Monday, August 13, 2018

The (Secret) Space Force & the Never-Ending X-Files LARP

Just how weird are these times we are living in? Well, they're so weird that there's a new branch of the military in the works called the "Space Force." Now, I've talked quite a bit about "Starfleet Reality" and the Star Trek timeline but I never thought things would go this far this fast.

And by that I mean I figured all the toys they've been working on out in the Nevada desert would stay in the black until conditions necessitated their unveiling. Goes to show what I know.

Not a lot.

Or maybe conditions have necessitated their unveiling. I mean, how would we know? 

The news media doesn't tell us the truth about anything important and I doubt the cut-rate semi-slave labor toiling away in MSM salt mines would even know how to ask the right questions in the first place.

For my part, I connected those weird birds out at Groom Lake with the 2016 election and its aftermath, connected to Hillary and her chums lifting the old Laurence Rockefeller cudgel and sticking their noses in the Secret Space boys' business. Didn't really go as planed.

Crazy, I know. "Crazy" is The Secret Sun's mission statement.

Pentagon sources are seeding their favorite news outlets with leaks claiming Russia and China are far ahead of the US when it comes to space weaponry, or rather, orbital weaponry. Given the immense disparities in defense allocations between the US and the rest of the world combined, I'm having a bit of trouble with that story. 

And we're getting the usual rash of clickbait garbage in response to the announcement, usually in the form of opinionizing from celebrities (Jim effin' Carrey?), politicians and journalists who haven't been read in, don't have clearance and have no real clue what's actually going on.  

Does Trump himself? Off the top of my head I'd have to say no, but I gave up trying to figure that guy and this Administration out a long time ago. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if Pence does. I'd expect it, actually.

Must be why I'm thinking of Las Vegas

Those of us who pay attention to these things have long been aware of the weird shit flying around out there, dating back to the 1980s. And not just the desert-- a lot of folks have speculated that the Hudson Valley and Belgium flaps from back in the day were test-flights of the B-2 et al, perhaps a real-time test of how effective the technology was in densely-populated --and monitored-- airspace.

More recently, YouTuber Steve Barone has been documenting a rash of major activity over Area 51 and the Las Vegas area. It's impossible to say exactly what he's been recording but I get the feeling it's one hell of a lot more exotic than the B-2. 

Go to his UFOs Over Vegas YouTube page and take a look for yourself.

And this is where I start to ask myself if we're living in a Star Trek timeline or an X-Files timeline. And is there a difference? 

Maybe what we're really living in is a worldwide X-Files LARP. 

It goes without saying that this Space Force sort of thing has been an X-Files staple since the very beginning. 

The first episode proper ("Deep Throat"*) had our heroes spying test flights over Ellens AFB (Ellens being Nellis spelled sideways) and even had Mulder apprehended by the military and mind-wiped so he'd forget what he saw there. 

Secret spacecraft and Area 51 were always lurking in the background, becoming more prominent in the revival as Carter tried to distance himself from the tangled web of the alien colonization subplot and base the mytharc more firmly in reality.

Of course, Chris Carter and co. faced the very same dilemma that William Gibson faced when writing his most recent trilogy; how do you write these kinds of stories when the rest of the world has caught up to your science fiction? 

But it was a little more pressing for The X-Files given the stakes involved (Gibson's audience is barely a fraction of TXFs), plus the fact that outlets as establishmentarian as The New York Times and The Washington Post revealed the existence of a real-life X-Files program within the Pentagon just weeks before the show's eleventh (and almost certainly final) season premiered.

Worse still, the program's chosen media asset, former Blink182 singer Tom DeLonge, screwed the pooch in an epic fashion. DeLonge's appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience has entered the roll of all-time legendary Internet trainwrecks and led to DeLonge being doghoused as more hands-on types like Luiz Elizondo tried to clean up his mess.

However, the Boys beat the Pentagon X-Files project to the finish line by almost two years. And so they were ready to catch the wave of broad-spectrum hype coinciding with The X-Files' "event series." 

Which itself was a bit of a trainwreck but still; bragging rights.

The Pentagon group has kept a low profile since the initial media blitz. Robert Bigelow, the guy who's been single-handedly bankrolling the UFOlogy establishment for the past 20 years, has a big NASA contract to worry about and the projects have since shifted into a different gear. 

Now you're seeing a lot more of Hal Putoff, who ran the CIA's psi programs for several years, than either DeLonge or Elizondo.

And because this is 2018 most of the operation seems to have migrated over to Bigelow's digs in--you guessed it--Heaven or Las Vegas.

The Pentagon project continues to insert itself into the news cycle, albeit on a much smaller scale than before. The controversial "tic-tac video" continues to make the rounds at outlets like Coast to Coast and in Newsweek, which has become a proper clickbait farm in its rather reduced afterlife.

This recentish story caught my attention, seeing as how this X-Files program was quite literally an X-Files program. Or better yet, an X-Files episode.

Or, of course, an X-Files LARP. 

I mean it looks to me as if its mission statement was essentially lifted straight out of the X-Files title sequence. Which I do have to say I wish they didn't use for the revival. They haven't aged very well and gave the episodes a musty kind of attic smell. 

I'm one of the few people who thought the Season Nine titles were fantastic, a major improvement over the original. Maybe the only people.

A heretic to the core, is what I am.

But aliens and UFOs equal clicks in the hyper-competitive environment of 2018, so the semi-fake news outlets and clickfarms continue to publish stories on them. Aided quite handily by the equally attention-starved space-science establishment I might add. 

I couldn't help notice that this story popped up around the same time that SETI types were begging Congress for more money. Surely a coincidence.

Even so, it couldn't help remind me of The X-Files' Season Two opener "Little Green Men," in part inspired by the "Wow" Signal story from back in the day. Not one of the more memorable episodes in the series' canon, but we're just getting warmed up here.

Another clickbait farm (Business Insider) ran with this headline, based on a story in a Syracuse newspaper (Syracuse being the setting of a pivotal season in Season Two's "Colony").

While it's fun to believe that UFO sightings are being intercepted by the government, I think it's more because of the fact that most people are so mesmerized by their phone-screens that you could have an Independence Day mass-landing and hardly anyone would notice.

However it should be noted that the government intercepting UFO reports forms the premise of Season One's "Fallen Angel," which more or less lifted the idea (and some dialogue) from the Intruders TV movie a year or two prior.

Personally, I'd wager that MUFONs Stasi-like reporting form has also helped inhibit UFO reporting. I've read deals with the Devil himself that are less invasive. 

I know this for a fact seeing as how my family have had a handful of our own UFO sightings. My son and his friends filmed some rather-sizable orbs back in 2015 and my wife and I got a very long look at a very bright chevron-shaped UFO that was making weird movements under a dense cloud cover in the skies over our neighborhood for nearly 20 minutes back in early 2017. 

But since I didn't feel like handing over the keys to my house plus my deepest, darkest secrets plus a kidney to Bigelow's flunkies, I never got past the upper third of the reporting forms.

Then of course there's Kyle Odom, X-Files LARPer Supreme, who allegedly threw documents over the White House fence that apparently were meant to inform Barack Obama as to the insidious takeover of our planet by sex-crazed, shapeshifting Martians. 

Mind you, I'm not saying he's necessarily mistaken but still; guy got a little carried away here.

X-Files diehards will recognize Kyle LARPing the Season Eight thriller, "Three Words," which centered on a paranoid Census worker hopping that same White House fence to inform George Bush about a remarkably-similar takeover plot. 

Only without the "getting shot" part.

Odom had previously shot an Idaho pastor named Tim Remington whom Odom claimed was a secret Martian leading a secret sex-cult within his parish. Miraculously, Remington survived several bullets to his body mass and recovered remarkably quickly, according to reports. 

Odom cited this as proof that Remington was in fact a Martian.

X-Files fans will recognize the plot of Season Five's "Folie a Deux" here, in which Brian Markinson plays a telemarketing toiler who believes that his new boss is an alien(ish) monster who is turning his employee's into his zombie slaves. Of course, this turns out to be the case and the monster is essentially identical to the mummified Martians in Quatermass and the Pit.

Do note that Steven Spielberg's Taken ripped this episode off blind, going so far as to cast Markinson as the gunman in that as well. The Outer Limits did their spin on "Folie a Deux" in "Alien Radio," with The Matrix's own Joey Pants in the Markinson role.

One could make an argument that Odom's manifesto was not entirely unlike the manifesto written by an alien contactee in Season Three's "Jose Chung's From Outer Space."

And is it my imagination or does Odom's Martian sketch remind you a bit of a certain froggy meme which became quite notorious not long after this story broke? Weird times, indeed.

On a more serious note, it goes without saying that surveillance is a major issue, not to mention privacy and freedom of speech on Internet platforms. It's not just the government, pretty much anyone with the right access can rifle through your life and use that information to their own advantage.

All of which The X-Files dealt extensively with in any number of episodes. The most explicit example is Season Nine's "TrustNo1", which Carter and Frank Spotnitz rather boldly aired in the aftermath of 9/11 and the whole business with the Patriot Act and the rest of it.

And the LARPs just keep on coming...

Here's an item about a treasure hunter who claims he stumbled upon a sunken spacecraft in the Bermuda Triangle. 

This brings me back to the recovered spacecraft divers discovered in the indelible Season Three scorcher "Nisei," one of the most zeitgeisty eps in the entire canon.

This storyline was revived a few weeks later in "Piper Maru," which saw a French recovery team searching for the UFO, not realizing it had already been recovered by the Yanks. What they ended up recovering instead was the Black Oil, the invasive alien virus that was at the center of the Mythology.

But I'm also reminded of the spaceship that either washed ashore or was uncovered by beach erosion in Season Six's storming "Biogenesis."

Chimeric hybridization is at the very core of the X-Files mythology, being a major plot point from the original pilot to the bitter end. And inevitably, we're seeing no end of stories about human-animal hybridization, thanks to the miracles and wonders of CRISPR-CAS9.

Some of the series' most memorable monsters are chimeras, like our man from Chernobyl here, Flukey. Season Ten's "Founder's Mutation" went so far to imply that all of the X-Files' monsters were the result of various and sundry genetic experimentation programs.

Chimeras are called out by name in the Mythology, such as the discovery of a hybrid farm deep in the bowels of the Pentagon in Season Five's otherwise ponderous "Redux." Do note that the "Redux" trilogy formula was essentially reworked in the revival's mythology, such as it is.

More recently, we're now seeing the use of fetal tissue in cloning and hybridization programs, in exactly the same way we were guaranteed back in the 90s would never actually happen. I guess they forgot. 

You forget stuff too, you know.

Make no mistake; Gattaca Reality is coming faster than you could imagine. That is, if you're an optimist. If you're a pessimist than it's X-Files Reality we're looking at.

Because the use of fetal tissue in breeding programs goes all the way back to Season Two's "Colony/End Game" and by implication all the way to the finish line as well. In "Colony' the fetal tissue is used to allow renegade alien clones to acclimate themselves to our biosphere.

Since the LARP never ends we recently saw this story, about a shuttle astronaut claiming to have encountered a nebulous alien form up there in LEO.

And of course, this little plot point comes lock, stock and barrell out of Season One's "Space," about a former astronaut who takes it upon himself to sabotage the space shuttle program after being possessed by an alien form he also encountered up there. 

Which came first? Before you answer, don't forget The Lone Gunmen pilot.

X-Files LARPery isn't just an American pastime, even those pesky Russkies are getting in on the action. In this case they're LARPing the Season One milestone "Ice," whose premise is identical to this story here.

"Ice" itself is a bottle show drawing heavily on The Thing from Another World, remade by John Carpenter in 1982.

The tragic story of British researcher Max Spiers, who died of an acute case of sudden-onset UFOlogy, continues to make headlines. An inquest into his mysterious and horrible death has revealed that his laptop was wiped clean by the authorities before being returned to his mother. 

It's never the crime, it's the coverup, as the old saying goes.

This ties in to a number of X-Files storylines, including the aforementioned "Fallen Angel," which introduces us to a similarly-doomed UFOlogist named Max. 

Max Fenig, in this particular case.

The now-notorious fact that Max Spiers had vomited up a large volume of a mysterious black liquid reminded me of Krycek vomiting out the Black Oil in Season Three's "Apocrypha."

Except for the fact that Krycek actually vomited out the Black Oil through his eyes.

And the bit with the laptop reminds me again of "Three Words," when Mulder recovers Howard Salt's laptop before it can be erased by the FBI.

It seems like a lifetime ago, but some of you might remember the headlines about a Twitter user claiming he had somehow received mysterious voicemails that appeared to be code dealing with the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 by "nonhuman" agents.

That story seems to have fallen down the memory hole, other than this British tabloid headline here. 

Anyone know what's going on with this situation? Let us know in the comments. 

Of course, the downing of a commercial airliner and a UFO feature in the cracking Season Four two-parter "Tempus Fugit/Max," which recounted the tragic fate of Max Fenig. 

Which leads us back to the Space Force in a roundabout kind of way...
We also saw how the announcement of the US seeking the military dominance of space--in Pence's own words-- validate the claims of UFO hacker Gary McKinnon, who found evidence of a nascent Space Force almost two decades ago.

The announcement, in addition to the semi-overt test flights over Nevada in the past few years, vindicate McKinnon, who was dismissed as a kook and a fantasist by the usual shills. Maybe I'm naive but McKinnon never struck me as the kind of attention-starved "whistle-blowers" who hover over UFOlogy like flies over dog-doo. And just about as useful.

I think the fact that Uncle Sam tried so hard for so long to dress McKinnon's ass in Orange is validation enough, but this just seals the deal, IMO. How's about you?

And of course, McKinnon is the spiritual descendant of the doomed UFO hacker "the Thinker" from Season Two's legendary "Anasazi." It's amazing how these things pan out, don't you think? 

Bonus factoid: Brad Pitt modeled his stoner character in True Romance on the actor who portrayed the Thinker, who was a former roommate of Pitt's.

McKinnon's mother claims that he became so obsessed with UFOs since he was raised in Falkirk, widely recognized as a major UFO hotspot and next to Bonnybrook, called the "UFO Capital of the World" and reportedly a major window area.

How about that, eh? Window to another dimension. Huh.

That photo, depicting our old friends the Kelpies, was taken by one Heather McEwan. Oddly enough, McEwan is also the surname of the English police officer who kidnaps Carys in Requiem. Or if you prefer, the police officer who rescues Carys from the creepy cult grooming her for bigger things.

Speaking of young musical prodigies being groomed for bigger things, this alleged UFO photo-- apparently legendary in UFO circles-- was taken in a little burg you may have heard a thing or two about called "Grangemouth."

*Note that "Deep Throat" featured a 19 year-old Seth Green as a grunge boy.


  1. Inquiring minds want you to catch an alien; vivisect it; and post the video to liveleak.

  2. Chris, there's a channel on youtube that claims a huge fallen angel is buried right next to area 51 in nevada. Thegroxt1 describes the cosmic war between Jesus and the fallen angels in painstaking detail. Very interesting stuff.

  3. I remember when i was a kid the x files theme and the unsolved mysteries theme would scare the shit out of me for some reason.....i was very fragile :^)

    Someone linked it in the last post you made but there was always that lady carol rosin who has been claiming for years that she was wernher von brauns assistant and he told her to tell everyone about the weaponization of space and how the government was going to do an alien false flag.

    according to her all of this has been planned since the 70's. she saw them planning the wars in the middle east and how third world fanatics would be used as the enemy after the russians, and then after that it would be asteroids, and then after that the final gambit, aliens.

    makes me think who is actually in control and what the real plan is.

    The strategy that Wernher Von Braun taught me was that first the Russians are going to be considered to be the enemy. In fact, in 1974, they were the enemy, the identified enemy. We were told that they had “killer satellites”. We were told that they were coming to get us and control us – that they were “Commies.”

    Then terrorists would be identified, and that was soon to follow. We heard a lot about terrorism. Then we were going to identify third-world country “crazies.” We now call them Nations of Concern. But he said that would be the third enemy against whom we would build space-based weapons.

    The next enemy was asteroids. Now, at this point he kind of chuckled the first time he said it. Asteroids- against asteroids we are going to build space-based weapons.

    And the funniest one of all was what he called aliens, extraterrestrials. That would be the final scare. And over and over and over during the four years that I knew him and was giving speeches for him, he would bring up that last card. “And remember Carol, the last card is the alien card. We are going to have to build space-based weapons against aliens and all of it is a lie.”

    1. Oh yes, Kim. I'm quite familiar with Rosin and her connections to Von Braun.

      Well, you have to admire the tenacity of it at least. Sticking to the script and so on.

  4. So good Chris! You popped my mind with the Max Spiers sync. For a side note: I’ve lived in Nevada most my life and have seen some weird shit out here. Given NV is all pretty much government land, one would expect to see such things. Once a craft of some sort (maybe a TR3B) buzzed over me and some friends in the deep mountains.. anyway I love where this is going and also terrified ha ha thanks Chris.

    1. Next time you go out bring a GoPro and just leave it on the whole time.

    2. Good point. The funny thing was, I had two other people with me. And this thing was totally visible very close and very brite. But one of the three of us said he “saw nothing” and was very weird about it. My guess is we experienced a time slip and he got probed. Literally he was butt hurt and denied the whole event. Or it was to strange for him to compute. Still keeps me up at night...

  5. Watch out peopleoids! The Martian sex fiends are coming for you and your soft fleshy parts! They are after your precious bodily fluids. Saint Kubrick tried to warn you but you didn't listen. Oh, no, the message was lost on you.

    Listen carefully to the aether and you can hear their martial music.

    "Rented a tent, a tent, a tent; Rented a tent, a tent, a tent. Rented a tent! Rented a tent! Rented a, rented a tent."

    1. Well, we were all going to do something about the Martian invasion but we got sidetracked with Pokemon Go. That will be our epitaph.

    2. At least Pokeymens is more humane than some of these synthetic drugs going around.

    3. 71 people OD on fake weed in a Connecticut park? Amazing. You wouldn't believe it if you saw it in a movie.

  6. "The sky is a landfill" - Jeff Buckley on ufos
    "Everybody here wants you" - Jeff Buckley on the popularity of his ex-oracle. Of course a JB Genesis cover song was included on that album too. I think he knew a lot.

    1. Everyone Here was actually written about Jon Wasser but I see your point.

      Plus, the sky is also a neighborhood.

    2. according to "those in the know" indeed that was a love-making song he wrote about Jon. Why do you call her Jon?

    3. Did I? Hmm. Maybe it was a typo.

  7. Came through this morning. The officers who investigated Spiers death are now facing 'disciplinary proceedings'.

  8. Great article, Mr.Knowles.

    It reminds me also of the ancient aliens throughline that made part of a few of the mythology episodes.

    Perhaps this space force thing was in the making a long time ago as one previous commenter said (regarding Von Braun) and so was the cover up. I always thought Carl Sagan was a kind of more entertaining Dawkins and his treatment of ufology kind of Straussian but then one can easily find his 1962 paper on interstellar voyage and read right there in the abstract:

    ". It follows that there is the statistical likelihood that Earth was visited by an advanced extraterrestrial civilization at least once during historical times. There are serious difficulties in demonstrating such a contact by ancient writings and iconography alone. Nevertheless, there are legends which might profitably be studied in this context. Bases or other artifacts of interstellar spacefaring civilizations might also exist elsewhere in the solar system. The conclusions of the present paper are clearly provisional."


    Indeed, under the optics of gatekeeping, Mr.Sagan's other book "Dragons of Eden" looks more and more like David Ike's secret reference book. Who knows?


    1. Well, I know people who are convinced Sagan knew more than he would say but someone got to him pretty early on. Makes you wonder.

    2. Sagan definitely knew more stuff that he was talking about. What, exactly, is the interesting question. But here's one from the nerdy rumor mill: one of his girlfriends said that Sagan told him the real reason the US dropped the first atomic bomb on a city, and not on a sparsely populated area in Japan as a demonstration to scare them into surrendering, as some people were advocating, was that the pilots point-black refused. The pilots were worried that after dropping one atomic bomb, they'd be painting the biggest target possible on themselves (true enough). And they weren't willing to run that risk after having done only a dry run.

      All of that sounds like Sagan used to hang around military with high security clearance quite a lot...

  9. Why report your UFO to Bigelow when you can just plunk the live video up on Youtube? People don't need this priesthood to intercede for them anymore.DIY is the order of the day now.

  10. Odom's sketch is close enough to get today's frog fetishists excited, I see it. But I'm still haunted by Sleestak here.

  11. Great stuff, Chris.

    To all this, and in connection to the Navy Space Command, I'd like to add the mystery of the new UK aircraft carriers, Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales, aka the aircraft carriers that can carry no aircraft. One could reasonably ask what's the point of an aircraft carrier without arresting gear. People have talked about helicopters, but they need nothing as big as an aircraft carrier to be moved around the globe. Besides, some people have said that aircraft carriers nowadays are practically obsolete, because they're essentially big juicy targets for modern-day torpedoes, so why build new ones?

    On the other hand, space-planes take off vertically (as correctly indicated in the proposed logos for the US space force). And Space-X have been testing landing their stuff on barges for no clear reason, except that maybe somebody wanted precisely that sort of gear and were more than willing to buy. And of course, there would be no real need for your floating spaceport (which is what I suspect Queen Elizabeth is meant to be) to be anywhere near any hot conflict zone. In fact, ideally it should be hanging out somewhere in the equator, to take advantage of Earth's spinning speed. So if Queen Elizabeth seems to be spending most of its time floating about aimlessly in the middle of the Pacific, or hanging around between Brazil and Africa for no obvious reason, you now can guess why.

    1. Harrier jump-jets?

    2. Very interesting indeed, Maria. Let's also not forget that that arresting gear was invented by Leslie Stevens, Sr.

    3. Sure, people have said they are meant to carry Harriers. Except that there are no more Harriers. They're obsolete. The whole Harrier force has been disbanded. Nobody plans to put obsolete planes on a new aircraft carrier.

    4. Harrier's were vertical take off and landing while a space plane would be vertical take of and horizontal landing? The concept of Fighter/Bomber jets seem somewhat near obsolescence anyhoo as drones don't contain a dead weight pilot with slow reactions who can't even handle high G manoeuvres. It's said that peacetime generals are always fighting the last war but we do seem to have a lot of bloody wars eh? I wouldn't be surprised if politicians just wanted to keep the shipyards open without thinking too much or blowing all the military budget.

    5. I'd imagine that pilots still serve a purpose of some sort.

  12. Great post Chris, x terrestrial or something different? Mars is humanities previous planet home? Your research is legion. Shine forth brave souls. 87

    1. That seems to be the prevailing opinion, Dennis. At least in some quarters.

  13. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)11:10 AM, August 14, 2018

    There has been a HUGE, very bright -ORANGE- UFO circling around my hometown of Québec City for the past 5 or 6 days. Its just a giant orange orb, which could be confused for a planet like Jupiter in the night sky, but it rises from the horizon in a straight vertical line, moves slowly, horizontally over the horizon for the next 4 or 5 hours, as if its trying to blend into the stars in the background, and then it sets, in a straight line again, no curved path, in the south/south-west instead of simply west like the moon crescent or any other celestial body. Weird. Its as if a giant UFO in orbit wants people to think its just a regular star/planet.

    1. I saw exactly the same thing 3 weeks ago just hovering after les feux loto Québec in mtl....

      De quel ville parles-tu dude?

    2. Not even remotely surprised, JB. We saw orbs in New Hampshire, which isn't all that far away from Qc.

  14. I think the Space Force has a lot more to do with things terrestrial than non, namely as the latest iteration of a rapid deployment force (which supposedly can be accomplished now in mere hours with the new hardware) & most likely as a last ditch effort to keep China away from all those coveted natural resources. Like lithium, which Afghanistan apparently has over a trillion dollars of, plus oil & other goodies:

    I expect this theater of conflict to escalate dramatically in coming weeks, what with all the tariff nonsense going on. & you better believe that all this does tie together with the whole space agenda. More to come.

    1. Interesting theory, to be sure. We gotta keep those iphones running, you know.

    2. Well, in order to keep China away from coveted natural resources you'd have to separate them from Russia, and that's pretty difficult.

      Lithium isn't all that rare. Even if China was kept away from Afghanistan, they'd find some somewhere else. Plus, new ideas for batteries that don't use lithium come up all the time.

      I don't think lithium is the issue here. Oil could be, though.

    3. But there are all kinds of other rare metals the world needs to run on.

  15. This recent space garbage really rings a 50’s bell for me. Say, Feb 1958 when Eisenhower created ARPA. Or more specifically months later in Oct 1958 when the VELA satellite stuff started happening. Remember, the pinko commies had just demonstrated their spy satellite capacity with their LUNIK 3 probe. Thereby harshing ‘Merica’s Full Spectrum Dominance erection and as a result Dick Bissell was called in.

    Before he planned the Bay of Pigs, Richard M. Bissell organized the “Breakaway Civilizing” of satellite reconnaissance. To quote Joseph Farrell, himself quoting L. Parker Temple III, Bissell was working to, “remove satellite reconnaissance lock, stock and barrel from military management – without appearing to do so.”

    (here’s Dulles, Bissell, some guy that intends to Do The Other Things, & McCone in the oval.)

    Eventually (1961-1962ish) the resulting new alphabet agency concerns (Satellite Reconnaissance Technical Advisory Group, Satellite Reconnaissance Advisory Council and of course The National Reconnaissance Office) “would have a chain of command outside of the Air Force, though appearing to be a part of the Air Force.”

    For more details see L. Parker Temple’s – Shades of Grey

    and the Gerald Haines NRO history part in

    This notion of removing control from the military, yet still leaving the military as seemingly responsible – is one of the core concepts in the Breakaway Civilization narrative. And perhaps proof that Eisenhower’s MIC statement was an Op. New McClaughry write-up on the MIC concept as Op here.

    Rather than see this current space schizz as super important, I tend to see it as perhaps a rather meaningless abstraction layer akin to Homeland Security. A faction in-power adds another layer of control that they themselves can sock puppet. Wrenching some authority and some control away from the previously established infrastructure.

    Are we seeing an ARPA moment or a Homeland Security Moment here? I suspect it may have some hidden ARPA/NRO style depth to come (sigh). For now I’m seeing an abstraction layer power grab / Homeland Security in space type situation.

    I seem to be of a mind with Gordon here as he said the other day (8/10/18) in his Red Line, “The swamp is not being drained. It is being landscaped.” And I’d add it obviously extends to space….

    I haven’t yet seen anyone elaborate on one of the more ominous readings of the new agency name. To understand - First, get your Full Spectrum Dominance erection ready for lift off as it were, (ya know attain the ecstatic social planner mindset in full conjunction with sexual arousal.) Then imagine how brilliantly awesome it would be to compress the Earth with a force from space. Squishing all the pathetic Earthlings. Space Force! If this thought experiment led you to orgasm, you may have a place in....

    Space Force!

    1. We'll have to wait and see, Sean. But there's no doubt big things are at stake behind the scenes. Hence, certain recent actions...

  16. The Space Plane isn't secret or manned. Just another way to monitor your brain waves!

  17. Wish the official logos featured an exclamation point.

  18. The ground stuff and the sky stuff are not in the same time zone.
    A lot of this is just prophecy and the effects merging.
    Something falls out of heaven. Make things that go back.
    I think any transportation device gets haunted sooner and later.
    I guess if someone meets the effect in the middle that would seem to be relative.
    Towers come and go. Buried fallen poke out in space and time without any notice of the orders. I bet it tickles.

  19. Hi, I've been meaning to pass this along 'Katy Perry' the peacock killed by massive hail storm:

    The damage from this thing is really something, especially since it is really late in the season for hailstorms.

  20. Related, not related I don’t know, but August 12, 2018 was the 75th anniversary of the Philadelphia Experiment, conducted by the navy and connected to trumps uncle... anything happen last Sunday in phila-Delphi?? Or anywhere along the 40th parallel?

    1. Good question, Jim. I'll have to look into that.

  21. just got taken down by Wordpress. I don’t see his site as that much different than Secret Sun (from an outsiders perspective). Thomas Sheridan had his site shut down a few weeks ago. Infowars is also under a DDoS attack right now.

    I sincerely hope this isn’t a sign of larger things to come, but Chris I strongly urge you to backbup your site ASAP and maybe have other options for hosting on the back burner just incase.

    Crazy times. I can’t believe this is all actually happening. We just all need to make sure all of this doesn’t go dark.

    1. Oh, I back up everyday, my friend. But if they want to shut down a goofball like me they must really be desperate.

    2. The self deprication may help, but if you are seeing the chevron ships... they have a line on you. Not the DOD, the controllers... You know too much. They are doing data scans. History hasnt just disappeared time and time again bc they have let ppl who have connected dots and amassed records keep them n sail off into the sunset. Eye to the sky. One love will protect you. Xo.

  22. pop culture is a working against Humanity.

    What have all 'The X-Files' episodes, & the sleuthing they (may) have inspired, resulted in? Nothing but the furtherance of the very future fought against. It doesn't matter if a McKinnon, Spiers or whoever else is given a moment in the voodoo-hoodoo-what if? that a soul encounters as they go about their day-to-day drudging. The purchase of a paper, internet connection etc. ultimately funnels something that doesn't exist (that cannot be held) - 'currency' - (in the form of a promisory aka 'never-never') into the hands of those who say It does so that the working can continue to be paid for.

    'Stranger Things', 'Star Trek Discovery' (& 'Picard'), even 'CSI' & 'NCIS', 'Requiem', 'Twin Peaks The Return', 'Fallon', 'Kimmel', 'CNN', 'MSNBC', 'Fox'... etc, all the output including 'the information superhighway' (a metastasisation of information collection as storytelling device) are facets of this assault on Us.

    What do the space forcers want other thsn to continue their project? They will state they have a goal in mind, or at the very least that through their working they will come to reach a point when understanding will be made manifest, but at the end of the day they do not have a clue & we are being led, & we allow ourselves to be led, to ruin - ruin is the end goal of this anti-Life agency, though they wouldn't ever state so, at least not plainly.

    1. My, aren't we the killjoys today? ;-)

      You get to be my age and you get a bit more fatalistic about it all, K. It's just a ride, after all. Maybe this is the haunted house bit now.

  23. Hmm it looks like your site ate my first comment
    (it was extremely long) so I guess I'll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I'm thoroughly enjoying your blog.
    I too am an aspiring blog writer but I'm still new to the whole thing.
    Do you have any points for newbie blog writers? I'd definitely appreciate it.

  24. & isn't 'Fox Mulder' the 'David Vincent' of our times?

    Just another lucky-guy out in the open apparently waging war on 'aliens' & their (would-be) lackeys yet the very same 'aliens' never take him out!

    Perhaps these avatars, & those of us viewing their adventures, are chosen to suffer for some reason?

    1. He sure is, K. But who's the Fox Mulder of our times, given The Invaders was 25 years before The X-Files?

    2. Alex Jones? 'Qanon'? Jay's Analysis? 'pocketsofthefuture' ...Jim 'The Mask/Majestic' Carrey?

      Whoever It is they need to get to the bottom of the ultimate conspiracy of our times:

      If Gillian Anderson doesn't want to do anymore 'X-Files' why's she in 'UFO' (released next month) in which she plays a may as well be Scully-a-like?

      The trailer opens with this text:


      Is this the movie the 'secret space plane' is a promo for? (Bonus: the 'X-37B' lives in a hangar the door of which states: 'HOME OF THE X-37B'! (in italics!).

      The lead actor in 'UFO', 'Alex Sharp', is a deadringing doppelgänger of 'Kyle Odom'.

    3. Ironic. David Duchovny left TXF and immediately did Evolution and Gillian Anderson immediately does UFO. Go with what you know, I guess.

  25. I can't help but wonder if TrumpPence is using Space Force! as a distraction from the very real issues of social inequality and social justice. This writer suggests that that is the case.

    1. The writer is incompetent and the article is pure
      propaganda garbage.The root of the problem lies in the corporate run judicial system.The wall st controlled usa Justice system operates to maximize profits.Dig deeper and you find usa black rappers and celebrities heavily invested in the private prison industry ect.

    2. I doubt Trump has much to do with this project at all, TBH.

  26. 33: you seen IN LIKE FLINT? Worth a watch to lighten the mood :)

  27. Chris,

  28. Que serait The Walking Dead sans ennemis ?