Friday, August 10, 2018

Space Force. Nothing but Space Force.

For reasons no one can seem to fathom, the Trump Administration launched the rumored Space Force branch of the military thereby officially kicking off the Age of Militarized Space, at least the overt phase in that program.

VP Mike Pence was tapped to make the announcement, just in case anyone might mistake this all as just another skit in the ongoing Donald Trump Variety Hour. No, this is serious as a heart attack. And I can't help but wonder who the intended receiver for this unambiguously-bellicose transmission really is here.

But not all that much.

If you missed the announcement, here are the basic bullet points.
Vice President Pence described the White House's plans for a Space Force, a sixth branch of the U.S. military that would be responsible for operations in outer space, in a speech on Thursday. 
The White House says that the Space Force will be created by 2020. The change, which would require approval from Congress, would be a dramatic change in the organization of the Defense Department. 
"We must have American dominance in space, and so we will," Pence said in his speech at the Pentagon. 
Pence said that President Trump will request $8 billion over the next five years to support military operations in space.
"Dominance in space." Where have I heard that line before? Let me think on it.

I also can't help but wonder of the timing of this event. August 9 is the date that Julius Caesar defeated Pompey during one of the Republic's many civil wars and began his ascension to Rome's first emperor. And of course his successor was Augustus.

More recently, today is the 73rd anniversary of the atomic bombing of Nagasaki, making this an odd, if not in fact questionable, day to announce the launch of a powerful, technologically-advanced branch of the US Military.

Or maybe they made the announcement simply to commemorate Gillian Anderson's 50th birthday.

I also keep thinking about the timing of Alex Jones' mass expulsion from the major tech platforms, a move that strikes a lot of people as a weird burst of collective overkill, given that Jones had long since reduced himself to cartoon-character status and morphed InfoWars into a clearinghouse for GOP talking points.

Why the big hurry all of a sudden?

They've got some logos they want people to vote for. I'm not seeing any particularly unusual symbolism off the bat (some OA suggestions, maybe) but I admit I haven't looked at them very carefully yet.

Anyway, a week ago we had the announcement of 9 new astronauts for the SpaceX Dragon program, which kind of left everyone scratching their heads a bit. 

Do notice that SpaceX head Elon Musk has been taking quite a beating in the media lately after once being lionized as the real-life Tony Stark. What's that about? What are we not being told? 

Maybe Grimes will tweet the answer.

Then there was this announcement, Patrick Stewart starring in a new Star Trek series for CBS Direct. One can certainly argue CBS is simply interested in creating a Trek series that people will actually watch, but it did come five days before Mike Pence announced the creation of a real-life Starfleet. 

Coincidence? Kismet? I dunno, judge for yourself.

What a lot of folks may not realize is that the US has long had a military Space Command, controlled by the respective service branches. This used to be a hot topic among the conspiracy set and no less a luminary than John Lear created a handy resource for information on the military space effort.

Skepdicks and Farteans have long written Lear off as a hoaxer and wannabe but maybe he knows a bit more about these things than some folks are willing to admit. Not saying the guy is an infallible source, just saying maybe his background and connections are worth a bit more than some folks want to admit. 

Lear may ultimately turn out to be a disinfo agent, but what did Deep Throat tell Mulder was the best way to tell a lie again?

Which brings us to the X-Files Reality alert part of the program: The XF "Mythology," as it came to be known, became an actual thing with the "Anasazi-Blessing Way-Paperclip" epic, which all kicked off with a hacker called "The Thinker" breaking into the DoD's mainframe and downloading the MJ12 files, which in this context were the secret government records on alien contact.

Fast-forward a few years to a real-life "Thinker," a Scotsman named Gary McKinnon doing the very same thing and finding all sorts of classified files on the secret space force, including lists of "Non-terrestial officers" and photos of classified spacecraft.

The usual suspects-- again, Skepdicks and Farteans-- dismissed it all as a hoax, but maybe there was a little more to it. McKinnon said something that still sticks in my craw. See if it rings any bells:

So that's what McKinnon, the alleged hoaxer and fantasist, claimed the agenda was over ten years ago. Why does it sound so familiar?
"We must have American dominance in space, and so we will," Pence said in his speech at the Pentagon.

Do note that Jon Ronson, who was granted unparalleled access to exotic military programs for the book that was later adapted for The Men Who Stare at Goats, seemed to take McKinnon a bit more seriously than his skeptical brethren.

Maybe that's why the Feds were so horny to put the screws to the poor guy.

Wait, McKinnon is from Falkirk? As in "The Falkirk Triangle" Falkirk? Smack dab next to the "UFO Capital of the World?" In the heart of an area a lot of UFOlogists believe is the hub of an interdimensional gateway? 


You know, it seems to me someone else I've heard a thing or two about is from that very same area. 

Yes, if memory serves, there's a little burg right next to McKinnon's old stomping grounds that's lousy with military and petrochemical concerns and might have produced a famous son. 

Or perhaps even a famous daughter. 

"The UFO Capital of the World," eh? "Interdimensional gateway," eh?

Huh. How about those strawberries?

Meanwhile, good ol' Nick Pope mused on Twitter if the "aliens" hurled a meteor near Thule AFB near the Arctic Circle to express their annoyance with the Space Force plan. Given the circumstances I'm thinking it might something a bit more down to Earth.

I couldn't tell if that was a real headline or viral marketing for the next remake of Failsafe. Turns out this "accident" really happened but if you're an aspiring screenwriter you may want to save that clipping for your own nuclear annihilation screenplay.

Assuming we all live that long. Odds are even at this point.

Of course, if you believe the news stories you may be wondering exactly how the Space Force is planning to get into space given recent tensions and NASA's reliance on the Cosmodrome for launching. 

Maybe the Space Force won't actually be using rockets to reach orbit. Just throwing that out there.

NASA's other Orange Twin Mark Kelly made the rounds for the announcement, decrying the program as redundant and wasteful. I'm surprised he could keep a straight face saying so, seeing as how everyone knows NASA are the reigning world champs of redundancy and waste. Why would anyone expect the Space Force to break pattern? 

Maybe Kelly's worried about NASA losing their cherished status as the waste-kings. Look on the bright side, Mark; even if you do lose that crown, you'll still be the all-time gods of fraud.

But seeing as how NASA is the world's most expensive CGI studio, it's good to hear they're making computer games great again by loaning out some of their "stunningly realistic" spacescapes. Good on you, NASA. Make yourself useful.

But if you're a bewildered Boomer who can't figure out why so many of the younger generation think everything is a hoax, maybe that'll give you a fresh clue.

Now, I'm not a Flatso myself, but even so I got a good hearty chuckle out of this headline. Why exactly didn't Google Maps depict a round earth before? Trolling the Flatters, perhaps?

I guess we'll never know.


  1. The faster you print money (hyper-exponentially increasing US debt), the more boondoggles you need.

    Don't worry, it's all going to a good* cause.

    * Definitions of 'good' may vary.

    1. And meanwhile, people are dying and things are falling apart, because of lack of money. The U.S. government controls the dollar and can create any amount of them at any time, without taxing or borrowing. The problem is who gets the dollars the government creates.

    2. Not a lack of money..just worthless...The government does NOT control the money...that would be the privately owned Federal Reserve...and inflation is a tax by the way

    3. If everybody suddenly doubled the money they have, everybody would be still in the same place they were before. Money creation doesn't solve any issues by itself. As for who gets the dollars created by the Fed, that's the banks.

    4. Who creates the money is very important though. The fact that so called sovereign countries borrow money from private banking cartels means that they are not financially sovereign. They could simply issue credit through their own reserve banks bypassing the cartels. Not suggesting any political affiliation but the social credit movement has good information on this issue and has been advocating finical reform along these lines for nearly a century.

  2. Every time i see the word "space force" i just get a picture in my head of some non existent short lived, low budget, cult classic tv show from the 70's.
    Maybe there has always been a space force. I think the people need a reason to believe it should exist and isnt just some government boondoggle to launder money. Maybe one day we will wake up to read headlines "The iss has been attacked by an unknown entity", or something along those lines.
    Why would there be a need to dominate space? Either there is something out there, or the other countries are going to be fighting to dominate it too. Maybe the future is space war.

    1. Like most people, you entirely missed the significance of this.

      Of course there have been plenty of military operations in space, since the first satellite they put up there. The difference now seems to be that they will all go under a single command. As opposed to having the Pentagon, the Air Force, and every military department that happens to have some space operation having their own separate thing. And then you have to wonder: well, what is the new thing they're doing now that needs a unified command? That's the real question.

      There are plenty of things to dominate from space, even if you eliminate aliens from the picture. Detecting just about anything on Earth's surface. Other people's spy satellites. The highest ground there is (push an asteroid around and you have a pretty decent weapon, and if you want to be more subtle, EMP weapons from space are probably pretty impressive too). Super-secret comms (rumor has it that quantum entanglement comms are a real thing, and that would be impossible to eavesdrop without the gadget knowing it's been eavesdropped on - plus the message would garble on eavesdropping so there would be no point in even trying). The list goes on and on. For Secret Sun readers: I once came across a US patch of a space project called "Palladion At Night", PAN for short. Feel free to speculate what that was.

  3. Trump probably wants Space Force so he can dole out yuuuge contracts to both his cronies and our benevolent STEMlords. It might be wrapped in the flag but the core of it is all that contract cash for the Mar-A-Lago Mack Daddies. Maybe instead of the "Wall" they could build the "Straw"- a giant space straw designed to suck Earth's milkshake into the storage tanks of Betsy DeVos' fleet of space yachts.

  4. I met Jon Ronson in Brisbane in 2005 and he signed a copy of 'The Men Who Stare at Goats' for me which I read and highly recommend reading.
    Forget the movie that was made from the book as that was just a comedy compared to the real life comedy in the book.
    He also showed his version of the Alex Jones/Bohemian Grove incident where Jones insisted jumping the fence, while Ronson just walked straight through the front gate.
    I could never take Jones too seriously after seeing that.
    I just saw Jones as some Christian good ol'boy wacko from that point on, although I thought he did do some good work around that time drawing attention to the official BS story of 9/11.

    1. It's astounding that people are gullible enough to believe Alex "Blowhard" Jones is a crusader against the "Illuminati" since Jones has on multiple occasion bragged about his direct ties to the CIA; "Alex Jones admits his family and father worked for the CIA"

  5. I'm not a flat earther myself because I'm a zero earther. There is no earth as everything is a movie projection so pretending that it extends out as a flat plane is pure out of control scientism! They have no real evidence that this thing called "earth" exists or that anything exists. They just made up flat earth just like round earth is made up.

    Anyway, here is what the real earth fantasists say in terms of map projection apologia.

    1. "I've got one who can see!"

  6. They need a better name. Space Force, you wonder if they're talking about mid-60s Hanna-Barbara Saturday Morning cartoons.

  7. Chris, I gotta say that Space Force logo you posted looks suspiciously like the A.N.S.A logo from the original Planet of the Apes movie. Do you think they'll be able to get Taylor, Brent, and their respective crews off into deep space on the Icarus ships before the planet's conflagration starts?

    You know, one really has to wonder about the Book of Revelation at this point, whether you're a believer or not. The later description about the world uniting under Satan against God and his returning angels can easily be construed today as a deviant globalist government (which they're hell bent on establishing) ruling a corrupted and depraved planetary populace eventually battling returning (and disappointed) star gods whom were once here and created us way back. Considering Sitchen and the Annunaki revelations this is appearing more and more the likely upcoming scenario.

    My popcorn machine is starting up.

  8. JB (of The Meta-Logic Café)9:16 AM, August 10, 2018

    I wish I had a link, but when Wikileaks leaked all those Clinton campaign e-mails, there was one in particular that UFO buffs noticed: It was Hillary herself telling someone she trusted that "Earth must be completely disarmed before the vastly superior extraterrestrial intelligence from the parallel universe beneath our own finally arrives."

    Now THAT was a massive WTF, bigger than her admitting being in bed with the same people who finance ISIS.

    I'm guessing the Trump/Pence/Uber-Deep State side don't plan on "disarming" anytime soon. They'll negotiate with the "vastly superior extraterrestrial intelligence from the parallel universe beneath our own" (Satan in Hell, IMO), with nukes flying.

  9. What the hell was I just saying about Icarus?

    1. Lots of misleading headlines about this probe. It's still gonna be 3.83 miles out from the sun but evidently that's 7 times closer than any other manmade object.

      Sol doesn't easily surrender her mysteries.

    2. Yuck. I mean 3.83 million miles.

      Which several articles imply that's "passing through the corona"... Apparently the corona can extend as far out as five million miles.

      I'll have to check my Triple A solar system atlas to be sure.

  10. Great article Chris,

    Here's some more data for you to correlate regarding the "new Space Force" which means it already exists and just being made known to the public.

    "Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says President Donald Trump's idea to create a "space force" is not a fundamentally flawed idea if the US Air Force, which currently manages all the US GPS and space capabilities, feels overwhelmed and can no longer handle the load as technology use in space evolves."

  11. speaking of NASA and etc:

  12. 2x week makes the absent sun bearable!!! Cheers, CLK!

  13. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the pictures on this blog
    loading? I'm trying to figure out if its a problem on my end or if it's the blog.
    Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Maybe the “space force” is being created to fight off “the fake” invasion by our space brothers, who are planning to come to earth to save us all from climate change. Good excuse then to set up a “new world order” so we can all fight for our “independance day”.

  15. "We must have American dominance in space, and so we will"
    Wow, there's a whoooooole lotta space out there to dominate. Good luck with that. (Moreover, I am not comfortable with the concept of Mike Pence in conjunction with whips and chains.)

    Must add my voice to the others: "Space Force" sounds like a cheap, cheesy 80's cartoon, or the attempt of some low-budget toy company to market Star Trek knock-offs.

  16. Shelf cloud for you . . .

  17. "After that you go into the dispensary area, where you'll see an 'orb show,'" continues Farris, as we near the end of his tour. "These six giant orbs will fly into the room, and they'll perform with the beat of the music every 10 minutes. Then they'll fly back and recharge for the next show."

  18. Bonjour.

    Are they really talking about "space" or simply the "very high atmosphere" ? ;)

  19. Well, this puts the Pentagon's missing $21 trillion into perspective:

    I know the military's star destroyers aren't cheap, but you just gotta figure Robert Bigelows's orgone-powered solid gold vimana pleasure cruisers are the real winners here.

    1. American people don't care as long as they can watch KUWTK.

  20. Well, for the logo, I've noticed a few curious things. The stars in space, which are 8-point stars, look curiously similar to some of the stars that appeared in the original Star Wars poster:

    The star that's in the middle of the "O" in Space Force, is that supposed to be one of the stars of the American flag? It's perfectly centered and formed. Or, perhaps, the Texaco star since they seem to be so big on mining operations on the moon and Mars.

    Aside from the Space Shuttle being an obvious phallic symbol (that's growing), with a very red hot laser blasting up from below, one could easily see how Darth Vader's helmet could morph into that Space Shuttle.

    As for the red outline, that's clearly the shape of a heart, so are they trying to activate the heart chakra to get Americans to "fall in love" with this idea of the Space Force?

  21. Also check out this recent Catherine Austin Fitts interview regarding the Secret Space Program & the Black Budget:

  22. 3 of the Space Force options offered at the link for symbol democracy feature a spacecraft that seems to imply a 33-degree angle. Don't have a protractor around....

  23. I love this post. This is right up my alley. That's when having friends that are total space buffs comes in really, really useful.

    I'm going to take a bet that what happened with those space force logos is that somebody passed on some secret military logo to the Trump PAC and advised to generate some new logos roughly inspired on it. And as it often happens, secret military logos give away information that is not public yet, just because when you're dealing with something every day and no part of it is public, it's inevitable that the logo you come up with contains some details that you're not supposed to reveal.

    In the selection of logos, some have pretty standard-looking rockets, but three of them (like the one pictured above) has what looks like a space shuttle, or a space-plane. I'm going to guess that it's a proper space-plane, because several of those logos have some sort of exhaust, and it doesn't look like a rocket exhaust. The idea must have come from somewhere. Perhaps some sort of engine that has that sort of exhaust.

    The most interesting-looking logo is the one pictured on this blog, because it has what looks like a couple of polar orbits and then the space-plane looking like it's the thing doing those orbits. Polar orbits are for general photography and mapping of large sections of the globe.

    Why would the US military suddenly need a unified space command, instead of each fiefdom having their own little projects, as it's happened so far? Maybe because they have a new project that has uses for everyone. And what could this project be? Well, there is the problem that using NASA rockets pretty much tells everyone every time you put something on orbit. Space-planes, on the other hand, may take off from various secret military airports and not look any weirder than any other secret military planes. Also, assuming the thing is a drone (which makes a hell of a lot more sense than a manned craft), it could stay in orbit for any period of time, and then return. The main mission could be a standard reconnaissance mission (the polar orbit thing), but obviously the possibilities exist for focusing on specific areas, or even carrying weapons and deploying them from space. In other words, this could be the multi-tool of space warfare. Which means, you need a unified space command to deal with it.

    Chris, more posts like this, please!

  24. Don't forget the "Knights Templar" logo from the classified SpaceX launch earlier this year.

    Notice how the knight is seemingly fighting in the blind with the dragon, being above and behind him, barely scratching it. It is definitely a choice by the artist to do this, keeping in mind that the imagery of the dragon-killer is one more prevalent than even Coca-Cola.

    Also - why the fleu-de-lis symbol? Odd choice. Not really a common Templar symbol. Who uses it actively today though? The 900 year old order Sovereign military order of Malta.

    The spiritual leader today: Ultraconservative Archbishop/cardinal Raymond Burke (Friend of Steve Bannon and member of his European "Movement"). Notable members: Mercenary mogul Erik Prince of Blackwater, Rupert Murdoch, Tony Blair, Pat Buchanan, Jimmy Savile in his day (I kid you not), and loads of actual fascists, Musollini, who coined the term fascist. Also, many of the members are noted military officers/generals. Hanging with military leaders mixed with religious nuts with insane amounts of money, property and political/military influence (+ throw in actually sovereignty with passports and diplomatic immunity there) with overt religio-fascist ideas who in their mind have been fighting a holy war for a millennia, is not really my idea of a good night out with the boys though.

    There is also (another) war in heaven going on there, seemingly both within the order itself - and with Pope Francis and the Vatican, the last few years.

    Back to the logo; see the shield? Lion. Check. Is there a lion on the other side? No, a unicorn (the Royal British emblem actually has a unicorn and a lion)? Nope. Is it a were-mammoth? What the hell is on the other side? Anyone?

    Something just is very off here, especially with the latest "Space farce" and all. Maybe you can see something here i cannot, Christopher?

    1. Since you mentioned Blair, odd his name comes up in the penultimate paragraph of this story about a pervy evangelical US megachurch pastor. Odd company I'd say.

      "Several speakers have backed out and over 100 churches cancelled plans to broadcast the event, after the allegations against Mr Hybels surfaced.

      At least five participants, including Oscar winner Denzel Washington, also cancelled their scheduled appearances at the event, according to The Chicago Tribune.

      Previous guests to appear at the summit over its 26-year history include U2 frontman Bono, Bill Clinton and Tony Blair."

  25. Whenever I would get a chance to ask questions of some high-level politician, inevitably I asked about NASA and the space program. I remember causing Mitt Romney, when he was running in 2012, to fumble over his words when I asked the simple question about the future of NASA and US space exploration. He essentially replied that the US needed to rely on private firms taking the lead on that, but there was no mention of the joy of exploration - or of "dominating" space. But how quickly things can change in a few years. And except for Newt Gingrich, Trump is the only one to "go big" on this Space Force business, which I am ambivalent about. It sounds like a Reagan-era fever dream of lasers and such. And recall that in "2001: A Space Odyssey", the ape-man's bone club morphs into a nuclear weapon circling the Earth (most people think it is simply a satellite). Kubrick got it right. War will be taking place (or about to - wait for "2010: The Year We Make Contact") when a serious breakthrough takes place. Will the Space Force be cover for something that "they" already knows is scheduled to take place in the near future? What about NASA's murky mission? A fellow Okie, Jim Bridenstine, is now the director. He is unqualified, as a congressman, to run that agency. But he is a war veteran and strategist - something the Space Force will need if it goes forward, which it probably will.

  26. Bearing in mind my memory isn't great, back in 2003 the US military publicized a vision of itself for the year 2020 that included a major focus on space dominance. Sadly, no luck google-fuing it yet.

    1. When NSA-Google fails turn to Soviet Red for answers and it doesn't disappoint; "Joint Vision 2020"

      "Joint Vision 2020 was a document released on May 30, 2000, by the United States Department of Defense proclaiming the need for "full-spectrum dominance" on the battlefield. The Joint Vision 2020 concepts have subsequently formed the basis of United States military doctrine."

      "The document envisages the military threats that might confront the United States in the year 2020 and possible responses to these threats."

      The U.S. Department of defense was even even nice enough to create a website for their manifesto. The site no longer exits but thankfully it's archived on the Internet Way Back machine.

    2. Ah almost forgot; "Full-spectrum dominance"

      "Full-spectrum dominance also known as full-spectrum superiority, is a military entity's achievement of control over all dimensions of the battlespace, effectively possessing an overwhelming diversity of resources in such areas as terrestrial, aerial, maritime, subterranean, extraterrestrial, psychological, and bio- or cyber-technological warfare."

      "Full spectrum dominance includes the physical battlespace; air, surface and sub-surface as well as the electromagnetic spectrum and information space. Control implies that freedom of opposition force assets to exploit the battlespace is wholly constrained."

    3. Aha, cheers! That'll be it.

  27. He did it for the Spaceballs jokes.

    "President Scroob! Salute!" "Hail Scroob!"

  28. I liked the title's Bill Murray tribute.

  29. More Generals for Trump's Praetorian Guard.
    Note, a measly 8 billion over 5 years (3 million per day). Similar numbers to the cost of the ISS which is winding down, or are they gonna let that football field sized thing buzz around earth uninhabited for eternity?

    Re: Parker Solar Probe, how does anything work in all that solar radiation? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. One of the key objectives is titled 'Integrated Science Investigation of the Sun (ISIS)'. More NASA Masonry at play

    1. GBoF,

      As computer simulations become more sophisticated, so the boondoggles can become more adventurous.

      When you know what Isis and Osiris mean, and you understand the truth of the secret sun (our 2nd sun) and its ramifications, then you know why they need their boondoggles - to enable h sapiens to escape Saṃsāra.

    2. The secret sun is inside of you and the only way out is inside of you and you cant leave as a victim. The fence was made with love.


  30. Carol Rosin; Final prophecy von Braun; Last Card; Trump card; Alien card.

  31. All predicted in this video about DARPA, from 11 years ago. Even the 2020 time frame.

    "Control of space is the ability to assure access to space... and an ability to deny others the use of space."

    DARPA iXo A.I Control Grid:

    8:40 for the bit about space.

  32. After Trump met with BO for the first time Trump stated
    "he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets"

    What are the high flying assets?

    Phoenix lights? that UFO was reported to be over a mile long on the night it happened.

  33. Had a weird synch happen today that sorta ties into this:

    Dreamt last nite that someone inside NASA posted a video to Youtube of classified footage of something found on Mars, footage of a vaguely humanoid, reddish-grey being sprinting across the Martian landscape, it was very fast--pausing it revealed it to appear as a sort of gorilla-meets-gazelle type being, all ropy muscle with elongated limbs, the front ones used like a gorilla uses its arms to amble around, except this thing was very fast & agile. Watching it was unsettling...then I awoke & after turning my window fan off I could hear music outside--a passing car with David Bowie's "Life on Mars" playing on the stereo drove by. How...odd.

  34. Anyone here know anything about the X-37B or the "Blackjack" sattelites?

    1. There's a fair bit of info in Wikipedia about the X-37B spaceplane. Personally, I think it's the X-41 and X-42, that are still classified, where the really interesting stuff is at.

      As for Blackjack, that article does a fair job of summing up what they are. The main concept is, instead of having one big sat with all your eggs in it, you have lots of little ones, in a lower orbit, so if they get attacked by Russian or Chinese killer sats (rumored heavily to exist), you still have a functioning comms/spy/defence capability.

  35. Check out this amazing film -

    Pax Americana and the Weaponization of Space (2010 - 85min) Denis Delestrac

    Official Site:




    also - no one ever mentions it, but I think the whole world agreed some time ago that space weapons are not allowed.


    1. thanks for mentioning this...its on the tube too. looks like a fun watch.

    2. Only space weapons of mass destruction aren't allowed. Kinetic attacks (pushing an asteroid towards Earth) are possibly legal. Possibly an EMP attack from space would be legal too. I think it depends a lot on whether you win the war in the end.

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  37. 33: Space Force Possibly a way to account for trillions in unaccounted tax dollars already being siphoned into DOD and Black Op budgets. Hey, we don't have health care or food for staving children, but we are going to space. Ridiculous.

  38. 33: Space Force Possibly a way to account for trillions in unaccounted tax dollars already being siphoned into DOD and Black Op budgets. Hey, we don't have health care or food for staving children, but we are going to space. Ridiculous.

  39. My question is, why go public with the military space force now? -- It always amazes me how naive people are. You think NASA is the real space program? Arent you adorable.

  40. A Working of Babalon is a Forcing of Space.

    Set fires & make a fire demon feel at home, so homely It will allow Itself to be used to facilitate dominion.

    Orange orbs, in this instance: oranges, are signs of initiation, initiation thwarted so as to fester a soul (to explosive outcome if a later initation bears fruit) in 'Strange Angel'.

    What to make of 'Marvel' mythologised streaming down from the heavens whilst the planet ablaze acts as a stage upon which to launch 'Space Force'?

    Parson's died in fire, Earth is afire, "Fight fire with fire"?

    Final episode of this first season premieres Thursday.

    More orange orbs:

    'Years ago I designed a suspended tree-house for my children - a perfect sphere we hung from a large tree at the rear of our garden which we called 'The Conker', 'The new generation Conker is light years away from a tree-house and his first two orders will serve as glamping pods that will blend perfectly into their environment 'like a chameleon'. The Conker has 'unlimited configurations'', '...they are designed to last forever and even harvest water.'

    Thats 'Conker', as in the seed of a Horse Chestnut trees, not 'conquer' as in dominate.

    More orange orb offerings (OOO's):

    'In March, members of the public were invited to be a part in the historic mission by submitting their names to be placed on a memory card that Parker has taken into space. In May, NASA confirmed that, over a seven-week period a total of 1,137,202 names were submitted.', 'The memory card also contains photos of Dr. Parker and his groundbreaking 1958 scientific paper on solar wind.'


    'Fake Trump Walk of Fame stars pop up on Aug. 9 after the president's real star was destroyed again.', 'A member of the cleaning service that deals with daily graffiti and vandalism on the Walk of Fame said, "We started at 5 o'clock in the morning and we've found about 50 stars." A street vendor added, "I was surprised, it looked pretty real."'

    Cultured Trumps.

    '...there is no place for white supremacy, racism and neo-nazism in our great country'

    ...but no 'nazis' = no NASA, so which is it good people 'nazis' bad or 'nazis' good?

    '...the man could be heard on audio recordings telling air traffic controllers that he's "got a lot of people that care about me" and that he was "just a broken guy"', 'The US Coast Guard said it sent a 45ft vessel to the crash scene...'


    The MSN of this pr included video that when mentioned 'The Upside Down' showed an image of Manhattan upside down.

    & Finn Wolfhard was on 'Fallon' last week, in among the weird & unfunny mkculturing ("I don't know what state I'm in", "blow your pants off", "playing with it" / "I'm fifteen", "Are you happy?" (the awkward moment), "If you need a weird uncle") his being a Vancouverite was mentioned, he would have been conceived sometime around the airing of 'Providence'. 'Wolfhard got his first acting job from Craigslist.' & his band 'Calpurnia' is signed to Transgressive' in European markets...

    1. That stolen plane story is wild, with all sorts of SS Scrabble points. The guy was acting like a broke-down MK victim. He was suicidal and apparently made reference to the "orca with dead calf" story in the area. Which is to say he was perhaps drawn to his death by a sea creature. And what did his crash create? Fires!

      Oh yeah, and they're still waiting to find out if he got any of his mad pilot skillz from video games.

  41. As for Musk's role in the game, he's still a player according to this story.

    My guess is if he slips up he'll be "convinced" to lead the first manned Mars suicide mission personally. And heroically, of course.

    Genetic mod stories are getting a boost with all this space talk as well given how folks are finally acknowledging all that nasty radiation in space (not to mention the whole weightlessness thing). No links at hand this moment though they're already out there.

    This story, on the hand, makes an excellent case that on the meta level we are being saturated/infected with the FALSE meme that we are defined by our genetics. This meme is being weaponized against us, socially, psychologically and politically to divert us from solving the real non-genetic problems caused by real people.

  42. I read through all of these comments just to make sure somebody caught the Bill Murray nod. Thank goodness.

    1. Some of us old folks have long memories. "Who here in the Newlywed Lounge believes in the institution of marriage?!?!" LOL.

      Kinda like with certain other true believers "Who here in Florida, Texas, Alabama, California (and all other space states) believes in the institution known as NASA?"

      And on a more seriously coinci-synchy SS space force note, who knew Michigan's UP had a secret space history?

      Note the area is also the home of the controversial copper mines that may or may not have been used for thousands of years. Perhaps even more notable, though not mentioned, is the same area also connects with the famous ELF (extra low frequency) array allegedly built for secret secure submarine communications.

      ELF was also the basis for the XF episode involving a cross-country car chase with some very action-movie scenes cutting between claustrophobic closeups of Mulder in the car with the effected driver. One of my fave yet rarely-mentioned episodes.

  43. RIP Sea-tac anon, you cared too much in a world which never cared back.

  44. This website was... how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I've found
    something which helped me. Appreciate it!

  45. All the best Space Cowboys have Chinese eyes.

  46. Hey Chris, -sky- here....been a while

    The space force logo....that you have up there in blogpost.....
    The shuttle at top north sure does look like a 4 mirroring a 4 to me.
    I also agree with Maria about the (h)eart / eart(h), or hey it could even be a strawberry heart. However the red line in the center bottom speaks otherwise. It is acting more like the attachment of the shuttle being an arrow. 4 mirroring 4.

    The spiritually wicked are all about the heart. It as well produces the most electromagnetic energy out of all organs in our body, which also happens to help manifest your reality into physical matter. Its also symbolic of love. In some circles this shape is an ass as in your butt. When something matters to you it really does matter. Heart of the matter, the core belief of a thing, the root, the center, the foundations one trusts to live in the world with. Arrow going right through it encompassing the earth and through to the heart of the matter.

    The old timey letters spelling out space force are not all sporting the same angles via the spaces acting like lines within the letters and speak geometry. Also the heart only touches two letters. The “S” and the “E”. 19 and 5.

    We are so much more than we were told and fed and we are certainly not the garbage of the universe.