Sunday, January 15, 2017

Spy vs Spy: The Russia (Un)Reality Show

Oh, the utter lack of self-awareness

Why am I growing leery of all this "CIA coup" talk we're hearing in the media? 

Exactly because we're hearing it in the media. I didn't cut my teeth on all those old issues of Covert Action Quarterly to just turn around and buy whatever narrative the media is flogging.

This all feels orchestrated and stage-managed to me. Like everything about this election and its aftermath. Some kind of game is playing out here, I just can't grasp at the contours of it. Which is a good thing, probably. For me.

For some reason I can quite put my finger on, it makes perfect sense that a man known to most of the public as a reality TV star is at the center of this open-air psychodrama unfolding in front of us, this contrived Clash of the Titans, this bizarro Battle of the Billionaires.

So much of this is ultimately a new media put-on, Trump battling (read: trolling) the press, shooting out tweets with his meaty fingers. The charge is being led by The Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos of fame) and The New York Times (owned and operated by Carlos Slim Helu, the Mexican telecom magnate), and the once-mighty/now-endangered CNN bringing up the rear.

And for a guy who's the focus of a firestorm of controversy and the ostensible target of attack from some of the most powerful forces in the country, he doesn't seem to be sweating it too much. Near as I can tell, at least. Even the ultraliberal Newsweek has the headline today: "Don't Kid Yourself - Trump Is Winning." 

That raises some red flags, by my reckoning. Is this just another performance for a seasoned reality TV hand? Have we finally come to this?

Think about it for a minute: why dump all this Russia stuff out when all the paperwork has been completed? The recounts didn't pan out, the Hamilton Elector campaign went nowhere, the Electoral College voted, the results were ratified by Congress. It's a done deal. 

These painfully-earnest celebrity videos, the Golden Globes speeches, aren't moving the needle at all. They're just inspiring eye-rolling, resentment and hathos, even among Trump-haters. No one cares about the status anxieties of the unjustly-pampered and impossibly-rich. 

Chris Rock put it best: “If poor people knew how rich rich people are, there would be riots in the streets.” 


I'm pretty sure I know where all this is all eventually going, I'm just not sure what exact road they're planning to take. But I guarantee that a lot of people cheering on the new McCarthyism are definitely not going to like where the bus lets off. 

How do I know this, you ask?

Well, the CIA's track record isn't entirely classified is it? I mean, there's the matter of testing LSD on children as young as five, testing radiation on pregnant mothers and on the mentally-handicapped, overthrowing democratically-elected governments and setting up death squads, flooding our cities with illegal drugs...

...need I go on? I hope not.

But hey, there's an election to try to undo. So already having sold their souls (and the working and middle classes everywhere) to Wall Street, Bilderberg and Silicon Valley billionaires, the Democrats have given up their last scraps and shreds of hair, skin and sinew to the fucking CIA, of all people.

And how does the CIA apparently plan to repay them?

Well, according to this report, by installing the man who would like nothing better than to crush what is left of their party into a finely-ground powder into the Oval Office:

For these two reasons, there are people inside the CIA who would love to see the unpredictable tycoon replaced by vice-president-elect Mike Pence, a man who they feel they can work with. 
Of course, it is well-known that the CIA has an infamous record of plotting coups d’etats against democratically elected governments in other countries — for example, in the early-Fifties when it helped the Iranian military overthrow premier Mohammad Mosaddeq and reinstate the Shah, and the ousting of Chile’s president Salvador Allende in 1973. 
The atmosphere is currently so feverish in Washington that there are well-informed people who now believe that the CIA is contemplating a version of the same thing in America itself.
Wouldn't that just be a kick in the pants? Give the Left Trump's head on a platter and put their worst fucking nightmare in the White House?
Mike Pence, an inveterate partisan warrior who would not only work night and day to gut all their favorite programs but won't lead with his chin the way Trump does. A much harder target who will come armed with an increasingly-radicalized Republican Congress (led by Ayn Rand devotee Paul Ryan) and a seriously pissed-off police force looking for payback after eight years of Obama.  Not to mention a vengeful GOP voter base, who will baying for blood just in time for the midterms.

the CIA we all know and unlove.

But is any of this actually true? The Media has seized on Trump's tactical assent with the Russia hacking report, but that means that they are now taking the word of the CIA and Donald Trump as gospel when the only evidence presented thus far is use of Ukrainian not Russian-  malware, that hackers can obtain anywhere on the Dark Web.

Not familiar with what's going on in the Ukraine, are we? Not familiar with the "color revolution" that Obama Administration neocons engineered, that just happened to bring real-life Nazis to power? From Globalist mouthpiece Foreign Policy:

Yes, There Are Bad Guys in the Ukrainian Government 
It's time for a frank conversation about some of the unsavory characters in Kiev. 
Sound policy, however, can only be based on sound analysis of the players involved. That requires conceding the point — even when made by the Kremlin — that more than a few of the protesters who toppled Yanukovych, and of the new leaders in Kiev, are fascists.
Here's video of a mass rally of the Soros-funded Ukrainian fascists. And then there's this recent story:
RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian police have unveiled a plot led by a Ukrainian armed movement to recruit Brazilian neo-Nazis with combat experience to fight pro-Russian rebels in the European country’s civil war. 
A series of raids took place last month in seven cities on the homes of neo-Nazis in order to prevent possible attacks against Jews and gays in Porto Alegre, according to Brazilian police, who seized vast amounts of Nazi propaganda material and also illegal ammunition, reported the Zero Hora news portal.
Nice friends we have there. Still think the Russians shot that jet down?

Bizarro-World in the comics was funny. Not so much here.


In the middle of the New McCarthyites' New Red Scare came a blockbuster headline: Trump and Vladimir Putin to hold summit. Suddenly every newly-minted CIA-lover's worst nightmare had come true- Trump really was Putin's puppet, by gum!

Only problem was the story is not true:

The Russian embassy in London has denied that Russian president Vladimir Putin will meet President-elect Donald Trump in Iceland following his inauguration on January 20. 
The Sunday Times newspaper wrote that Trump's team have told British officials that the new US leader plans to meet Putin within weeks of becoming president. But the Russian embassy in London has downplayed the report.
A spokesman for the embassy told Business Insider on Sunday that the report is "complete rubbish" and suggested that we look at the embassy's Twitter feed, where the embassy has been referring to the report as #fakenews. 
Two aides to Trump also denied The Sunday Times story, according to Reuters. "The story is a fantasy," one Trump aide told Reuters, speaking on condition of anonymity. Another said the report was not true.
Did anyone happen to notice that the Trump team has been running ops to smoke out leaks, by its own admission? Did the unimaginably credulous press corps, desperate to throw any negative or sensationalistic headlines they could, bother to verify this story? 

These privileged pajama-boys and girls in the press are not dealing with Obama Administration whiz kids from Oberlin and Vassar anymore.

Now they're dealing with men who have killed and tortured people. A lot of men who have killed and tortured a lot of people, if you start counting all the adjutants and assistants, I'm sure. They're dealing with men who would probably like nothing more than to kill them if they can figure out a way to get away with it. Think I'm exaggerating?

How bizarre has the world you are now living in become? The liberal New Yorker is hailing Marine General James Mattis, late of Central Command, as a bulwark against the perceived authoritarianism of a New York native who spent his life in the libertine worlds of casinos, beauty pageants and network television. 

I mean, where do you start?

Need I remind you this guy's nickname is "Mad Dog?" Here's a couple quotes from his time in Iraq to let you know that he earned the moniker:

“I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.” 
“Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everybody you meet."
Some savior, New Yorker.

Now ask yourself; do you think these people are afraid of reporters?


Look, I could be wrong but the fact remains that the CIA had all the time in the world to take Trump down if that's what they were really after. They had the primaries, the elections, the Electoral College and both their hands up the ass of the entire mainstream media since at least the 1980s. All of it, from stem to stern.

This feels like something else. 

What if there was a war among the intelligence hierarchy, one side lost and this is all just face-saving? This is all just brush-clearing, steam-letting, which the victors are indulging before they bring the hammer down? What if Trump is trolling in order to draw attention away from what is coming down the pike?

Maybe this Russia unreality show is just one giant "red" herring. Maybe the War in Heaven has already been fought and settled.

Why would I think this?

The news that the Clinton Global Initiative is closing down might have something to do with it. The Clintons used this mammoth cash machine as an extremely effective power base while out of office and cultivated unimaginable wealth, power and influence with it:

Since Bill Clinton launched CGI as an arm of the Clinton Foundation in 2005, its members made more than 3,550 commitments and pledged to raise $125 billion to meet them, according to a Bloomberg News calculation based on annual reports. The group says its work has affected 430 million people in 180 countries. In philanthropy circles, CGI is widely credited with creating a new framework for giving and action, convening powerful figures from government, business and charities to address global problems. Members would pay for the privilege to meet and brainstorm solutions, then make financial commitments, often multi-year plans costing tens of millions of dollars.
This closing is based on paperwork filed with the State of New York and yet no major media outlet will cover the story. Why? Mainstream site Politico reported on the mass layoffs there back in Septermber.

What's different now?

Maybe this will give you a clue. 

I'm no prophet. Prediction is a tough racket, given the random variables constantly swirling around, banging into one another like protons in an atom smasher. But I can say this- the powers that be played the Global game and there was one clear, unambiguous winner: Communist China.

It's why China seems to be the odd man out at Davos this year, Monopoly board under its arm, forlornly trying to get an increasingly-reluctant world to play along again.

And after a number of years-absence, China's horrific smog problems are headline news again. 

I believe there is a new Cold War coming. But collating all the stories and taking the measure of the Trump junta, I don't believe it will necessarily be with Russia.


  1. Oceana is at wor with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia.

  2. You are as always so concise and interesting in the way that you get the story laid out. You are all the news I need and can take. Thanks friend Chris.

  3. Yeah for the CAQ (CAIB) shout-out...It was certainly eye-opening for me back then also although it is hard to get over one's innate desire to loathe Trump and everything he stands for. Also read Spy Magazine back in the early 90s when they roasted and revealed what a low-life Trump was back then...
    China then? China might have been a winner in the Global Game but it has carried quite a few in Asia with it, as well as Australia, so I am not sure, obviously, how conflict with China will play out but am seriously invested in it. I currently reside in Vietnam (HCMC) but will likely return to my other adopted country of Japan this year, if a hot war doesn't break out beforehand. BTW, Obama's visit to Vietnam last year included a meal with Anthony Bourdain for his CNN show. Their puff-piece conversation touched on future possibilities of war/peace but completely ignored Obama's main reason for the trip: to lift the US arms sales embargo on Vietnam in order to cultivate them as an ally against China...

  4. Is it possible that the reason for the over-the-top media minute of hate that never stops is that Trump is an existential threat to something so deep and so dark that it can take Mike Pence as a victory? And by "Trump" I mean something, something perhaps ineffable, that is using Trump as a vehicle, and not Trump himself. Trump the man is entirely lacking, but something is backing him. I have to admit that even I said a little prayer for Donald J. Trump last night - to keep him safe in the coming week. I've never prayed for a political figure in my entire life.

    1. Yes. You have no idea how right you are.

  5. I live in Australia, Sydney to be precise. If you don't see the Chinese influence here, then I have a bridge to sell you. A nice red one. We've already been told by numerous media, again and again, all with glowing terms mind you, that our future demographics and society is Chinese. Isn't that something to look forward to?

    From where I'm standing Chris, you are completely correct. It's the old magician's trick. Sleight of hand. Property prices have increased at least 15% every year for the last decade. 15%! Madness.

    A nice city, no too long ago, has descended into chaos. I blame the Russians, of course. However, I have been told by people smarter than me that if property prices go up rent goes down. Haven't seen that yet, especially when some I know who earn well into $95k still struggle.

    Do you know what the "average" wage in Australia is? About $75k before tax. But who do "they" mean when they talk about "taxing the rich"? Guess who.

    1. That whole "prices go up, rent goes down" thing only works if you don't have a flood of outside interests buying up the property and pricing locals out of the market.

      The Philippines (and Mexico) is smart about property. When Duterte said the Philippines will take as many refugees as want to come, he wasn't joking. Philippine property laws protect the Philippines from the negative effects of immivasion that the Western countries are experiencing.

    2. Hi Mycroft, yeah I do realise that,I was just being a little sarcastic. I work for economists who venerate the 15% figure and foreign investments. To them it's almost gospel. They truly love it. As long as it benefits them right now, who cares?

      One director complained to me (the factotum who rents) that the property next to his house is now going to be built out as rental apartments. He was horrified. I had to laugh. He even went to court to try and stop it, against every thing he has been advocating for.

      How can you take these people seriously? They beg for it, they get it, and then they rail against it?

      I hope to see more of this.

  6. Government is, and always has been, an ugly business. However, the general public seems to insist on it so there's just no helping it. In all frankness I'd rather have the military run by people accustomed to killing people rather than left-wing Political Science majors from George Washington U who are still wet around the ears and more interested in diversity quotas than anti-aircraft batteries. If we're going to right the ship of state, or even make progress in the right direction, some heads are going to have to get knocked around and make no mistake. There's a vocal minority of people in this country who want to plant their boots into the dirt and insist that absolutely nothing about the status quo be changed. That wish will not be accommodated, and the only questions is how much violence will be necessary, not if there will be any.

  7. Don't forget that Pence is a major ally of the Koch Brothers:

    Or that the Koch Brothers have a lot of pull with the CIA now, thanks to Pompeo:

    Either Trump is someone's useful idiot or he's willing to play the part, for appearances sake. Either way, we're screwed.

    1. Important quote from the latter link at ibtimes:

      "In Congress, Pompeo spearheaded a number of initiatives friendly to the oil and gas industry. He signed on to the “No Climate Tax Pledge,” an initiative pushed by the Koch-funded Americans for Prosperity to persuade members of Congress to resist any legislation that taxed energy producers for their contributions to climate change. Pompeo introduced the Natural Gas Pipeline Permitting Reform Act in 2013 — a bill designed to speed up the Federal Energy Regulatory Commissions' approval process.

      Pompeo has never been shy about his links to the Kochs. He wrote an op-ed for Politico in 2012 entitled, “Stop harassing the Koch brothers,” after Democrats suggested a Koch brothers representative should testify before Congress to explain their support for the Keystone XL pipeline.

      Pompeo also sits on the House Intelligence Committee, where he pushed for an investigation into the Benghazi attack. He's a vigorous supporter of the NSA's surveillance program, an ardent critic of whistleblower Edward Snowden, and an opponent of the Iran nuclear deal.

      Though not an early supporter of Trump, Pompeo endorsed him in May and boosted him during the final leg of the campaign.

      "I am not a reluctant supporter," Pompeo told CNN in August.

      During the campaign, the Koch brothers distanced themselves from Trump; they skipped the Republican National Convention and refused to spend any of their reported $300 million war chest to directly boost the GOP presidential nominee. Still, the Koch's massive ground-game operations indirectly helped Trump turn out voters in key swing states, as Koch operatives poured into GOP Senate races in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin."

      Could it be that at least part of the "War in Heaven" has to do with the Koch Brothers trying to wrest control of the CIA away from the Rockefeller/CFR crowd? If so, maybe its less a case of being a useful idiot & more along the lines of "one hand washes the other" with regards to the Trump/Koch Brothers relationship. Merely guessing. But I'm the first to admit that I'm just as confused as everyone else with what's going on.

    2. Also see:

    3. This article, while from last March, is also a must-read:

      "As the Rockfellers and Obama Administration continue to wage economic war against Russia, Venezuela, and Iran — while at the same time trying to economically weaken Koch Industries and secure the power of the oil monopolies — the global economy is headed for catastrophe. The Saudis are obediently churning out oil, and prices in other sectors like natural gas are following close behind. Investor confidence is dropping and the expected panic is setting in.

      As things spiral downward, Donald Trump and the Koch Brothers are attempting to utilize the ideological right wing. The obsessively pro-Israel, anti-Islamic and anti-immigrant sectors of the US working class, primarily found among the dispossessed whites of the south and rural areas, are seen as a potential political goon squad.

      Meanwhile, the left is being politically re-shuffled as radical ideas reemerge in US discourse. Rockefeller money is deployed to control and direct the re-energized (but completely confused) US left. The Ford Foundation has staged entire conferences against police brutality, hoping to point “Black Lives Matter” away from a confrontation with the US political establishment. The talking heads on MSNBC are working very hard to push the millions of Americans who now identify themselves as “socialists” away from militant labor activism, and toward campaigning for the Democratic Party. The Rockefellers have given up on trying to suppress basic anti-capitalist sentiments, and instead are hoping to redefine socialism with classless phrases like “a government that works for everyone.”

      The younger generation of Americans, who are statistically much more left-wing, are the target audience of the Rockefeller political machine. The goal is for the former chaos-loving residents of Zuccotti Park to become disciplined foot soldiers against the Kochs. The last thing that the owners of Exxon-Mobile want is an upsurge of militant street fighters. They don’t want the radicalism of the 1960s Revolutionary Youth Movement or the 1930s Young Communist League. They want obedient functionaries who study Saul Alinsky.

      Behind all of this is an almost unresolvable economic problem. The computer revolution has made it cheaper and easier than ever to produce things, and now millions of people have no place in the world economy. The world market is full of commodities, cheaply produced by machines. These products cannot be purchased by the increasingly impoverished people of the world who no longer have a place at the assembly line.

      In a crisis of mass migration, the people who the system no longer has a place for have fled from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. Within the United States and Western Europe, the standard of living is dropping and the next generation is adjusting to a low-wage economy.

      With Russia and China as the lynchpin, a new bloc of state-controlled, centrally planned economies has emerged, carving out an alternative in the world economy. Global events continue to reinforce the notion that western neoliberal capitalism is not the end of history.

      The financial system, based on usury and exploitation, that has ruled the world for over 500 years, is in a long, deep crisis. Within the power structure, different factions are scrambling to save it, as alternatives to it are becoming more attractive to the dispossessed. Different strategies to defeat the rising global opposition are being utilized. Gradually, police state repression and militarism are beginning to replace the “democracy” and “human rights” western societies have often bragged about."


  8. Trump it's good, but this more better Sinderella Slot Game Review. Hah! Make the right choice!

  9. Hey Chris, very long-time reader JB here. I know everyone probably says "you have to read what I just posted over at my blog", but, yeah, I made some very interesting connections about Kek, the little green frog who could, over at the Meta-Logic Café. I think the ELite is terrified that something very real and almost entirely forgotten is coming through thanks to Trump's victory.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I think the Deep State is in a constant tension with Populist Magic. That is how sometimes the trading of places seems familiar.

    I think there is some kind of haunted geometry sneaking in. That is ironic. Terrifies mortals, and lets prophets and madmen do their thing.

    Of course, having one without the other would look like a short lived adventure.

    Blatty passed. Same day, the actor that played Damien in the Omen raged and got busted.

    Curious stuff. Trump is probably not bonded to a current cult. I mean, being raised by a Celtic Bruja and a Bavarian contrarian, there would be no need.

  12. I am loving Trump. He’s just so entertaining. He appears “uncensored” and that has become synonymous with “truthfulness” or at least authenticity. Appearing uncensored dangles the possibility that something might be “revealed” or something “unscripted” might happen. It does not matter what – just something; anything. It’s this chaotic disruptive quality that hints that things are “out of control”.

    Good Reality TV does this best – contrives the appearance of being unscripted - so probably Trump was cast for this reason. I’m too cynical to believe that things really are out of control. That Trump’s victory was presented as an “upset” is the key to this script. It is the appearance that the Establishment can be upset and disrupted by an “outsider” (he’s not btw) and that citizens can still exercise power democratically.

    As for “the Russians” – so what? Obama was accused for years of being ineligible to be president. Yawn.

    Most of Trump's voters are probably secretly happy for him to be a Russian puppet – if it means he upholds Christian values and the nation-state and wants to destroy ISIS.

    Maybe there is an internal coup but that will translate to very little for the average person. Just a little shake-up at the top – some go to early retirement and others are promoted.

    Probably what’s most interesting is that Trump appeared on Alex Jones. If there is a segment of the population with the most potential to be truly disruptive (more than just sing I Will Survive) it’s his fans. Trump has them eating out of his hand.

    I'm enjoying the show.

    1. In regards to Talon's comment about how appearing "uncensored" dangles the possibility that something might be revealed, I think we've caught a glimpse of that. In the third Clinton/Trump debate, the first question was about potential Supreme Court nominations. Before Trump gave his answer, he made a quick remark that "this is what this is all about" or something to that effect. It caught my attention. The answers the two candidates gave to this question were completely polarized, at no other time was the difference between them more apparent. Trump appeared to be the "Christian" candidate, and Clinton the godless one. And very soon after this debate the "Spiritcooking" psyop hammered this point home, just days before the election. The media puts racism on the front burner as the issue that defines Trump supporters, but I see religious conservatism as a more galvanizing factor for them.

  13. Mike Pence... I have the same concern and Dear God, you don't have any idea how bad that would be. The man is a Dominionist and a member of the Family. Jeff Sharlet says he has "the ideological makeup of Ted Cruz" but without the visible venom. Mike Pence considered Chuck Colson 'a dear friend and mentor,' the same Colson whom Jeremy Scahill called "Erik Prince's close friend, political collaborator, and beneficiary" (Blackwater, p94). Colson was also a long-time Family member & counted Doug Coe as his own mentor.

    Besides the prominent Family members Jeff Sessions & Dan Coats, two other appointees have close ties with the Dominionists (Rick Perry & Nicki Haley), governers who hosted 'The Response' rallies. The Christian Nationalist, and 'New Apostolic Reformation'-linked David Lane is the one who organizes those rallies and he's been super-close to the Republican National Committee since at least January 2015.

    These people are nuts, rabidly so, and would have no problem instituting another Inquisition... both the Family and the NAR have already tried to do so in Uganda (and Russia) targeting LGBT individuals, and that's just to start.

    Bruce Wilson accurately summarizes the Family's agenda -- "That is the model underlying The Fellowship; the power of revolutionary cell groups bound together by fanatic loyalty and loosely connected through such networks as The Fellowship, and events like the National Prayer Breakfast and The Gathering, to impose The Fellowship's agenda on entire nations.

    The model ? It fuses radical economic privatization with coercive fundamentalist morality imposed by the state upon subject populations; Biblical capitalism."

    - radical economic privatization (the Family)
    - coercive fundamentalist morality (the NAR)
    - imposed by the state (the Republicans)'s like the unholy trinity.

    And Mike Pence is described by Scahill as 'a loud proponent of the Trans-Pacific Partnership until he joined Trump on the ticket,' so what are the chances the Globalists and Eastern Establishment would find Pence acceptible if he passed their free trade agreements, Dominionist and Family connections be damned?

    I don't think most people realize just how big and how militant this strain of 'Christianity' has become. Pence scares the crap out of me (and would do the same for anyone who understands exactly what those connections mean).

  14. Wow, this is a helluva show. It's highly likely that Herr Cheeto is "part of the act." By that, I mean that he is not the wild card, rogue element that has upset the status quo, but rather just another player in the deep sate's game.
    Anyway, if nothing else, I am enjoying watching all the corporate liberals running around with their hair on fire and heads exploding, that's always good for a laugh.

  15. paging the professor...bomb dropping in 3, 2,...

  16. I'll respond to comments tomorrow- thank you all very much. I have another Trump post in the queue but I'm waiting for Inauguration to post it.

  17. US News & World Report is calling the "hacked election" Putin's "War on Information." Where have we heard that phrase before?

  18. CIA can't stay outa da news:
    The experiments were part of the controversial Stargate programme.

  19. Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince is Advising Trump from the Shadows

    "And our understanding, from a very well-placed source, is that Prince has even been advising Trump on his selections for the staffing of the Defense Department and the State Department."

  20. since yesterday, I've been re-reading what I can find on Erik Prince: the Vanity Fair "gray-mail" piece (written by an ex-CIA lawyer), the Intercept/Scahill pieces about his ties to China/Chinese Intel, his bids to set-up private armies in various countries, etc etc.

    I found this clip of Jeremy Scahill on Democracy Now almost a year ago and it turns out that Trump has a foreign advisor that is an ex-Blackwater Exec and totally coincidentally, a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. So he and Prince are no shit Knights of Malta and essential parts of Trumps team.

    "Joseph Schmitz was the Pentagon inspector general under Donald Rumsfeld, and he didn’t really inspect much of anything...And when Schmitz left the DOD, he became an executive at Blackwater. And Joseph Schmitz is a—you know, is a radical Christian supremacist. He is a member of the Sovereign Order of the Knights of Malta and really is sort of a—you know, has a neo-crusader worldview."

    so maybe not another Cold War so much as a Crusade?

  21. Exactly... the Dominionists and 'Christian' supremecists have taken over. You know it's bad when the President of the Southern Baptist Convention, of all people, is concerned about how fundamentalist the new administration is!

    Perhaps my other comment on Pence's connections to the Family (and Family man Chuck Colson's connections to Erik Prince) contained too many links, but I would recommend reading Recluse's excellent post on Trump, the JSOC and the Legacy of Artichoke. His two-parter right after that on the Return of the ASC (American Security Council) also addresses the ties of these neo-Crusaders and Dominionists to Trump's administration.

    It's bad.

  22. From the next generation of Covert Action Weekly himself - Snowden's interview with Katie Couric early Dec/2016 - says it ALL:

  23. Back to your blog again after many years - still brilliant. Do you know what happened to the dude that did the Age of Volcanoes blog?