Thursday, August 23, 2018

On Earth as it is in Heaven. Or Las Vegas.

Man, here it is being World Regulus Day and none of you folks even sent me a card. That really hurts my feelings, y'know. I mean, not even an eCard? After all I do for you? Cold.

It's especially wounding since some astrologers are saying this is the big kahuna of Regulus Days, the zero point, the nexus, the crucible. From now on everything changes. Why?

How the hell should I know? 

But apparently this particular Regulus Day marks the end of 2000+ year cycle and the beginning of a new era. I've lost track of all the signposts of this New Age and everything just seems like it's the same old shit every day but apparently this is it-- the gateway to the future.

You see, Regulus conjoins (or whatever) the Sun every year on August 23rd, but apparently this year Regulus rises in Virgo while it does so. How exactly a star in Leo rises in Virgo is a mystery to me, but like I said I'm no astrologer.

Michael Lutin and Kaitlin Coppock, on the other hand, are astrologers and they've declared this to be the grand opening for the new age. Read this:

Michael Lutin says “We stand at this very moment on the threshold of a new age: the age of Regulus In Virgo. The Age Of The Common Woman. Looking back about two thousand years ago, we see that sometime around the time when Regulus entered Leo, the sign from which it is now departing, Julius Caesar was being born. As were the grandparents of Jesus Christ.”

OK, I'm going to step out on a limb here and suggest that it definitely won't be the Age of the Common Woman, but it could well be the Age of the Uncommon Woman. Or if you prefer, the "Divine Feminine." 

That may be why we're seeing all this Statue of Liberty iconography all over the place, Lady Liberty being the apotheosis of the "Divine Feminine." And so and so forth.

Plus, the future is Mermale. As we all know by now.

Speaking of which, it looks like our old friend CRIS is helping correct Marfan's Syndrome, which some folks believe might affect Orange Catholic Bene Frasserit, Grimes. (Who may have split recently with Elon Musk, who seems to have run into his own spot of bother as of late).

Speaking of love and rockets, you know that crazy fuck with that blog, Secret Something? The nutcase who says there's some kind of connection between Vega and Regulus? Y'know, some kind of ritual significance that connects to the whole Heaven Upside Down or Las Vegas business last October?

Yeah, that guy. Poor bastard. Lost his marbles, I hear. Shame, he had such promise.

But by some weird scheduling glitch, the Vega rocket was launched on Wednesday, the day before World Regulus Day. Just one of those things, I suppose.

And what happened on World Regulus Day itself?

Well, looks like Vice President Pence came out and announced plans for a permanent Moon base. Yes, yes, yes; we've heard it all before. But the point here is the date of the announcement, isn't it?  

Hey, like that photo-cropping there? Nifty, isn't it? The way the seal is framed and junk? Especially in light of this whole business with Mueller and Cohen and Trump and all the rest of it? 


Man, oh Man; talk about the Divine Feminine!

Gosh, if you were one of those crazy tinfoil hat types you'd almost think there was some kind of longstanding agenda playing out here. Just don't go saying so on Facebook if you do, old chum. Think of your social credit rating. Can you afford to spout that kind of "fake news?" 

Oh hey, what's this here? A new book about the Lucky-Lucky-Penny-Pence? I'll have to Kindle it.

In the meantime, maybe we should start calling him "Vice? President Pence." 

Looks snazzier that way, don't you think? Almost like a sigil or something.

Anyway, look at this; The Atlantic almost seems to agree with that crazy blogger guy who says nutty crap like "space is an altar." I mean, hell, what's really the difference between that and "outer space gospel," right? 

Wow, World Regulus Day sure has been eventful. 

Weird, wacky stuff.

What's this then? Linking all this Space Force business to the Cosmists? Those nutty Russian mystics whose philosophies are the ultimate basis of Ancient Aliens, that long-in-the-tooth pseudo-documentary series that curbstomps Anderson Cooper's ass in the ratings?

Wow, zany. Nutty. 

Crazy kooks.

Wow, so we have Regulus in Virgo and on October 1st, (All-Important) 2044 Venus will occult Regulus. That's just in 26 short years so I'd better start making plans now. 

Venus and Virgo are both identified with goddesses--or perhaps the Divine Feminine-- so it will be interesting to see how that cosmic activity plays out here.

Or maybe we're seeing that already, who knows?

Wow, and wouldn't you know it- today's the 24th anniversary of the release of Jeff Buckley's debut LP Grace. Sheesh, that album was released on Regulus Day? Crazy coincidence, don't you think? On the Day of the Prince? Crazy.

I mean, it's not like there's any deeper meaning to all this Jeff Buckley business, right? No connection to Virgo or Vega or anything like that. Just one of those little glitches in the Matrix, I guess.

But just in case, you might want to bone up on the Boötes Void. Does it have any connection to these ancient shepherd boys, seeing as how Boötes is the shepherd and stuff?

I'd answer that but I have my social credit score to consider.

Oh, yes. "Bessie" did indeed. That's for sure. In her own wonderful way.


  1. Chris, thank you for being you and bringing it w/humor, crass, and sheer might of intellect. It all makes perfect sense to me and you’re right, I (readers) can’t say it anywhere but here. Streaming live from the Boötes void ... The Secret Sun

    1. You're welcome, it's my pleasure. And it's my pleasure to bring the Crass...

  2. You know, if pence really does have an odd spiritual devotion to outer space i think thats how evangelicalism will update itself for the modern era. Out of the Reagan era, into the trump era. And if you get people who have a hardcore obsession with Christ thinking its their religious duty to colonize the cosmos that might push western society into actually doing it. You know sometimes i would think about starting a cult when i was younger. But not to scam money or like how regular cults do. I just thought, wow if you have power over a bunch of people why not get them super psyched up about something actually productive. Like space travel.
    With the world falling apart, with climate change slowly rearing its head. I think the only way you are going to supercharge the idea of getting to space is by synching the idea with the worlds religions. Sort of a modern manifest destiny. You have the private space companies being pushed into the social consciousness, elon musk, you see this vague idea now of ziggy pence and the christtards from mars.
    I have a feeling in my gut whiten the next 50 years at least there will be permanent bases on the moon.

    1. Just wait till you find out we can't even get through the Van Allen belt let alone even consider actual space travel which is more than likely not even possible. NASA and Musk specilize in CGI and propaganda more than rockets. How about instead of trying to continually control people's minds we have them wake to their higher self and get them focus on the present moment allowing them to explore inner space instead of searching for everything outside of themselves, creating the discord you see in the world.

    2. OK, let's go through this slowly.

      You are saying that space travel is "something actually productive". And sort of imply that it's a brilliant idea, even if the world is falling apart and climate change is going ahead.

      You think it might just be possible that the space travel cult already exists, it's called NASA, and you have been already brainwashed by it? It's Chris' theory, not mine, but I can see his point.

      I mean, a sign of somebody being brainwashed by a cult is when they say things like: You know, everything is going to hell, but what would really fix everything is if we carve and put in place some more giant heads on Easter Island / build a huge pyramid / make lots of human sacrifices to our god / go into space. If the proposed thing that will make everything great again has no rational connection to your problems, maybe, just maybe, you've been brainwashed.

      And I say this as somebody who loves space exploration. But not to the point of thinking that between fixing climate change and putting a permanent base on the moon, the thing to do is a permanent base on the moon.

    3. leftservatives are counting down the days, primed & ready to launch their full-spectraumatised post-human fluidics "way up high" to spread the rainbow gospel in the great blue yonder of the firmament.

      Does VPP mean Earth's moon or somewhere more exotic & exciting as providential base of operations - Titan perhaps? Fallon/Kimmel etc. will let us know in some 'skit'.

    4. As part time pastafarian I only support a space travel cult if it involves the establishment of a noble order of space pirates. An increase of pirates is the only way to reverse ecological disaster on Earth. If you want to be involved in this great work then you have to ask yourself every day what you can do to be more piratical.

    5. Colanders Vs. Tin Foil Hats, will Humanity survive the battle?

    6. Did someone say "Space Cult"? It's a little known fact that most Muslims believe in extraterrestrial life. There are passages in the Quran that pretty flatly declare that extraterrestrial life exists, and that one day,mankind will make contact with it.

      (And no, that's not a modernist innovation:the view goes back to the very beginnings of systematic theology in Islam. And today you'll find imams that don't think women should drive cars, but who are impatient for the Race to expand into the Outer Solar System, since they think we'll make Contact out there.)

      So it's not at all surprising to me that the Monarchs of paleofundamentalist states in the Gulf would spend billions signalling at the sky (for instance, in the Atlantis ritual in Dubai, which CLK so ably analyzed).

      Only question is: who do they think they're signalling?

      As always, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    7. It's interesting that Muslims believe in life out there because Discordians do as well. Orthodox interpretations of sacred documents going back to the oldest lost civilisations talk of encounters with the crocodile-dog hybrid creatures from distant stars. You could ask any Discordian for more information but since orthodox interpretations are strictly forbidden to Discordians it might be hard to get them to admit to it. A common ruse is to claim that the documents are so new that the ink is still wet and that anyway they are just advertisements for pizza delivery. Don't let them fool you.

    8. Cheers, Khadir.

      People who have no experience or background with religion--or people who get their information from MSM morons-- believe in very weird things, like that the religious right is still actually a thing. There is no real movement of any size at all, not anymore and not for years. And certainly not a monolithic one. That plug's been long pulled.

      When I look at someone like Pence I see a more military-oriented lifestyle than a religious one per se. Who the hell knows what he and his cohort actually believe? I have a feeling we don't want to know.

      I'm glad you brought up the Gulf states because there's a very strange misconception that religion and high technology are somehow at odds, which is entirely unsupportable. It's corny old pseudo-post-Enlightenment narcissism. As current as Moxie and Studebakers.

    9. Anon8:20, Hail Eris! All Hail Discordia!

      I was a Discordian for a big chunk of the 90s, so I seriously got ya. We'll have to get together some Friday and partake of a couple hot dogs. (Seriously, though, I've toyed with the idea of having the Principia Discordia translated into Arabic, since I believe the book contains a tremendous amount of valid philosophy; but none of the puns work, and the humor is a huge part of getting that philosophy across.)

      But there is one Discordian/Islamic synchronicity worthy of Eris herself: in both Discordianism and Islam, 5 is the sacred number. Fnord!

    10. It should be clear by now that the proscription against eating hot dogs on the fifth day is coded advice warning about the croco-dogs with five heads. They are sometimes called the "hot dogs" because the temperature they thrive in is much higher than the temperature that humans find comfortable. Hence the raising of global temperature as part of their colonisation program. Anyone who hasn't picked up on this has simply not been paying attention to the signs.

  3. From the 'NASA 60' logo:
    1) The swoosh of the secret sun away (red shifted) and now towards us (blue shifted).
    2) Saturn at the top - Chronos. Moon at the bottom.
    3) The view of Earth from space is fake (unsurprisingly).
    4) The fake starfield is enhanced with a cross filter (cross=great year).
    5) The artist has not been informed that stars aren't visible in space - as learnt in the Apollo missions.

    In summary, NASA symbolises itself to be an illusionist/con artist with an occult mission.

    1. I have been contemplating this for some time but it seems obvious that the 'shift' from a male dominated hierarchy towards one representing the 'divine feminine' seems to correlate with the movement/cycle of the 'secret sun'; now moving toward us; BLUE, FEMALE?
      Oddly 'Lucifer' is associated with the color Blue; a 'female' deity by the way.
      I see/sense the return of 'Lilith' here; the 'Dark Goddess' RISING again.
      Very possible that there is a direct correlation between 'Lilith' and 'Lucifer'.
      We are seeing a huge shift in a society dominated by 'TIME'; Chronos, as 'he' looses his stronghold/dominance over this 'plane' (holographic illusory construct)

    2. "Stars aren't visible in space" isn't just empirically false, it doesn't even make any occult sense to me.

      The Greeks didn't build their mythology by telling rampant falsehoods about the Solar System and using those falsehoods to shore up their ideas about how people should conduct war, did they? Their myths were their stories about their wars and their heroes, and the true constellations and facts about them shored them up (like in the story of Hercules). Maybe there were some silly people in ancient times that went about things the way you do, but, surprise surprise, we haven't heard of them.

    3. Maria, given you believe the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, you no doubt also believe their declarations that they could not see any stars* from the surface of the moon?

      * Except The Sun of course.

    4. It turns out that if you are on the light side of the moon then you are in an state which is called "daytime" in the trade. Stars are hard to see because of light from the sun which is significantly brighter to us than distant stars. On the moon there is no atmosphere to scatter light so you would just see blackness rather than a blue sky. Since there is no sky and all. One handy trick to see if there is significant light pollution from the sun is to look around and see if you can see the sun or even your hands or other light reflective surfaces around you. Hope this helps.

    5. Anon5:59, yes, it does help. Now Maria knows that it is empirically true that stars aren't visible in space, and that this is why all NASA photos are devoid of stars in the background, even if their artists' impressions still include them.

    6. At the risk of repetition (since I believe we've discussed this before): there are very many pictures taken from space (by the Voyager probes, for instance) that clearly show stars. Just google "Voyager Neptune rings" or "Voyager Uranus rings" and you'll find a bunch. All courtesy of NASA.


    7. Khadir, fuzzy B&W images where noise/dust/debris makes it impossible to discern stars (let alone constellations) do not constitute 'photos with stars in the background'.

      Anyway, perhaps you can persuade Anon5:59 then, that stars can be seen in space (despite sunlight).

      I'll just eat some popcorn...

    8. @Zod: My friend,if you honestly cannot discern the stars in those photographs, please consult an eye doctor.

      Anon5:59 and I don't disagree. I'm talking about photographs taken very far from the sun. He's talking about what happens when you're much nearer the sun. Hell, anyone who has ever used a telescope understands this principle:when there's something very bright in the sky, its light renders fainter things invisible. It's why astronomers who study faint objects hate moonlit nights.

      Open a Basic Astronomy textbook while you're eating that popcorn; our Solar System is an amazing place, even once you start to understand it. You won't regret learning about it.

    9. Maybe stars are a hoax. Maybe they're just pinholes in the giant black curtain that surrounds the flat earth.

      Or not.

    10. Ok, Khadir, so no stars in hi-res colour photos near Mars, but plenty of noise, debris, and dust (possibly even stars) in low-res B&W photos near Uranus?

      Is this because The Sun is too close at Mars, but far enough away at Uranus?

      Presumably, when the camera is pointed away from the Sun, the sunlight still bounces off the space aether back into the camera lens? Or maybe the camera just knows The Sun is not far behind it and refuses to show any stars?

      Here's a video for Maria:

    11. Zod,my friend, in our last discussion on this subject, I suggested that if you would brush up on the basics of photography/imagining, you would find your skepticism concerning these images evaporating. I still think that would help.

      Also in our previous discussion,I went into wide field-of-view vs. narrow, so I won't revisit it, except to say that if you're imaging something as large and bright as the giant planet you're near, you're unlikely to capture images of something so faint as a star.

      The images of the ring systems of Uranus and Neptune are full of dust and debris because, well, that's what the rings of Uranus and Neptune consist of. They're low-res because they're the very-long time-exposures (from a rapidly moving probe, at that) necessary to image things as faint as the ring systems. If they're fakes, they're masterpieces of fakery, because they look just how anyone familiar with imaging would expect they'd look. Had they been crisp and crystal-clear, space geeks everywhere would have jumped up, shouting, "That can't be real!"

      But I'm glad you asked from pics of stars from out at the orbit of Mars. Just so happens I can help you out there. . Please note that not only are these much crisper than the Neptune and Uranus ring images, you can actually identify individual stars, as well as constellations. Glad to be able to assist you.

      Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

    12. The night sky is a reflection of Psyche.

      There is only one center, which is everywhere.

    13. Khadir, those 'stars' are a backdrop provided by the website developer to make up for the lack of stars in the images themselves. No doubt, even they thought it was a bit strange that no stars were visible.

      We're still no closer to resolving the dichotomy between "Stars cannot be seen in space" and "Stars are easily visible, it's just that NASA doesn't bother taking any photos in which they are".

      Although, I guess the Hubble space telescope is an exception, because no-one can corroborate the star fields in the backgrounds of any Hubble images - conveniently...

      This is of course a wild goose chase once you realise the truth of the matter, but we can let shill duke it out with debunker and naif - and enjoy popcorn. ;-)

    14. @Zod: Sorry, my young friend, but your assertion that the stars in those photographs were put there by the website developer is truly laughable. Those stars were there in the original images, and they're there no matter what website the images are found on. You've simply been proven wrong.

      There is no dichotomy. You asserted that there are no photos in which stars are visible from space. I then produced several. One can gauge their authenticity by the fact that the worldwide astronomical community, both professional and especially amateur (we amateurs taking great delight in being able to call bullshit on NASA- or the ESA or CNSA, for that matter), have had these images for years, and no one has pointed out any issues with them. Compare that to the howls of derision that accompanied the infamous "Technicolor Red" images that the Viking probes transmitted,and NASA doctored. We space geeks are generally a passionate bunch. We want to know what the Universe *really* looks like out there. So, again, there is no dichotomy. You've simply been proven wrong.

      You call me a shill, but produce no evidence. (So,you think I get paid to haunt the comments section here, talking about Islamic numerology, how aliens could strip-mine supernovae, and the Sea-Tac Black Mass? And to bust on NASA every time they re-release old info for ritual purposes? C'mon, do you *really* expect anyone to believe that?) One could as easily (and with much more logic) assert that *you* are a shill, assigned to draw attention away from the very important info and analysis CLK presents, by trying to bend everything he writes toward your theory, whether there is the slightest connection or not; a theory, BTW, that you have not yet had the courage to fully divulge here.

      Also, in your system, none of what CLK writes about really matters, as the vast mass of us are destined to die in a global cataclysm just any day now. That sounds quite like shill behavior, doesn't it, Zod?

      Also: you're wasting your time waiting for anyone to duke it out, as I have no argument with either of the two individuals you insulted there.

      Just some advice, my young friend: since you've got all that popcorn and all that free time, use the time to educate yourself about the subjects you post about.

    15. Khadir, what is your audience? It can't be me, because you know I know you're a shill.

      When you provide as a demonstration that stars ARE visible in photos taken by NASA spacecraft in the solar system, your audience must comprise the feeble-minded.

      Are there really that many who visit this site, that you need to put so much effort into (incompetently) reassuring them that NASA is not the great deceiver some claim it to be?

    16. My audience is anyone who cares to read what I write. Who is your audience, Zod? Do you think if you resort to insult, it will make them forget that you were very publicly proven to be wrong?

      Or does it just hurt your feelings, that you were so publicly defeated in debate? Learning to gracefully admit when you're mistaken is an integral part of coming to manhood, Zod. One day, you'll learn that.

      You said that there were no images showing stars visible from space. I provided several. You can kick and scream and cry and yell "Shill!" all you want: it doesn't change the fact that you just got proven dead wrong in an extremely public forum.

      So go ahead and sling your pouty little insults. Or you could try this: grow up, and learn to debate like an adult.

      I look forward to proving you wrong many more times in the future.

  4. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)9:32 AM, August 24, 2018

    I'm sorry if this seems somewhat off-subject, but I've finally watched and re-watched the last season of Twin Peaks, and my conclusion is this:

    Supernatural Evil acts exactly like an extraterrestrial force. The "Jowday" (old English for Jaw or Jowl of the Day, in other words the "Devourer of Light") plants seeds everywhere, at every opportunity, a very agressive panspermia. It wants for darkness and ruin to spread, and turn our entire world into a living hell, similar to its own habitat. That's terraformation, as we're all either contaminated and broken by evil or simply replaced by extremely dark versions of ourselves.

    And now, in real life, we're being conditionned to accept the reality of ancient pagan gods as paganism is making a sudden and violent comeback, while at the same time being constantly bombarded with the supposed inevitability of alien first contact in the not-so-distant future.

    Real-life SPOILERS: The revived pagan gods and our extraterrestrial visitors will reveal themselves to be one and the same (ancient aliens), and they will demand our environment, our genome and our very minds be modified, for our survival's sake. The ultimate abandon of conventional morality, the ultimate normalization of Satanism, pedophilia, canibalism and who knows what else might ruin us and bind us to darkness eternal.


  5. Surf the Kali Yuga, my dudes. All of this stuff is extremely exciting and awe-inspiring if you can get past the fear inspired by the dark underbelly of our ruling class.

    1. Indeed. I used that same metaphor a few posts ago. Give or take.

  6. 60 (Nasa) is Samekh or the crone of the triad of virgin, mother, crone. Past as future, future as past, ie whats old is now new. As foundation or pillar it sets the mer tone coming, see..

    Good works, washing feet, serving old man of the mothers. Hey the Church figured it out and "mothered" everyone they could. And lo and behold the Samekh reference with its Cyrus (Trump) strongly laying (grabbing it by the means of reproduction) is the Jerusalem stone (60 years of Israel). Simply amazing.

    Oh my goodness, this little gem on Samekh is like a female reproduction manual from the great spell makers of yore:

    "Sammekh (60) is the female sex energy in its own activity. This can be viewed as the proliferation of biological cells or as parthogenesis." from Carlo Suares, Spectrograms

    And "wind mapping mission"!! As if. Didn't they read, understand, divide and understand again that "the wind blows where it wishes"? Now that would be a President with a vice. That's a low blow I know.

    Since reproductive sex has become conquered by the two MO's of communism, ie abortion on demand and no fault divorce, the altar has been set with Samekhian parthenogenesis..

    The old crone rolls up the scroll of her clothes and presto a magic virgin/Parthenos.

    Jean Markale uncovered that virgin, before the solar hymen traders came to power over the last two ages, that virign meant "untouchable". The hymen traders took what this meant and perverted it to property. Daddy wants to see my hymen today, hes got cattle trading to do later with some chaps. The real meaning is the untouchable power to do as it wishes. Ding, straight back to those coded spell phenixes, namely Sanchunathio where he writes:

    "Memrumus and Hypsuranius were the issue of these men by connexion with their mothers; the women of those times, WITHOUT SHAME, HAVING INTERCOURSE WITH ANY MEN WHOM THEY MIGHT CHANCE TO MEET. Hypsuranius inhabited Tyre: and he invented huts constructed of reeds and rushes, and the papyrus. And he fell into enmity with his brother Usous, who was the inventor of clothing for the body which he made of the skins of the wild beasts which he could catch. And when there were violent storms of rain and wind, the trees about Tyre being rubbed against each other, took fire, and all the forest in the neighbourhood was consumed. And Usous having taken a tree, and broken off its boughs, was the first who dared to venture on the sea. And he consecrated two pillars to Fire and Wind, and worshipped them, and poured out upon them the blood of the wild beasts he took in hunting: and when these men were dead, those that remained consecrated to them rods, and worshipped the pillars, and held anniversary feasts in honour of them." - Wind mapper supreme, knower of olde tymes and freedom of the hymen to mate with gods and mortals .. making mischief amongst the genes.

    1. Well, that's certainly an interesting perspective. Just don't forget to factor stem cells and birth bags into your sums.

  7. Can you please elaborate on the "secret sun"..I am new and not sure I understand what exactly you are referring to. Is it another sun? A secret about the sun were see? I can't for the life of me find any information on this. Thanks! Also there is the triple six in this picture as well...believe that it was mentioned before.

    1. Let's put it this way: The Sirius Disclosure* project will disclose nothing concerning Sirius.

      It's a bit of an in-joke for the amusement of the cognoscenti.


    2. A triple six in which picture...?

    3. Wrt 666, I think Anon11:49 is referring to the Cern logo.

      Apollyon & Kali/Shiva are of course those who invigilate the crossings (Nibiru) between yin & yang twice a great year in the dance of the secret sun with The Sun.

      People mistake Cern to be a destroyer of worlds, when it is actually a haven from such destroyers. So also was the purpose of the Apollo mission.

    4. The 666 is referring to the nasa

    5. I think the 666 is referring to the NASA 60th adversary. The 6 in the 60. The 6 the rocket is making. And the planet Saturn in the middle of the 60. The 6th planet.

    6. The 666 is referring to the NASA 60th adversary. The 6 in the 60. The 6 the rocket is making. And the planet Saturn in the middle of the 60. The 6th planet.

    7. The 666 is referring to the NASA 60th adversary. The 6 in the 60. The 6 the rocket is making. And the planet Saturn in the middle of the 60. The 6th planet.

    8. The 666 is referring to the NASA 60th adversary. The 6 in the 60. The 6 the rocket is making. And the planet Saturn in the middle of the 60. The 6th planet.

    9. The 666 is referring to the NASA 60th adversary. The 6 in the 60. The 6 the rocket is making. And the planet Saturn in the middle of the 60. The 6th planet.

    10. The 666 is referring to the NASA 60th adversary. The 6 in the 60. The 6 the rocket is making. And the planet Saturn in the middle of the 60. The 6th planet.

    11. Saturn as the third '6'? Hmmm. Bit of a stretch. Even so, I guess that is more esoterically significant than something as mundane as six characters in '60NASA'?

    12. Sean, you could further elucidate...

      What can I find?

      "It is obvious that in the Nineteenth Arcanum a great Alliance is established between man and woman, a great Alliance in order to perform the Great Work.

      This great Alliance has many aspects. The gospel speaks of the necessity of having the wedding garment. Let us remember the wedding in which a man did not bring the wedding garment. This one was bound, and the Lord ordered to cast him into outer darkness “where only weeping and the gnashing of teeth are heard” [Matthew 22:1-14]. This famous garment is the Egyptian Sahu or the Greek “To Soma Heliakon,” in other words, the body of gold of the solar man. This is the wedding garment required in order to attend the banquet of the Pascal Lamb. It is necessary and essential to understand that in order to have the body of gold of the solar man, the great Alliance is necessary, that is, the work in the Ninth Sphere between man and woman.

      Thus, as the great Alliance is necessary down here in order to attain illumination, another great Alliance up there is needed."

      If Sun and secret sun are compared to a man and a woman (king & queen), and intersect/conjugate as the two triangles in the star of David, or the two circles in the vesica piscis, then perhaps 'To Soma Heliakon' embodies this marriage in heaven?

    13. Good to see I'm not the only one stalking old posts. Howdy Zod! I'm on board with everything you say above excepting the first part of the first sentence in the last paragraph.

    14. Sean, do you mean you don't recognise us as having two suns?

    15. By far the more compelling external data I've had the opportunity to review revolves around The Secret Sun as To Soma Heliakon. However, as this metaphor resonates directly with your favorite thesis - I'm open to the barycentric notions you describe.

      Just haven't yet had a consciousness shattering religious event that leads me to a purely physical interpretation. How'd you get yours?

    16. Sean, h sapiens does not pollute its aeons of culture with the Zodiac (and related guff such as Jesus myths every 2,000 years) if precession is just a trivial wobble.

      Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid were built to last aeons for a good reason.

      As Cruttenden points out, the solar system and precession is FAR more simply explained as due to binary orbit than convoluted lunisolar wobble shenanigans that don't actually work.

      The epiphany is realising how the 2nd sun was hidden, and why it would be hidden.

      Curiously ;-) there are only two stars in the sky with negative magnitude. Unlike any other star*, the lesser does not precess. This is either because it is a nearby 2nd sun, or because it is very large, very far away, and orbiting an invisible supermassive celestial object, coincidentally in a perfectly counter-precessional direction.

      The icing on the cake is the sub-genius Freemason who thought it would be a good idea to persuade the Dogon tribe that this invisible supermassive celestial object was part of their ancient folklore.

      Another bit of icing is discovering that the term 'white dwarf' was invented to describe this object, and of course, many other examples of these have subsequently been 'discovered'.

      There's still the matter of why the secret sun was hidden, to be kept secret...

      * even pole stars precess slightly.

    17. I’m still waiting for that wondrous confirmation of Cruttenden to come from some other, earlier source. How did I miss this in Schwaller de Lubicz, etc? Does Hamlet’s Mill really confirm Cruttendden? What about all the other crap I’ve read, etc… Yours and Walter’s theory is a prime material doctoral thesis and a big nasty one at that! I’m a bit occupied with the Logos at present.

      As to the why, I assume that it’s a very clear assumption for all to see. And that upon this we agree. Your actual physical secret sun was hidden to occult traditions of “enlightenment” expressed in the term To Soma Heliakon. The same way geocentricity was occulted before Copernicus, well actually occulted up to Bruno, blah blah etc…

      Can you sight anything in Lost Star of Myth and Time that represents the moment “you knew”? What experiences of yours confirm the data on that page?

      Ultimately, I’m much more interested in explaining Vishnunabhi for myself (and interested cohorts) than needing to prove NASA wrong about – anything really. Less interested in the actual object than what said object means to earthling’s actual plight.

      If you and I were hanging out with authority to use the 40inch refractor at Yerkes Observatory, what would you wish to view? And can you imagine a better locale for a “The Secret Sun” convention?

    18. Sean, a lot that supports the existence (& identity) of the secret sun is the motive to hide it. It's almost as if, as soon as you can conceive as to why it would be hidden, it pops into existence.

      I sympathise with Cruttenden, in knowing that he knows damn well about the secret sun, but he can't establish its existence, except through nods and winks – whilst the Illuminati keep schtumm.

      Heliocentricity vs geocentricity was thus a cunning ploy to distract from barycentricity. The heliocentrist is naturally smug at being in the know, without realising they aren't.

      The Lost Star pretty much lays it on the line, but probably deliberately, doesn’t state the critical statement. It suggests obliquely that the secret sun is X, but as any astrophysicist can tell you, it can’t be X if X is several light years away.

      It helps to know that Apollo was staged. That then tells you that high level masons are deceivers, and they can be astronomers as well as astronauts. You then check the history for establishing the distance of X and realise you’re rummaging through the emperor’s wardrobe of new clothes.

      The motive must be massive, mindbogglingly massive:

      So, really, the Illuminati are would-be saviours of h sapiens - even if we are all expendable to that end.

  8. Oath



    Old English að "oath, judicial swearing, solemn appeal to deity in witness of truth or a promise," from Proto-Germanic *aithaz (cf. Old Norse eiðr, Swedish ed, Old Saxon, Old Frisian eth, Middle Dutch eet, Dutch eed, German eid, Gothic aiþs "oath"), from PIE *oi-to- "an oath" (cf. Old Irish oeth "oath"). In reference to careless invocations of divinity, from late 12c.

    That's quite a namesake for a broken vessel.

    1. Which are we referring to here? Are you referring to Elisheba? I think that's a patch-uo like so many of these names.

      Eloah-Esi-Bet= "Temple of Isis, a Goddess."

      That makes sense. "My God is Oath" is nonsense in any language.

    2. Patch-up as in chimeric-splice?

      re: 'Elizabeth' behindthename states 'From Ελισαβετ (Elisabet), the Greek form of the Hebrew name אֱלִישֶׁבַע ('Elisheva') meaning "my God is an oath"'

      then the meaning of oath from

      That 'oath' = 'In reference to careless invocations of divinity, from late 12c.' = broken vessels, as what else comes from carelessness but harm - either self-harm or having been harmed by those seeking to make use of a soul as part of their appeal to 'Heaven's Pearly Gate'?

      Fraser being birthed on these Anglocised Isles, the Old English rooting of 'oath' may shed light, or shed light once again, on her own singing of Siren Song.

  9. The cosmists were an interesting bunch, esp. Fyodorov, who is considered a precursor to transhumanism as well:

    1. Particularly relevant quote:

      "But Fyodorov goes much further and is much more radical than the other Cosmists. His ideas concern the very fundamental questions of what it is to be human, what the nature of a human being is or can be, and the purpose and direction of life itself. This is the origin of Transhumanism in the 20th century and has led to whole genres of science fiction, scientific speculation, and the development of experiments and technology to explore the reality of these concepts. The contemporary efforts to preserve life indefinitely through cryogenics follow on from Fyodorov’s writings. There are now scientific institutes in Russia which carry on research into these ideas, attempting to allow humans to communicate directly with cosmic intelligences by ‘tuning’ themselves in, a complicated process of spiritual preparation or clearing. The subject attempts to develop a new awareness, a new kind of sensitivity through which they can receive or respond to the faint communications of other minds."

      Shades of John Lilly...Wonder if they use sensory deprivation tanks?

    2. Anyone interested in Cosmism (or Cosmotheism, as it's sometimes called), should read Konstantin Tziolkovski's "Dreams of Earth and Sky". As Sagan once pointed out: Tziolkovski was so far ahead of his time, he had worked out the basic principles of space flight at a time when no human had travelled faster than a galloping horse.

      David Grinspoon also gives an excellent introduction to Cosmotheism in his book "Lonely Planets".

    3. I'd love to read it only it's nowhere to be found.

      Hopefully searching for it won't put you on a no-fly list or something.

      Is Kazantsev considered a Cosmist?

    4. Nice shirt though. Will work harder on finding.
      Only found on the Amazon so far.

    5. Whoops, here's the shirt.

    6. CLK, has "Dreams Of The Earth And The Sky: Collected Works of Tsiolkovsky" for $11.20. There are so many different ways of transliterating his name (as well as of translating the titles of his works), that it can make searching a nightmare. The ancient copy I found way back when had his surname as something like "Tsiolkoffskii".

      Also: I've reached the stage of paranoia where I'm pretty sure that *any* unusual behavior- down to showing fleeting interest in an obscure but seminal philosophical movement- gets you put on one list or another.

      Will admit complete ignorance of Kazantsev's work. But hey, gives me a new research direction, if nothing else!

    7. CLK, I could send you a Lonely Planets book.

  10. I think a lot of folks here would get a lot out of watching Ridley Scott-produced "Strange Angel" (if they aren't already) about Jack Parsons. The bits involving Jack's "visions" of his father Marvel at a moon base in the future seem to sync with what is being discussed here, if a bit loosely. The show explains that Crowley felt Parsons legitimized Thelema and that his pursuit of rocketry would broaden their mission.

    1. A reworked babalon working that came to a close before the vma attempt to babalon It's audience?

      Those few scenes 'Marvel' Snr. & Jnr. are the best thing about the phantasmagoria.

      & speaking of 'Cosmists':


      '"The Martians" were a group of prominent Hungarian scientists of Jewish descent (mostly, but not exclusively, physicists and mathematicians) who emigrated to the United States in the early half of the 20th century.[1] They included, among others, Theodore von Kármán, John von Neumann, Paul Halmos, Eugene Wigner, Edward Teller, George Pólya, John G. Kemeny and Paul Erdős. They received the name from a fellow Martian Leó Szilárd, who jokingly suggested that Hungary was a front for aliens from Mars. In an answer to the question of why there is no evidence of intelligent life beyond earth despite the probability of it existing, Szilárd responded: "They are already here among us – they just call themselves Hungarians."', 'Since they all spoke English with a strong accent (made famous by horror actor Bela Lugosi), they were considered outsiders in American society. The Hungarian scientists were seemingly superhuman in intellect, spoke an incomprehensible native language, and came from a small obscure country. This led to them being called Martians, a name they jocularly adopted.', 'The joke was that Hungarian scientists are actually descendants of a Martian scout force which landed in Budapest around the year 1900, and later departed after the planet was found unsuitable, but leaving behind children by several Earth women, children who all became the famous scientists. John von Neumann used a number of facts as mock evidence to support this claim, such as the close geographic proximity of the Martian's birthplaces; the well-traceable career path, which started with an interest in chemistry, led the individual in question to German universities where he moved towards physics, at which point the Martian left Europe for the United States.'

      (more Midwichery?)

      'The universe is vast, containing myriads of stars...likely to have planets circling around them.... The simplest living things will multiply, evolve by natural selection and become more complicated till eventually active, thinking creatures will emerge.... Yearning for fresh worlds...they should spread out all over the Galaxy. These highly exceptional and talented people could hardly overlook such a beautiful place as our Earth. – "And so," Fermi came to his overwhelming question, "if all this has been happening, they should have arrived here by now, so where are they?" – It was Leo Szilard, a man with an impish sense of humor, who supplied the perfect reply to the Fermi Paradox: "They are among us," he said, "but they call themselves Hungarians."'

      'Leo Szilard'? Must be the Martian for 'Lizardman'.

      'von Kármán' is embodied as part of the chimeric-composite of 'Prof. Filip Mešulam'* in 'SA'.

      (*played by Rade Šerbedžija who's been announced cast as a member of the Tesla family in a flic titled 'Tesla: Beyond Imagionation')

    2. The True Story of Humanity's Post-Media Awakening is happening right now and in real-time.

    3. KTV 6:02 and Anon 9:52
      YES and YES.
      To even attempt to 'create' something such as this points to madness yet understood.
      "IT" is ALL about 'VIBRATION'.
      'TIME' itself has no viability w/o such.
      Has anyone REALLY come to understand the need for STILLNESS?

    4. I'm a bit hesitant to dive into Strange Angel on account of I already know how the story ends. (SPOILER ALERT: Not well).

    5. KTV notes:
      who jokingly suggested that Hungary was a front for aliens from Mars.

      Hungarian and Sumerian languages are remarkably similar...

    6. Considering the do what thou wiltery-liberties taken with the on screen tale who's to say what will be D:wave-spliced into season 2 - 5, that's if it gets renewed reviews being less than combustable, perhaps season 2 - 5 will be taking place beyond the bounds of black mirrored scrying devices among what's commonly referred to as 'real life'.

  11. The first time I heard the Cocteau Twins many synchronicities occurred in my life. I was driving home from a Las Vegas trip. I spent a weekend in March of 2009 gambling, drinking way too much, chasing women, and going to clubs with esports celebrities. As I was heading north on interstate 5 in between San Diego and Orange County "Heaven or Las Vegas" came on the radio. After the first few seconds of the song I knew that this beautiful music was in a dimension all it's own. So with the moonlit pacific ocean to my left and the energies of the 33rd parallel all around me I had to beckon to the siren's call. I've been a fan ever since. I also happened to drive by the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant during my first Cocteau Twins eargasm. A few years later I discovered Thegroxt1's channel on youtube. He has a theory that the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant is going to be nuked and when it happens America will fall, the devil will be set loose, and the rapture will take place. San Onofre, as in "Oh no! He's free!" referring to the devil. What the Cocteau Twins tapped into I don't know for sure but it isn't subtle. As for an ecard Chris I couldn't find any about Regulus Day so I hope this one will do.

    Two secrets on your Birthday:
    1) Forget the past, you can't change it.

    2) Forget the present, I didn't get you one.

    1. Thanks anon. I was previously unfamiliar with TheGroxt1 channel. I decided to check it out considering your mention of the 33rd degree of latitude and San Onofre. Well, the guy is clearly a rapture-type Christian. I grew up in that environment and I am quite familiar. I have found myself thinking a lot about California of late and San Onofre (as noted in "Surfin' USA" by the Beach Boys) has been coming up as well. So, checking out his YouTube channel, I noticed one video about Mt. Pleasant, Texas. I happened to drive through Mt. Pleasant a couple of months ago during research on the 94 degree line of longitude. Well, as I watched a bit of his odd video (a cat face in the topography around Mt. Pleasant?) I ignored a lot of it and was particularly interested in the references to the series "Supernatural" (a show that also is noted in my 94 degree research, but up in Kansas, where "Supernatural" begins). And also, Mt. Pleasant, Texas (which has been also coming up - like San Onofre, oddly enough) is where 33 degrees latitude and 94 degrees longitude intersect. Very, very weird. Also, I happened to pick up Cocteau Twins' "Milk & Kisses" yesterday, right after reading Chris' latest post. As for the "siren" theme, that scene in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?", where the trio comes across three beautiful sirens washing clothes in a river, has been mentioned in my presence more than once in recent weeks. I sense something ancient is returning. And soon.

    2. One other thing ... regarding the "nuke" angle this guy talks about at San Onofre ... on the other end of the continent, outside Charleston, SC, is a town called Mount Pleasant. I visited recently. It is also on the 33rd degree. And recall that Sen. Lindsey Graham (best friend of Sen. John McCain) predicted a nuke going off in Charleston Harbor, not unlike the 1983 "mockumentary" called "Special Bulletin," where a similar scenario plays out.

    3. Oh dear- Milk and Kisses. Yes...

      That's a whole other story.

      A whole other story indeed.


      San Onofre: The name Onuphrius is thought to be a Hellenized form of a Coptic name Unnufer, ultimately from the Egyptian: wnn-nfr meaning "perfect one", or "he who is continually good", an epithet of the god Osiris.[6]

    4. Yes. "Milk & Kisses." Hearing "Half-Gifts" I think I'm hearing some Enochian musick from another realm.
      "I still have a life, and it's a rich one even with mourning
      Even with grief and sadness" And yes, San Onofre was in the news just this past week and not because they were being given accolades for "no accidents." Nope. Rather, the NRC is heading there in about a week to investigate an accident - "a serious near miss" - that is reminiscent of other serious mistakes at other DOE sites where radioactive material is utilized and/or stored. Whistleblowers in that community are, sadly, frowned upon, especially at Los Alamos.

    5. And then there are alarming headlines, such as this from the Los Angeles Times: "San Onofre nuclear plant "is a Fukushima waiting to happen."

  12. Ancient Aliens the dominant paradigm? Al huevo vato! Check out the remake of the local roadside attraction

    1. Speaking of roadsides...

    2. heh, nice one.

      If anyone stops by, take photos.

  13. Hey very interesting blog!

  14. The pop group Third Eye Blind released a new cover of SONG OF THE SIREN today. Just sayin'.

    1. Yeah, and in the version of 3EB's that I heard on You Tube it sounds like they changed a few lyrics from Tim's original.
      Like "... you here when I was forsaken" instead of "... you were hare when I was fox".

    2. Covers it and flubs the title. Not a good portent.

      Stay out of the water, Stephen. In fact, consider sponge baths instead of showers.

    3. And this happened the day after the 3EB cover release (remember that Australia is a day ahead of you guys in the USA)

      "Man rescued after boat strikes whale and sinks off Queensland's Fraser Island"

  15. I happened to run into this article.

  16. Regulus:

    1. Thanks. Geocities-looking pages always cheer me up. Seriously. It's a nostalgia thing.

  17. Jupiter was sent, but he got distracted by wine, women, and song. So Saturn has come. Humans tend to find the touch of the king-in-yellow to be a little less sympathetic. Nevertheless, it's obvious that big changes are in the offing whether people want them to be or not. Orange dawn; orange moon; and orange sun for days here in WA state. They say it's because of the fires, but you know, on earth as it is in heaven and all. Divine feminine, or Kali Yuga? Allowing women to put on pants and pretend to be shitty men seems like a far cry from anything worthy of being called divine to me.

    1. Saturn reassures me that the project will be completed according to plan and all debts will be collected in full. I agree that men are perfectly capable of being shitty men all by themselves and have the market cornered. The question of what is coming will and will always be more what is coming what is coming what is coming. I can't believe that the inquirers into the never ending ritual have forgotten this.

    2. Jupiter is as big a prick as Saturn. He's just a prick in a different way. Doubt it not.

  18. Belated Happy Regulus Day, everyone! Speaking of the "royal stars"---
    Formalhut is now aligning with the moon. (Or is it the other way?)

    More than a few scifi writers included Formalhut in their writings. Philp K. Dick included Formalhut in five, no less.

    Formalhut is arabic meaning mouth of the southern fish or mouth of the whale. (Jonah?) Astrological beliefs relate it to the imagination.

    Besides Regulus and Formalhut, Aldebaran and Antares, are the other two. I imagine something royal may be in the next entraining ritual.

    1. Funny such an important star sits in such a nothing constellation. Such is the mystery of the cosmos.

  19. Unpaid Lab Bradt (Har-di-har-har-har)12:50 PM, August 25, 2018

    I've always preferred the Cale version of Cohen's Hallelujah, Buckley's seems too airy and pretty, hopeful and trite; completely at odds with the lyrics. More like a poppy boy-band's impression of what it's like to experience the pain that often accompanies *actually* caring for someone than the real thing.

    Then again that might not be how others interpret the song at all, and the original comes off, to me, as somewhat menacing and resentful rather than brokenhearted and remorseful, so...

    1. Well, to each their own. Buckley is the one who popularized it so I guess that counts for something.

    2. The Green Rabbit from Star Wars11:36 PM, August 25, 2018

      No doubt. And it certainly was more appropriate for the Shrek soundtrack than the other two. Smashmouth's cover of I'm a Believer, though? Kinda superfluous. Who doesn't like The Monkees? That'd be like saying you don't like sharing a piece of bubblegum with your girlfriend. You know, even if they were, more or less, just a Beatles knockoff. That's just my take on it, though, no one ever accused me of being the sharpest Tool in the shed. Too much radio static, ya know?

  20. More on Richard Russell, the SeaTac guy. Bad jobs drive you crazy:

    1. Being part of Fox McCloud's squadron battling aliens takes It's toll, no wonder the Peppy Hare quoted empathises with his Slippy colleague.

      Kekling aside did 'RR' take a crashdive, after 'moving over the face of the waters' & effervescing up to the firmament, in part, because the idea of continuing to live in a time when child abuse is openly practiced & celebrated whether in the form of circumcision, 'mermaidisation' & other acts - that for all their being acknowledged as obscene - flourish, proliferate & metastasise unhindered?

      If there are 'no limits', 'love is love' & 'people just gotta be left to be themselves & judged as individuals' etc. BUT there are quotas to impose specific gender/race compositions of positions of employment etc. the lie of claims such as 'no limits' is emphasised - whilst twisting the knife of denying It's being opposed with the repetition of said lie, not that 'no limits' is a good, what comes from such ideology but further obscenity?

      Considering those opposing such are smeared 'nazi' & requiring being rid of maybe It's not surprising he did what he done.

      Perhaps his act will play a part in Forcing Space to reconfigure so these 'Upside Down' times no longer dominate proceedings.

    2. They do. But they don't usually drive you to stealing an airplane and crashing it into an island. Not in my experience, at least.

  21. Someone asked the other day if there was any news out of philly. Well there's this story on the local station Cecily Tynan (local meteorologist) visits with Phoenix, a Harris Hawk, at the Philadelphia Zoo

  22. Forgot the date of that story about Phoenix the hawk: August 22. Some years ago that station was chosen to do an expose where the local head Mason went on camera with their senior reporter and acknowledged that our last four mayors were masons (starting with Eilson Goode, who presided over the MOVE bombing). That story was how i found out that this building right next to city hall, dead center of Old City, was not a cathedral but a Masonic temple.

    1. Of course. It practically writes itself by now.

  23. Just one man's speculation about why one bloc of the Archons, at least, are so obsessed with the 2044 occultation of Regulus by Venus...

    Regulus means "Little Ruler" or "Prince". And Venus goes through phases just like the Moon (very sharp-eyed people can actually see the crescent Venus).And everyone knows the star-and-crescent emblem of Islam. But this is just background.

    There's an ancient tradition in Islam that our twin saviors (Jesus and the Madhi) will appear in the middle of the fifteenth Hijri century. 2044AD is 1466 Hijri. This is pretty near the last time you could call the middle of the fifteenth Hijri century.

    Shia Muslims (and a surprising number of Sunni) believe that the Madhi is currently alive on planet Earth; but unknown because he's currently in Occultation. One thing that makes me think that archons (or the Muslims among the archons; or those archons who claim to be Muslim to avoid a revolution in the nations they own) connect the appearance of the 2044AD Regulus-Venus event is that the Arabic word that describes the Madhi's current unseen state could perfectly well be translated as "hiding" or "seclusion" or "obscurity"...but instead it's *always* rendered as "Occultation" (always capitalized), a word itself so obscure that the average person has to have it defined when they first hear it.

    One more bit of background: authorities disagree about exactly how old the Madhi was when he entered Occultation; but they all agree that he was very young.

    So: in 2044, at the last moment when the prophecy of the Madhi's appearing could be fulfilled, Regulus, the Young Ruler, comes out of his Occultation, and, with Venus, forms the universal emblem of Islam. And Earth is Heaven's Mirror.

    I believe that a certain bloc of archons believe that as that happens Above, so also it happens Below; and the Mahdi will come out of his Occultation, and, twinned with Jesus son of Mary (who,I think it's important to remember, will come out of the *sky*), will defeat the Daijjal (who, importantly, has One (All-Seeing?) Eye, and will rule the Earth justly, and drag all the sins now done in darkness out into full daylight.

    I can't imagine anything that the archons would fear more.

    So it appears that certain of the archons are Working, regarding the 2044/1466 Occultation. But what they're trying to accomplish with their Workings is an excellent question. Are they afraid it will bring the Madhi,and so they're using blood and Magick hoping to hinder it? Could be.

    But consider: since one of the Twin Saviors comes out of the Sky, and one comes out of the forever-haunted land of Sumer...maybe they're trying to summon something/someone who lives in the Sky, and raise something/someone who currently sleeps in Sumer. To fight the Madhi and Jesus? Perhaps.

    Or to *impersonate* the Madhi and Jesus? That's the one that makes me lose sleep. Great Cthulhu ruling from the Throne of David in the Third Temple in Jerusalem, and Yogsothoth ruling from the Kaaba in al-Makkah...

    Apologies for going on at such length. Many thanks, CLK, for giving space and impetus for ideas like this!

    1. I‘d read your blog. Just sayin‘.

  24. Interesting vid about Bootes, which synchs with this MU story I stumbled across today.

    Way toward the end was this:

    The four galaxies discovered around the Milky Way—named Segue-1, Bootes I, Tucana II and Ursa Major I—are small and dense and dim. They also have properties totally unlike our own. According to Dr Carlos Frenk, an author of the paper:

    If you go and examine these primitive galaxies, you should find bizarre things about them. Being the first ones, they should have properties that are unique to them.

    Lead author Dr Sownak Bose elaborated:

    One could think that, maybe some of these pre-reionisation galaxies are more compact than their counterparts that formed afterwards. They were formed at a time when the Universe was much denser, because the Universe was smaller.

  25. well john mccain died.

    i had some vague synchronicity. This led zepplin rip off band called greta van fleet released a song/video called "when the curtain falls" Lots of symbolism in the video.

    Wasnt a day went by after mccain died when david lynch released some video he did with stella mccartny about TM and making movies called "curtains up"

  26. Thanks Chris, for remembering my birthday, although it was 5 hours in advanced. Spent the day on Loch Ness, under the waxing moon. Also spent a night in Grangemouth and I tried not to but all I could think of was Ms E.F. and the views she was surrounded with. A must see. Scotland is a beautiful country above and beyond a we G'mouth. peace love empathy

  27. So I'm so sorry if I'm overlooking but is that Venus walking towards the Sphinx (leo/virgo, cusp 8.23) in the top pic?



  30. Your social credit score might improve if you stopped dropping those "curbstomp" mentions like some kind of subreddit nazi wannabe.

    1. I'm sorry but you've clearly confused me for someone who gives half a shit about how millennial incels have politicized terms based on apocryphal practices that long predate their siring.

      No harm, no foul.

  31. Des plus belles histoires et actualit?s qui buzzent.