Monday, August 06, 2018

Life's Still A Riot with Spy vs Spy

The big news today is that Big Tech purged Alex Jones from their platforms in what looks like a coordinated effort. Everyone's going to have their own opinions on this but mine is that this is the latest skirmish in the ongoing spywar raging beneath the placid summer surface in this great land of ours.

The MSM has been handed its talking points-- Sandy Hook, "hate," "bullying," etc-- but the real problem here is Jones' very close ties to the Trump Administration, who've been increasingly bellicose in their war with the media (meaning their war with the various agencies who dictate talking points to that media) lately.

Everyone knows this is all bullshit, no matter whether they love or loathe the move. Most "Truthers" think Jones is a shill and have no time for him or his operation. InfoWars hasn't really been a "conspiracy" site for quite some time, it's really just a slightly-more manic Breitbart with vaguely-cultic undertones.

But it's a symbolic strike and one the Trump people are going to have to respond to.  

Seeing as how this move against Jones has been telegraphed for quite some time I can't imagine it hasn't been wargamed. Interesting to note that there's a full-court press against the "Qanon" op being launched simultaneously with this little purge here. 

Anyhow, if you disagreed with my pronouncements last week that conspiracy culture is dead, there's your evidence. Sitting around reading digital tea leaves and "trusting the plan" of one of the warring factions in an intramural war doesn't really fit the bill, in my stupid opinion at least. 

I will say this latest turn makes me wonder just how the internal polling is actually reading for November as well. Any rumors, leaks or conjectures can be entered in the comments.

I don't know what exactly to think about these LARP riots in Portland. Should I be encouraged that they've produced far, far less actual violence than I personally witnessed any given weekend at a Boston hardcore show (or any given Friday night in Kenmore Square) back in the day or should I be depressed we've become so emasculated as a culture as to confuse flash grenades with actual ordnance?

Cast your vote in the comments.

Listen, LARPers-- if you think those little love-taps this weekend were an over-reaction on the part of the city, I honestly hope you're never in a situation where you've actually pissed off the authorities. 

Do the words "street-sweeper," "frag bomb" or "white phosphorus" mean anything to you? They really should. If not, look them up. 

In the meantime,  I'm glad all you're all getting some fresh air and sunshine. Power to the people!


In other news, a lot of folks have been telling me about this event, at the Thule AFB in Greenland. 

No seriously, Thule.

Was it really a meteor or some kind of strike from an orbital platform? Was it Boris Vladinov letting the nascent Space Force know that he's got some new toys he's dying to test out? I haven't an actual clue, but I do have my theories. And so apparently does everyone else.

Interesting to note that this attack on "Thule" happened the same date that Constantine became the Emperor of Rome.

The past week was chalk-full of other interesting events as well, significantly the final report from the LVMPD on the Harvest 91 situation:

And we seem to have gotten further evidence on how Star Trek: Discovery is actually faring in the ratings with the exciting announcement of a new Jean-Luc Picard-centered Trek series. This announcement came the next day after the Harvest 91 report. 

Three guesses where.

In a stunning stroke of random chance, 9 crewpeople were announced for the SpaceX Dragon mission just a few days earlier.

A Council of Nine, if you will. 

Don't touch that dial-- I have an update on the Ring of Fire situation at The Solar Satellite. Click here now!!!