Monday, January 18, 2010

"It's Not What it Looks Like"

One of the countless mysteries of ancient Egyptians is how they were able to create elaborate works of art in underground tombs and temples without any substantial evidence of the use of torches or lamps during their creation. Some orthodox Egyptologists suggested that a complex system of mirrors were used to reflect light from the surface and through the labyrinthian tunnels, but attempts to duplicate that effect have failed.

Then there is this famous (or infamous) frieze from a deep, small and hard to access chamber in Denderah, showing what looks (at least to those not at risk of being blacklisted by the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry) like a giant light fixture, complete with bulb, filament, socket, and even a cord attached to a generator, with the enigmatic Djed pillar acting as a stand for the oversized bulb.

But wait- it's not what it looks like.

Egyptologists have argued with this interpretation, pointing out that the filament is a snake and the socket is a lotus flower and the cord has nothing to do with electricity.

Well, that settles that, right?

I mean, Egyptian art was entirely devoid of symbolism, right? When it comes to strict, utilitarian design principles, the Egyptians give the Bauhaus movement a run for their money. They would never, ever incorporate design motifs taken from the natural world into their tools or furnishings.


And they never used correspondences from nature to describe scientific concepts.

Look at this bed, for instance. Look at those clean, sleek, geometric lines- the lack of texture and extraneous ornamentation. Who could possibly believe that these people would depict an active electric filament as a coiling snake?

And the lotus flower- it's as obvious as the nose on your face. After all, no one....

...has ever used floral motifs...
...when designing a light fixture.

Especially a lotus.
This is a symbol of the sun, of creation and rebirth. Because at night the flower closes and sinks underwater, at dawn it rises and opens again.

The generator? Now that's just a box on which Horus sits, supporting that shape that's not a bulb.

You know- Horus, the god of...umm...light.
He was a god of light. His eyes represented the sun and the moon. He was also the brother of Osiris and Seth. Sometimes he was the son, or the husband of Hathor.
And that cable attached to the not-generator? That's the Solar barge traveling across the sky.

Who could possibly interpret that as an electric cable, through which energy travels to an electric light fixture?

Sun, light- crazy talk. No connection whatsoever. Who believes this stuff? Especially when you find it all in a deep underground chamber?

Never mind the fact that the lotus, Horus and the barge trail were all symbols of light.

No possible connection to a light-bulb at all.

OK, enough of that.

You know, I had this idea for a cartoon in the old 60s Playboy style. A guy comes home from work and finds his wife in their bed with a girl, two guys, a sheep, and a Yeti in bondage gear. They're all on a tarpulin coated in canola oil and littered with sex toys, and there's hardcore clownporn playing on the giant screen TV. The punchline?

"It's not what it looks like."

The joke is only slightly less stupid than some of the attacks you see leveled against independent researchers questioning the officially-held version of ancient history. After all, there is compelling physical evidence of outlying technology in the ancient world (as well as anecdotal evidence such as the Ark of the Covenant).

Reasonable people can disagree on these issues, but the firestorm of scorn and ridicule that arises whenever questions are raised indicates a distinct lack of confidence in the so-called 'orthodox' explanations. It leads me to wonder how fragile the old Victorian-era 'certainties' have become.


  1. "It's not what it looks like."

    ? ? ?

    Okay - You're the one who brought up the Playboy cartoon.

    That image in question is of a broad shouldered he-man with a, well, a long fat light bulb protruding upward from his loins.

    It's even balanced on the head of a very curvy woman.

    I know you site Jung a lot on this forum, but Freud might be more apt.

  2. Fabulous rant. The guest room at my parent's house has a lotus flower themed rotating fan/light, which always makes me smile considering all the fanning going on in Egyptian hieroglyphs, and the occasional helicopter.

    Cheers, Michael

  3. Don't worry Chris, eventually they may see the light. :-)
    You may rely on me for all your terrible, trite puns.

    Nice post there with the requisite dash of mildly mocking humour. Is it a riposte to anyone in particular?

  4. Chris, please delete my first blog comment. Thanks.

  5. someone went out of their way to replicate that light bulb , and it worked.
    I read an article on it about three months ago,if i can retrace my steps i will send you a link.

  6. Yesterday I rewatched Ancient Aliens with Childress, Von Daniken and the usual suspects...and they were speaking about this light bulb theory between the many....for the last 24hrs i've been trying to come up with an "official" explanation that was better than "the bulb is the aroma of the lotus flower".....
    And now I come for the daily rendez vouz with "the sun" and there it stands the image......precious! If it wasnt for that "generator" I may even buy for a minute the aroma theory.....
    You provide precious thoughts as always Chris

  7. Hi Cris. Good post.

    It does make you think it might be light related but that's not what I believe it really is. It is exactly what you think it is...a flower. You are correct with the fact that it's symb0olism. Keep in mind that ALL SYMBOLISM is made up to distract you from the truth. The here key words are "distraction", "trance" & "truth".

    With symbols, in general, we (all humanity) has been led to believe that symbols have very deep & complex meanings. Modern day man may or may not be able to translate this meanings. Well that's just not true. The symbols, most of the time, are exactly what you see them as, but with an artistic impression to keep the truth hidden. It's a deception to keep us in a hypnotic trance state.

    I'll leave another comment right after this one with some infornmation on the symbolism of FLOWERS. May be this will help.

    Myself & darkStar post material on symbolism regularly on the blogs. Join us for more information.

    Nuff said!

  8. here you go

  9. There is even hieroglyphs of sperm. Did you ever watch "Magical Egypt"? I got all 6 parts and it's the best doc on Egypt IMO.

    PS Plus the laser cut flower design in that one tomb.

    Tropic of … Disease / De-SIX FLOOD FLOW-ER

    The onslaught of Cancer (throughout the industrialized world especially), is one more hideous plague direct from the Mind of the luciferian egregore. The symbolism attached to this fabricated disease, used to manipulate our reality, also shouts out FLOOD. Shown on the chart below, the Canadian Cancer Society first adopted the "Daffodil Flower" in 1957, in TORONTO, as their logo for an annual event called Daffodil Days.

    The suggestion of using a flower corresponds to the FLOWER GATE on the old city wall of Jerusalem. The Flower Gate was also called HEROD’S Gate, which in itself is suggesting the female Greek mythological figure, HERO, and Hero Worship which is everywhere these days.

    HEROD = HERO of Death = EROS = ARROWS




    FLOWER GATE = FLOW-ER Y-ATE = FLOW Water I Ate = Flow Water Supper

    The Flood of the Nile is celebrated on July 4th in Egypt. This is the anniversary date that the USA became a nation in 1776. The number 1776 divided by 2 = 888. There are subliminal connection that links the number 888, the Daffodil Flower & the Flood.

    The Old City Walls of Jerusalem – ORION’S Gate


    The location of the present day 8 Gates of Jerusalem. are on the north wall, at the east end (to the right), Herod’s Gate, also called the "Flower Gate", as well as the Sheep Gate on occasion. The Flower Gate has a direct connection to the Haiti EQ, to CUBA, to Florida, & many of the southeastern & midwest states. The 8 Gates on the Old City Wall symbolize the number of angles in the Octagon, which is 8 angles. This angle is shown on the city wall, and is 135 degrees.

    1+3+5=9 the number of the FALL.

    Location of the FLOWER – FLOWING GATE

    The FLOWER GATE as it pertains to its symbolic location in relation to the Pacific Ocean, is symbolic of the City of Jerusalem. The Flower Gate is located just to the north of the LIONS GATE, which is symbolized by the LIONS PEAKS and the LIONS GATE BRIDGE at Vancouver, and the site of the 2010 Olympics. The Flower Gate is situated in the northern Canadian Arctic region, extending to Greenland, including the whole Arctic Ocean.

    Two flowers mentioned in religious writings are the Rose and the Lily. Symbolically, these refer to the rising water, & to death. The word FLOWER is, in itself, a subliminal, meaning the ability to FLOW. Therefore, FLOWERS suggests WATER FLOWING, at the same time remaining hidden to the all who come in contact with the suggestion. The notions attached to the symbolism of FLOWERS, FLOWING, and FOLLOWING, work together to create again, an ever deeper trance state. This is the major subliminal locked within the concept of the constellation ORION. Of which there are 88 constellations, all wrapped up in 8 groups. (With HAITI suggesting 80).

    Orion is the Royal Ion, the father god of all that exists in the 3 dimensional plane. The Ion, is the Eye On, the illusory light that manifests as the CURRENT of WATER that FLOWS through all that is 3D. This Ion, Orion, is suggested, and supported by continuous suggestions throughout this illusory plane, in a subliminal manner, whereby, the concept of Orion as god, seems to make sense, and seems to create a sense of reality, but without any real value or worth.

    Haiti-Cuba-Florida-Carolina’s-Virginia-Georgia-Alabama-Mississippi-Arkansas-Missouri-Illinois-Indiana-West Virginia-Tennessee-Kentucky

    Flowers of Orion – The Wedding Flowers

    Every wedding needs FLOWERS… the southeast & midwest states form the bouquet. The state illustrated is to the suggestion of a FLOW, or a FLOOD. The FLOOD of FLORIDA, in particular.

    BOUQUET = BA-KA = KA-BA = Kabaah = Kabbala

    The Tree of Life, … "the Flower of Life in the Garden of NEED". (This one line here may be what the Drawing is all about)
    Nuff Said!

  11. C!- Says the Synchrosphere's resident studmuffin! Actually, now that I think about that guy does look like one of those ancient giant fellows we keep hearing about...

    Michael- The occasional helicopter- ha! Of course the possibility that people based their designs on those enigmatic images never enters the equation. Particularly considering what we know about some of those chaps. Why? Maybe because when someone's talking crap in order to cover something up they tend to get sloppy. Who knows? Just putting that out there.

    Justin- No, just in general. Just a lonely rant eulogizing the demise of independent thought. Sigh...

    Baab- Oh, PLEASE do, my friend.

    Nick- Aliens don't necessarily have to figure into the equation, which is why I didn't bring them up.

    But again- the shills scramble so hard to naysay any possibility of that that they also talk themselves out of any other explanation. Remember that old trope about AAT being demeaning and insulting to human genius? Why doesn't human genius apply to evidence of primitive electrical apparatus? It's a lot more credible than moving 200 ton blocks of stone around with handwound ropes and fig tree trunks.

  12. JTO- Thanks for the symbolic upload, sir.

    Quarkie- Cheers for the tips. I gotta go rewatch those.

    Baab- thanks for the link- I gotta hunt down the rest of that.

  13. of course they had electricity.
    There was even a battery discovered, which consisted basically of a clay body, with an iron copper or bronze rod in the middle, and the cavity was filled with vinegar. There you go, electrical current
    It produced enough electricity to melt gold foil for gold coverings.

    Its ignorant to think ancient cultures werent smart enough to figure stuff like this out on their own, or invent it.

  14. Your welcome Chris.

    One more thing which is Flower realted...


    The Rose of Babylon, The Egyptian Order of the Rosy Cross, The Holy Rosary of the Vatican, The London Rose, all of which lead to the White House and the Rose Bush family and their famous Rose Garden.

    It doesn’t end there, however. The Rose continues within the Qing Dynasty and ultimately to the Pacific Ocean that Rose, and is Rising for the final calamity.

    These chosen people of Babylon became known as god’s chosen people and, through a series of mythical maneuverings throughout these illusory ages, with countless conjured up ‘god stories’, the ultimate favoured nation of the luciferian lord became known as the Israelites. Remember though, it was only the rulers of the empire who laid claim to the divine right to rule. They in turn adopted a group (common Babylonians) to manipulate via the sharing of kabbalistic knowledge. Thus the shaman/priest was anointed and religion was established. Even today, many jewish people still practise kabbalism as part of their faith. However, it’s not only in judaism that one sees the kabbalistic principles applied (kabbalism is sun god or light worship).

    Christianity is also kabbalism. As is Islam and every form of religion in the world, including atheism. Different names, rituals and holy days have been applied, but the worship of a supreme being, the LIGHT, is the ultimate dogma. That supreme being is the light bringer, luciferian egregore, the conjuring group creator, who in turn are the kabbalistic group of thinking entities.


    As the centuries slid by kabbalism was employed by many other groups. Eventually it was passed into the hands of the Christian Roman Catholic Church and the Society of Jesuits. The Knights Templar (the Christian Crusaders) also laid claim to this knowledge around 1000 AD, which morphed into the Secret Society of Freemasonry as well as other Secret Societies today. The mystic knowledge is passed on to whomever is appointed to further the luciferian agenda, which agenda is, the intellectual learned knowledge of the 3 dimensional illusion. Learned knowledge is kabbalistic mind control through hypnotic repetitious indoctrination, be it religious or scientific in its make up.

    Nuff Said!

  15. I see you Chris, The Djed instrument is a curious generator device. The Baalbek foundation stones three of which are 800 tones, are in my opinion proof of an advanced technology. Why people fail to see these examples is a case of denial/religious bias. Dennis

  16. "Why people fail to see these examples is a case of denial/religious bias. Dennis"

    Because PEOPLE are Sheeple and they are in FEAR. That's what Religon and Science does for creates fear. So then we look for security, which they really is no such thing. We trun to the very people that mess with us for protection (US Gov as exple) to keep us happy and feel safe...NOT!

    IE. If we didn't break laws we won't need police! If we didn't have laws...then we couldn't break them!

    What I'm saying here is that if each individidual was responsible simply to doing the right things in their own lives then everyone could function at some level of harmony or higher conciousness.

    BUT this is not what our LEADERS (all kinds) want. They want all of us to be HYPNOTIZED and distracted all the times.

    Nuff Said!

  17. P.S. Note the WEIGHT of the 3 foundation stones...800 tones X 3...
    sublimanl # 888 for total control.

    DarkStar will like that one. :)

    Nuff Said!

  18. Hey Chris,

    Is there a way we could get our college bookstore to carry your book,"Our Gods Wear Spandex?" We now carry,"The Physics of Superheroes - 2nd edition," and it would be nice to have yours here as well.


  19. Michael- contact Red Wheel Weiser directly. They'd be happy to help. Leave your info if you can't get through.

    I'm super busy right now- will respond to everyone's excellent comments as soon as possible.

  20. Having seen your picture (and the surrounding murals) in one of the much-older-than-above cramped tunnels under Dendera (also home of the famous Egyptian Zodiac) with my very own two eyes...

    I'll go with Light Bulb but more likely, LASER.


  21. it looks like an Egg plant to me

  22. The Djed is a prodigious energy source, all right—It is the base of your spine.

    Those who master it, I am told, become "Jedi".

  23. Denzel Washington in The book of Eli says, "It's the Flower of Light in a Field of Darkness" Johny Cash quote

  24. nice article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did any one know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

  25. Chris,

    I recently read a quote that made me think of you and all the secret sun readers.

    Michael H.

    "the work which now has to be done is to work out the concept of synchronicity. I don't know the people who will continue it. They must exist, but I don't know who they are."

    Carl Jung's student and close associate Marie-Louise van Franz

  26. Hi Chris

    For me at first look reminded about a female ovary and the serpent - a spermium's tale
    below i see also a simbol for twins.... i migth be way off, but everyone sees what his mind was set to think about certain images.

  27. When did you level up Chris? I feel like I'm reading "SecretSunPlus", now with extra WTF?!

  28. I find it both absolutely believable and oddly hilarious to imagine these dudes marching around on their pyramid construction sites with old-school flashlights.
    "But, but," the skeptics will cry, "Benjamin Franklin discovered electricity with a key tied to a kite!"

  29. The body of a 6 feet tall male with "very long fingers" washed ashore on Plum Island, NY.

    "He was wearing a light green three button short sleeve shirt, green cargo pants with buttons inscribed with the words “God Body Collection," brown loafer style size 10 shoes, blue plaid boxer style underwear and a belt with a buckle inscribed with the words “Stacy Adams."

  30. "[The Egyptians] say that the first principle is matter; then that the four elements were formed out of matter and divided, and that some animals were created, and that the sun and moon are gods, of whom the former is called Osiris and the latter Isis . . . They consider that the world had a beginning and will have an end, and that it is a sphere; they think that the stars are fire, and that it is by a combination of them that the things on earth are generated; that the moon is eclipsed when it falls into the shadow of the earth; that the soul is eternal and migratory; that rain is caused by the changes of the atmosphere . . . They claim to themselves the merit of having been the inventors of geometry, and astrology, and arithmetic." (Diogenes Laertius)

    Just primitive savages, right?

  31. godbody collection is a clothing line. not as exciting as it initially sounds.

  32. Let me get this work off of my desk and I'll dive into these comments later. Great stuff- keep it coming!

  33. I know anon, so is Stacy Adams (a brand of pimp gear), but what does it means in terms of synchs?

  34. JTO- To be honest, 'Lucifer' and 'Luciferian' are meaningless terms to me. 'Luciferian' is really just an epithet that has no real basis in history. It's essentially the same thing as calling someone a poopyhead. There's no major sect or organization that calls itself such, there's no real Luciferian canon or liturgy or anything like that. The Pike quotes are a well-known forgery and the mythology mostly comes from Milton. The only reason the name has any currency outside of describing the planet Venus is because one of King James' incompetent translators used it in place of the name Hyllel. But that's it- even in the Bible there's nothing to learn about this character. Lucifer was a cool comic, though, even if the titular character was such a douche.

    Dennis- Well, that's just it. There are questions people don't want answered.

    SE- Laser? Didn't consider that. Interesting....

    JR- Ha! How's Book of Eli? Looks like a renter, though Denzel's the man and Mila is always turbo hot.

    Eleleth- Well, maybe, but it doesn't look like it.

    Michael- Very apt quote. Cheers.

    Ela- Twins? Interesting- loaded symbolism there.

    BL- Secret Sun Plus! Now with 50% more sync power!

    Mark- They had an awfully long time to figure stuff like that out. The fact that it's so obviously being covered up is highly revealing to me.

    Yacaret- I saw that. Very long fingers- what the hell does that mean?

    Eleleth- I don't think anyone sees the Egyptians as primitive in any sense of the word. The Greeks certainly admired them, that's for sure.

  35. @ Christopher Knowles, Amen to that.

    "The Devil" is, historically, the God of any people that one personally dislikes. This has led to so much confusion of thought that THE BEAST 666 has preferred to let names stand
    as they are, and to proclaim simply that AIWAZ -- the solar- phallic-hermetic Lucifer -- is His own Holy Guardian Angel,and "The Devil" SATAN or HADIT of our particular unit of the
    Starry Universe. This serpent, SATAN, is not the enemy of Man, but HE who made Gods of our race, knowing Good and Evil; He bade "Know Thyself!" and taught Initiation. He is "the Devil" of the Book of Thoth, and His emblem is BAPHOMET, the Androgyne who is the hieroglyph of arcane perfection." ~ Crowley

    Personally sometimes I like to throw the "devil" into a conversation to see if someone is open minded enough to get past some made up red guy with a pitch fork. I know that sounds cruel ,but sometimes I want to think outside the religion box, so to speak.

  36. Chris,
    Regarding ovary, womb, twins are very comon in imagery, i also recall some godess image with huge number of unborn in the womb and somewhere i read about that in those times somehow it was more common to have multiple babys than only one.

  37. [url=][/url]