Sunday, September 10, 2017

So Now You Know (Part One)

OK, so here we are. 

This all started back in May, when Chris Cornell died in the MGM Grand after performing with Soundgarden at the Fox Theatre on the Detroit River. The next day Twin Peaks: The Return premiered at the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. At first I didn't make anything of that little conjunction there. But then I felt that familiar buzz in my sinuses and went hunting for connections.

And so it is that a symbol-set that I'd been following from the earliest days of this blog began to reveal itself in ways I could never have anticipated.

The Siren, who is fast-becoming one of the most ubiquitous icons in the world, is a post-postmodern reification of a lineage of goddesses tracing back as far as we have writing. And so she has decided to reemerge and act out her archetypal psychodramas, commandeering the biggest stories in pop culture at that moment for her own purposes. 

And if you know the history involved here, you'll also know this isn't exactly what you might call good news. And it's not entirely evident that the Siren has done all of this on her own. If you catch my drift.

As it happens, Chris Cornell played the Siren's doomed shepherd-boy consort, who dies and reincarnates over and over and over again. Cornell's close friend Jeff Buckley had done so twenty years before. 

And Twin Peaks, which in many ways owes its very existence to the Siren, incarnated her in the person of the reborn Laura Palmer. 

The Mitochondrial Eve of this whole aesthetic vision isn’t something by Lynch, but rather This Mortal Coil’s cover of “Song To The Siren,” which transforms Tim Buckley’s longing folk song into an existential lament at once dirgelike and intensely sensual—la petite mort in song form. Lynch adored the song and wanted to use it for Blue Velvet but couldn’t clear the rights, and so he was pointed in the direction of Badalamenti, who co-wrote “Mysteries Of Love” for singer Julee Cruise as a replacement. 
That song—an imitation of a cover—established the Twin Peaks musical rubric: a female singer gliding through swanlike synthesizers that flit imperceptibly between elegance and elegy.-- "If you want to understand what’s going on in Twin Peaks, just listen to it"
As I sorted through the briar patch of connections linking all these things together it began to dawn on me that this wasn't just some game of synchronistic Postman, that something very big and very bad was going to come of all this. 

I think a lot of readers were a bit bemused by all the bandwidth I was burning trying to unpack it all, since a lot of the symbolism and history is admittedly a bit obscure.

But here's the thing: "obscure" is also a synonym for "esoteric" or "occult." You with me here?

And as it happens, Chris Cornell's death was followed by Chester Bennington's, which in turn was followed by the Great American Eclipse, which in turn was followed by this string of hurricanes battering the Gulf of Mexico. 

And oh yeah, Episode Eight. That happened.

OK, so we looked at the symbolism connected to Harvey in the previous post, but the three storms currently hovering over the Gulf are connected to the Siren as well.

But let's start with the Eclipse. As a reader helpfully informed us the day of the eclipse is connected to the Siren in the Sabian symbol system, an astrological lexicon created in the 1920s. The description for that particular dates reads: “A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form.”

Now, like so many other incredibly dangerous things, mermaids have been commodified and neutered by modern consumer culture and turned into cutesy little mascots. But the fact is that mermaids were historically seen as duplicitous and destructive creatures, dating back to when they were first syncretized with the Sirens. 

The evolution of the Siren from birdwoman to Mermaid is probably a reflection of the worship of Ishtar in Babylon to her re-incarnation as Atargatis 
And lo and behold, Mermaids were also identified with the destructive power of the sea. And more specifically, with storms.
In British folklore they can be bringers of bad fortune, capable of causing storms and killing humans. 
Some of the bad things that mermaids are accused of include telling sailors their ship is doomed and enchanting sailors and causing shipwrecks. Seeing a mermaid is a sure sign of a violent storm to come. In other stories, they deliberately drag people down in the water and squeeze the life out of drowning men. They also take men down to their underwater kingdoms.
Both sirens and mermaids have musical talents; bird-sirens sing and play the pipes and the lyre, whereas mermaids rely on their voices to entice sailors to their death. Mermaids can raise and calm storms at will and, like the Sphinx, they can trap men with questions and riddles. In nineteenth-century Greek folklore, sailors in the Black Sea may meet the fish-woman Gorgona, who asks, ‘Does Alexander live?’ If they do not give the correct answer, ‘He lives and rules the world’, Gorgona will raise a storm and kill all aboard.
As a general rule, Mermaids usually meant trouble to the people of Europe, and fishermen and sailors in particular. The presence of these odd creatures could mean a terrible storm was a-brewin’ at sea, or that your luck was about to change from good to bad, or that you were about to be taken down to the bottom of the sea to die. 10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Mermaids 
So we saw the destruction Harvey wrought and the connections to Twin Peaks, now we are looking at Katia, Irma and Jose. All of this coinciding with the series' finale, I should add.

Let's just start with Irma. Looking at the evolution of names (for instance, how Polly is derived from Miryam or Sean is derived from Jochanan), it's really not much of a stretch that someone might regard Irma as a placeholder for "Mermaid," in an occult, in-joke kind of fashion (yeah yeah, I looked up the origin of "Irma" as soon as I heard about the hurricane). 

In other words,  Irma-> Mirma -> Mermaid isn't even a half-step, etymologically speaking. If you don't get this kind of thing, you probably ended up here by mistake.

Next, Katia: the name is a diminutive of Katherine, a Greek name that etymologists are still arguing over. 

Longtime readers might remember that I believe Katherine is an occult or Hermetic portmanteau of Ka-Athyr-Ein,  meaning "to bear the Ka of Hathor." 

This is a blending of Greek and Egyptian, entirely appropriate to where this name first popped up. Note that the Shrine of St. Catherine and an important shrine to Hathor are practically neighbors to each other in the Sinai Peninsula. Not an accident by my reckoning.

And Hathor is not only associated with the sky, as so many other goddesses in the Siren lineage, she's also associated with destruction and disaster.

The Book of the Heavenly Cow states that while Ra was ruling the earth, humans began plotting against him. Ra sent Hathor, in the form of the warlike goddess Sekhmet, to destroy them. Hathor (as Sekhmet) became bloodthirsty and the slaughter was great because she could not be stopped. As the slaughter continued, Ra saw the chaos down below and decided to stop the blood-thirsty goddess. So he poured huge quantities of blood-coloured beer on the ground to trick Sekhmet. She drank so much of it—thinking it to be blood—that she became drunk and returned to her former gentle self as Hathor.

And finally, we have Jose, derived from the Biblical Yosef. This is a fascinating figure in light of all this synchronistic spaghetti we're sorting through, in that he's not only associated with dreams ("we live inside a dream") and Egypt, he's also believed by some scholars to be based on Osiris.

From a Reddit Bible History thread:

On this, cf. Ulmer's Egyptian Cultural Icons in Midrash (esp. the section "Joseph's Burial in the Nile and the Burial of Osiris," 112f.). Ulmer writes: 
If we review the literary elements of the Osiris myth and the literary elements of the midrashic texts in respect to Joseph's burial, we may perceive certain similarities. In midrashic texts, Joseph in his coffin was thrown into the Nile by the Egyptians or more specifically by the Egyptian magicians. In the Osiris myth, Osiris is trapped by his brother Seth in a coffin, which is enclosed in lead before it is thrown into the Nile by the magicians. Mainly a single detail in several of the midrashic texts, Joseph's metal coffin, resembles Plutarch's elaborations of the myth.
And one magical technique that might be applicable to the midrashic story is hydromancy after all, Moses is attempting to locate Joseph and his coffin in the water of the Nile and Moses is casting magical paraphernalia into the Nile. Moses' action is somewhat similar to [an] Egyptian water ritual.  

We also saw the horrific suicide of one Aaron Mitchell at Burning Man. In the Bible, Aaron was the High Priest who oversaw the ritual of burnt offerings. Mitchell is derived from Mikha'el, meaning "Who is like God."  I should also mention that Mitchell was from McAlester, OK.

Meaning "Son of Alester." Huh.

UPDATE: For some reason, tiny McAlester is also home to an enormous Scottish Rite temple. Oh, and a military base. I'm sure the two are not related in any way.

And this, from the Burning Man website.

The Central Coast Art & Music Festival takes place August 12&13, 2017 on the beach in Cayucos, CA. We are a free festival dedicated to raising awareness about the global threat of plastic pollution in our oceans. We use large-scale art installations to engage our attendees, create buzz, plant seeds of thought, and leave a lasting impression. 
This year we are seeking an artist to create a Mermaid out of 10,000 plastic bottles to show the immensity of the number of bottle an average person uses during their lifetime.
OK. Well, mermaids are in this year, right? Sure. But why? Maybe there are other, deeper threads of meaning woven through all of this.



  1. Is the plasticisation of the oceans, the resultant break down of particles and molecules relasing chemicals gayifying* fish (*alex jones, seller of water purifiers), our drinking water contaminated in the same way too, an attempt to transform us all into sirens, or at least singers of (or even more tuned to the lure of) siren songs?

    If enough of the mass of us can be, like a school of fish, caught in a particular current, would this act as some kind of resonator that would bring about something that would make the babalon working the dampest squib of a party-popper in comparison?


    1. This Scarlet Woman being Judy / Jiao Dai?


    2. As one scientist said we are in the middle of the most extensive science experiment known to history and have no idea how it will effect our biology or own environment.

    3. For the life of me I cannot recall who stated that, nor am I able to search engine-fu the answer... I'm going to kick myself.

      I took the spelling 'Jiao Dai' from the Twin Peaks wikia, or at least I thought I had as I cannot locate it now on either the Judy or TPTR episode 17 pages, another loss to the gyre...

      However it's spelt, if it's spelt one way (can words and names have doppelgänger & tulpas too?), Lynch pronounces it so it almost sounds like Jodie, Jodie... Jolie... Julie...

      The b-side to 'Day-In Day-Out' by Bowie was titled 'Julie', in which he sings:

      'My soul is on the line'


    4. 'Jiao Dai' is from the TP wikia's page on Gordon Cole.


    5. There's A Judy at work syncing with this most auspicious of harvest seven days:

      Dr. Judy Wood, she of 'Where Did The Towers Go?'


  2. Just musing here:

    -Another musician, Walter Becker of Steely Dan, died last week, of undisclosed causes.
    -Steely Dan wrote the song "Josie" with the repeating lyric "When Josie comes home."
    -Hurricane Jose (read "Josie") could hit New York (home of Fagen and Becker) later this month.
    -Evidence that “home” could refer to New York: Becker's co-writer Donald Fagen says "A lot of our songs are, I think, about being homesick for New York" (

    -The song Josie is on the album Aja.
    -The song Home at Last is also on the album Aja.
    -The lyrics to Home at Last are based on the Odyssey.
    -The Odyssey has one of the most famous literary occurrences of the sirens.
    -Lyrics to Home at Last mention a storm next to a siren lyric: "Well the danger on the rocks is surely past/Still I remain tied to the mast/Could it be that I have found my home at last/Home at last/She serves the smooth retsina/She keeps me safe and warm/It's just the calm before the storm."

    -Aja also has the song Black Cow.
    -Cows are associated with Hathor.

    If you find these synchs interesting, you may want to investigate the lyrics on Aja further. Here is the upload of the album from the copyright holder:

    Oh, and:

    -This September 23 is the 40th anniversary of the release of Aja (source:
    -Many online have been speculating, on the basis of astrology and other omens, that something significant is supposed to happen this September 23.

    1. Yeah, September 23 is my birthday;-)

    2. Interesting to see Aja mentioned, as for some musicians like me it best exemplified the slow decay of 70s music into the drug fueled trips of great musicians with no real creative fire or vision left. The drugs then were heroin and coke, among others, and even the (over) production from that era has a hazy, vague yet slickly numbing feeling that later infected New Wave and gave us mindless lite music like "smooth jazz" and other effects laden crap, leading (perhaps inevitably) to the souless autotunes we hear now.

      That moment in time is very personal as I not only had and listened to Aja, it was also around the time I began to feel the burning of punk rock take over my previous technique fixated focus as a musician. It changed everything for me and reconnected me to the soul-root of musical emotion that first drew me to music in the 60s and seemed to be slipping away in the 70s. I gladly said goodbye to Aja along with a lot of jazz-rock, prog rock and even many (but not all!) of my old faves the Who, who seemed to have jumped the shark with Townsend's operatic aspirations.

      Since the great slide down in the 70s seems to be a recurring undercurrent here (siren=musician?) its worth keeping in mind there was some musical component involved that no one seems able to pin down exactly.

    3. Wouldn't be surprised if that anon with the Aja facts which thrill is KJT or whomever that fine gent is - if not so be it -

      I say I am glad to have another reason to say this because after my last litany I felt I had exhausted my purpose here except to say

      I have been hidden from Secret Sun by the powers that be for until recently - I wish you intrepid comment reader at this high art blog to know that - this is all happening and we are all the creatures - characters - creators of this happening - that said

      marf marf

      this --- >

      Hathor, it is titled - has one of my last names - though I'm going by Nate Foster these days - upon the advice of a friend -

      that said, it's 630 here in Beantown when I post this - that that said

      it's incredible to see these Steely Dan syncs - he died on 93 - come on SecretSunners - get with it - and that's the day it all 'ended' (the three did) and that was the 18 or 9 of the 666 (6 plus 6 plus 6) so Six Men Getting Sick Six Times brings us full circle motherfuckers)

      So this is to say that - I can feel the pulse of everything - it is moving through my shoes through my heart through my veins through my fingers through your eyes through your mind -

      this is the time

      it all begins again

      I am also born of this time - Michael Faraday (occult scientist extraordinaire), for meatspace - and Bilbo and Frodo both (for dreamspace) so close to my man BrizDarren - I am September the power number 22nd.

      I must say - I happened upon Willie Nelson's 'StarDust' (which I listen to EVERY September 1st, this Star Year included) - for .25 cents - along with Steely Dan's 'Aja'

      SecretSunners and RuneSoupers and OccultureFans and HigherSideChatters have no idea the depth of which this sync alone and thus by extension my own experience syncs as to the myth of this

      but safe and safe and so cool to say

      it's all such a lovely dream

      have hope
      but never hope more than you work

      630 pm 9 11 2017 Nate Foster ~

    4. Well done. Becker was a great unsung hero of popular music and it's no surprise his passing should be marked by synchronistic repercussions.

  3. I think it's also rather weird that Jerry Lewis passes away on August 20, 2017 right before the eclipse and that he and Dean Martin were in two movies about a girl named Irma and today I see Hurricane Irma's eye hit just south of Naples (Napoli?).
    "When the moon hits your EYE like a big pizza pie that's..." an eclipse?

    1. Damn- I should have done something about that, seeing as how it synched up with the Braintree material and Jerry's Kids. You can't win 'em all.

    2. You still can.
      It's never too late to recap a bit of history Chris.

    3. Jerry Lewis also died right before Labor Day, the traditional time for his Telethon, a weekend full of Jerry's Kids.

      And, while it is driving me nuts that I can't remember the title, there is an old black-and-white Lewis movie where for some reason he finds himself on stage at a small theatre. Noticing the audience is applauding wildly when place names are announced, Lewis begins shouting seemingly random city/state names. One of these is "Quincy, Massachusetts" - no doubt chosen for wartime propaganda purposes, as Quincy was home to that huge shipyard Chris mentioned in a recent posting (Fore River) - you know, the one that abuts Braintree. Anyone know the name of that flick?

    4. Now he's shuffled off this mortal coil will 'The Day The Clown Cried' see the light of a projection booth?

      Lewis 'insisted that The Day the Clown Cried would never be released because it is an embarrassingly "bad work" of which he was ashamed. Despite claims the film will never be screened, Lewis reportedly donated a copy of the film to the Library of Congress in 2015, under the stipulation that it wouldn't be screened before June 2024.'



    1. Yeah, no kidding, right? Our culture is so impoverished that the dark side of the meme is ignored in favor of cutesy commercialism.

  5. I posted the Moody Gardens pyramids sync on the Syncbook FB page on 9/8 because I had this weird idea to make an aquarium stand in the shape of a pyramid with the tank being the capstone (like the Dogon or something), and I googled to see if you could buy one and the Moody Gardens came up, which until then I had no idea existed.

    1. It's freaky. More illuminated pyramids, tying us to Vegas and Memphis. You'd almost think it was a conspiracy or something.

    2. Batten down the hatches, the blowback from this will make the worst of now seem tame in comparison to what Judy's 'a brewin'.


  6. Some more syncs from the tide rising:

    'George Clooney: 'I still can't believe I'm a dad'', he & Alma, Hebrew for 'young woman', are parents of twins, a boy & a girl.

    'The health condition that led Kim Kardashian to hire a surrogate... Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are said to be "over the moon" to be expecting their third child via a surrogate.'

    ...'over the moon', 'dark side of the moon', 'somewhere over the rainbow'... twisters...

    (the article in Hello! featured a kim instagram labelled 'total eclipse of the heart' from August 21st)

    Reader's Digest mentions that 'The Least-Visited Country in the World Is the Closest Thing to Paradise', but 'the U.N. has it listed as one of the islands the most likely to disappear into the ocean in the 21st century'.

    'Jared Leto blinded himself for Blade Runner 2049... The 45-year-old actor used a set of custom made contact lenses* to impair his vision...':

    Dennis Villeneuve states:

    "it was like seeing Jesus walking into a temple. Everybody became super silent, and there was a kind of sacred moment. Everyone was in awe. It was so beautiful and powerful -I was moved to tears."

    Jared added: "I didn't dive as deep down the rabbit hole as maybe I've done before, but I stayed really focused. I'm crazy, but I'm not insane."


    Leto's 'personal style' (which he describes as a 'total fucking disaster'), away(?) from acting as a clothes horse, is reminiscent of Rutger Hauer's around the time of his casting in Blade Runner, his 'tears in the rain' speech "...altered from the scripted lines and improvised by Hauer on the eve of filming, has entered popular culture as "perhaps the most moving death soliloquy in cinematic history".

    Leto also played Rayon, a 'a drug addicted, HIV-positive trans woman' in Dallas Buyers Club', for which he won the oscar for best supporting actor, his co-star McConaughey won best actor, DBC was the first film to achieve this double since 'Mystic River'.

    *manufactured in Chew's eye lab?


    1. Mystic River, you say? Well, there's an interesting conjunction. And Leto the Joker acting as the connective tissue? Hmmm.

    2. Mystic River...

      Mystic Pizza... 'is a 1988 American coming-of-age film'.

      MR is the most popular Mystic flick on imdb, MP is no. 2. A quick search there brings up 306 'Mystic' titles, the least popular of which is an episode of a show called 'Catholicism' titled 'A Body Both Suffering and Glorious: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church' from 2011.

      Prior to Mystic River's best actor & supporting actor oscar double the last film to achieve the feat was Ben-Hur in 1959. The film features a sea battle and its final scene concludes with the healing of two leppers, Judah's mother and sister, as they witness the crucifixion in the rain.

      Rainman is another recipient of the best picture oscar,as is Titanic.

      Eastwood won best director oscar, his 2nd (his first being for Unforgiven), for Million Dollar Baby, a year after the release of Mystic River (MDB also won best film...)

      Leto's stepped up to lend a hand as 'Hollywood's elite has come together to raise money for those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.', his fellow hand-lender Beyonce videoed:

      "Natural disasters don't discriminate... We're all in this together."


      Beyonce gives Blue Ivy a lesson in humility as they feed Hurricane Harvey victims in singer's Houston hometown:

      Are we 'all in this together' Bey? The mass of us aren't rewarded for doing what comes naturally when Folk are in need by the entertainment-industry puffing us up for warm and fuzzie heartwarming feels to restore our faith in humanity, thank The Gods (for that at least.)


    3. To the south of Mystic, Stonington, Connecticut, USA (I searched for Mystic USA), is an island called Mason's Island, named after a John Mason.

      In 1659 Mason founded the city of Norwich CT at the head of the Thames River, New London is located at the mouth of this dark-water namesake, General Dynamics Electric Boat is located nearby, & 'The USS Nautilus (SSN-571) was launched into the river on January 21, 1954 from Electric Boat, becoming the world's first nuclear-powered submarine.' according to wiki.


  7. and we are effectively increasing the electricity of our world (ref spirit-"lanes" - twin peaks):
    "Cargo Ships Are Creating Sea Lightning"

    1. Very strange indeed. What else might be at work there?

    2. Phantom hums/howls/chimes heard around the country just before the hurricane:

      I heard the same thing in South Dakota, 2 days before the Ecplipse, while I was out picking elderberries (check out the faery lore surrounding that particular tree). It sounded like unimaginably vast wind chimes, or blowing into an old whisky jug.

      NASA is set to crash the Cassini Probe into Saturn this Friday with waning Crescent (or "Horned") Moon in Pisces.

      Too bad they won't be able to photograph the Hexagon at the North Pole when it changes colors again.


      'OWL: "Open-Wire Line." Commonly run along American roadsides for over 100 years, until more recently replaced by "dark fiber.


      Two arms, each carrying 10 lines.
      And a phantom group... 15-16. (Carrie Page's house number.)"


      "Phantoms are derived from wires 1-4, 7-10, 11-14, 17-20, and 5-6, 15-16. The last is called a vertical or Pole pair phantom and has somewhat different electrical characteristics than the other phantoms because of the different spacing and configuration of the wires."


      'remember the Log Lady said she couldn't tell hawk things over the phone?''

      wowl wow wowl


  8. There's this tune that came out earlier this year by a band named Alvvays. The song and imagery (of the video) seem to fall into step with events you've written about. Especially the imagery. The song's titled "In Undertow".

    I'm a fairly new reader (heard of ya by way of Rune Soup) and I'm currently reading back posts and enjoying them.

    Without writing to lengthy a comment, I got into the Xfiles in 1996, I was in 10th grade. In my wee school the kiddos were into Buffy (finally got round to watching that many years later heh) and I was obsessed with Xfiles. Then they brought the series back. I understand that has been a trend of late, remakes and the lot, but one thing I can't help but wonder is if perhaps it is all a bit if social programming or "coding". The reboot is the switch being flipped. I dunno. The recent relaunch of IT comes to mind in much the same way, for me. Thanks again for sharing here and on the podcasts!

    1. If... I get your gist, or some hint of it at least(?), these re-re-reimaginings, such a distasteful word (especially when great works are sullied by the chimera-bastard offspring), as yet more do-overs of energies previously invoked, so as to compound the already applied effect through the generations, is a facet of the broader narrative I'd not considered, but it would certainly serve such purpose, only with each retelling a layer of sought zeitgeist (it is 9/11 today) is applied to inculcate the mass of us all spit and polished shiny and nu-ewe so as to further twist these energies in service of their gyre, as if it were the first time all over again, but like Cooper(?) a soul cannot go home again, at least not when a Judy's working.

      The rote-howl of the geek absurdly claiming that their 'childhood' has been 'raped' by whatever pre/sequel-boot, & whoever seeded this particular turn of phrase has some explaining regarding how their sick-joke pertains to the actual defining undercurrent (but getting ever closer to the surface - as blatantly celebrated acts & movements like 'maps' pop-up & msm puff piecing for them) of actual child abuse which the entertainment industry fuels itself with, is emblematic of our degenerate age.

      We're so far along the road to ruin that plastic trinkets (plastic again - & isn't that what star wars/trek etc. are all about - repackaging myth, tale and fable so as to sell even more plastic trinkets?) are of more fundamental import to the species than clean drinking water.

      Perhaps some of these storms are attempts by the organism we live on attempting to exorcise itself of the detritus we leave in our wake? & as a consequence of this if that means some people lose their lives then that will mean less plastic washing up on shore and a lower percetage of contaminant in the h2o.


    2. They are attempts at murder by someone, of that I am fairly certain, but it's not about the plastic. Who or whatever they are they should try again because I'm standing unhurt and hungry for some payback.
      - with love from Tampa.

    3. Glad to see you're undaunted down in T-town, Christian.

      Brandi, it's amazing how how the world seems so hellbent on LARPing "My Struggle I &II", isn't it?

    4. CP, if the 666 storm group are more examples of the workings of haarp & the like then all that's been weaponised is that which comes to The Mother naturally, Be Well.

      Death By Plastic is one facet of the full-spectrum projected onto us, it certainly does no good for a soul to be whatever % of their corporeality = plastic:

      Every passing day we intrinsically come to resemble more and more the very (votive) offerings Mego, Kenner etc. molded into our psyches. The mass of us are more concerned with such things as being able to name all G.I. Joe / My Little Pony figures & toys than knowing anything about our own family trees and honouring our true source.

      On that tribulatory note, my struggle... Mein Kampf...


  9. "All of us under its spell, we know that it's probably magic
    Have you been half asleep?
    And have you heard voices?
    I've heard them calling my name
    Is this the sweet sound
    That called the young sailors?
    The voice might be one in the same"

    1. Wow. Thanks for that, Eric. "The Rainbow Connection." Huh. Interesting.

  10. "Irma" means "sister" in Portuguese. For whatever that's worth.

    1. It's probably worth something, Maria. I suppose we'll soon see what.

  11. Chris, speaking of mermaids & all things David Lynch-esque, have you seen/heard about a short film called "Color TV, No Vacancy"?


    "Color TV, No Vacancy; these are signs we're accustomed to, outside sleazy motels and desert highway resorts, seducing new customers with jacuzzis and free HBO. Its also the title of the sumptuous-yet-ominous short film from writer and director Daniel Brown. The surreal 12-minute film follows a peculiar cast of characters in a series of dubious side plots. detached from one another. The only thing seemingly tying our protagonists together is the decrepit motel that makes for the backdrop for the film.

    A mermaid smokes a cigarette in the bathtub; a prom Queen and King experience their first night of lust; a prostitute and her pimp hatch a plan to overtake one of their mob boss client."

    The entire film can be seen by scrolling to the bottom of the page in the link. Its...unsettling.

    1. Have not seen that, David. Thanks for the heads up. Will check it out.

  12. Kate ... all mermaids in Swedish folklore are named Kate (or Kajsa) followed by a place name in the style of Kate of X etc.

    1. Interesting that soon the Queen of England could be a Kate (with green eyes no less) when the current Queen Elizabeth II steps down or passes away.

    2. kate would be queen, but queen consort only, not queen regent, due to her having married into the firm.


    3. But Kate would still be the queen/siren to the king's Will;-)

    4. It only makes sense that we're proceeding from Eloah-Esi-Beth to Ka-Hathor-Ein. The times we live in.

    5. I'm not at all familiar with her lineage so cannot comment as to what may be flowing in her veins, but last week it was announced she's expecting her's & Wilson's, I mean Will's, (if you believe George & Charlotte (Richard & Linda?) are of their previous consummating unions), third baby (child 3 = Judy?).

      Two days later it was announced that 'America's New First Lady', according to Interview magazine, Kim Kardashian was also expecting (')her(') third child (this time through the medium of a surrogate (I say 'this time'))... & still not a peep, via social media anyway, from Kanye (brewing a storm perhaps? (Kim as Diane/Kanye as Cooper tulpas?)), who, to tie this in with the earlier Floyd sync, was pictured August 1st, face veiled in a downcast expression (not unusual for Kanye when the papzi are about), wearing a 'Wish You Were Here*' t-shirt, showing off the Hypgnosis (there's that word again) mise-en-scène of the diver entering(?)/midway in/out of Mono Lake in California without a splash, (this was the inner-sleeve image for some WYWH LP releases, the designer, Storm Thorgerson felt that WYWH (almost YHWH) was concerned with "unfulfilled presence".)

      (Who would be a pop idol other than damaged vessels so as only to be damaged again... and again... and again?)

      Is the pop-cult wheel of fortune - building a soul up only to dash it down over and over, a process of tempering so as to attempt to make it acquire the durability & strength when (non)fatally required?

      As Nietszche, paraphrased by Kanye on the Daft Punk sampling 'Stronger', wrote:

      "From life's school of war: what does not kill me makes me stronger"

      If the false idols do have within them the potential to become that which can transcend the demiurgical gyre then perhaps all these talent shows with their 'bootcamps', may serve a Gnostic purpose afterall.

      *Roy Harper, who provided vocals on 'Have A Cigar' after Waters couldn't hit the notes, was charged in 2013 with 'historical sexual abuse' as the fallout from the public admittence of savile, & the repurcussions of this admission, rippling through the country, were acted on, in 2015 the case against Harper was dropped. His last album, relased in 2013 was titled 'Man and Myth'.


  13. Hey Chris,

    Excellent work as always. We're living in crazy, frightening times, and I believe art can be a lifeline to those who feel unnerved or lost or overwhelmed by everything happening right now. I'm of the opinion that folks like Buckley and Cornell quickly realized how dark and twisted the entertainment business is, how many predators there were just looking to exploit the vulnerable. In such a compromised situation what is an artist to do? He or she has to try to find creative ways to serve truth and spread hope to those who are willing to hear it. I think the darkness of their environments wore down those guys in the end, and it's not difficult to understand if you know anything about the music biz or Hollywood - places filled with sharks and criminals. Really awful people, basically. I think the reason their art struck such a chord is because they at least tried to serve truth even with guns to their heads, so to speak. But the artist isn't the truth, or responsible for its ability to affect people or make them question. He or she is either cognizant of the truth around them, or not. Someone like David Lynch is clearly aware of how the numinous and occult can affect our world, and appears to be trying to show that to people by creating a coherent dream-logic artistic depiction of it. Same as Buckley, Cornell or Bowie, I think. I try to do a similar thing in my own art. When you can find ways to tune into that sort of thing it can appear sometimes like you're literally speaking for the gods, or the human soul, or a siren, but the true artist should never fool themselves or others into thinking they are responsible for that interconnection, or its power. That way lies utter narcissism, or worse, madness. I think insight is useless if it isn't offered warmly to the lost and traumatised souls who are seeking it. Artists should always try to put the insight and empowerment into the hands of those who need it the most, but should remain fairly humble themselves. My thoughts, anyway. Thanks again for everything you do, Chris.


    1. And thank you, Raj. The entertainment racket can be a very dark place for artists, especially those who explore the margins. Art and Business are a toxic combination in that they are polarities in opposition. It takes a very rare breed to surf both waves. Anyone who comes out the other side with their humanity intact should be lionized.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Pardon if this has been said

    The star is hope/transformation
    The golden thing the princess loses re JBP lectures on transformation of personality
    this links to 'Kek/Pepe' - see Egypt (Shadilay! Shadilay!) (oh jeez lol)...

    ...this links to the mermaid, Pepe is the Mermaid is the Star that we all are in the 93 current which links to This Mortal Coil and Lynch via that whole stream of unconscious chaote type links which runs through my astral veins now as stellar blood coursing through my days and years piping the tune that I can only dance to and sing back in return in sigil and metaform in order to at least be half the song in my own soul's form in this human term turned worm. Drink Slurm!

    KTV seems to be on to something here (in general).

    Gorgon/Gorgona - links to Jonah who falls in to the whale (more transformation re JBP) and then there's Stranger Things DemiGorgona… - mermaids in Pokemon

    This Eagle Eye Cherry (is that the Illuminati's first daughter's name? I mean, come ON) but to tie the air in to water sync - I think you need to watch the darn vid itself - this EEC ties that and surely a bit 'more' together, for sure - he's also a certain Swiss or something connected to what I can assume is an upper echelon…

    but wait! there's moar! - her move causes 'Silence' which prevents the use of magic by those afflicted - From Final Fantasy VIII (8 seems to be very meaningful lately - 17 is 1+7=8)

    This also reminds us of the fan (Gordon concurs these can be seen as 'Occult Fans') in the Palmer house and the record player of course is symbolic of the portal and of letting the 'electricity in' (Elvis can make your hips rattle and shake! thunder and quake) ~

    and speaking of music pushing messages in to our guided subconsciousnesses which speaks of quakes and floods and states like CA (Twyman targets FL) which will 'fall in to the sea' - even Steely Dan in 'My Old School' speaks of CA tumbling in to the sea… [Gensis just sang forwards backwards side-to-side]

    I have to interject with her latest video (you may remember the metal singer Varg Vikernes from Burzum who burned down churches and went to jail for a long time for murder…) well he's written a book and Twyman references it here and it TOO has to do with a particular permutation of transformation and I think you may… want to see it… this has the FL reference in it with comparison to Irma and all that entails - you'll want to see this I know it is safe to say -->

    So, with Jung resurgence, and all the frog syncs and transformation syncs and all the re-enchantment syncs - I can see a picture forming but I don't know what it looks like nor what it means. But here are some pieces and I hope this does something useful for you Ami.

    Here's that song by the by - Ænema the song is titled, off of the album Ænima.

    Also Michael is known to be the angel of the South who's element is Fire…

    Stay Grounded, All ~ xoxo :3

    A P.S. of a bit - this entire message I wasn't going to send coz I felt it so unusual but then a fellow SecretSunner gave it the nod and I've been spurned on by how intense the sync is all cumulative with this particular tarot card (which is part of two other decks that have been part of an ongoing sync today, so… ya…) ahem - I have my 17th tarot deck as The Star Tarot, my 18th as The Sun and Moon tarot, and my 19th is the Prisma Tarot - but technically I got Sun and Moon as my 17th to a degree and this 17 card for this 17 year is from this Solomon/Sun and Moon deck - and the 17 Star card has a Mermaid on it - fwiw - Hope you got my tidings of good will, sir. Blessings and Good Fortune upon you and all SecretSunner, CLK xoxo :3

    - Nate Foster - 3:33 PM, 11 Sep 2017

    1. Well, what it all means is that the clock seems to be moving backward at the same time it's moving forward. As it was in the days of Noah...

    2. Eagle-Eye Cherry's 1997 album, by far and away his most successful, 'Desireless' features the song 'When Mermaids Cry' (& another titled 'Permanent Tears') + a cover of his father's tune titled 'Desireless' from his own 'Relativity Suite' album of 1973, RS also includes a tune titled 'Trans-Love Airways'...


    3. Oh, & Varg Vikernes, creator of "MYFAROG" (Mythical Fantasy Role-playing Game), on Twyman? *points at camera and says: "Let's find out."


  16. The KLF/JAMMS recently performed a ritual reunion thing here in Liverpool to promote a book 2023 they just published which involves mermaids and Yoko On taking over starbucks and becomong the mermaid on the Starbucks logo

    1. Yep, that meme is just going to be bashed into our heads like a railroad spike.

  17. Is Bowie's most famous (other) Judy sync his filch of the melody of 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' for 'Starman'?

    Did he ever talk about that particular encounter?

    'Starman', it's performance on 'Top of the Pops' during which Bowie points at the camera whilst singing '...I picked on you-oo-oo' (the 'you-oo-oo' sounding 'you-who-who'?) was the single most reminisced DB moment in the days after his death, it really acted as a catalyst for the 1970's kids too young for the legend of 'the summer of love' but too old to be too young to dodge the dour drudge of their decade seemingly their detestable destiny, until... David!

    When there's a book titled 'David Bowie Made Me Gay' - made no less, does this hint at Davy's channelling and word-gestured sigil-chakra abracadabraising acting to bring about the passing, of some, 'over the rainbow' so as to be true to the selves they 'always knew' they were or 'wanted to be'?

    'Someday I'll wish upon a star, wake up where the clouds are far behind me'.

    & now we're all SOMEWHERE over that rainbow.


    1. Bowie's Starman appearance? Oh, I was all over that.

    2. Yes, that was a fascination-ing blog as part of a fascination-ing series of blog posts, scholarly work, among a fascination-ing ouevre, Chris.

      I meant to include in my previous comment mention of Bowie's use of the cut-up technique, inspired by Burroughs & Gysin.

      Burroughs said:

      “Language is a virus from outer space”

      So, if language is viral & Bowie, as an adept of chimeraing & projecting language 'made' people be who 'they 'always knew' they were or 'wanted to be'', perhaps this mono-esque transmission is best summed up by one glittery-eyed fan from the glamour days who said:

      "I'm just the space cadet, he's the commander."

      (Curiously a fair few of the fans glimpsed in the Cracked Actor documentary, in which this is said, resemble Bowie, clones of a physical manner or those possessed by Bowie tulpa?)


  18. My guess is you are a luciferian who uses this synch stuff to lead folks down whatever primrose path you want. The ends are probably you get your jollies this way, or you are in some kind of organized crime group. Here's a thought...try not to think about elephants for the next 24 hours.

    1. It hasn't been a full 24 hours but I did try. Quite successfully, in fact. Better luck next time, Chuckles.

    2. Well, what's been attempted here is the old psyop of getting a soul to focus on something by telling them not to!

      There was that X-Files episode, 'Fearful Symmetry', about an invisible elephant during which a character, on his knees (cleaning a floor) states 'God is watching' whilst pointing up to a security camera, later in the same episode, the camera looking up shows Scully looking down through a medical magnifying glass as she performs an autopsy...

      (Trump's the Elephant in the White House.)

      Ganesha be praised!


  19. And speaking of the Woodsmen, let’s consider their unsettling poem, featured in the immediately legendary 8th part of the series: “This is the water, this is the well, drink full and descend”. Water imagery is key to The Tempest, which features many mentions of drowning, wild seas and storms. The element comes to represent loss and death, but also recovery and rebirth. The play suggests that through their suffering, the characters can gain something pure and good and more meaningful than the pain that precedes it. And although it isn’t easy to decode the ultimate message of The Return in terms of resolving pain and suffering, these themes do seem in harmony with the story he is telling.
    Chris I was thinking you have mentioned The Tempest before. Thank you for all the great posts the last few years. Karin

  20. When I looked up The Tempest, I kept seeing people mentioning Ariel in the play and The Little Mermaid. After telling this story, Prospero charms Miranda to sleep and then calls forth his familiar spirit Ariel, his chief magical agent. Prospero and Ariel’s discussion reveals that Ariel brought the tempest upon the ship and set fire to the mast. He then made sure that everyone got safely to the island, though they are now separated from each other into small groups. Ariel, who is a captive servant to Prospero, reminds his master that he has promised Ariel freedom a year early if he performs tasks such as these without complaint. Prospero chastises Ariel for protesting and reminds him of the horrible fate from which he was rescued. Before Prospero came to the island, a witch named Sycorax imprisoned Ariel in a tree. Sycorax died, leaving Ariel trapped until Prospero arrived and freed him. After Ariel assures Prospero that he knows his place, Prospero orders Ariel to take the shape of a sea nymph and make himself invisible to all but Prospero. Karin

  21. Turtles all the way down!

    Hey Chris,

    I don't know what it means but I have had run-ins with Turtles and turtle symbolism my whole life, in dreams and actual life. Although never so much as very recently. In the IT novel "IT's" main enemy is Maturin(a giant primordial turtle) which is similar to the Hindu myth and a few Native American creation myths dealing with the world resting on the back of a giant turtle. Terry Prachett's 'Disc World' novels also feature this. I don't know how to explain it here but I have a feeling there is a lot to unpack for one smarter and more intuitive than myself. (I'm not a flat-earther!)All I can say is that as a symbol of creation, wisdom as well as slow and easy going stability; this turtle business means....something. Keep up the good WORK.

    Peace, Love and Information