Thursday, August 16, 2018

Damn it, Planets

Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

I'm sure a lot of you have seen this video already but to me it feels like more than just a viral news story, it feels more like a metaphor. Or at least I hope it is. I kinda hope that we're all like this surfer, negotiating all the massive disruptions all around us, geological and/or political and/or social. Plus, planetary.

I'm also sure a lot of you have heard about the deplatforming of alternative media, which we're probably only at the beginning of. There are a lot of theories as to what this is all about but I should mention that our Gordon has been predicting all of this for quite some time. Just the next phase of the program, in his view. He'd know better than me.

And the figurative War in Heaven-- the intramural spy war that seems like it's heating up the past couple of weeks-- seems to be mirrored in the actual Heavens, with all kinds of major planets in retrograde. I should add we had a similar situation back in 2016, but this seems to be a little more extreme.

I don't pay much attention to astrology--insofar as personal horoscopes and the like-- but this kind of thing is usually a pretty reliable barometer of how things will be going down here. Take that for whatever it's worth.

Or take this; an hour-long blackout at Reagan International Airport Wednesday night. 

Funnily enough, events like this make every idiot with a iPhone pull out their hobby horses and pet theories. The extinction cultists on Twitter (of which there are an alarming number) blame the Russians and demand an immediate nuclear response, as you'd expect. I haven't checked but I'm sure the Q folks will claim this is all cover for a mass cabal arrest as they did the last time this kind of thing happened. 

That cabal must be enormous because I've lost count of their mass arrests.

Or maybe it's just your typical MercRet business or even a result of overtaxed generators during a hot and muggy summer. Or maybe it's a more troubling sign of widespread infrastructure failure...

Like this horror show in Genoa, in which a massive bridge failed during a violent storm. Our aging infrastructure is something no one seems to want to discuss until something awful like this happens. But then again the new Italian government is also at odds with the Merkel-Juncker-Macron crowd these days so one never knows, does one? 

My vote is still firmly in the crumbling infrastructure column until I hear compelling evidence otherwise, however. It seems to fit with the timeline.

Well, we saw the airport blackout in Washington last night and lo and behold there was some airport drama in Washington state a few days back. 

In this case an apparently-suicidal airport maintenance worker commandeered a prop plane and started buzzing around Puget Sound like a stunt pilot before crashing on a nearby island. 

No one can quite figure out how he learned to fly like that, however. He claims he learned by playing video games, which local media spun as having trained in a flight simulator. But you figure he would have said as much, since the two aren't really quite the same thing.

The Q people spun this out as some kind of op, but to perfectly honest I can't make heads or tails of the entire Q exegesis. I've read quite a bit of it but to be perfectly frank it's kind of all over the place. It's kind of like Bitcoin in that regard, at least for me. I don't 21st century very well.

If anyone can explain the Anon interpretation of this event please do in the comments.

But we may all have bigger things to worry about. The Ring of Fire is doing exactly what I predicted it would do and that's trigger seismic events that slowly inch their way up the Richter scale (as in Indonesia last week). Alaska has seen a lot of serious activity this past year, thankfully mostly at the fringes of the enormous state. 

Let's all hope it stays out there. And let's hope this latest monster doesn't wake that volcano up.

This here is from the USGS; these are all the major seismic events around the Ring of Fire.

In the past seven days.

If look closely you'll see that entire West Coast has been quite active as has eastern Alaska. I probably don't need to remind anyone of the gargantuan wildfires roaring across California and other Western states, the worst ever seen in Cali's case. So let's all hope and pray that the Ring of Fire doesn't decide to join in the apocalyptic fun. 

You could just about fill a thimble with everything I know about astrology but it seems to me that all those cranky planets up there might not be quite done with us. Plan accordingly.

I haven't been really following the Space Force story the past couple of days but I couldn't help but notice that big old 17 sitting there in the defense (quote-unquote) budget.  

No surprise to Secret Sun readers but noteworthy all the same.

As is the upcoming 60th anniversary of NASA, announced here by the Marshall Space Center, home away from home for Wernher Von Braun and his Peenemunde men. Interesting little connection, given the Von Braun prophecies that Carol Rosin has been talking about for decades now.

Also note that Marshall lies cheek-by-jowl with UA-Huntsville, which has its own stories to tell, certainly around these parts.

And as pure dumb luck would have it, those pesky Russkies seem to have launched a satellite that some folks in Washington believe might actually be some kind of orbital weapons platform, possibly for a directed energy weapon. 

Golly, talk about timing, eh? Go figure.

Boy, one minute they're plotting to subvert our democracy with the master stroke of recruiting Hollywood superstar Steven Seagal as their goodwill ambassador, the next minute they're trying to beat our Space Force heroes to the punch with some kind of alt-right death ray. Our enemies never sleep. 

Quick, rescind the Bill of Rights before it's too late!

Speaking of Space Force, I can't help but wonder about this short video that depicts a UFO identical to the one we watched from the front porch last year. Seems to be behaving in much the same way as well, at least what I can tell from this footage.

It's funny- we saw some Orange orbs bird-dogging a small plane in New Hampshire the year before but were unable to get a shot of them since we were on the highway. But shortly thereafter other Orb videos from the same area showed up all over YouTube. And now this.

I gotta be honest here; watching that chevron for a good 20 minutes or so didn't fill me with awe and wonder, and certainly not with reverence for our Space Brothers. 

I don't know if it was one of "theirs" or one of "ours" (there is a major Air Force base about a hundred miles or so south) but the experience really gave me a creepy feeling, and eventually kind of put me of the topic ever since, to be perfectly frank.

And oddly enough my son didn't want to talk about the orbs he and his friends saw (and filmed) once the implications of that experience sunk in either.

The chevrons I can easily buy as some kind of highly-exotic but homegrown craft. The orbs? 

Yeah, not so much.

With all that in mind I thought this Nick Redfern piece, which centers on an interview with Ray Boeche done for Final Events, was kind of interesting. 

The headline there is a bit of a paraphrase of something John Keel once said, Keel being someone who worked harder on the topic than pretty much anyone. Here's the passage in full:
“I have always thought that one of the most important things that John Keel ever said was that if you have kids or teenagers, (UFOs are) not something to encourage them to get involved with. Keel  was a pretty dyed-in-the-wool atheist. But he understand that, at some level, there’s something, in some sense transcendent over us, that can, if nothing else, ‘mess’ with us. And it can cause a lot of damage."
I'd say the same about powerful hallucinogens like DMT as well. Until it became a cause célèbre my only exposure to DMT came through two old friends of mine, both seasoned psychonauts, who said the drug dragged them down to Hell and seriously shook them up for quite some time after. 

Remember that these kinds of experiences are what led Dr. Rick Strassman to stop working with the drug.

What's more, we have a lot of testimony from DMT experiencers that these other realms they enter are filled with beings who don't much care for us at all. Something to bear in mind, especially with MKULTRA Phase Two the new vogue for psychedelics in some corners of the Establishment.

Perhaps beings like-- oh, I don't know-- the Siren, perhaps? I haven't really done much on the topic recently because I think it's become pretty much self-evident by now. But even so there are a few stories here and there that capture my interest. Like this one.

And with Halloween just around the corner (give or take), we're seeing this new wrinkle-- the Siren-Skeleton. A friend of mine spotted this little display at Michael's or somewhere. A sign of the times.

As is this, the discovery of a new species of seahorse on the Japanese coast. Not sure what the connection is per se to our overarching narrative but do remember the seahorses that popped up in a rather interesting stretch of the Thames last year.