called a “slap in the face.”

      “I’m done… and I could care less about TP,” the singer wrote on Facebook. “My subconscious never lies… I have my answer now of what I will do with the rest of my life!”

      Cruise said that she had to be convinced to join the show after trying to “hide” (she even changed her number in order to not be reached), although she still only had four days notice. She referred to Lynch as an “Emperor” and said she was treated like trash.

      “I yelled my head off in anger!” she said. “I don’t like how I’m treated.”'

      This probably means she won't be back for the possible season 4:

      '“It’s too early to say if there will be a fourth season of the series,”

      “If that were the case, we would have to wait a few more years because it took me four-and-a-half years to write and record this season.”'

      Perhaps the Samhain published 'Final Dossier' won't turn out to be so Final at all.


    6. "We're not gonna talk about Julee at all."


    7. HDS' co-star in 'Paris Texas' was Nastassja Kinski (kinky?), other films she's starred in include: The Wrong Move, To The Devil A Daughter, Passion Flower Hotel (also known as Boarding School), Così come sei (also known as Stay As You Are), Cat People, Exposed, Humiliated and Insulted, Diary of a Sex Addict, Paradise Found & Inland Empire.

      Her half-sister, Pola Kinski, accuses their father Klaus of having sexually abused her as a child and teenager, when she went public with this Nastassja is quoted as saying:

      "My sister is a hero. Because she has freed her heart, her soul, and thus their future from the burden of the mystery."

      However, although Nastassja 'said that Kinski would embrace her in a sexual manner when she was 4–5 years old' he 'never had sex with her.' but is also reported as saying:

      "I would do anything to put him behind bars for life. I am glad he is no longer alive.'

      At the age of fifteen Nastassja also had a relationship of some kind with the then fourty-three year old roman polanski, 'in a 1999 Guardian interview, she was quoted as saying that there was categorically no affair and that, "There was a flirtation. There could have been a seduction, but there was not. He had respect for me."'

      (Nastassja Kinski sports a blonde-Bob / Bobbed-blonde? in Paris Texas.)


    8. 'Sheep organs, a London flat and a Doctor Who sculptor: The truth behind the 1995 alien autopsy film':

      'Spyros Melaris... fooled millions in 1995... he got the outfits and medical instruments from prop providers across Britain and the USA... casting was kept in the family, with his brother and then girlfriend playing the role of government 'pathologists'... A lamb's leg was used to create the wound, and the alien's brain was actually made from three sheep's brains and a pig's brain.'

      Sheep (& pigs (on the wing?)) eh? What Time is Love? 2023AM Eternal.

    9. e!news ('be pop culted') went with jim carrey stating '"there is no me, there's just things happening..." This world, he added, is "not our world.", "We don't matter,"' during an 'existential carpet rant' at a New York fashion week event last month, the date? 9/11

  2. Cool thing about Stirlingshire is the Falkirk triangle, the UFO hotspot, and Bonnybridge being an alleged window (or bridge) to another dimension.

    1. Bonnybridge was where I first learned to ride a bike.

  3. Chris,

    We can add to the list of trauma-inducing media pretty much every feature that was done by Walt Disney, both animated (Dumbo, Bambi, etc) and live-action (Follow Me, Boys). The number of protagonists who are orphaned through violence is staggering, especially in the animated works.

    And Follow Me, Boys has both an orphaned child (father was a happy stereotype of an Irish drunkard who met an untimely end) and barren women (wife of protagonist must tell husband of her inability to give him a son; they both then on the spot dedicate their lives to the Boy Scouts).

    And as we know, Disney hit the daily double by bringing a few of those Grimm fairy tales you mentioned to life as well, in Technicolor trauma for kiddies everywhere.

    1. If those subjected to the sharp-end of MKultra, Scots: Mc, *chortle**, are the main course does that make the rest of us - those of us who make ourselves subject to the entertainment only telling tales out of class can convey, some kind of entrée, snacked-on pick-me-up, palete cleanser???

      *blend of chuckle and snort; coined by Lewis Carroll in Through the Looking-Glass (1871) (but also a common joyful utterance, at least when I were a wee laddie, of wayward kid stars of such comics as The Beano & The Dandy (published by DC Thomson HQ'ed in Dundee, it's subsidiaries include 'Findmypast, Family Club, Parragon & PuzzlerMedia', (who knows what the trouble-making kiddies get up to on those pages now, probably stabbing each other for the latest iphone-sneaker / announcing to their pen and ink parents they're a girl born in a boy's body & Vice Versa (1988 directed by Brian Gilbert & starring Fred Savage (he of 'The Wonder Years.)))


    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    3. Again if I recall correctly, it was also suggested during this eMblem storyline, which ran for a few issues, that readers should also try out the gympossible body language, I don't recall seeing such a feat attempted & didn't have a go myself.


    4. In Skyfall 'M' herself states that "Orphans always make the best recruits." (In this tale Bond fails to keep Judi Dench's 'M' alive & well, she ends up bleeding out in the Bond family chapel (after Bond's blown up his actual family seat), as the game of one-up-manship between her two best agents (Bond Vs. Silva), in front of 'mommy', comes to Its conclusion. (Skyfall acted as something of a reset to the reset Bourne-influenced Bond (an attempt to get away from the excesses of invisible cars etc.), as it re-introduced Moneypenny & Q & the role of 'M' was taken over by a man, Voldemort - no less, just like those halcyon classic Bond days.))

      'Real Life M Really Did Use The James Bond "Orphan" Method For Recruiting MI5 Spies:

      "...the real life M specialised in hiring MI5 recruits who had lost a parent at a young age because he believed it instilled a sense of loyalty and caused them to view their spymaster as a "father figure"...

      "M was looking for watchers: people who pick up unusual details that other people might not..."

      "...usually these are people who have been held back in some way in childhood..."

      "...When it comes to losing a parent at an early age you are in need of a father figure - and a spymaster becomes this father figure in your life and fills the void. It could be a mother as well, it's just losing a parent..."

      "Again and again, I found that they had something go dramatically wrong in their childhood - a lot of them had lost a parent or they had some kind of physical handicap..."

      Along with the whole orphan angle, it also turns out that Bond's caustic wit and glib sense of humour could have been based on Knight's formula for finding new spies.

      "The first [quality] was, strangely enough, having a sense of humour", Hemming added about the MI5 interview process. "M would always say that someone who neither made jokes nor got jokes was unlikely to ever think fast on their feet.

      "The other was memory, loyalty was also crucial [and] the ability to not only lie but also to know you are being lied to. He wanted someone who was motivated, in other words someone who was patriotic and wanted to serve their country."'

      The esquire article ends with a glib joke about the invisible Aston Martin of Die Another Day, to be charitable maybe It's the author's way of hinting at something (in their own life)?

      What other aspects of the Bond franchise, I mean psyop recruitment tool, are also standard practice for the in the flesh spooks? Laser watches? Satellite-New-Edens? Octopoid referencing globe-straddling & terrorising organisations headed by the NAZI from Inglorious Basterds? ...Invisible Aston Martins?


    5. I doubt all these techniques started with Fleming, or even Walsingham. I'm sure they go back to Sabbah and maybe even further back than that.

    6. No doubt, but did The Ancients have invisible Aston Martins?


  4. This is by far the best take on Twin Peaks season three I have seen so far. Chris Knowles' opening paragraph says it all:

    "So what the hell was Twin Peaks: The Return all about? Well, [..] If you ask me it was all about childhood trauma and mind control. Two of my least-favorite subjects to research or write about, but here we are."

    'Faux psychopathology' brought about by ZionIntel agencies via childhood trauma through sexual and physical abuse and mind control is the key to the understanding of the disgustingly unhinged history of the Western world for the last couple of millennia.


    1. Go back to Sparta. They were the masters of all of that.

  5. I was born in the same area as Elizabeth Fraser, went to school / grew up there. I think I could tell you more than a few relevant stories, Chris. Scotland hates its children.

  6. I grew up in the same area as Elizabeth Fraser. I'm sure I could provide some insight. Scotland hates its children, after all.

    1. Sounds like Braintree. Love to hear some of these stories if you get a chance.

  7. Just saw this (ice?)breaking news story -
    'Iceland government collapses after paedophile scandal'

    1. Blowback from the fallout, aftermath and response by those of Ísland to the '2008–2011 Icelandic financial crisis'?


    2. Iceland is a small town, essentially. It's Peyton Place with volcanoes.

    3. Or 'Invitation to Love'?


  8. You're not going to believe this news story, but I just saw a shrimp boat captain named Eddie Potter was rescued by a Carnival Cruise liner when his shrimp boat was sunk by Hurricane Irma.
    His first mate wasn't so lucky and drowned in the sea.
    Oh...and his first mate's name was Carl SHEPERD.
    I was looking up "plate of shrimp" synchs when I found this one, because of the lattice of coincidence/plate of shrimp line from the movie 'Repo Man' that HDS was in.

    1. You have to wonder if this was even a real news story, it's so perfectly tailored.

  9. While childhood trauma and mind control may not be your favorite subjects to write about, I do think you are doing justice to just how prevalent it is and how long it's been formally institutionalized. Let me tell you a story (my mom's, shared with permission).

    It's 1962. She's almost 4 years old. Her dad works at the local university (a major land grant University in the American Southwest). He takes her and her siblings to the University for 'IQ testing.' They take her into a room with a little table and chairs and leave her there with no instructions to see what she does (with blocks, paper, etc). The room is long and a bit narrow, the little chair facing the door and large 1-way mirrors to her right side as well as behind her.

    I should interject here that my mom has always been special. She can sense or see things I call (accurately or not) 'psychic memories' --of buildings and forests that have burned, for example, but most often blood/murders (in hotel rooms, in the desert, on battlefields, in castles, etc). When she was little, she drove her mother batty by constantly walking into walls, but when she asked my mom why she kept walking into the walls, my mom said she couldn't see them... she saw through them like they weren't there.

    So after the 'IQ testing' is finished, they ask her dad to bring her back (not her siblings). She goes for more testing, at least a few times, and she's getting tired of it. Only now they aren't asking intelligence questions anymore, they are asking psi questions...

    "what number am I thinking of?"
    "What card did I just pick?"
    "What card am I going to pick"
    "What card does the man in the other room have?"
    "What card is he thinking of?"

    She knows full well there are people behind the 1-way mirror to her right. She can see them. There are more each time she goes for testing. But this time, there is someone else in the room with the 1-way mirror behind her. He is a very evil man, and it makes her skin crawl. She is increasingly agitated until the last question, when his intent for her choice of cards is so palpable, she picks the card, turns around, and shoves it towards him.

    She told her parents she didn't want to go back and that was it. All they told her dad was that she had a very high IQ. She actually hadn't thought much about it until I shared some stuff from secretsun and visup with her. What if her dad hadn't respected her request to not go back? What if she hadn't sensed the evil man? What if she'd had a single parent or gone to Catholic school where the faculty could have been complicit in giving access? What about all of the other kids who weren't as fortunate?

    No, this is formal and institutional, across the board, across the Western world, with too many bodies and souls in their wake.

    ps - a story for another time is the peculiar and consistent feeling of organized, watchful, intent, and varying degrees of malevolence and evil associated with many Defense and some Government facilities (some she can feel from 100 miles away).

    1. Tell us more. This reminded me of what my mother told me a couple of years ago. She said that when she was a little girl and riding her bike that sometimes she would have an out of body experience. She would be up above herself looking down. She said even now sometimes she has to hold onto to something because she feels like she may leave her body. She told me this 2 years ago. I'm 46. That was the first time she had ever told anyone.

    2. I think your mother's experience was something a lot of people went through at that time. I think these days the techniques are more subtle and less visible and intrusive. But probably more comprehensive. I do shudder to think what happened to the kids that weren't as fortunate, so to speak.

    3. I'm sure you're right Chris, which is also shudder-inducing to think how refined (and mainstream) it is now.

      Michelle, I can understand your mother's hesitance in sharing her experience. It's quite possible that not only would others not understand, but they would also think one a bit crazy. Off the top of my head, one experience my mom shared -- As a young teen (I think) on one of many road trips with her family, they stopped somewhere (at the time she didn't know where) and she walked across a field to catch up with her family... only it felt like her shoes were sticking to/sinking into the ground, and when she looked down, they were covered in blood. It turns out they had stopped at either Antietam or Gettysburg (I don't remember which), and the field she crossed was the actual battlefield.

      As far as Defense/Government locations with particularly bad juju -- Bethesda Naval Hospital (historical/possibly ongoing), Ft Campbell (current - this is the one she could feel 100 miles away), SHAPE/NATO in Belgium (likely ongoing, though this was many years ago), whatever is in Colorado she says is underground and massive, stretching from Denver to Colorado Springs, Offutt AFB is seriously bad (we actually planned a road trip in such a way to completely avoid it), Ft Huachuca (not historical but recent), Edwards AFB (historical & current), Los Alamos (historical/possibly current). There are many other locations not quite as bad as the above, and I'm sure there are more just-as-bad-or-worse locations that she hasn't been nearby to pick up on.

      KTV, you are absolutely right that the Western world hardly has a corner on human cruelty, but the particular combination of child abuse/mind control that Chris is discussing does seem endemic/institutional in the West (US, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, etc) IMO.

    4. The specific nexus of child abuse/MK is certainly open to discussion here (away from the computer too), the possible tarring & feathering by being labelled a 'tin foil hatter' in response isn't sufficient enough censure to act as a gag, & as we live here we're familiar with (the possibility of discussing) it, to a degree, unlike how such goes on elsewhere which is largely a mystery to us if we have any inkling of what may be happening there at all, but potential mockery pales in significance compared to having part of your brain melted out, or being organ harvested - open punishments in China, these are punishments openly practiced, what else do folk there get up to? & there is Russia, which is not Western at all, what toys and 'role playing games' have they developed off the black-book(s)?

      Then there's Thailand & it ain't just the sewers there giving off a stink, Africa where albinos are openly hunted & people including The Aka, Baka & Ituri are considered subhuman despite having a more ancient lineage & presence in Africa than those who consider themselves their superiors - the supposed true Africans, India has it's caste system & The Middle East is a horror show of abuse in so many ways, the last three places are all big on genital mutilation - done so as part of ritual considered sacred & holy - ritual used as trauma based mind control.

      Although some of these places, or parts, I've mentioned do not have the (kind of) techno-social-state that we in The West are full-spectrum inculcated to enjoy the powers-that-be, or powers-that-would-be/seek-to-be, of these other places want such apparatus at their disposal & for one reason only, so that they can shit on their own even more than they do already & as aspiration of dominance over all human beings.

      This sickness infects all humanity, prior to so very much of what's come to light the past five years, the past decade(s) here, most Folk wouldn't have even considered the horrors we're investigating here possible, it's the same all over.


    5. I guess I was using 'West' in the Classical sense rather than the Cold War sense, but you know, I think you've got right to the heart of it -- Evil people exist in every culture, society, and country, and those that may lack the means to harm others do not lack the motivation or ability to do so, if given half a chance. There is nothing they cannot rationalize if they view themselves as above or others as less-than. And as you said, the key underlying motivation is dominance and control over others/everyone.

      Will we see them for what they are? Before it's too late? What about the wannabe's, the future brownshirts, who merely lack the means? In our neighborhoods, workplace, school, church, etc? Unfortunately, Chris is right in his observation a few posts ago, that these people use the natural bias which assumes others think like we do (and thus would never dream inflicting harm and/or seeking the power over others to do so). Will we recognize the malignant narcissists, psychopaths, and double high authoritarians before they achieve the means/power-over? Trust no one, because it's not just the guys at the top.

      (Michelle, I just wanted to add it's awesome that after your mother waited so long to tell anyone, you gave her the absolute best response: you listened to her, and believed her.)

    6. Part of the program we've been computed to run is to signal our virtuousness by disdaining ourselves & our own, whoever (y)our own may be, especially so when poor folk's suffering is beyond their agency, but this misdirected sense of (in)justice doesn't excuse us from the actual consequences of our actions, direct or otherwise, well intended or not, taxation & voting are perfect examples of our complicity in the depravity sanctioned by the state class, as to hand over an abstraction of our labour & to vote, or not, is to consent to being governed by those who hate us, by enabling our own disenfranchisement we fuel the obscenity that is the planetary culture (a 'federation' in the shaping) & nothing short of taking our power back by not complying with the maniacs seeking priviliged shitting position from atop the apex of the one-eyed-pyramid will be enough to save our souls from a degenerate legacy.

    7. Apologies for the somewhat garbled response above, in short: we all play a part to some degree or other in bringing the world to pass, taxation & purchasing pays for the obscene programs tested upon us, so there's an active element of psychopathy, (that we acquiesce to) working through all of us, we're all 'brownshirts' (& red shirts), the most dangerous thing of all though is to continue to solely focus on bashing ourselves when others lurk with knives sharpened ready to pounce as soon as opportunity arises (& actively work to make such happen & these others care not for the 'rainbow program' inculcating 'inclusion' & 'diversity' as solidarity-think) & who are those who decide the script for the evening news constantly telling us how bad we are anyway?

    8. (I need to correct my comment above regarding Colorado. I misunderstood my mother as referring to the area between Colorado Springs and Denver when she was actually referring to just south of Colorado Springs, where the new NORAD is... massive, probably close to ten miles across/long, to your right as you drive north. The old NORAD is on the left, and she says there's still a lot there as well. Sorry about the mis-info.)

  10. a side comment - Lynch's conception of trauma-reenactment and the 'hurting people hurt people' rationale is flawed IMO because it doesn't account for the numerous abuse victims who, regardless of their ongoing trauma, choose not to abuse others.

    Honestly, it comes a bit too close for me to the crazy 'Christian' Dominionist's generational curses and sexually-transmitted demons (further demonizing the victim). It's another way those who perpetrate evil and abuse excuse themselves and evade accountability for their choice to hurt others.

    1. As a survivor I can tell you this work does help to account for those of use who maintain. Speaking for myself, hearing others try to make sense of the metaphysical sources at play has always been one of the most carthadtic avenues available to me.

      It's shortsighted to label the discourse here as resembling toxic Christian ideology when the melange of spiritualism examined here crosses the board. Continually broadening my perspective on these topics let's me know that, at the very very least, other people are similar kinds of crazy. At most it's much more: fledgling community.

      Not feeling alone with these forces is invaluable.

    2. My apologies. The reference wasn't at all directed at Chris's examination of this topic but rather what Lynch seems to be saying and how it strikes (and I readily admit my only familiarity with Lynch/Twin Peaks is through discussions like these).

    3. Where are you getting this from, AW? I don't understand what you're referring to here.

    4. Maybe I'm reading things into it. The paragraph that begins with "We later see Sarah Palmer as a deeply-traumatized and broken woman, stuck in a tapeloop of the past, and unconsciously playing host to a vicious demon. The unspoken implication here is that like many abuse victims, Sarah replayed her trauma in her attraction to Leland Palmer, an evil and insane man who was himself possessed by a demon, and passed the cycle of abuse down to the next generation.

      The concept just struck me as a bit similar to hypercharismatic beliefs about innocent victims being demon-possessed (rather than just traumatized). I supose I'm suspicious of that explanation given that the main person responsible for popularizing that concept (M. Scott Peck) had been the Assistant Chief of Psychiatry under the Army Surgeon General. It seems designed to misattribute the effects of trauma to demonic possession, which futher traumatizes the victim.

      I know that's not what you were saying, and I'm not sure if that's what Lynch was going for or not. I'm sorry if I completely misread this.

  11. I knew there was much more being revealed in Harry Potter, when I believe it was the second book the Masons came from America to visit the Dursleys (Harry's abusive relatives who he lived with)...and it was on page 33!!

    1. Harry Potter, as everybody knows, is about a boy that goes to a school of magic. That, in itself, implies that there is a lot more going on that you'll notice on a first reading. Especially when you know the series is a wild best-seller, and the style and the story aren't all that impressive in themselves.

    2. The hocus-pocus has worked Its magic:

      Trump's the 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' the recovering sh/killary / bernie brah intersectional-sjw coalition of solidarity practice magic against.

      What these larping would-be Gryffindors fail to mention is Hogwarts is only accessible to those with midi-chlorian blood via a secret entrance & it don't allow access to muggles.


    3. There's a militaristic/terroristic subtext to Hogwart's and the rest of it that a devious satirist could really go to town with.

    4. Perhaps the author of 'The Art of The Deal', & multi-dimensional chess grand-master *Kek*, is that satirist?


  12. I was just thinking about the prevalence in books and movies of tramatised young girls:
    The girl on the train
    The girl with the dragon tattoo
    The girl in the red coat (by a Scottish author I think, girl of single mother disappears at a carnival)
    Actually I think all of the above started out as books and became movies, except The girl in the red coat, which is not [yet] a movie.

    1. Yes, trauma is all over literature. What interests me here is how it's seen as some royal road to another dimension.

    2. This sadist sacred route to the mysteries is explored in 'Martyrs', a 2008 film directed by Pascal Laugier, during which one of the leads 'is flayed alive and survives the procedure, entering a state that is "euphoric" and likened to achieving transcendence.' If this ain't enough of a hint the film's considered part of the New French Extremity cinematic movement from the end of the twentieth & beginning of the twenty-first century.

      His 2012 English-language debut 'The Tall Man' 'is set in a small former mining town where poverty is rife and children are disappearing on a regular basis.'

      He was lined-up to direct the Hellraiser remake & wiki lists a work titled 'Incident in a Ghost Land' as his next due sometime before the year's out.


  13. Here comes Hurricane NORMA, bound for Baja California. The names are chosen years in advance; if the Atlantic season makes it to the letter "O" this year, we'll be greeted by none other than OPHELIA, drown'd hysterical weaver of riddles and death-songs:

    "And I, of ladies most deject and wretched,
    That suck'd the honey of his music vows,
    Now see that noble and most sovereign reason,
    Like sweet bells jangled, out of tune and harsh;
    That unmatch'd form and feature of blown youth
    Blasted with ecstasy. O, woe is me
    T' have seen what I have seen, see what I see!"

    Note the bells, the "music vows," and Cassandra-like lamentation for the double-edged sword of prophetic gifts.

    Netflix continues its little tumble down the rabbit hole with Errol Morris's MK-Ultra series "Wormwood." The bitterest herb, integral to exorcism (and not just the mystical kind- it expels parasites from your gut), called in Latin "Artemisia," for Artemis, one of the triple-aspects of Hekate, goddess of witchcraft, and also the name of the Fallen Star in Revelation that turns a third of the world's water to poison.

    Planet X? Hancock's Comet?

    How long till "ISIS" blows up Gobekli Tepe? They're 60 miles away.

    CBS is producing a Jack Parsons bio-series called "Strange Angel." There seem to quite a few strange angels lurking about the airwaves (er, uh, microwaves) these days. History Channel is doing a Montauk doc as well.

    1. Ophelia the suicide (the most famous suicide in art?), another form of the 'girl in peril' motif delved into in these Let Me Tell You A Story / So Now You Know researches. As she took her own life, or didn't stop herself drowning, Ophelia 'lie(s) howling' in hell. Surely her story is well overdue the kind of intersectional do-over Lord of The Flies is being treated to in Hollow Wood.

      The most striking thing about Wormwood is the use of stretched and compressed typography in the trailer, this simply and effectively conveys the kinds of non-consensus states a soul encounters beyond the day-to-day, at least to these eyes of mine occasioned to hallucinogenic dilation.

      George Pendle, who's book 'Strange Angel: The Otherworldly Life of Rocket Scientist Jack Parsons' is being adapted by CBS, links us to The Pendle Witches who were twelve souls accused of witchcraft around Pendle Hill, Lancashire, England in 1612, NINE of the ten hung were hung together, an unusual occurrence according to wiki.

      & on Planetary goings-on Cassini's 'death plunge' occurred yesterday.

      Hasn't History Channel been 'doing a Montauk' since Its inception?



      'The shadow of the night is drawn like a black veil across the earth, and since almost all creatures, from one meridian to the next, lie down after the sun has set, so, he continues, one might, in following the setting sun, see on our globe nothing but prone bodies, row upon row, as if leveled by the scythe of Saturn--an endless graveyard for a humanity struck by falling sickness.'


    3. Wormwood is also the active, allegedly madness-producing, ingredient in absinthe. The series creators surely must have been aware of that notorious connection.

    4. The Wormwood project smells like yet another limited hangout to me. The Frank Olson snuff was just another spook wetjob. I've never thought it was even mildly interesting, never mind unique or series-worthy. That kind of thing happens all the time in that line of work.

    5. It's been quite some time since I've imbibed absinthe so the aroma of wormwood eludes remembrance, I wonder though if 'la fée verte' (aka Tinkerbell (or even Jiminy Cricket)) could be being alluded to with the show title.


  14. Sadly, the phenomenon of trauma-based mind control experiments on children, ritualistic or otherwise, is a global phenomenon, not restricted to the US/UK:

    So much of it directly intersects with heavily subsidized funding (both govt & private sector) of psychological research into schizophrenia & multiple personality disorder, & anthropological research into shamanism & group dynamics. & of course, classified intelligence agency research into psychic phenomena; its all interconnected via cybernetics studies into social behavioral patterns. MK-ULTRA & OFTEN & Project Stargate were literally the tip of the iceberg, this has been going on for a very long time, & again, not restricted to US/UK. Remember the stories that came out about the Canadian govt. research into ESP among Native American children during WW2?

    Canada in particular has a dark place in the history of these experiments, wasn't just the horror stories that came out about Dr. Ewen Cameron! & don't forget the pedo connection. Remember what happened last year in Toronto?

    1. Yes, Its very easy for us in The West to think of this obscenity as a purely homegrown phenomena, we are encouraged to do so - like with so much of what's wrong on Earth - both of these persuaders being aspects of the full-spectrum abuse waged upon us as part of the ever-more doubled-down on downer acting to bring down the final boot upon us, but Its not the case, in this sick instance, that 'the west is the best', thinking so only aids the perpetuation of these crimes upon the human race, just look at what China does to Its own as one of the more obvious examples of society as abuse.

      Connected to this is the notion that The West, & Its sons in particular, lack initiatory coming of age rituals of the kind our Ancestors grounded themselves with, Stanislav Grof suggests such as contributory cause for our many and varied maladies of mind, body & spirit, but this is not entirely the case for The West is an occult state ruled by superstition that makes use of the mass-produced-pop-kult-medium to condition us for a life of grazed servitude in the guise of emancipation - this is our initiation, reinforced throughout our lives, lives always 'coming of age', infantalised in a perpetual state of arrested development and Its sickened pretence of a return to innocence turns a blind eye to this and so much other abuse, for to acknowledge the truth would break the spell and mean action must be taken & 'ain't nobody got time for that' in the meme age.


    2. The ESP First Nation testing feels yet like another limited hangout, David. Most people read about that and think who cares, so some government lunatics gave kids shopping mall psychic tests. I would venture to guess there was something far more problematic at work, something that didn't make the papers. These kinds of silly season stories give editors the excuse they need to write the whole thing off. It's usually how it works.

  15. 'Engineering Human Consciousness Pt. 1' is track 9 on Hellbastard's 'Feral' album, the lyrics include the line:

    'No one gives a fuck'.

    On this musical note, will The Return of Twin Peaks give ▼▼i†⊆ђ ђouϟ3, 'also known as drag or haunted house', a shot in The Arm?


  16. On the subject of the "Experiment/MOTHER/Judy" being and possibly the subject of the siren: It's been known that the movie Suspiria has influenced Blue Velvet and especially Twin Peaks. Interesting on the use of the name "Mother" since Suspiria is a part of a trilogy of movies by Dario Argento, known as "The Three Mothers Trilogy", individuated as the mother of tears, mother of sighs, and mother of darkness.

    This article sums up the information:

    "Dario Argento reimagined the Three Mothers as a trio of immortal witches who use their powers to malevolently influence world events."

    1. And Suspiria has been re-booted for its 40 year anniversary -
      Although it looks like it will be released in 2018 -

    2. Argento is a strange case. He kind of reminds me of Mike Diana with a budget. There are a lot of very thorny and troubling themes floating around in those films but the execution is so plodgy you are left stymied by it all. I think a Halloween season rewatch is due.

  17. So I went digging for similar shenanigans in Brazil, and what do you know. In 1895, a fellow from the Eugenics Society of São Paulo founded the Alien Asylum of Juquery (later the Juquery Hospital), which still exists to this day (although it's allegedly in the "process of shutting down"). And get this, in 2005 there was a fire in the administrative portion of the hospital, destroying tens of thousands of records. Most patients, including thousands of children, hadn't actually been mentally ill, and there were elaborate tortures under the guise of medical research - injecting chemicals and diseases, and so on.

    There are several other cases as well. Creepy as hell.

    - Bruno

    1. IS this why the NAZIS scuttled off to Brazil (via Vril-powered Hyperborean Thulean UFO)? Did the work of fellow-travellers transmit a sympathetic resonance to zero in on?


    2. Boy, those records fires, eh? Must be all that paper rubbing up against each other all night and day, creating friction. It's science, you know?

      Bruno, I am certain Brazil is fill to the rafters with horror stories. It's almost a question of how insanely bad it got, just like it is here.

    3. Ye gods - I just found out that this hospital I mentioned is a stone's throw from where Josef Mengele spent the last 20 years of his life.

  18. I'm not sure I agree with all the connections in this essay, but I love the ideas. I think you should leave Fraser alone for a while. But it hadn't occurred to me that the last part of Twin Peaks in episode 18 (which serves as a frame to the series more then a beginning or an ending) could be a more "mundane" reality rather than a dream reality. I saw one speculation that Cooper traveled into Dopplecoops world in episode 18. Perhaps that is a thread of what is being suggested.
    One thing I appreciate more than anything else about the film-making of Lynch is that he still idealizes, and represents, human decency and a sense of universal morality, that is he creates a space where kindness and good deeds are important and relevant. This is a far cry from the nihilistic and rudderless depictions of people in most pop cinema and TV today, where moral flexibility and human betrayal for convenience and gain is glorified as a virtue.

    1. "I think you should leave Fraser alone for a while."

      I think you're mistaking this blog for your own, or one that's written for you. Chris is using this blog to explore and elucidate his own thought processes, and we're just lucky to bear witness to that.

    2. Well, I have to admit I am feeling more than a bit Colin Laney lately. Or at least more so than usual. But this is how it gets with mysteries. You put yourself out in front of the public and pose more questions than you give answers, someone is eventually going to notice. This goes for Elizabeth Fraser, Twin Peaks, you name it. I guess in this case I'm just using the blog to show my math.

      But I got Fraser fever again only because she happened to be the connective tissue linking Twin Peaks and Chris Cornell's death. I mean, there's no denying that. And you know what? That's weird. It shouldn't be. And that's like catnip to me.

      She is a human nodal point, at least in this particular case. The Siren seems to have decoupled herself from her but you can't deny the symbiosis.

  19. I've been reading a lot of UFO's books... And that way ended with "The Biggest Secret" by David Icke, which touchs all the main themes of your blog... It blows my mind!

    1. Say what you will about Icke, but when he's right he's very right.

    2. Icke called out ted heath, former prime minister of The UK, as a pedophile long before he died, (I think) in his 'The Biggest Secret', it's reported that when this was mentioned to heath he shrugged it off along the lines of 'who would believe the ravings of a loony like Icke?' - so no need to drag him through the courts for 'malicious slander'.

      Icke's 'loony' tag was well and truly applied in the aftermath of his appearence on a 1991 edition of the primetime weekday talkshow 'Wogan'. terry wogan, host of 'Wogan', was a colleague of jimmy savile & like so very, very many of his colleagues claims to have never once heard anything about savile's sick activities, not even (over-)hearing whisperings of , hints or rumours regarding the 'open secret'.

      savile was friends with heath & since heath's death a case has been opened into his (possible) links to the child abuse prevalent at a former children's home on the island of Jersey, a home savile frequented.


    3. wogan was the frontman for the annual bbc 'Children In Need' telethon here in The U.K., the logo is of a yellow teddy bear with one of its eyes covered with a (supposed) white bandage (since 2007 the bandage has been patterned with something akin to section of a Damien Hirst spot painting.)

      The tens of millions raised each year supposedly goes to a varety of causes including such things as children's homes, & what are called 'community support projects' here & the kinds of places Fraser may have been treated to/in etc.

      wogan was co-presenter along with a revolving door of, mainly blonde, women of the televisual moment, but since his death in 2016 he's been replaced by graham norton, a man who openly jokes about the abuse savile, & others, were freely allowed to get away with by the bbc, politicians, police etc on his late night chat show frequented by hollywood & music stars & at award ceremonies he hosts, not one of his guests or any at the award ceremony attendee winners ever takes him to task for his laughing about child abuse.

      norton is a homosexual, considering one of the stigmas attached to homosexuality is the tendancy to pedophilia among its ranks, a soul could be forgiven for thinking norton would avoid joking about it at all, but if this has occurred to him it seems not a bother.


  20. In Chile you have "Colonia Dignidad", a German Colony run by a person who was an active pedo and it was confirmed that they perfomed tons of experiments with children and adults in this closed complex. The connection to nazi germany is very clear, and they associated with the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet. We have lots of people missing from that time. Not just dead... missing until now. Who knows what happened to them, but from the dead people and the survivor of tortures, we know Chile had a lot of the "shock doctrine"

    1. 'Shock Doctrine'...

      'Shock Corridor':

      'Shock Corridor is a 1963 film directed and written by Samuel Fuller. The film tells the story of a journalist who gets himself committed to a mental hospital in order to track an unsolved murder. Fuller originally wrote the film under the title Straitjacket for Fritz Lang in the late 1940s, but Lang wanted to change the lead character to a woman so Joan Bennett could play the role...

      In 1996, Shock Corridor was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant"'

      Shock Corridor to 'Shock Treatment':

      'The town of Denton is entirely encased within a television studio for the DTV (Denton Television) network. Residents are either stars and regulars on a show, cast and crew, or audience members... Janet is given a taste of show-biz as Farley Flavors molds her into a singing diva superstar in an attempt to take her away from Brad. Her compliance is assured through the use of drugs supplied by the McKinleys.'

      The director, Jim Sharman's, first film was titled 'Shirley Thompson Vs. The Aliens', a film in which:

      'In 1950s Sydney, Shirley and her gang discover that aliens have attacked Australia but no one believes them. Shirley is assumed to be insane and is committed to a lunatic asylum.'


    2. Colonia Dignidad is a harrowing story. And put that in with the Scottish and Irish orphanges- not to mention the Boston Archdiocese- and a very ugly picture starts to paint itself.

    3. The trailer for 'Shock Treatment', which is the (unloved) sequel to 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show', reminded me of Lindsay Anderson's 'Britannia Hospital', concluding his loose trilogy of films starting with 'If....' & continuing with 'O Lucky Man!' (all of which star Malcolm McDowell (BH also features Mark Hamill as a stoner outside broadcast techie)), in which a Frankenstein performs horrors on those he has access to in the hospital so as to progress his own sick project.

      From the end speech of BH, given besides a glowing pyramid:

      "Prepare yourselves to meet the human of the future! Neither man nor woman, greater than either! I have given it a name: 'Genesis' - birth! A new birth! A new beginning for mankind, people of today behold your future!:"

      (We're shown a brain wired up to electronics within the pyramid.)

      "...within fifty years it will be possible to contain the entire world of homosapiens in a matchbox, you see the face of the future, now hear it's voice:"

      This progenitor of the post-human age then goes on to quote Hamlet.

      The end speech had earlier included the line 'planting cabbages on the moon'.


    4. sometimes i ask myself about the location of these places... maybe they share some geomantic tie or something like that? the randomness it's not how they play usually...

    5. A random pattern is still a pattern.


  21. Also, from my personal experience with portals, doors and their frame are important blockers, and i actually hate corridor and halls, they can transport you to some places you don't expect. Just one time a giant "thing" smashed a door, but most of them can't cross them at will. (these are from years of "dreaming" things, i found a year ago that i'm an Infj, and one with a fully awful childhood.) Also, my dreams began just a few months after my first period, when i was 13.

  22. The Great Mother Goddess is Asherah which is the Tree of Life and top of Yahweh's most wanted / hated list. The Goddess is many faceted and all other goddess archetypes originate from her. She is capable of anything you can imagine so long as you call on the right archetype. Some forces on our planet seem to be channeling the Goddess in her terrible aspect.

    1. Very much so, Christa. The Siren is just another way of saying "Whore of Babylon." Mother Nature in her destructive incarnate. Sekhmet rather than Hathor.

  23. "According to Barbara Walker, Ygdrassil
    shows many parallels with birth-giving, fruit- or milk-producing mother-trees of the Near East, under its older name of Mjotvidr or Mutvidr, “Mother-Tree.” Sometimes it was Mead-Tree, like “the milk-giving tree of the Finno-Ugric peoples, a symbol which must go back ultimately to Mesopotamia, and be of great antiquity.” It was said “the tree was the source of unborn souls, “which would give birth to the new primal woman, Life (Lif) in the new universe after the present cycle came to an end. (The Woman’s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets)"

    1. FWIW: According to alt.history researcher Andrew Collins, Yggdrasil and other similar 'world trees' are symbolic of the Milky Way. And vice versa.

    2. Yeah, you can look at old Babylonian and Assyrian art and see a lot of Tree of Life iconography. It all goes back to that little plot of land between two rivers.

  24. I thought surely you must know about Kim Noble, but I searched your site and didn't find any mention (could also be my search skills, so there's that).

    1. I remember reading about her when Ben did that story, Diivia. Depressing and horrible.

  25. if cannibalism is about eating and absorbing some qualities of the eaten person, does that mean that they eat esp children to absorb their powers/abilities? It could point to these mk mental institutions are some kind of farms, to awaken the powers of the children, to
    use the weak ones and to control/eat the powerful ones? maybe the mixing of sacrifices with esp blood means somwthing especial for them?... i hate thinking about this, but its too persisting to avoid it.

    1. I'm not sure I need to understand the cannibalistic mindset, Pilar. In the same way I don't need to understand Ian Brady's philosophies.

    2. i dont know Ian Brady, but sometimes i just want to know why everything.... because i just don't get evil... i know most rage comes from pain, but i really don't get why some humans perfome what they do.... it shocks me but i think if we don't get why and how, maybe we could never be able to fully fight back, even if we behave in love with ourselves and with others, but i also get that maybe we just not must be tainted by all this... i feel its like lovecrafts states in his books, with this kind of knowledge we may go crazy =(

  26. Chris, it's not like I wanna send you in another rabbit hole but as I was watching the Discovery series Manhunt: Unabomber what do I find in the fifth episode?

    Ted Kaczynzki, who went to Harvard at only 16 years of age (and a certified genius) was the subject of disgusting psychological experiemnts.

    In the tv series we are explicitly told it was MKultra tests conducted by Henry Murray. The Wikipedia tells us this:

    As a sophomore Kaczynski participated in a study, described by author Alton Chase as a "purposely brutalizing psychological experiment", led by Harvard psychologist Henry Murray. Subjects were told they would be debating personal philosophy with a fellow student, and were asked to write essays detailing their personal beliefs and aspirations. The essays were turned over to an anonymous attorney, who in a later session would confront and belittle the subject – making "vehement, sweeping, and personally abusive" attacks – using the content of the essays as ammunition, while electrodes monitored the subject's physiological reactions. These encounters were filmed, and subject's expressions of rage were later played back to them repeatedly.[22] The experiment ultimately lasted three years, with someone verbally abusing and humiliating Kaczynski each week.[23][24] Kaczynski's lawyers later attributed his hostility towards mind control techniques to this experience.[22] Chase[25][26] and others[27][28] have also suggested that this experience may have motivated Kaczynski's criminal activities, while philosopher Jonathan D. Moreno has said that Kaczynski's later bombing campaign can "by no means be laid at Harvard's door".[23]

    So it may tell us why the Unabomber Task Force was involved in the Amy Bishop affair as you told us in that previous post. It also makes me thing the story they told us of how they caught Ted Kaczynski is a complete work of fiction.


    1. Well, one thing you come to realize is that there's often nothing more than a wet kleenex separating genius from madness. But Kaczinski seems to have been deliberately programmed for something, even if they weren't quite sure what. As to how he was caught, who knows? How were the DC snipers caught? That may be a rabbit hole we may want to keep out of.

    2. Programmed, yes, ED.'s description of what TK was put through reads like the motions of a spreadsheet.

      When men act like machines - when men act under the influence of machines - when they seek to become machines, is it any wonder that some folks will come to understand that the machine(s) must be blown up?

      Folk like TK, and the other test subjects mentioned in this & other blog postings & comments, perhaps act as test subjects for what's to be applied to the rest of us once the procedure has been perfected, the sadism as the experiment is developed is just a bonus for the researchers, if this is so what the not of this Earth will be made manifest through its application?


  27. (I had to break this reponse up into two parts). I have started more than one comment to this series and then decided not to hit “publish.” The “fullness of my thoughts” on these topics is simply too dark. I’m convinced that child sexual abuse remains as prevalent as it does in part because “good” people want to look away.

    Of all the thought-provoking and informative interviews that Gordon White has done over the last couple of years through Rune Soup, the one individual episode that sticks out to me the most was one from early this summer or late spring, in which Gordon interviewed Peter Mark Adams about Adam’s investigation of the Sola-Busca cards, The Game of Saturn. (Adams explains why it’s not really correct to call this deck a “tarot” deck).

    I’m sure you’re aware of this interview and Adams’ book, although I haven’t seen you reference them. Adams makes the case that this particular deck was actually a working grimoire given to and used by an elite Venetian family just at the beginning of the Renaissance. To point, the tradition to which this grimoire apparently points is the worship of Moloch.

    Moloch/Kronos/Saturn, the deity to whom the Phoenicians reportedly burned peoples’ firstborn to. Moloch, who is linked to (in a very weak way, to my eye, but it’s out there) Bohemian Grove. Adams is telling us that Venetian Elites were doing something apparently magical in a “Moloch” tradition in 15th century Venice. (Adams says that this family, the d’Este, had a legend of their beginning that linked them to Rome, but when Adams said this was a Moloch Grimoire, I immediately thought of comments where I remember you suggest a link between Venice and the Phoenicians, those Moloch-lovers.)

    Traumatic mind-control is very unlikely to be anything new, eh? That seems to be (one of) the point(s) you’re making? To the extent that that is true, then the MKUltra/Often, Project Artichoke endeavors can be viewed as, not the quest to find something brand new, but rather a variation on a theme or themes – looking for new techniques? But also, maybe… to generate more and more of “the energy” that such mis-treatment of people (and perhaps children in particular – have you read Phillip Pullman’s *His Dark MaterialsI trilogy? Recommended.) produces?

    That is just really, really damn dark. I think this is the direction much of Peter Levenda’s work points toward. To the extent that ritualized sexual abuse of children exists (and I really wish it didn’t, I’d like to think it doesn’t but I’m sad to tell you I suspect it does), then I would conjecture that the *point* isn’t primarily about the sex, *the point* is, essentially, about fracturing souls, and getting something as a result of the energy generated when said soul is fractured.

    And, apparently, what some people who use soul-fracturing techniques are looking for is access to and alliance with trans-human, non-corporeal forces.

    F*cking *nasty*. One of the reasons I have hesitated in some of my replies is wondering about the ethics of even “saying this stuff out loud.” But I reach a conclusion that I assume you yourself have reached: If it’s actually happening, it has to be called out, regardless of how much we would rather look in any other direction.

  28. (cont.) (I have seen Gordon give a shout out to historical fantasy novelist Tim Powers for being one of the most articulate fiction-writers regarding what it means to be “magically operant.” One of the consistent themes of what I think of as his “mature work” is the interests of governments and trans-national NGO’s, including but not limited to the Roman Catholic Church – Powers makes no secret that he takes his membership in that organization seriously – in various magical technologies. In interviews, Powers has repeatedly stated that he doesn’t believe any stuff like that is going on in real life at all, he’s just making it up for a books. I don’t really buy that. Take, for instance, his early ‘80’s Fisher King/Tarot trilogy, which consists of *Last Call*, *Expiration Date*, and *Earthquake Weather* – in terms of the Themes that show up especially in *Last Call* and *Earthquake Weather*, I have the eerie impression that somehow or another Powers kind of “figured out” the whole Sola Busca thing, or something like it, years before Adams.)

    My final point: Assuming that some people are practicing “soul fracturing” on purpose, and assuming that “soul fracturing” produces some form of energy, then I think it’s reasonable to pose a possible answer to the question which you have repeatedly said you’ve got no clue about: “Why is ‘the Siren’ apparently ‘on the rise,’ worldwide, right now?”

    I hink a possible answer is, “because, intentionally or not, she is getting fed.”

    Take care of yourself. I know you know this, but the work you are doing legitimately takes a toll.

    1. Well, I try not to let myself get infected by it. Too many others have and it often seems like they come to bask in the horror, to wallow in it. I'm not one of those guys who got off on Faces of Death. I don't need to know all the gory details. I'm more like the accounts payable clerk, double checking on certain expenses and trying to verify certain claims.

      And as you allude to there is a much bigger picture to keep in view. Which I am trying to wind my way back to eventually.

  29. Bridgewater goes West is corporate world gone full blown Sesame Credit.

    As per threads at Underground Stream, Helen is the face who launches a 1000 ships, and is the mirage demonic face who appears in lots of places and sirens men to a "world war". Eleeth D nod to Helen as multi-faced Helen.

    Sarah Palmer as (Sarai to) Sarah of Abrahamic story is the face who appears to Pharaoh as temptation as temporal power passing to temporal power. Those Hyskos Kings and their mono .. we must control everything under the Sun as the Son coupled with usury as faces on bills.

    The Trinity site with 33 parallel, Christy Bomb, Kern Gate, etc. all come to mind from James Shelby Downard's mind.

    The 33 as Hairy S Truman as Hairy Is Trueman as the Altar doer of spell is clear. He is doer of double headed phoenix, just as Barry 44 was the doer of mass of the phoenix, just as JFK was venus de milo, as Trump 45 is chinese music, just as Grover Cleveland was the skidoo of 22 and 24, see Book of Lies as the open to broadcast freemason speech as presidents.

    Tophet as meat morsel is when parents sacrifice children to god for their love of god of course. And in so "I will answer you in the way that you think of me" is fulfilled in OT and Bhagavad Gita as to the why. Our creative power is handed over to a fake and the real creative power answers us thru the fake. It is only doing as we wish. In short no Iso, heres your Exo. If Iso, no Exo. Not much if any Iso is really happening now on this plane. Such is Kali Yuga

    Good stuff you have going.

  30. For all I know, and have very good reason to suspect, the horrifying “secret,” passed down from generation to generation in secret orders and societies, of ritualized child abuse dates back to Sumer, if not even earlier. Whether it was initiated as a rosetta stone of contact or a point of gathering something to consume we can go around and around about. But to admonish others for looking into it or doing research, as has become the norm (especially lately in the shadow of pizza/pedogate) is totally vile, and serves its own dark agenda. Sadly, this also is nothing new, as your looking into the history of the FMSF, along with “What, me?” testimony from everyone from Aquino to Giuliani to Podesta to the entire Bush & Clinton family trees no doubt confirms. We might as well throw everyone who was anyone at Penn State and who knew Denny Hastert’s predilections for decades under that bus too, and rightfully so. Where does it all end, especially when most involved wind up not in jail but with lucrative “national security” contracts at undisclosed locations somewhere outside Bethesda or Ft. Meade?

    Chris, I say all this only to heap more accolades upon your person for continuing to circle back around and address this issue again and again. You come at it from fresh, different, angles and perspectives, and ones that are SO needed to keep this particular narrative alive and vital in the greater public all-seeing eye. Like Rorschach in Watchmen, they are afraid of you when you have seen their true face. And I know that picking at the thread of military and intelligence research into these areas merging with the occult puts you over the target where the flak is heaviest, which remains the biggest “tell” yet. As Dylan said “At midnight all the agents and the superhuman crew, go out and round up everyone who knows more than they do.” Also love the wordsmithery of Alan Moore and it fits right here too: weighing factors, bodies, and motives, waiting for a flash of enlightenment in all this blood and thunder.

    Ain’t it the truth. Keep on keepin’ on funk soul brotha!

  31. >"It was like something out of Auschwitz."
    Always accuse your enemy of the sins you are committing. It muddies the waters and makes it that much harder for the truth to eventually slither out.

  32. Psychological and physical abuse of children going on rampantly right now with liberal approval. In the name of gender affirmation/transgender support. Little kids being put on hormones and tracked for surgeries. Lot of the kids are just gay or non conforming. There is some incredibly paedophilic overtones in a lot of the ideas and media promoting this. Adults grooming vulnerable alienated teens to lie to parents, run awaygrom home, do sex work, illegally procure dangerous drugs. Psychiatry and pharma are deep in this and some if the richest of the elite backing this with a lot if money. Links between sex dysphoria and childhood abuse and trauma are known but anyone asking questions gets shut down fast and viciously. Discrediting and noplatforming like i have never seen before. Hesitated to write this comment since even critical thinking folks just go into defensive mode and accuse anyone asking questions of being transphobic. But the connections to what you research and write about are deep and multiple. Look up Tavistock. Look up Martine Rothblatt. Look up Mermaids.

    --- LJ

    1. This goes on in full view of us all, the abuse is so overt and blatant now there's no attempt to obfuscate and misdirect, perhaps the whole savile exposé served as signifier, to those wielding their sick box of tricks, not that the game was up but that the free-for-all had well and truly begun hence the 'rainbow project' was given full-spectrum roll-out support.

      This happens with our consent as any purchase made is taxed, this tax is invested in paying for the lessons children are programmed with at school & on telly, in the cinema etc. everyday.

      We have the power to end this, the first step though is to speak freely & fearlessly - to keep on speaking so & not allowing Folk to get stuck in a rut daydreaming of things being all 'well and good' or that things will somehow 'all work out for the best in the end' when such thinking allows the worst crimes to accrue yet more victims (&victim energy) & go unpunished, we will stop this by being true.


  33. Just posted a new article over at the Meta-Logic Café, precisely about the "mermaid". Mind-blowing connections and revelations for you. I know no one might notice this comment way down here at the bottom, so I'll mention it again after your next article, if you don't mind.

  34. Sarah Palmer's 'Return' shock of long white hair - a Bob of a do, (blonde haired Carrie (& Laura's platinum blonde locks), blonde Becky's unknown fate), Diane & Jennifer Lawrence, in Red Sparrow, both Bobbed on top, then there's 'Atomic Blonde' starring Charlize Theron (an alien transplant to her South African homeland*), Katy Perry, Cara Delvigne & Kanye West's much publicised blonded 2017 crops (the latter three all so blonded It's positively Hyperborean, Pleidean), the MK link to Marilyn (who unnervingly resembles michael jackson in a photo I recently saw) & beta-kitten training through this, have the times when Fraser had a blonde cut synced with any particular moments in her life?

    *'Are we all really Martians?'

    is illustrated by a long blonde haired female face merging with a grey-esque ET, this popped up as a link for me this morning.


  35. Time for me to read 'A Wrinkle in Time' at last, methinks. In the meantime, I recommend the books of Robert C. O'Brien. 'The Silver Crown' is particularly weird.

  36. Chris Pine's head of blonde hair stars in the 'Wrinkle' adaptation.

    Emilia Clarke's blonded herself to match her GoT character's get-up, she posted an image mid-dye winking at the camera & wearing a black and white stripped barbers gown, making the snap a prime candidate for Vigilant Citizen's next 'Symbolic Pics of the month'.

    Some water & mermaid syncs from the past few days:

    'Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Valhalla has been named the best water ride in the world':

    'There are various water effects during the ride course, including a water vortex and track elements include a turntable - where the boat is turned around to face backwards.'

    & at the Singapore grand prix on Sunday, at which Ferrari were favourites to win - even before their lead driver qualified in pole position, as with the previous race in Italy rain affected the outcome, with both ferraris being taken out at the first corner, these two wet affected races have resulted in the lead ferrari driver, Sebastien Vettel, going from leading the championship to trailing it by more points than a race win can give with six races remaining.

    Singapore's 'national personification' is a 'Merlion':


  37. In my haste to add to the torrent I neglected to mention that in this tenth grand prix held in Singapore it was the first time it had ever rained, the gp itself is held by the city marina and Sebastian Vettel's car ultimately came to a halt, after the third turn, due to irreperable damage to its radiator, the leaking fluids causing him to spin into the side wall barriers removing the cars aerodynamic front end, so all in all The Prancing Horse, of Ferrari, isn't blessed by the wet.

    For any numerologically inclined Folk here Vettel races as no. 5, his Ferrari team mate Kimi Raikkonen as no. 7, Max Verstappen as no. 33 (the third of the three first lap loses) & championship leader, since Italy, Lewis Hamilton as no. 44. If Vettel wins the championship it will be his fifth, if Hamilton it will be his fourth.

    + some other wet & siren syncs:

    Linkin Park's CB tribute show will be held at The Hollywood Bowl on October 27th, regarding their latest single a bandmember said: "One More Light was written with the intention of sending love to those who lost someone. We now find ourselves on the receiving end."


    As Lady Gaga takes a break from her 'Joanne' tour due to 'severe physical pain', '"She plans to spend the next seven weeks proactively working with her doctors to heal from this and past traumas that still affect her daily life, and result in severe physical pain in her body,"'

    Gaga often has a Bob blonde cut.


    '...the geodesic dome atop Mauna Loa, which is the largest active volcano in the world and one of the five forming the island of Hawaii' out of which a team of six acting as test subjects for a Mission to Mars emerged after eight months at the start of the week, the 'analog habitat for human spaceflight to Mars' is called 'HI-SEAS' & this most recent experiment was the fifth of six test missions, the final frontier being in 2018.


    '2017 set to be the stormiest year on record, forecasts predict' here in The U.K.


  38. Chris-I've enjoyed your work for some time but have never posted. The photograph of the girl in the MK-Ultra experiment captures the imagination, unfortunately, because it's verification that yes, this is true, these things really happened. I thought the girl would be a vegetable after it said all those things-memory erased, the brain like a newborn, and so forth. But she's alive and well and has a blog, the last thing I expected. Check it go back to 2005.


    Inspired by a live showing of Roger Waters' 'The Wall' -

    I see you have yet to tackle the Big Pink (care of the funny farm) - I look forward to gabbing someday - as it is - the sirens - their song - is getting louder - do recall dear sir, Siren is a GF (Guardian Force) from Final Fantasy (FF) VIII - 8 - which - like Pink Floyd - is a 'sync storm' (pun almost intended) ~