Monday, August 06, 2018

Life's Still A Riot with Spy vs Spy

The big news today is that Big Tech purged Alex Jones from their platforms in what looks like a coordinated effort. Everyone's going to have their own opinions on this but mine is that this is the latest skirmish in the ongoing spywar raging beneath the placid summer surface in this great land of ours.

The MSM has been handed its talking points-- Sandy Hook, "hate," "bullying," etc-- but the real problem here is Jones' very close ties to the Trump Administration, who've been increasingly bellicose in their war with the media (meaning their war with the various agencies who dictate talking points to that media) lately.

Everyone knows this is all bullshit, no matter whether they love or loathe the move. Most "Truthers" think Jones is a shill and have no time for him or his operation. InfoWars hasn't really been a "conspiracy" site for quite some time, it's really just a slightly-more manic Breitbart with vaguely-cultic undertones.

But it's a symbolic strike and one the Trump people are going to have to respond to.  

Seeing as how this move against Jones has been telegraphed for quite some time I can't imagine it hasn't been wargamed. Interesting to note that there's a full-court press against the "Qanon" op being launched simultaneously with this little purge here. 

Anyhow, if you disagreed with my pronouncements last week that conspiracy culture is dead, there's your evidence. Sitting around reading digital tea leaves and "trusting the plan" of one of the warring factions in an intramural war doesn't really fit the bill, in my stupid opinion at least. 

I will say this latest turn makes me wonder just how the internal polling is actually reading for November as well. Any rumors, leaks or conjectures can be entered in the comments.

I don't know what exactly to think about these LARP riots in Portland. Should I be encouraged that they've produced far, far less actual violence than I personally witnessed any given weekend at a Boston hardcore show (or any given Friday night in Kenmore Square) back in the day or should I be depressed we've become so emasculated as a culture as to confuse flash grenades with actual ordnance?

Cast your vote in the comments.

Listen, LARPers-- if you think those little love-taps this weekend were an over-reaction on the part of the city, I honestly hope you're never in a situation where you've actually pissed off the authorities. 

Do the words "street-sweeper," "frag bomb" or "white phosphorus" mean anything to you? They really should. If not, look them up. 

In the meantime,  I'm glad all you're all getting some fresh air and sunshine. Power to the people!


In other news, a lot of folks have been telling me about this event, at the Thule AFB in Greenland. 

No seriously, Thule.

Was it really a meteor or some kind of strike from an orbital platform? Was it Boris Vladinov letting the nascent Space Force know that he's got some new toys he's dying to test out? I haven't an actual clue, but I do have my theories. And so apparently does everyone else.

Interesting to note that this attack on "Thule" happened the same date that Constantine became the Emperor of Rome.

The past week was chalk-full of other interesting events as well, significantly the final report from the LVMPD on the Harvest 91 situation:

And we seem to have gotten further evidence on how Star Trek: Discovery is actually faring in the ratings with the exciting announcement of a new Jean-Luc Picard-centered Trek series. This announcement came the next day after the Harvest 91 report. 

Three guesses where.

In a stunning stroke of random chance, 9 crewpeople were announced for the SpaceX Dragon mission just a few days earlier.

A Council of Nine, if you will. 

Don't touch that dial-- I have an update on the Ring of Fire situation at The Solar Satellite. Click here now!!!


  1. also of note is that Infowars was subjected to this after they were one of the only sites to carry the #metwo accusations of one Tiffany Fitzhenry last week. Try as I might, I was unable to find another *news site* that carried her particular view on things... you k-now, Hollywood as basically a CIA-front and all the associated soul selling and mind control, et. al.

  2. Jones is a fookin tool. This little kerfuffle will only help the bastard’s ratings.
    Q is Psyop McPsyopface from Psyopville.

    1. Chewbacca. WOOKIE.

      Ewoks. ENDOR.

      Chewbacca ENDOR.

      Ask yourself why?

      They are SCARED.

      Trust the plan.

      Chortle my balls.


    2. Hah... QAnon...

      "Wouldn't it be great if we got all the enemies of the intelligence world and the government to identify themselves by following special links to .gov sites?"

      "We could create a fake conspiracy pied piper op and post lots of links to PDF documents and claim they're incriminating to politicians. Make it a hodge podge of every conspiracy theory since 1970. Host the PDFs on sites like All the traffic will go through the US Fed TIC and we'll get everyone's location, browser version, OS fingerprint, and IP address and we can cross-correlated with Facebook and Google data for identities."

      "Hah... that would never work! Nobody is that stupid..."

    3. QAnon strikes me as a sort of modern version of the Gemstone File:

    4. Did you know there was even talk on the great awakening (Q cult gathering place on reddit) that JFK Jr. faked his death and his big come back is being part of the Q team to drain the swamp?

      They also don't trust any "outside comms" - so, anything other than the word of Q isn't allowed.

      The Flavor-Aid is strong.

    5. 34 comments from anonymous. Get your own site. Too much anonymous me thinks.

    6. Dennis, or do you prefer Mr. 87? I, anon 4:42, only made that one comment on this post - well, to be fair, this is my second. I don't see any comment from you relating to this thread; to which I was including info about the discussion of Q being a psyop.

      Methinks you over concern yourself with the name attached to comment (I mean, you counted them?). "Reply as" only has a few options - if you don't have a URL, blogger or google account to link to, there is no other way to comment. I appreciate Chris' content and find good nuggets of insight in some of the comments, regardless if it from an "anon" or someone with a made up interweb name.

  3. I never watched more than 30 seconds of Alex Jones, it always felt like WWE. Plus the fact that all the people over the years who did real analysis and good reporting are all dead so...

    Does the primary even matter? I'm trying to decide if I should even vote anymore.

    First I heard about the meteor strike, must be something else. Space Weapons Yay! now where's my flying car?

    Portland, Hipsters being hard luls

    I'm really surprised SP didn't get slandered more.

    Great post as is usual.


    1. It never ceases to astound me how many people vote. I mean, most people are smart enough to realize that Christian rituals are just that, and the bread and wine don't really transform into flesh and blood, right? Then why do people sincerely expect that the voting ritual will really magically transform the votes into a good government? If you have a good (or bad) government, it surely can have nothing to do with the voting ritual.

  4. It looks like a ratcheting up of the full spectrum cultural dominance program by the Deep State/MKUltra/Luciferian/(insert label here) cabals. I don't care what your political orientation is, if you can't see the outlines of the brave new techno-Orwellian future staring (and stomping) you in the face, then you have nothing to worry about; keep shopping, staring at your phone and cursing the media-approved villain du jour and all will be well.

    Here again, it seems that Jack Kirby was prophetic with his tyrannical “Mind Monitor” Luciferian AI overmind, which you've discussed. I remember back in the 90s when I actually believed that the internet and Silicon Valley could be liberating forces in the world; LOL, how naive and ridiculous that looks now.

    1. I remember the 90s Internet, too. And I remember exactly when it became clear that the Internet wasn't going to become any sort of beacon of freedom: when the geeks stopped being the majority and the ordinary people became the majority, that's when dictatorial community guidelines appeared in lots of sites, "halls of flames" disappeared from forums because people didn't have that much respect for what other people had to say, etc.

      The truth is, most ordinary people don't love freedom all that much. And part of the reason is that they dream of becoming little tyrants in their own little world. And they know they can't have that if some form of slavery isn't acceptable.

  5. Madness! Truly these are The End Times! This will only make him stronger!

  6. Maybe Alex Jones really did violate standards, or I guess maybe they don't matter if the guy is on your side?

    1. Standards are for unimportant people. Beyond a certain level of fame (and Alex Jones has it) it's all politics.

      Not that I like Alex Jones at all. The only think of him I like is his slogan: "There's a battle going on for your mind". But just because I'm glad someone's kicked his ass, I'm not going to say that it's because the rules apply to him too and justice has been served, because I don't believe it for a moment.

    2. Would assume this didn't help:

      Any normal person doing the same would be sitting in a cell now.

  7. Apparently the meteor did not hit anything since it burned up in the atmosphere. It was quite big and showy. I guess it was more "rocket's red glare" than "destroyer of worlds". You feeling the ritual symbolism now? Doesn't it make you tear up and want to salute something?

  8. We should all be very afraid. Globalists are rigging the next election.

    1. Globalists have rigged every election since 1963.

  9. Chris,

    re: Thule strike - This reminds me of the kinetic bombardment weapon we (and everyone else, I'm sure) have been working on for a while. I've heard it called several names: Lazy Dog, Rods From God, Little Stick. All pretty much the same thing, dropping a small and undetectable rod or bundle projectile of something that could survive re-entry more or less intact and hits like a small nuke but without the radiation.

    Funny, this very thing was the feature event in a DC comic book, The Wild Storm, only this past month. That book is all about a war between intelligence agencies, one each ruling the Earth and the sky.

    1. The Thule lives on today.
      It is an ideology but something more.
      Oddly enough I happened to capture the last part of the film 'Green Lantern' last night. (no intention upon such)
      'Parallax' is a decent reference here.
      Steiner has his opinions on 'Ahriman'.
      Matter and it's mad dance with Anti-Matter.
      The negation of life itself.
      It was supposed to cancel 'itself' out anyway right?
      I don't think so.
      But all of this pathetic bullshit aside we are talking about "LIFE" here!
      The "ONE" experiencing 'itself'.
      We are all a 'part' of 'that'.

  10. This might be off topic but it can't be as this is a blog about synchs and well, I just gotta get this off my chest. Hopefully won't be boring - forgive the OT Mr Knowles.

    So here we go - mega mega synchs.

    A few weeks ago I posted here that 6 *terror* incidents took place in Europe over a span of a few years, each one on the 22nd of the month.

    I qualified with the Ariana Grande Manchester arena - 22 years after the arena was built a 22 year old man allegedly detonated a bomb at 22.31, killing 22 people and 22 members of the public were arrested and not a one charged. Yadda yadda.

    So deep breath chest clearing time..... here we go

    Two weeks ago I decided for some reason to read Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsythe. Fair to say, a good page turner. So tonight, I start The Odessa File. And low and behold if Mr Forsythe doesn't tell us that Jack Kennedy wasn't just assassinated at 12.22pm.


    All those years ago. Now, it doesn't matter if that is a minute or two out, what matters is that this best-selling author is installing that number in the public consciousness.

    But of course, it couldn't end there could it? Nooooop.

    Hell nooooop!!!

    Chris and many others know for a fact you cannot begin to fathom any of this if your scope is not all encompassing, multi-levels, multi-dimensional. Correct no? Multi, mega facetted.

    Some months ago I saw a youtube (if pushed I can and will find it but it might take a little while) where this guy visits a restaurant deep in the French countryside. It is in a Knights' Templar chapel and that is the dining room. Quaint and weird, full on. No doubt. Now here's the rub...

    The name of that restaurant was -


    But it really gets better, because inside the restaurant, on the wall and on the menus, the name was -


    An extra 2.

    Now the chap, and he is frickin intrepid, tried to explain this extra digit, and really - 100% greatest respect and admiration for him. Totally off base.

    If you had my experience, you would have no doubt, none whatsoever, that the three 'twos' represent three dimensions, and when you go inside, you enter the restaurant, go within, you find the fourth dimension.

    The kingdom of heaven is within, but I am going to quote very, very, very specifically, so is the place where "the waxed and the waned go".

    Probs the only person who can come close to relating on this blog is JB, and I wasn't near death. It is my daily experience. It is not possible to relate, you have no reference point, nobody ever could......100% sincere. But Mr Knowles is very, close.

    Clue, don't go blind and seek the truth of life - might be more, far, far more than you could ever imagine handling..


    1. I'm sure I'm nowhere near where I'd need to be to make sense of your rambling, but still I wonder: does this have anything to do with a Time Cube or Steven Cullinane?

  11. Re my last lengthy post. If you really want to fully understand the significance of the number 22 - forget tarot yadda (although this is relevant) search the word *hesp* and understand it must be doubled. 22.

    I don't subscribe to the nonsense that you have to do the research yourself. Sometimes, it just isn't possible, you can do all the research you jolly well desire and not come remotely close. Secreecy is all that is wrong with this world. It's a joining light and dark, and male and female, two joinings, not one. The tarot shows one, there are two.

    Humanity will go through it. *Star* lore is all.


    1. Anon8:02, 'must research yourself' isn't nonsense in those cases where the journey of discovery is necessary to grok the answer one finds along the way.

      Some things are so mind boggling, or require such a paradigm shift (red pill, etc.), that unless you walk the necessary path yourself you cannot learn (become enlightened).

      Funnily enough 'learn' comes from 'leornian' which means 'to follow another's path'.

  12. 33: Chief Danielle Outlaw of Portland, eh? Nice name...

  13. Silly Con Valley is also a us taxpayer funded In-Q-Tell / CIA front. "Social Media is making children regress to mentality of three-year-olds,says top brain scientist" Explains the tide pod eating American Generation Y and their pronounced Iphone addicted anti-intellectual Culture.

    1. That link shows error page now. Maybe it hit too close. I've personally noticed this regression phenomenon with adults for the last 5 years or so and it sure seems real to me. Maybe infantilizing adult America was the beta testing before trying to infantilize those closer to infancy.

      A disturbing number of adults, some beyond midlife, have been acting like immature kids rather than the adults they pretend to be. It was quite I shock when I realized this. Being on some private professional listservs has taught a chilling lesson about how politically and emotionally immature these "seniors" can get when their buttons are pushed. They start making "arguments" a junior high debater could dismember with little effort, all from the purported heights of wisdom their age has allegedly bestowed upon them. Picture a baby wearing a stethoscope lecturing you about your health habits at your next doctor's visit. It's that bad with some professionals and the respect I've lost has been immense.

    2. I wonder whether social networks are doing this - instant reward, likes, praise for shallow or dumb actions mixed with 24/7 availability via mobiles.

      Just look at old comments on Internet sites from, say a decade ago. Sure there would be some trolls and annoying types but overall people made arguments you could agree or disagree with & you could spend a few fun hours reading through such material with no problems.

      This seems to have been replaced with "LOL, KYS LOSER!!!" anger mixed in with robotic adherence to some ideology or other.

      Geek culture is pretty poisonous now* and older people who would normally know better are just as bad - see any discussion on Brexit in the UK press for example.

      *especially where women are concerned. The 2000s guys who'd post lame comments ("Do you have a BF? You so fine, baby") have grown up into... something else ("GET CANCER, THOT!!!")

      Some insane real-life mind-control shit going on.

  14. Okay, me again, had to think about my statement that 'you' don't have any reference point. It is going to rub backs. I'm sorry but tis a fact. That's all I can say. Really, tis true. My wife lives with it, 32 years, knows the truth. I'm bleeding out here.

    It's all about frequency and energy and that is exactly what the constellations and specific stars represent - I can't give you proveable answers in this regard, I just saying it is a nailed on fact. Take it or leave it. Well, I could make certain statements but then you would dismiss me even quicker than you do now. There is no reference point that I can help you to help yourself. Sorry - I struggle myself at times, most of the time.

    Thing is, to every frequency, there is an opposite frequency. Chris quotes quite often Revelation and I say to you 1, 2, 3, upload of the same consciousness. Not demonic AI. That is an upload of the same being. Fact. Take it or feck it. Nailed on fact. The same consciousness 1, 2, 3. It separated and uploaded into three beings - prior to that, in the time of the 'gods' it became the giant on the feed plane. Fact. Thousands of years ago.

    I am not here to mislead, I am here because I love Mr Knowle's sense of humour and incisive insight But everything I have said above, is true. The world is fullof lies.

    I consider myself an honest and hopefully kind person.

    Star lore.


    New World Order.



    1. "It's all about frequency and energy".
      The rest??
      The 'opposite' of 'this' is 'that'; itself just 'frequency'.
      "Duality"; "Polarity".
      Not demonic AI?
      Not so sure.

  15. Sorry guys but love em or hate em, Jones is a key element to the spiderweb even blogs like this purvey in. If he remains down for the count, this site along with any others with just the faint whisper of ping worthy subjects will be next. You have been warned.

    1. USA Millenniials HATE Free Speech.US-based Big Tech Socialist Media sites should be "Safe Spaces" for the pampered American Millennials.But,why stop there? The whole WWW should be a safe space for them.

    2. Overgeneralize much, 9:33?

  16. "Jean-Luc Picard is back!"

    But to get to the 'Star Trek' future Stewart rapturously sings praises to the majority of Humanity must be exterminated by nuclear conflagration.

    A small price to pay for the assimilated hoping to "Make It So." in unified Borgpaean.

  17. No one pays Alex anymore but he shows up to work anyway. He is just an obvious controlled opposition puppet. He isn't useful to his masters anymore so they're throwing him away as they should. The truth movement doesn't want him either so Bill Hick's ugly brother has no choice but to fade into obscurity. As for the hipsters in Portland maybe they're mad that 35 year old men with graying beards aren't cool anymore.

    1. They are really mad because "Portlandia" was cancelled.Unfortunately,that stupid tv show + Portland Hipsters are no longer relevant.

    2. Anon9:36, yup, this is most likely the issue. The AJ audience of neophyte 'truth seekers' has now been reached to such an extent, that there are diminishing returns in continuing. His work is done.

  18. An important topic, Chris, thanks for bringing it up.

    I'm not surprised censorship has finally arrived on the internet. In the U.S. we may have freedom of the printing press, but never did and never will have freedom of broadcasting nor the internet.

    I love reports from the political fringes, both sides, all sides. I feel saddened by this current silencing.

    I take solace in knowing that the voices of the uncomfortable, the insomniacs, the questioners, the rebels will always find a way to be heard.

    1. Syncra, if you sincerely believe that censorship has "finally" arrived on the Internet because Alex Jones got booted from social media platforms, there is so much wrong with your knowledge of reality it's hard to tell where to start.

      1. There's been censorship in the Internet for a long, long, time. Do you remember the blue ribbon campaign to protect free speech online? I do. You may not have been on the Internet back then. The important thing to know, the campaign essentially lost, for most intents and purposes.
      2. Being banned from social media platforms is hard to describe as "censorship" because, well, Alex Jones is still allowed to publish whatever content he wants on his site. And social media platforms are private companies, so they have the right to boot out anyone they like, for any reason or even no reason at all. Same as restaurants can do that. I dream of a day that most people won't see social media as the main part of the Internet, but I probably dream in vain, I know.
      3. As for "the truth will always come out", or "rebels will find a way"... Honestly, how would you know if the truth rarely came out? Have you even thought that one through?

    2. Ah, the blue ribbon of free speech. I remember those days similarly, as one organization after another got called out for their virtue-signalling ribbon when the practices of the site were ultimately exposed as anything but supportive of free speech.

    3. Maria Rigel, check out, Feral House publishing.

      Lots of fun if you can keep your critical thinking hat on.

    4. The internet today is the printing press of 1800. This is akin to press manufacturers in 1800 showing up and removing presses from printers that publish political speech they disagree with.

    5. Brian H, I agree, it is like the printing press.

      Of course, freedom of speech had to be fought for in the first place. So, once again we will have to fight for our right to public discourse.

  19. Last, definitely last. I'm really steppin' out here.

    I want to stress, full on, there is no reference point for this. None. It is a rarity that will both smile and scare the bollox off you, latter rather than former.

    There is no accounting, no modern time similar account, just the rare ancient one. I've looked and looked. That's it. Stepped out. I didn't think I would do it. There you go. Full on.

    I will say to you an absolute fact, absolute nailed on fact.. I have no care of religion, honestly I do not, but it is a fact, that when the light mixed with the darkness the light dimmed, and the dark shone, like a raven's wing in sunshine. How can you understand this unless you are shown? And can you begin to imagine, to conceive the diff between curse and stuff? When these things are introduced into your body, then the energy can at times be overwhelming. And *light* or should I say *day* might not be quite what you think it is. LOLZ. 'Cept not funny. Don't let anyon tell you no such thing as spirit. It's the ultimate reality.

    Thanks - I needed to do and say all that, I really did.

    Thank you.


  20. A little OT to this particularly post but relevant to this discussion: “Astronomers Found a Rogue Planet 12 Times the Mass of Jupiter” on VICE applemews is the latest iteration of Nibiru/Sitchinesque articles appearing over the last few days. Discovered rogue planet is 20
    Light years away and not just beyond Pluto, but you have to read several grafs into the articles before they reveal the distance...

  21. So maybe a little more on point:
    Anonymous vows to take down, expose QAnon
    Here’s a money quote” the group now says the  conspiracy theory has gotten out of hand and grown into a "deformed Alex Jones conspiracy thought bubble."”
    This way funnier than Mad Libs ...oh what that’s who’s behind Anonymous ....(/crickets)

  22. Ominous.

    I take a soul crushing commute to a soul crushing job, but resigned in the last week. Yay, I guess. My resignation came about by being relentlessly harassed by the MD over minor issues whilst ignoring the much larger ones being brought to his attention. Everyone hates it there. State of the world, innit? Fiddling while Rome burns.

    At least I can now chop my balls off and demand to be called a woman. Priorities.

    Anyway, onward and upwards to the next soul crushing phase of life.

  23. Pat's an avowed 'feminist' &:

    'Had the worst sleep of my life last night. But I was sleeping less than 300 yds from where Donald Trump sleeps. Could there be a connection?'

    Wow! That Hitler Trump letting in even more people who openly state their sole reason for seeking entry & be gifted citizenship is to get rid of him & all he stands for? This is some Next Generational level of gamesmanship that makes a game of Tri-Dimensional Chess a simple Gambit!

    & what does Pat's announcement that:

    “it may not be the Jean-Luc you know and love,”



    That the re-engaged Jean-Luc's connected with 'her authentic self' & is now 'Jeanie-Lu Picard'?

    At the opening of the 2002 oscars Tom Cruise stated:

    "& then last September, came an event that would... change us... an actor friend said to me "What, what are we doing, what are we doing? Is it important is it even important what I do?" & what of a night like tonight? Should we celebrate the joy & magic that movies bring? Well dare I say it? More than ever."

    He then goes on to detail how the unifying power of the hollywood "little bit of magic" can "melt prejudice" & "brings us all together" etc.

    All that the last sixteen years of the "little bit of magic" have resulted in is a furtherance of obscenity, yet this sickness is held up by the constellated as actually taking a stand against evil:

    “I feel I’m ready to return to him for the same reason — to research and experience what comforting and reforming light he might shine on these often very dark times,”

    Bonus synckness: at STLV2018 Pat mentioned his favourite fan interaction is an LV detective sergeant's letter to him about the solace he takes in 'TNG' after another day's investigating has all but broken him:

    "I know we're gonna have a future!"

    The future's never looked so sterile as rendered in the Trekverse.

    Burn hollywood, burn.

    (Extra bonus: the last of Picard we see in a 'TNG' timeline he has a beard... Alex Jones has recently been sporting a beard... connection?)

    1. 'STLV2018' was held at the 'Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino' (the 'Rio' rainbow rendered), a building that wouldn't look out of place in San Francisco Stardate..., the convention was a 'Creation Entertainment' production & It's event site states:

      'Creation is dedicated in providing a safe and harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, age or religion. We firmly believe in the ideals of one of our mentors, Star Trek’s creator, Gene Roddenberry.'

      yet george takei was a guest, perhaps mention of 'The Great Bird of The Galaxy' provides the out.

      When those like Patrick Stewart, who shed tears as he made his announcement, boast of their inspiring credentials whilst allowing actual Life corrupting, ruining & ending transgression to go on all about them without comment - as opposed to the snowflake absurdities petitioned for by celebutards, this compounds the obscenity. Those who have been, or are being, assaulted will not approach the Stewart's of the world in the hopes that their concerns or experiences will be acknowledged & addressed for the Stewart's are complicit in the criminality, they openly ignore the obscenity their colleagues engage, or have engaged, in.

      All the virtue signalling results in is a furtherance of obscenity, this is an aspect of the hollywood covenant.

      More "sauce for the goose": Finn Wolfhard co-constellates as a pizza delivery boy who helps an old man find his lost dog, 'Mabel' (= 'loveable'), in 'Dog Days' released tomorrow... Wow! 'Dog Days'... August...

    2. For a partial list of TV shows and movies under Pentagon influence, including some Star Treks, check this out (and note the list is only partial):

    3. It's no secret the US military does deals with movie productions to allow them access to their kit in exchange for signing off on certain things. Star Trek does not normally feature real world military toys. Although in Star Trek 4 they time travelled back to 80s America. They famously invented transparent aluminium and went in search of one of uncle sam's finest nuclear wessels. On the other hand it is not open information what deals zero hedge does with US or other government agencies. They are an exceedingly scummy site in my opinion but you make your own choices.

    4. That's a fair point, 2:25, as I noted the report was incomplete. I've seen much better articles about what goes on, yet that was the most recent one I tripped over this week. As you seem to suggest, perhaps that was on purpose.

    5. Tom Secker has done a lot of research on military involvement in Hollywood. His podcast is worth an occasional listen:

  24. “Along with finding the source of Blood Falls, the scientists also provided more context for life forms that had previously been discovered there: tiny microbes capable of surviving in super salty, high-iron, very cold water, without sunlight, under a glacier. It turns out these extremophiles were even more extreme than previously recognized, and studying them further can help us understand how life might survive in other extreme environments, such as outer space. ”
    Scientists discover source of “blood falls” in Antarctica.
    Microbial brine under tremendous pressure? And I thought it was the blood of children TPTB sacrificed to Cthulhu.
    It is interesting to note that same article was released in April and in May. I guess they keep on pushing Antarctica for some reason .

    1. Life in similar conditions the water reportedly discovered underneath the ice on Mars. Interestingly Mars isn't really blood red all the time but images of it are often "corrected" to give it a deep red appearance as it "should" be. While Mars apparently has more than it's fair share of iron oxide I think that it would be more fair to call it an orange/pink type planet. I admit that it's strange that they would lie about the color of a fictional planet that is simply holographically projected into the sky. Like all the other heavenly bodies. Can't they just change the shade of the projection instead of doctoring images they take of it? You can only conclude that the elves running the projection machinery simply don't care about the government stooges who produce the cheap CGI trash that they pass off as space photography. I hear that sometimes they paint crude words onto the sky just to make it harder to doctor an image being taken. Anyway, Iron is associated with Mars alchemically but what is associated with Carbon? Nothing? What morons, especially given how important carbon is. They didn't really know that much did they?

  25. The meteorite crash near Thule in Greenland caught my attention as well. The book I am currently writing focuses on the 94th meridian. On that line was a community called Ultima Thule, Arkansas. I wrote about it here: "The man who chose the name "Ultima Thule" was the town's first postmaster, Joseph W. McKean, "a veteran of the Florida Wars and an 'intimate friend' of Andrew Jackson and Davy Crockett," notes the Arkansas Records Catalog.

    The Roman poet Virgil coined the term "Ultima Thule" meaning "the furthest land … a far-off land or an unattainable goal." And in the 20th century, Nazi occultists believed in Thule as "the ancient origin of the Aryan race" and that a "race of giant supermen lived in Thule, linked into the Cosmos through magical powers. They had psychic and technological energies far exceeding the technical achievements of the 20th century."

  26. And back in 2004, while attending the Libertarian Party national convention in Atlanta, I came across a guy at a table selling "conspiracy"-related merchandise. I think you know what I'm talking about. Anyway, he said he was from Austin, Texas. I asked him about Alex Jones and what he thought of him. Just the mention of Jones's name irritated this guy, when I assumed they would be pals, being from Austin and all. But he went on and on about what a fake and a fraud Jones was. But I was on that "path" at the time and refused to listen. It wasn't until my own interview on Jones's show (talking about the death of Andrew Breitbart, ironically enough), years later, that it hit me what a self-absorbed jackass Jones really was. But then I had my own moment of clarity and when the fork in the road reappeared, I took a different path. So, in a way, I have Alex Jones to thank.

  27. Back up all your writing, Chris. Google owns Blogger and may mop up this site too either out of a desire to mop up all alt viewpoints or just because their stupid algorithm decides it's alt-right or anarchist or whatever.

  28. Found an interesting Article about the whole QAnon phenomenon.

    Seemingly within minutes Wednesday, The New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, The Hill and several other of the usual suspects all ran stories attempting to explain — and by explain I mean “mock/dismiss/deride” — an internet phenomenon known as Q or QAnon.

    Here’s a good tip: Any time the news establishment in sudden unison jumps up and screams at the top of their lungs, “Nothing to see here! Nonsense, nonsense! Nothing to see!” it’s a good time to pay attention.

    So What is Q?
    Q or QAnon claims to be a small group of under 10 people very close to Donald Trump. Most are military intelligence, they say. Q says Trump is slowly, methodically, effectively exposing and destroying the Deep State and the corrupt global order that’s long run the show.

    These elites are involved in all sorts of nasty business, including murder, pedophilia and child sex trafficking, to say nothing of your run-of-the-mill corruption and connivery. And they are fighting Trump tooth and nail.

    urther Down the Rabbit Hole
    Some of the other Q assertions are way out there in the Twilight Zone. Remember when Atlanta’s airport mysteriously shut down for hours? That was so military planes could fly in a bunch of captured prisoners headed to Gitmo. In June, there was an “accidental” missile launch that forced POTUS to reroute his flight. The Hawaii false nuclear attack alarm? Not a false alarm. Deal with North Korea? Q spent the winter saying the deal was worked out last November. And Iran is next.

    Vegas massacre? A diversion to hide the real target, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He was there, owns the top floors of the Mandalay Bay and had just begun cracking down on those in his country that are part of the global corruption.

    Crazy? Yes. But how much crazier than some middle-aged rich guy suddenly deciding to shoot up a crowd with, according to the official report out last week, no discernible motive? Or Obama flying in multiple planeloads of cash to seal the Iran deal? And how crazy is it North Korea did turn around so suddenly?

    So Is Q Itself a Show?
    Is Q a LARP? A live action role play? Sites like QPROOFS.COM and QANONPROOFS.COM offer what they say is proof of Q’s legitimacy. Use your own God-given discernment.

    Is Q a Sasha Baron Cohen-esque hoax, a way to say, “Look how dumb and gullible these Deplorables are?” Perhaps, but like Hillary’s insult, it has backfired. What has emerged is a community of people eager to determine the truth, a group of patriotic citizens celebrating the notion of “Power to the People.”

    We could find out tomorrow the whole thing is a sham. But the belief “Where we go one, we go all” is no lark. It is “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

    Instead, I have to wonder what would motivate the mainstream media to erupt in such a unified chorus of contempt? What is so ghastly about people researching for themselves matters affecting the nation’s governance? Wrestling with questions posed in a Socratic method, forcing readers to think, to debate, to share? Perhaps getting it wrong, perhaps getting it right?

    Even if a prank that’s grown out of hand, a well-meaning amusement or an educational game gone wild, what’s the problem? What is it about a community that believes in a government of the people, by the people and for the people that has the media minds so hostile?

    Simple: A public that believes in each other and America’s principles more than our government and media institutions poses a mortal threat.

    Those institutions vowed, “We’ll stop it.”

    The Q movement says, “Guess again.”

    1. Just a coincidence (wink)...No one seems to be commenting on the amazing
      correlation between the surprise return of dept. of psych. ops agent-actor Patrick Stewart / Captain Picard versus the 'scripted for the sheeple' MSM two minutes hate campaign targeting Q - Qanon and namesake Star Trek character "Q".

    2. It was the presence of Q signs at the Trump rally that sparked the questions, and once the story broke every editor was like, What the hell is this Q thing and why haven't you given me a story about it yet?

    3. Probably the most poignant and honest post I have read up to this point.
      The idea of 'People' vs. 'State' is not the real issue.
      The real issue is just how the _UCK did this get to this conundrum in the first place?
      Look man it is easy.
      A VIRUS or CANCER (same thing!) just wants to REWRITE your sorry ass to be IT instead of YOU, thus making YOU IT.
      Now 'you' are a copy of 'IT'; but you are not really.
      Copy, PASTE.
      Sorry; Replication here.
      To our advantage.
      Sometimes the best way to avoid conflict is not to engage conflict.
      CREATE, but not at the expense of another; SITH LORD bullshit.
      Thank you Anon 12:33

    4. Controlled Opposition... it s all a goddamn show and we re falling for it ...again... that s the most basic but effective form of a sleight-of-hand trick. you ought to think Q is important / knows what s going on and now being discredited by the MSM, so instnctivelly you believe Q and possibly being led astray.... For me Q from the beginning seemed to operate like an intelligence operation, same as "anonymous"... controlled opposition, nothing else

  29. Great post again Chris. Looks like after our exchange on Twitter I can post on here again. So thank you! I have found an old Fraser sync dealing with another great vocalist and would like to run it by you. Last time I tried posting it didn’t work. And yes, paranoia is rationality.

  30. Media at war with media? Your default reality is now in effect.

  31. Alex Jones was always the unwitting useful idiot. I recall following 9/11, the late Michael Ruppert having to convince him not to post something that would have not only compromised the entire online truther community, but would have also been used to expose AJ as a tool of US intelligence agencies, a disposable tool at that.

  32. Enough with the Q-Anon already. Do you know what a honey pot is?
    A honey pot, in intelligence jargon, is a tempting source of information or 'dangle' that is set out to lure intended victims into a trap. Ultimately the honey pot is violently and maliciously discredited so as to destroy the credibility of anything stuck to it by association.

    Now watch as the trap is sprung.

    1. It's been "violently and maliciously discredited" since day ONE.

      QAnon simply points to public domain info and asks anons to put 2 and 2 together. Simple and effective.

  33. Meanwhile here in Germany.. everyone but the far fringe of the fringest and the youth ofc (since they read 4chan) are oblvious to all of this. The US is cursed (or blessed?) with this being played out in the open or as the Chinese would say: "May you live in interesting times."

    I guess we all chose that in our pre-life meditation while with our insvisible overlords.

  34. Hi! Do you use Twitter? I'd like to follow you if that would be ok.

    I'm definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

  35. Q anon looks like a pro-trump psy-op, every YT video I’ve seen on the topic insists that the entire FBI is corrupt, which is obviously Trump’s “get-out -of-jail” talking point that he desperately wants the hoopleheaded Q minions to parrot.

  36. About that "meteor".
    Fun fact. Since Sputnik and the previous Space Race we have spy and domestic and wannabees. Now that becomes target practice both ground based, tropospheric, and orbital.
    Saw a ground based particle beam take out an orbital railgun launch once. Just like a game except the part where the misses can be mass extinction events.
    Players gonna play. I always think it is ironic that the ground based stuff is located where the residual radiation and fused glass and ice suggest that the geometry contains some memory. Of course, that is probably why they should not dig down so deep.

  37. That google psyop is pure poison. Just look at how they have just aged you Chris (chuckle, google search pic that pops out):

    1. Why now with the amusing misidentification?

    2. Heads up, ibb co is known as hosting malware. Beware.

    3. Speaking of malware, anyone notice the suspicious way AJ is now having his app downloaded to get around his social media ban?

      Imagine someone cleverly trying to get a bunch of angry gullible dupes to give away their privacy (even more). Bingo, the AJ "punishment" then the "victory from the jaws of defeat" with his new technomagic to save those poor oppressed truth-seekers from their media chains. It practically writes itself.

  38. Censorship seems to be written in the stars for these strange times we are living in;-)

    "West Hollywood City Council has unanimously approved a resolution to remove US President Donald Trump’s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    The motion called for the star to be removed because of what it says is Trump's "disturbing treatment of women and other actions."
    The council’s Mayor John Duran said the vote was symbolic.
    "The West Hollywood City Council did not pass the resolution because Donald Trump is a conservative or a Republican. Earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is an honour. When one belittles and attacks minorities, immigrants, Muslims, people with disabilities or women -- the honour no longer exists," he told CNN.
    However, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce president Leron Gubler told the Los Angeles Times the chamber has never removed a star because it's considered part of the walk's "historic fabric."
    “Once we receive a communication from the City of West Hollywood, it will be referred to our Executive Committee for consideration at their next meeting. As of now, there are no plans to remove any stars from the Hollywood Walk of Fame," Mr Gubler said.
    "The West Hollywood City Council does not have jurisdiction over the Hollywood Walk of Fame.""

  39. Meanwhile back on the ranch the microbes are ready! Or is it all just an exercise in numerology and fear mongering?
    “CDC says 1 in 7 babies exposed to Zika have health problems” sayz NPR

  40. Update on Conspiracy Radio Host Art Bell's April 13th death.A cocktail of prescription drugs led to a "accidental overdose". And file these under The Conspiracy was true section. "Senate Democrats Are Circulating Plans for Government Takeover of the Internet" Mandatory location verification Mandatory identity verification ect. Related article : 'Survival of Our Democracy' depends on banning sites,Dem Senator says "Here Are 410 Movies Made Under The Direct Influence and Supervision Of The Pentagon" US government worked behind the scenes on over 800 major movies and more than 1,000 TV titles Dystopia

  41. Oh Jesus effing Christ.

    QAnon has been around since October of last year. It's a psy-ops/larp to be sure, BUT is it the typical IC f*ckery or for us? From what I've seen, it is for the weaponized autists of the Chans to "dig" into. If you're a Normie, just use neon revolt. I don't see "fear" I see happy people FINALLY digging and researching and trusting their own judgement. Yes, some sadness/fear/ANGER/disgust, a roiling boil of emotions. But they are learning and networking.

    As an aside, this MAJOR blow-up on Q over the last couple of days has thousands from here to Scott Adams to Miles Mathis finally commenting and calling it all fake, worthless a distraction, etc.

    Here is what I know, 50,000 sealed federal indictments (year on year is 1,000) 40,000 pedophiles arrested (year on year is 3,000).

    I have my popcorn and cola ready.

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  44. I won't believe Q until he comes clean on the Trump as Biff Tannen from Back to the Future thang
    #BTF is real

  45. Reading through the comments section for this post, I have the vivid picture of a someone poking a hornet's nest. Only these hornets seem to wear Guy Fawkes masks and some of them are actually WASPs glowing in the dark.

    BTW orange entrainment has reached Germany last weekend as Anti Discrimination Day .. But no one cared.

  46. Spot on with this write-up, I really think this web site
    needs far more attention. I'll probably be back again to read through more, thanks
    for the advice!

  47. "The MSM has been handed its talking points-- Sandy Hook, "hate," "bullying," etc—“
    Which is irrelevant. Censorship is not acceptable under any circumstances – it is a worse cime against humanity than any physical violence you can think of. Standard lecture - you can killa person, disable a person, destroy their sanity – but that does not approximate “dehumanization”. Censorship does – because it attacks a person’s very self, their psyche: if a person is prevented from expressing their self authentically, with no boundaries, then the existence of their self is being denied/nullified.
    All forms of censorship - including the "intellectual property law" which allows journalists, bloggers, filmmakers etc to pretend that "conversation" amounts to productive "work" - are crimes against humanity.
    The proper response to censorship is civil war aka “terrorism”.

    PS #1: Please elaborate – what bizarre significance do you read into “the date that Constantine became the Emperor of Rome” (I’ve no idea how/if I’m related to him).

    PS #2: If there is such a thing as shamanic spirit-projection, then I may possibly have recently had two “visitations” from my dearest thirty-year-unrequited love, in one of which she cryptically predicted some major change in September this year (uncharacteristic turn of phrase: “us is getting out of here”)

  48. Neo-fascist garbage. End of story. If qanon & neonrevolt & the chans are what folks are putting their faith in, its over.

    Its so obvious that within the next few years, we will either have some form of socialism or civil war. Maybe both. I'm adjusting my priorities appropriately; ie. my retirement plan now consists of a one way ticket to Costa Rica & a hammock.

  49. This guy gets it:


    "But the danger the American republic faces is not from Russian interference in its sorry excuse for a democracy, its two party system which the American writer, Gore Vidal, rightly described as a one party system, run by the business party that has two factions. The danger is from the forces behind the propaganda about Russian influence. They are now claiming that votes for the Republican Party, Trump’s party, will be illegitimate, gained through Russian tricks whereas votes for the Democrats will be considered legitimate. They are in reality setting up the conditions for one party rule, for a dictatorship.

    Hilary Clinton began to arrange the stage set when, in the presidential campaign she labelled all the Trump supporters the “deplorables” at one and the same time devaluing their votes and opinions as less than worthless, and feeding into the idea that they can be ignored in determining national policies. Millions of people have been reduced, in this propaganda paradigm to subhumans who do not deserve to have their opinions considered. It seems to me this was a carefully considered word and not chosen by her. It was the opening curtain in the drama unfolding in which the forces in and behind the Democratic Party now claim that only they have the legitimacy to rule.

    That Mr. Trump seems to go along with this charade and this attack on what is left of American democracy is puzzling. He is constantly under attack as “soft on Russia” and “Putin’s agent” yet no coup has been mounted, no impeachment proceedings begun and he carries on the Obama, Bush, Clinton policies of beggaring the people while attacking the world. One can think that he is a knowing foil in this plot and dutifully plays his role to provide the set-up for a move towards one party rule. Why the economic powers in the US that control the government want to harass a man who is acting in their favour by encouraging the use of oil, by allowing more oil drilling in banned areas, by imposing trade wars on everyone in the world to force them to buy American products, and by threatening every country that poses a threat to US markets and resources, is a bit of a mystery. Capital should be happy with him. So, what is going on? It seems to this writer that everything in this scenario is geared towards world war.

    The campaign against Trump is a campaign against Russia. American capital thought it had control of Russian capital and resources when the US backed Russian capitalist took power. They lost it when Russian nationalists took back that control for themselves and the Americans will not be happy until they take it back again or destroy their competitor. The “Russia influenced the elections propaganda” is a device to generate so much fear and hatred against Russia that the people will tolerate and support a major war against Russia. The anti-Russian campaign is a precursor to a major war and its own logic demands a continual escalation of that propaganda. So, following their logic we can expect serious trouble inside the US around the elections, and a disruption of them by these forces to justify even more fear and hatred, and, if I am correct, to essentially establish one party rule to make it easier to engage in war without political opposition. For that is the road down which they are headed and to adopt a phrase the great American social critic and writer, Hunter S. Thompson, used for the tile of his book on the American election that brought Nixon to power, we can only sit back in fear and loathing of these people who, to increase their power, threaten to destroy democracy in America and all of us along with it."

    1. Hilary or Hillary Clinton? Some people remember Hilary spelled with one "L" in her name,but the current version
      is Hillary.

  50. Goodbye Silicon Valley...

    The end of the cylons or the beginning of the daleks?

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  52. HESP- 1st def I found said "a measure of 2 hanks of linen thread"
    also r/t HASP- a metal clasp to close a door
    root of Hesperides - and connection to evening star and venus.
    and of course the garden of the Hesperides. Anonymous please explain when you say "it must be doubled" to understand 22. MW

  53. Jebus Chris, get that guy off the top of your site. Please put up anything else. An actual close-up of a pro-lapsed hemorrhoid would be more accurate and emotionally useful.

    1. Charming fellow, ain’t he. ��
      I had the same reaction.

  54. I'm not a normal commenter, but this struck me- as we've become aware of the smog at anstraspheric level-

  55. Truly hilarious how feminist and inclusive Star Trek worships at the feet of "The Great Bird Of The Galaxy" himself, not only a terrible scriptwriter who may have stolen the idea for the show and cheated on his wife, but, bedded many of the female guest stars who appeared on the original show.

    Over the last few days, I have found more crap on Jones now that he's kicked off then when he was on yootoob.

    Supposedly there's a Mandela Effect with the Jean Luc Picard character.

    Lastly: nah, we're not out of fish season yet. Still have Coldskin to go, with merthings who have a bit of third eye slash on their forehead. Mystical female parts as third eyes, and they're attacking because love or peace or men are bad and disturbed their home? Undoubtedly.

  56. More Censorship,this time it was a tweet removed by Jewish BuzzFeed Writer Joe Bernstein (nice name LOL).Mr.Bernstein,who calls himself a reporter for BuzzFeed News... tweeted "KILL A Strait White Male On Your Way To Work Today".The insane tweet was removed from Joe Bernstein's BuzzFeed linked twitter account after being publicized online.

  57. It did seem a bit prophetic that wrote about conspiracy culture being dead and not a week later Alex Jones gets internet 86'd. Some days your blog is like cosmic poetry.

  58. Thanks to the internet, everyone is now free to pick a team and play along with the current cloak and dagger infighting. Fun-fun.

  59. 33: The newly burning CA Fire, THE HOLY FIRE... set by an ardent Alex Jones supporter who sent text messages to a firefighter claiming responsibility in the name of the ALT Right. Oh, and he's being housed in ORANGE county by the way. Great follow up for the Carr, Alpha Omega, Dead Man's Gultch, Cave Junction, Control Road, Holy Jim (also in Orange country), Carr Powerhouse/Whiskey town, Vacaville, and other fires. Worth keeping an eye on. XO.

  60. 33: Oh, and THE HOLY FIRE, in ORANGE COUNTY... began in Cleveland National Forest.

    1. More here:

      That pic kinda reminds me of another crazy California dude from a few decades back. Anyone else catch that vibe?

    2. Oops, missed on that last link, which was to a CA bank robber and not the arsonist. Meant this instead.