Saturday, January 07, 2017

MKOFTEN Redux: LA Devotee, or Mainstreaming Satanic Snuff

Brendon Urie reaches his apotheosis

The Satanic Temple might seem like a minor story to some, despite their extensive connections to MKULTRA and their somewhat unsettling interest in young children. But they don't exist in a vacuum- there's an entire body of evidence linking mind control, child abuse and Satanic ritualism together, even if there's also an entire body of unfounded rumor and hysterical nonsense linking them together as well.

But we also have the example of MKOFTEN, the program designed to weaponize the occult that grew out of MKULTRA, a program which itself victimized untold thousands of children, some of whom were the most vulnerable and marginalized members of our society.

But given the timeline (MKULTRA was winding down as MKOFTEN was ramping up in 1966), it was most likely MKOFTEN that used young children as test audiences for Night of the Living Dead, an exercise in mass trauma conditioning that the legendary film critic Roger Ebert unwittingly reported on firsthand.

So what would Ebert make of "LA (read: Liber AL) Devotee?" What would he make of a culture so degraded, so despoiled that such an artifact could be presented to the public as entertainment? Let's look at as many of the highlights as I can stomach.

The video opens with a very young girl walking through a field with a worried look upon her face.

As it happens she's right to be worried as she's knocked unconscious and abducted by a robed assailant. 

She's not the focus of the ersatz snuff film we're about to be subjected to though. 

A young boy, surrounded menacingly by Satanic cultists, is. He's confronted by Brandon Urie, the last remaining member of Panic at the Disco, and the two trade the song's insipid lyrics, but the clear inference is that the boy is screaming out in fear and pain and Urie is his captor and tormentor.

Because the actor (Noah Schapp) featured in the video is the same boy who played Will Byers reviewers have tried to excuse it as a Stranger Things tribute or some such flaming bullshit. But there's nothing fantastical or sci-fi about any of this.

The aesthetic here is 100% snuff film, from start to finish.

Where the hell is that coming from?

Would you like some cheese pizza with your pop?

The entire video has a distinctly MKULTRA/MKOFTEN vibe, with images of dead animals, of wild animals, of knife-wielding cultists, and so on. This is not some mindless heavy metal video; this is a highly-rendered piece of work created either by someone intimately familiar with satanic cultism (and CIA mind control) or someone who's really done their homework.

Which begs the question why.

At one point the cultists attach electrodes to the boy's head and he's subjected to the electroshock torture that CIA MKULTRA doctors inflicted on hundreds of children in orphanages and hospitals.

We see the abducted girl, clearly brainwashed a la Patty Hearst or a Manson Family member, give the boy something to drink. This is the last we'll see of her. Note her blank expression and cultic garb.

We won't see her again but we will see a freshly-removed lung, roughly the size of one that might belong to the abducted girl. You don't need to be a film school grad to grasp what they're trying to tell us here.

The video ends with Urie flashing a psychotic grin and rubbing his hands together, which we see are clad in latex gloves. We're given no indication whatsoever that he's meant to be in character or is playing a role.

He clearly identifies himself with/as the abductor/torturer/killer. Nice.

The last shot is of the singer approaching the unconscious boy, with the clear inference being that he is now going to finish him off.

All of this is absolutely artless. It barely registers as entertainment. 

Only a total imbecile would assign any kind of aesthetic meaning to any of this. This is nothing but the methodical, highly-studied acting-out of the abduction, sadistic torture and ritual murder of children. Which we seem to be seeing a lot of lately.

Correct me if I wrong, but it certainly looks like the unvarnished glorification and celebration of Satanic serial murder, brought to you by a top rock band and by video makers who also produce commercials for major corporate clients.

But how can there be any other possible interpretation? This isn't even Clive Barker Grand Guignol torture fantasy or even bottom-drawer torture porn. This is more Charles Ng and Leonard Lake territory we're looking at.

So what exactly is the purpose behind it all? What are these fantastically-privileged degenerate sociopaths actually trying to tell us?

We see this symbol, etched into the grass at the beginning of "LA Devotee." On the face of it, it's reasonably mild occult-chic stuff, but connected to an abduction and ostensible murder and dismemberment of a child it takes on a bit more sinister character.

But "LA Devotee" may in fact be the third part of a triptych. In 2013, Panic at the Disco released a video for "This is Gospel," which seems to make reference to the singer Brendon Urie leaving the Mormon Church. We see him in typical Mormon missionary garb, struggling against ropes, which may represent the ties that bind him to his old life.

At the end of the video we see him on an operating table, attended to by doctors. The story is picked up again in a 2015 video for "Emperor's New Clothes", in which the singer dies, briefly ascends to Heaven and is then dumped into Hell.

He then undergoes a transformation into a demon as the song plays, removing his Mormon missionary clothing as his body morphs into that of a traditional demon.

The song ends with Urie fully transformed into a demon and smiling as a shadowy figure-- presumably Satan-- approaches. Is this a statement of intent here? If not, why?

Note that the video has received almost 100 million views.

So this isn't some obscure indy rock band who's gleefully pumping out the MKOFTEN Satanic programming agenda to the world, intentionally or not.

In this context, this shot from "LA Devotee" is worth noting, in which the Eliphas Levi head of Baphomet is superimposed onto the head of Urie. This establishes the new video as a continuation of the story we saw first in "This is Gospel" and continued in "Emperor's New Clothes." 

If so, what exact inference are we to draw then, given that the setting and presentation segues from entirely symbolic to entirely real?

The question then becomes where are these ideas coming from and who the hell thought this was a good idea for a pop video? Someone is feeding this kind of imagery into the mainstream and more besides. Instead of lapsing into the kneejerk defense posture people should begin to ask themselves who's orchestrating all of this and what are they really after?

It may not be freedom of expression and all the rest of those fine and noble ideals, fa la la.

It may in fact be anything but.

POSTSCRIPT:  I should also point out that I first brought "LA Devotee" up on Tuesday and shortly afterwards the situation in Chicago with video of the young disabled man held hostage and beaten and tortured streamed on Facebook- which was not at all unlike what we saw in the video- hit the news.

So I'd say this is incredibly topical.

UPDATE 1645 EST: There's also this:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - Esteban Santiago, the accused killer at the crowded baggage claim area of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, told the FBI in November that the government controlled his mind and forced him to watch ISIS videos. 
His maternal aunt, Maria Ruiz, who lives in Union City, told reporters in New Jersey that he wasn't the same when he came back from Iraq.  
"He lost his mind," Ruiz said in Spanish, as she referred to a psychiatric hospitalization that occurred after he allegedly suffered from hallucinations.
Santiago served in Iraq with the Puerto Rican National Guard's 13th Engineer Battalion from April 23, 2010 to Feb. 19, 2011. The Pentagon said Santiago had gone AWOL several times during his stint with the Alaska National Guard and was demoted from specialist to private first class.  
He was discharged for "unsatisfactory performance"  and was given a general discharge under honorable conditions, which is lower than an honorable discharge.  

So how was this guy able to get a gun onto a plane? And why does Air Canada seem to have no record of him on any of its flights? 

Don't worry, it's probably all a big coincidence.

NOTE: This quote caught my eye- some radical feminists glommed onto the Tarot as a theme for a photography exhibit in London and perhaps inadvertently blurt out where all these neo-Satanism is really going: 
The occult allows women to embrace their darker sides, and the idea of the sociopathic or evil women can be powerful. It's good for feminist rhetoric to move away from the idea that to be a feminist you have to be nice all the time. It's important to accept there are evil, nasty women in the world who aren't that perfect version of femininity.
"Sociopathic or evil women can be powerful."

So don't pay any attention to the therapeutic happytalk you hear coming from places like the Satanic Temple. There is a real agenda at work out there. The question is who's pulling the strings.


  1. Did you hear about the Florida shooter saying he was mind controlled? This stuff is going mainstream.

    1. I did and I added it to the piece. There's also a Jersey tie-in there.

  2. I see Secret Sun is slowly morphing into Vigilant Citizen

    1. I'll let you know when I have some MONARCH kitten programming puff-pieces to throw up.

  3. Anyone with at least half a high-functioning brain is hypervigilant these days.

  4. I would like to know what is behind all of this too. But regardless, it's up to us to turn as much of the "black magic" or whatever it is -- let us call it pervasive media-based conditioning -- into its opposite by being not only vigilant but also a great deal more positive and proactive in our own (for want of a less academic-sounding term) religio-magical workings. In other words, and just for example, pray. Be with family and community. Go to church if necessary or desirable. Party and/or pray sometimes with music, lots of good music. Be happy. It may sound very reactionary but it's what people did, as much as they could, during wars and grand conflicts.

    When people just hunker down under ground, in church, behind fearful prayers and forgetting how to be light and have fun, that's what's really alarming.

    So I say we shouldn't let it happen, all the more so in case it's what "they" want us to do/be!

    1. I couldn't have said it better myself. There's so much darkness and evil being pumped out at us we really need to keep our wits about us. It's a struggle but there's no alternative.

    2. this brand of satanism and occultism seems legitimately evil and frightening as opposed to things like the Misfits, Rob Zombie movies or even Slayer which all have a tongue-in-cheek vibe about them. This seems far more fucking serious, probably because they are showing simulated RA rituals (and the singer is NOT playing a role, as you pointed out). Plus the music is horrible.

  5. Whoever is pulling the strings is whoever stands the most to gain from society collapsing like Rome did. I think its really what is at the heart of globalization, what's changed is that everything is being accelerated now. Lots of button-pushing, provocation, memetic engineering, disinformation, distraction, divide & conquer, false-flag terror & mass murder happening more often, faster & faster. End result: no one knows what's true/real anymore, uncertainty & fear rule the day & everyone is at each other's throats. Or too weighed down by apathy, nilhism, narcissism, susbtance abuse, depression, etc. to notice what's going on. Take your pick. Regardless, maybe the best thing we can do now is to look at what happened the last time this occurred in history & take a lot of notes. & prepare accordingly.

    1. Again, couldn't have said it better myself. And note that the same week I picked up this thread again we saw this poison well up in the media with the Chicago horror show and the Fort Lauderdale mass shooting. The video here came out in September but it seemed like I smelled something in the air that drove me to address it now.

  6. Thanks for exposing me to this rotten turd of a musician. I've got kids. I give them alot of freedom but I try not to let them stick their tongue in an electric socket. I support free speech and the marketplace of ideas. That's all it is. A marketplace. I love nine inch nails, or I did when I was younger. I remember being shocked once when someone said, oh you listen to that, that's satanic. Looking back, much of what resonated was the rage, the angst, and it doesn't grab me the same way now as it did once. I'm in a different season of life. The thrash of a NIN or a Ministry or a KMFDM were actually directed quite clearly at the controllers, the purveyors a NWO, which often includes organized religion. Quite a bit has come to light about the Catholic Church and their generational habits since I was in high school. The rumors and the jokes came true and I can still hear the air coming out of that balloon. (It might take another 1000 years.) Quite a few rascals and simpletons get attracted to the dark side, but there does seem to be this thread of actual malicious human wickedness here. A vigilant citizen type site will see a demon under every doily in a specific religious context. As a human, with ethics, I can smell the distinctive rot of LA from my perch 2 states over.

    1. Though I am a fan of the music I think a case can be made for continuity between videos such as this and images found in Reznor's Happiness in Slavery, Closer and Broken. At the very least, even if without intention, there is a priming effect for the acceptance of ritualized violence.

    2. I see no direct continuity. Though, the music video(s) made for Broken aren't really something I'd recommend to anybody. The song happiness in slavery was in part directed at the record company Reznor was originally signed with. He was taking a piss, as they say. NIN was nihilism in a way that distinctly fit in with the downer rock stylings of the nineties. It's not safe space music, but it also doesn't leave us with the idea that abusing kids is some kind of glamorous inevitably. When Reznor grew up to the age of 27 or so the fire was gone and the only thing left was a composer-producer. Good for him, he survived.

    3. This isn't NIN or some Industrial or Metal band, this is a teeny bopper pop band pushing this kind of crap out in front of millions of eyeballs. And there's deeper meaning or artistic statement being made here. What's more this was put together by producers who normally work for major corporate clients. It's just utter incomprehensible. I have no problem with dark or scary themes per se but this crosses over into something else entirely different. This is the kind of mentality a Trent Reznor would be protesting against.

  7. I've always despised satanists and their imagery which to me is an inversion and a perversion of holy and sacred symbols which when shown rightwise indicate a return of the soul back to the Good. Black magicians and satanists pervert this. Obviously an inverted pentagram represents the spirit trapped in dead matter or the world of suffering. I engaged in magical combat with a satanist in Berkeley, Ca in late 2014. I was victorious. Also, because I haven't seen this anywhere on this site: AHRIMAN. I surely believe that the incarnation of Ahriman is approaching or has already happened.

    1. Satanism is poison in the body politic. It's social suicide. And what's more it's actual dull and sad when you really strip away the artifice and showmanship.

  8. Another recent music news headline featured rapper Azealia Banks, who announced in December via an Instagram video that she was cleaning up years worth of chicken blood and gore from her studio floor, while mentioning that she is a practicing brujeria. "Real witches do real things" was a standout quote in the article. In my view, she was probably simply trolling for attention in the aftermath of the "Spiritcooking" news story, but her attitude and swagger does seem to point to your postscript about the potential link of occult violence to current trends in female empowerment.

    1. I saw that. That seems a bit more marginal since I don't equate Santeria with Satanism. But I'm not a big fan of animal sacrifice. And in this day and age it's not actually a sacrifice if you're not a farmer. The whole idea of animal sacrifice was giving something up that belonged to you, that cost you something. A millionaire picking up a chicken to kill in a ceremony doesn't really count. She should burn some of her money.

  9. I've been following this blog silently (stalkishly?) without comment for a very long time now, but now you've hit a bit close to home. This is really the sort of communication I'd normally reserve for private email, but I couldn't find a link. I suppose I could use Facebook, but, you know. Facebook. Anyway, here are the bones of it.

    One of the touring members of this band is my former brother-in-law. When I started seeing them go on the late night circuit, I hardly recognized him. Then I saw they'd scored a spot on Dick Clark's New Year's Eve, and I wondered just how much of his soul he'd sold. Now I know.

    I also looked them up on Wikipedia. I noticed that instead of the familiar name he'd been using, he's now going by all three names like a serial killer. WTF?

    But it didn't start there. His family is knee deep in the things you've been writing about. A father working for Rocky Flats near Denver after a stint in the Navy, a golden parachute, then a lucrative job redacting classified documents after the installation closed. An obsessed, hovering mother that was oddly out of touch and that he warned me was "crazy." In fact, I started researching MK Ultra while I was married to the aforementioned band-member's brother. He seemed to have memories of a rather violent life he didn't really lead, causing me to believe he was a pathological liar. He would utter strange phrases in his sleep like, "The black box is mine to kill," "Ton was snipping cigars, trying to make history,", and "Time for some box time in the Faraday, and it's a pain in the ass." When he awoke from that last one I asked him if he knew what a Faraday cage was, and he said, "A what?"

    On our honeymoon in Cozumel,(you know, a third-world foreign country where people disappear every day), he casually told me he thought he might be a sociopath. He said he didn't feel guilt or empathy, and had studied the Japanese code called Bushido in order to "build a moral scaffolding in order to fit better into society." Nice.

    Anyway, I divorced him after discovering much of this and didn't tell a soul who knew him why I did. I had no desire to trash him. I just bowed out gracefully and went away.

    I'm sad and disappointed to see what the brother in law has gotten himself into. I'd hoped that he had escaped the madness, that maybe it had been placed on his older brother entirely and left him unscathed. I guess not.

    1. This is all very interesting. Is there any way you can verify this? I'd be very interested to see who we're talking about and where and when and so forth. Please let me know.

      I just heard the fox scream outside my window, by the way...

    2. I wouldn't mind giving you more details, but I felt strange and exposed even being so vague on a public forum. I wasn't trying to be mysterious. I just don't want a Google search to point here.

      Not to mention I always really liked the BIL in question. He was always a very nice guy, somewhat innocent or naive, in fact.

      I did try to go to the Secret Sun FB page to send a message, but I saw that it was no longer up. That's kind of like my page-- I haven't logged in for ages!

    3. The FB group is still around, I just made it secret. Get in touch with me and I'll send you an invite.

  10. Note that at 1:46 of the video the coyote is consuming the deer's genitals. A common enough behavior for both coyote & foxes but given the context of the video other considerations are apparent. Second to the obvious depiction of psychosexual torture, crop circle to cattle mutilation comes to mind.

    1. Yeah, the whole thing is very studied and choreographed. Whoever put this together knows what they are doing. Disturbing.

    2. Christopher,
      Such deep sadness when I read, react to this. @Vagchandra is pointing to a better direction. I feed the birdies, watch the geese fly over, stand in awe of the seasons as they change here in Colorado.

      My opinion, can not verify but the use of pre adolescent children is probably like stem cell work in medical research. you want hormone free cells and probably hormone free children for rituals. Some thing about un"adulterated" life energy to be used for who knows what.

      There is a war in Heaven and we humans are just in the way of it. Some how tapping into us humans gives strength to these energy systems for lack of a better word(s).

      Some of the most nefarious people in the world right now are not the despots, but the folks up on Sandhill Road/ Silicon Valley. Won't go into that cult apparatus. Much more thinking before I can comment, it just gets confusing for me.

      Oh, edgy or street or whatever word to use to make one feel superior should be banished from the lexicon.

      I guess I should go to the outback of Australia, Dream bigger, enchant more, and enthrall my life.

      Be well,


    3. Yeah, I know the feeling. You just want to escape. But it's everywhere you go now. Very sad and upsetting. When does the tide turn?

  11. They want our progeny, our kin, our imaginations. Again, Chris, thank you for having the courage to tackle these topics as effectively and elegantly as you do.

    1. Right back atcha, my man. This is truly some sick shit. Wasn't happy to be reminded my daughter is a fan of this band...

  12. These guys opened up for Weezer this summer and I didn't go just because the music sounded so awful. I still listen to Ministry, Tool, NIN especially on the treadmill after a hard day, it still helps keep healthy mentally and physically. Listening to this would just cause panic and nausea. I'd never seen any video by them before, but holy he'll that is definitely more disturbing than anything the aforementioned bands have ever put to film. Especially with the high pitched squeezing singing and fake instruments. Made me skin crawl.

    1. well put. exactly my thoughts when i heard it.

    2. It's truly Satanic. Marilyn Manson is a silly clown playing at evil. This video is something else entirely. Especially in light of its predecessors.

  13. Didn't "Videodrome" teach us the purpose of the violence? It opens up some sort of pathway in the brain?