Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Apocalypse Tonight: Where the Machmen Meet

Vogue, who've been at the forefront in driving the Pearl meme this year, are featuring guest-editor Beyonce Knowles-Carter for their September cover. And lo and behold, Mystery BeyBalon took the opportunity to crown herself with Garlands. 

Secret Sun readers expect nothing less.

Yes, the cover is so fabulous I could die in a rosary, die in a rosary. I'm sure Conde Nast is hoping it will move some units, since the legendary publisher seems to be circling the drain as of late. 

Common complaint among legendary publishers these days.

But that rough home truth didn't dissuade The Daily Beast (created by one-time Conde Nast golden girl Tina Brown) from fishing for clicks with a mind-numbingly stupid article that argues as fabulous as this special is, "it's an insult to journalism." 

Why? For reasons. Something-something "real journalism," whatever the hell that means anymore.

I'm no expert on the topic but I doubt too many people buy Vogue for its muckraking investigative journalism. And I wouldn't be surprised if The Daily Beast weren't circling the drain themselves.

Some of the interior photography is certainly in our little Secret Sun wheelhouse as Mystery BeyBalon tries on a whole host of outfits brimming with the usual pseudo-occult suggestion.  

Just as the cover image mirrors Isis as described in The Golden Ass, that little hairpiece there could be a nod to Trans-Mithras (better known as Lady Liberty) or to Hecate, goddess or witchcraft and sorcery. 

Then again, it's all rather redundant these days, isn't it?


This is fairly hilarious-- the close election in Ohio's 12th District (there's that 12 again) is being blamed on some google-eyed hippie geezer running as a Green. Joe here has staked out a number of opinions on various issues but he's apparently also a Star-Child (and quite possibly a big Billy Meier fan).

I'd vote for him.

Speaking of the usual crypto-occult symbolism a friend sent this this shot of a Justin Timberlake concert. Notice the twinning, subtle OA and implied Square and Compass.

Less subtle is this aerial view of the Jehovah's Witness European headquarters. Pretty funny stuff. Is this the usual Crypto-Masonic wibble-dibble or have the Witnesses been read in on the Lyra thing?

Cast your vote in the comments.

This little logo (for a woman's mixed martial-arts league) is a riot of clashing signifiers. You have the Soviet red and gold star, the Phoenix and Invicta, a common Roman epithet for Sol and/or Mithras. 

I'll have to look into this outfit. See what this is all about.

Speaking of Garlands, Sir Paul the Undead chose the 49th anniversary of Abbey Road to actually cross Abbey Road. A rather odd time to hold a photo op, no? 

Maybe he's down with the emergent archetypal dominants. If anyone would be, it'd be the one-time Cute Beatle.

Now we hear that Orange is the New Black Magic actress Ruby Rose (known around these parts as "Ruby Stars Are Ruddy Rose the Pearly Dewdrops") has been cast as the new Batwoman. 

I actually bought the hardcover collection of the "new" Batwoman's origin (on account I'm a big fan of the artist, who also drew Promethea for Alan Moore) but it was one of the dullest, most inert comics I've ever read. I've read more interesting take-out menus.

Well, best of luck to CW anyway.

Speaking of The Red and the Black, not only is Beyophomet rocking the Garlands and the Orange in the new Vogue, she's also modeling her some Masonry. Shockingly audacious and surprising, isn't it? I may have to lie down until the palpitations stop.

In any event, the Great Game brings us to our next item...

The Future is Freemale

The Freems scored a PR coup the other day with their announcement (on Lammas, of all days) that transwomen could Freem. Or that transitioned members could continue to partake in Freemly activities, I'm not exactly sure.

I'm sure this is a purely altruistic move and has nothing to do with the "Divine Feminine" as depicted in countless Freemish works of art or "the Great Work" of "Perfecting Creation" and returning Mankind to its "Golden Age," as described by ancient writers such as Hesiod and Plato. So a job well done, Freemers.

That's Mankind, by the way.  

In a separate and totally-unrelated story, scientists are creeping ever-closer to full asexual reproduction and are learning new ways to create life without the use of sperm or eggs.

Now they're using stem cells to conjure up the coming alien-hybrid race to  manufacture these alien zygotes do so, reportedly not out of necessity but simply to troll Pat Robertson.

Turnaround is fair play, I guess.

As well as Transgenic hybridization. Don't know if these chimera experiments are being conducted in train cars parked in West Virginian yards or not. 

My gut says yes.

The Future is Female (give or take)

Speaking of the Divine Feminine, the producers of the new Terminator sequel released a still with its female stars (also on Lammas). Original star Linda Hamilton will be returning as Sarah Connor.

Incidentally, Linda Hamilton was the star of the Beauty and the Beast TV series back in the 80s., co-starring Ron "Hellboy" Perlman. 

That's not John Connor by the way. That's "Grace" played by Canadian actor McKenzie Davis. I'm not familiar with them but I don't really get out to the movies much anymore.

Bonus factoid: Sarah Connor was played by Game of Thrones' Lena Headey in the Terminator TV series.

Shortly after the Masons announced trans members were welcome, Variety coincidentally put out a special Trans Hollywood issue, featuring Chaz Bono, Laverne Cox and some other person on the cover. The articles are all available on their site.

Finally, the Real Doll folks have premiered a new line of bloke sex dolls called "Gabriels." How stunningly shocking that a robot meant to replace blokes is named after an Archangel. 

What exactly are the odds? Astronomical.

But look out, fellows--not only does Gabriel stay rock-hard all night, he's also programmed to regale his owner with stimulating conversation.

I mean just look at this model; I'm sure he can sweet-talk his mate with charming anecdotes about countless weekends spent detailing his Escalade, his rad new bench-press techniques and his favorite Ed Hardy shirts.

The new Gabriels are multi-lingual as well. Currently they speak English, Spanish, French and Douchebag.

I'm sure they'll be a big hit with the ladies. 

In much the same way Playgirl magazine delighted its female audience.


  1. Phuck sake everything is broken here on my end. This is Sean Graves - can't make the regular stuff werk... 8 pages from anon (me) coming...

    Recently while digging through the dregs of MK documentation (Black Vault, etc.) as well as recent (and not very recent at all) white papers on acetylcholine regulation and manipulation, I noticed something that should seemingly have been covered in-depth somewhere here in Secret Sunland, but hasn’t quite…

    Data points (many, many, oh so many) certainly have appeared here via the Usual Sibyl(s), brought to us by Chris’s innate Salience based skill set. (If you haven’t read Gordon’s Whiskey Rants in a while, redo number 7 that gets into improved salience detection, etc...)

    If the following blather has previously been explicated here - I don’t remember it nor can I find it. Apparently, I’m just about at my limit of typing into Google “The Secret Sun” followed by every damn thing in existence. If I’m re-inventing the wheel here I honestly beg forgiveness.

    All-righty then, Seahorses and their relationship to Hippocampi

    Image One at the Wiki page above gives the simple visualization that may cement the symbolic connection - the profile of the seahorse with the (occulted) actions of the human hippocampus.

    Those Greeks and their wacky names for the all-important parts of the limbic system – Am I right? Seems to me that Chris has mentioned, even at length, the Amygdala, Hippocampus, Thalamus, maybe Fornix and covered quite a bit of our shadow culture’s interest in understanding Limbic functions and their habit of rarely talking openly about what is discovered. Recent for examples include; the neo-shock treatment stuff, the neo-ketamine shock treatment stuff, the micro-dosing LSD movement, etc.…

    Still, conventional interweb alt-wisdom (exhaustingly typical Op/Counter Op – Overton Window echo chamber mediation control methodology by and for the ole’ Black Iron Prison) only seems to appreciate the Pineal Gland. Go figure. Or don’t, ‘cause you can’t - due to a controlled distraction you may not have noticed. (Chewbacca Defense to protect the sheepfolds and paddocks.)

    Without me posting a link you should be able to find some academic study or another (or hundreds, perhaps thousands) across the past 100 years that noted correlative activity between Schizophrenics/Psychics and Hippocampus/Limbic what-have-you. In the current era of MRI, the Dean Radin one is prominent in its purposeful simplicity. Simple controls - check, Psychic is not considered Schizophrenic - check, leads to “look at that! The Hippocampus lights right up.” Specifically, the right Hippocampus.

  2. So where have Seahorses as symbol shown up at The Secret Sun? Seahorses in Thames [11/19/2017 & 1/27/2018] Seahorses on Cocteau Cover Aikea Guinea [12/12/2017 & 1/27/2018] Siouxsie’s Swimming Horses over at the Speaking Secret Sun recently…

    But if Seahorses are Hippocampi, where has that been covered here in depth? As Horns. Seems to me that (generally speaking) at this blog - Seahorses are most often symbolic nouns, and Horns are most often the transactive verbing therein. (An analogical symbolism primer ala R. A. Schwaller de Lubicz or someone similar is far too in depth for here. I’m just trying to keep it as simple as I can.)

    One post that gets horny with Phrygian caps is here [11/09/2017]. Of course, there are others, but the best example may be in the magisterial Lucifer’s Technologies series. The particular post titled “Horned and Hidden” [5/9/2016] features; Alexander the great, Jupiter-Ammon, Ammon, horns, horns, Ammon - then commenter Algiz points out…

    Ammon’s Horn is another name for the brain seahorse in question.

    Chris responded, “makes you wonder.” That’s quite the understatement Sir Loring. Especially as best as we can tell you can’t wonder without thinking and the Hippocampus (Seashorse) AKA Ammon’s Horn may actually allow “thinking” itself - and quite a bit more in the process.

    By which I mean, what is thinking? Where is the mind exactly? etc… Here’s a recent academic go at the issue. Among many really - collective evolution, daily grail and others have mentioned two or three more recent than this one…

    Other Horny synchs right here include: McD & $tarbucks merged horn icon [7/21/2018].

    Patriots “Philaedelphi post” [12/5/2017 and at least one other as well…] Asymmetry in the symbolic horns in this case. Is the longer horn the one on the right? Thereby symbolizing a specific precognitive power or genius. Why yes! And they won, whee…

  3. How about the various election swoops you’ve mentioned through the years? [2/3/2016 & other examples] Looks to me like our Orange Executive has a stubby psychic horn. At first glance I see the blue horn (smaller, not engorged with blood) as being on the right. I’d guess that this is a specific and purposeful effort via professional graphic designers. A two face/vase of the latest political distraction.

    Still, however you prefer to see it, he ostensibly has horns – therefore the insight of a “genius”. As the orange executive is illustrated here as having one or the other horn - not fully activated, this may explain his apparent inability to figure things for himself (sad). More ominously, he may not actually have the horns needed to effectively evade over-arching control (super sad). And presumably this is - exactly why - he was allowed to run as a candidate and win. But at least he’s “stable”. A stable genius, huh… Good to have it overtly stated in twilight symbolism – from the horse’s mouth - that Golden Angel 45 doesn’t have the horns or horsepower. Therefore, will stay in the stable and not try to escape the control of the paddock or sheepfold.

    (I put my trust in plans that I have the easy opportunity to vet. We all have abilities to pull at the threads, why do people think they need Q? Do we really need yet another authority to appeal to….?)

    Like you Chris, I was blown away at the subtle and endless work by graphic pros on the recentish swoop/horn political logos. The Trump one simply slays me. Even better is this one below, that I vaguely remember being mentioned here – still can’t find it though. It’s crazy synchy and germane. It’s the Elliot 2016 one, but before you go to the link, think (like above) brain tissue shaped like seahorse – the right side is of specific symbolic importance, etc… Now go look and what do you see?

    Did you see the eagle in the negative space first or the squishy brain Hippo & Fornix horn? Bonus points if you notice the blue gradation highlighting “IO” the moon of Jupiter (Ammon).

    And if that’s not enough, Chris you recently mentioned the rollicking good time to be had in Daniel. I, like you, would suggest self-initiate sorts should do as Daniel does (Daniel 7:8). Consider the horn, “and behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things.” A horn that can see and speak you say! Seems to lay it all right out huh?

    Want more channeled prophecy on this direct tangent? One thing I’ve been expecting you to mention at some point through the years (If you have, please clue me in to where) – the interweb’s “Box of Crazy”.


    Go down the page to the four headed angelic beasts, and the images of how they interface with the larger Ezekiel machinations. Notice any resemblance of some of these images in the crazy box with lines out of Daniel referencing horns? (Or Ezekiel, Or Revelations, or etc…)

    Ever wonder if Gabriel’s horn or other Biblical/Neolithic effects of horns may relate here?

    Ever wonder from where the term Horse sense may derive? Might it correlate and synch here?

    Another biggie for this blog, Kelpies! Horse, water spirits, sometimes more - yadda blahbety – I don’t have to go any further with this vector, right?

    If I may be so bold... Chris, how long have you suspected, or “known” for that matter, that St. John’s Apocalypse may “just” be a reveal, (presumably via an energized longitudinal jumpstart,) of the generally latent but tacitly controlled capacities of the human brain?

    Specifically, The Four (Sea) Horsemen. Also known as; Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition and Psychokinesis. As mentioned by Gordon on one of his podcasts with Chris (can’t find which one right now, #6? May misremember. Augh!! My brain says that Gordon astutely mentions that these four capacities are the core of all magick and occultism.)

    Social planners have been keenly interested in these four magick capacities for generations. Here’s one of my faves laying some of it out… Changing Images of Man – SRI International & O.W. Markley - p95 (p114 in pdf)

    These four dimensions of a single latent human capacity (apparently) is directly analogous to Demiurge Yahweh’s - Pestilence, War, Famine & Death. (As to which one actually comes first? My guess is whichever correlates to Clairvoyance, perhaps War?)

    Yahweh, it would seem, isn’t a fan of disclosure. Wide-spread and greater abilities to inherently secure understanding may threaten aspects of the Black Iron Prison. Hence the negative leaning characterization.

    1. One mirrors the other.
      There is mind, and MIND; check dark matter/energy.
      I agree with you but see other ramifications.
      To understand that the macro and the micro are actually one and the same is huge.
      My teachers spoke of 8 'worlds' (chakras)
      I see between 9 and 11; our 'realm'.
      But does it really matter?
      How do we define life and how do we create a reality that supports such life with no 'entanglement'?

    2. A note on horns. Horns strongly symbolise musical instruments and the name word a synonym with wind instruments to this day. The shape of these instruments is often animal like and keen meme scholars will note the amusement you can get from juxtaposing a horse with a saxophone.

      The saxophone alone has very many synchs as I'm sure we are all aware. In it's origin it was invented as a clear upgrade for the symphonic orchestra, which it was, but it was excluded for what were ultimately very petty reasons. It found it's place in more popular music. Recently used in Bowie's Blackstar and Nine Inch Nail's God Break Down the Door.

      Horns are related to the rhythmic music of Dionysus rather than the lyrical string music of Apollo. Call them the instrument of Pan if you like. Julius Caesar writes about the Celts and animal headed Carnyx instruments. "Their trumpets again are of a peculiar barbarian kind; they blow into them and produce a harsh sound which suits the tumult of war." Then you have your old bibble wibble text. "So the people shouted when the priests blew with the trumpets: and it came to pass, when the people heard the sound of the trumpet, and the people shouted with a great shout, that the wall fell down flat, so that the people went up into the city, every man straight before him, and they took the city." Seems like an awful thing to do to a wall. What a WASTE.

    3. Couldn't stop the "8" references when I wrote this up. Finished and posted in the eight o'clock hour, on 8/8. For a while I had "8 fold by 8" at the very top for no conscious reason. Struggled with my google log on, struggled with Chris's site, and eventually had to post in 8 increments.

    4. Apocalyptic 'Trumpet' or Shofar - Ram's horn Sounds have been heard and recorded all over the World since the Winter
      of 2010/2011.The horn sounds,loud mystery booms
      and unexplained mass animal die-offs continue to the present day. 12 around 1 -horns,tones,harmonics

  5. If you don’t already default to this setting, do the thought experiment of the Bible as pre-eminent Limited Hangout. The Mithraic mystery cult, Enûma Eliš style stuff is the nutritious portion of the sandwich of lies. The Good Book wouldn’t provide a useful control methodology if there wasn’t some inherent legitimacy, etc…

    Anyway, the quasi-topological analogy of the Four Horsemen (riding all our horses – as it were) leads me to intuit that perhaps the Seven Seals may have a similar, direct relation to every human just as the Four Horsemen, in this model, will ride on our collective horses…

    Perhaps the Seven Seals correlate directly to the Seven Chakras. Who can tell? This line of inductive speculation synchs to other discussions on this blog via the color Orange. Perhaps the engineered culture-gasm around this hue is intended to directly reference the second Chakra. Where, again - in this model, all our collective second Chakras approximate to the Second Seal.

    I’ve done personal meditation work on the Four Horsemen/Noah’s flood equating to presumed iterative dimensional functions of the human hippocampi - yadda yadda blah – for some time now. Not the case with the Chakras are the Seals analogy. Anyone here resonate with this? Ever read some material that directly relates? Well I haven’t, and I’d love any vectors for further study.

    So far in this comment I’ve been vorticulating through The Secret Sun and a bit of the Bible. Sadly, I need to illustrate a bit of personal details (apologies) that may explain why I spend time synthesizing a narrative out of The Secret Sun. (Why do YOU read what Chris posts?)

    Where exactly are Horses kept? In a Paddock of course, as Chris defined for us [10/19/2017] – “an enclosure at a racetrack where the horses are assembled, saddled, and paraded before each race.” Rather than mentioning all the recent and affiliated “Paddock” content at The Secret Sun, I’ll go with the personal experience angle here and just link to an image of the Paddock where I myself was first acknowledged as “Gifted”.

    Yes, my elementary school was definitively a Paddock! As young Black Iron Prisoners we simply didn’t have the savvy to understand the name. When I was there in the 70’s-early 80’s most students referred to the school as “PadLock”. Didn’t occur to me at the time that the actual name serves up a similar or perhaps worse symbolic meaning than our pre-teen mocking name.

    1. The Three Resurrections by Rebecca Carrol Lee...a kabbalah decode of revelations.

      To go way into the deep end of the pool ... Philosophy as Rite of Rebirth.

    2. Thanks to your previous efforts Eugene, I am indeed aware of the Uzdavinys deep end. If it's not clear, the first 8 Anon posts are mine. The site seemed to reject my attempts normal posting....

    3. The 7 seals as chakras was explored in depth by James Morgan Pryse in his "Apocalypse Unsealed." Highly recommended!

    4. I read this blog because I'm operating under the assumption that the Bible is the early script for Star Wars. And Chris provides useful clues to make sense of it. And I really like his cynical take on everything. Plus, I'm working on my precognition skills. So far, some success. There's a little forum in a corner of the Internet where somebody is vastly impressed I predicted a certain event down to the exact date. I'm sure a lot of Secret Sun readers wouldn't particularly be impressed by that.

    5. In Autobiography of a Yogi, Yogananda has a chapter or chapters about esoteric Christianity where he makes the analogy between the Seven Seals and the chakras.

    6. One more massive thank you to Kent as I'm finally going through "Apocalypse Unsealed".

      It just keeps iterating my life experiences. Page 44 perfectly describes my liminal "leakage" moment back in the 90's.

      Honestly, can't thank you enough!

  6. Even if I didn’t understand the etymology at hand, I did have the eerie feeling that I was assembled with other “Gifted” students from around the district, specifically to an enclosed paddock. Indeed, we were saddled and paraded! I remember it well. Only recently have I been sussing out that all of this is a race. For very real stakes it would appear. Many thanks, Chris, for posting the definition last year.

    Further, some time ago I briefly mentioned in comments here some aspects of my main “kundalini leakage” moment. One of the lasting effects I did not previously mention was an absurd notion that someday “we’ll all” communicate largely telepathically. Daffy I know. Super challenging to describe how this could be done successfully as a culture, I couldn’t consciously fathom that myself. All I had was this throbbing Anamnesis.

    I brought such notions to band practice where I was eventually disabused of such notions as bandmate David argued convincingly that society would have to radically change, etc… In the following months as the anamnestic throb faded, David brought in some “Dave-li-ture” to the rehearsal space for us as a group (Casa Di Phantasm) to decrypt into music. From this we worked up a new piece – Space Demon.

    It must surely be the worst commenting etiquette, but I have a recorded performance of my band at a camping style music festival that has relevance to the topic at hand. I will restrain myself from putting some stuff on SoundCloud and linking to it here. Especially as I haven’t asked bandmates David and Eric if they have any issues therein. Anyway, on these topics I also have some relevant personal music along with the regurgitate word-salad you’re reading.

    As it’s rather arrogant to site my own band… And as my main Cocteau Twins story may be equal in length to this entire comment… (Chris are you interested in the time I put the last three tracks off Heaven or Las Vegas on repeat and happened to stumble across a Film set where I crossed paths with E.G. Daily? Can you intuit the movie? Google Route 31 & Route 12 Illinois for the location if you care. The intersection just west of the river - as if you couldn’t tell.)

    So, to finally wrap this up as quickly as I can and end with a snappy and relevant tag, I offer Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song, Hammer of the Gods – that Schumann chord. Quoting Jimmy Page, “It’s a block chord that people never get right. It pulls the whole tension of the piece into another area or another dimension just for that moment. And a bit of backward echo makes it a bit more complete.” Damn Pagey, you know just how-to sweet talk self-initiate musical weirdos. Hot. Damn.

    Elsewhere he expounds on this other dimension as acting like a handbrake on a minecart (Underworld reference FTW!) - to reel in force and momentum by smothering the propulsive F# riffage in the key of A Major. Fascinating that Pagey mentions “another dimension” here….

  7. You tell me what typified Harmonic Analysis says about this Gm/C in the Key of A Major (or the c dim 7, or b flat dim 7 or whatever the phuck you’ve used in/on the garage/rehearsal space/stage that has a distinct function outside of trad harmony. It all works to varying degrees- why?).

    I’d say Jimmy may consciously know quite a bit more. Me thinks he’s aware that it’s a third inversion (?) synonym of half of the octachord that is the Schumann resonance. Or more specifically, what the Schumann cluster used to generally peak and harmonize around. It’s been much more energized lately. Say around 2014ish up into late 2015ish (approximately when Gordon started his podcast) it got excited. Then early 2017 more so…

    When thinking about the Schumann resonance consciously used in music – remember it’s been a thing for quite some time. I’ve mentioned Scriabin’s mystic chord here before (presumably his attempt at transcending controlled tonality with a coupled harmonic oscillator at the heart of his music’s construction.) Debussy eventually dumped his quartal and whole tone efforts for an octatonic scale that I’d argue serves this same Pagey/Scriabin function. Of course, there’s plenty more – Oliver Messiaen gnew all about this, decrypted it from birdsong – no schitt, birdsong! Musicians these days? Well, why exactly did occult publisher Scarlet Imprint recently tweetbook about Sun o))) getting into Albini’s studio?

    I wonder if Knowles 1st Law has something to elucidate for us regarding the “vibration” controversies Jimmy has received at least a bit of press around. Here’s some inductive speculation for ya along the Zoso 17 vector….

    What if Jimmy’s neighbor, Robbie Williams, is indeed an employee by and for the Black Iron Pharaohs or a faction thereof. Jimmy, perhaps standing with a concealed group of like mindeds, apparently represents a more historic and perhaps traditional response to the actual accounting of and custodianship for the age of Aquarius (an air sign). Paraphrasing the symbolism in the various articles, an outrageously rare and exquisite mermaid giving birth is at risk of vibrational damage in Jimmy’s historic tower house. What a sentence!

    1. what exactly does SunnO))) and Steve Albini have to do with any of this. Sunn dudes are interested in the occult and Albini recorded Page/Plant, other than that...

    2. This is all great stuff and will dig in more later. For now, though, keep in mind Page allegedly made a deal with the Devil. His reference to F#minor is telling as well as F#minor has been long considered the Devil's Key (ask the metalheads).

      Also very curious to learn more about Sunn, which I recall being quite popular and then disappearing entirely sometime in the 70s, iirc.

    3. "What continually amazes me is the fierce love of harmonic resonance that is evident everywhere. Not all music has the complex tonal system or the counterpoint of the European legacy, or the modal variety of India, or the rhythmic complexity of Ghana, but everywhere one listens one hears the same passionate intelligence. The most subtle conceivable nuances of intonation are shared worldwide. It becomes apparent that our one pair of ears recognizes how wide harmonic territories can be traversed by small melodic intervals. Even in music that does not require commas, micro-intervals that radically affect the harmonic flow show up again and again. This is true for the best musicians regardless of culture or style - the hip pop singer in the recording booth no less than the muezzin in the tower or cellist in the concert hall." -from "The Harmonic Experience" by WA Mathieu. I highly recommend this work for anyone who wants to delve into the esoteric experience of music. We HEAR it, folks!

    4. Thanks andrewbigdoor,

      Other than that… If I might attempt completing your last sentence, “all those words seem at least a tad Batshit Crazy.” Well, I must agree with these words I so rudely inserted in your mouth (apologies for that.)

      Despite that, it seems to me that the Sunn dudes’ interest in the occult (as you say) has leveled up to a notable exemplar of the occult showing interest in the Sunn dudes. Remarkable to me, hence the remark.

      Steve Albini is mentioned in the Scarlet retweet. Which seems justifiable, to me at least, especially in the light of my vague, rambling thoughts (above) on the last 200 years of energized interferometric electro-acoustic occulted gnowledge. …Traditions being intuitively explored by many bands like Sunn O))), Sleep, I still love Boris, etc…

      The connect between Pagey & Stevie is synch icing/confirmation – making it worth mentioning? (Perhaps not huh?) Why did Jimmy choose Stevie Albini those years back; Stevie’s gear horde’s unique capacity, his skill set in deploying it, etc… It seems conscious, intelligent and telling to me that Jimmy chose Albini.

      When the guy responsible for intuiting the mike placement and mix on the most sampled drum segment in history (Jimmy Page) – doesn’t really wanna worry about those type of efforts anymore. Who ya gonna call?

      Well, you’ll call once at least. Then Stevie’s reputation for “only reluctantly suffering fools that can pay” may kick in and we all get fun stories and admonitions of meeting heroes. Whee….

      It all seems to relate for me at a deeper level than coincidence. In a Loco Guano style to be sure…

    5. Anony 11:47, I think you are mixing up the amplifier company and the band. the amp company was started in the Pacific NW in the early 60's and was acquired by Fender in the 80's and stopped being produced all together in '02.

      SunnO))) the (loosely termed) band named themselves after the amplifier company because they used their famous "Model T" amp for their sound and as an inside joke for their love of the band Earth.



      I mean I'm sure it's some level of sync w/ Page and Albini, but Albini literally has thousands of credits to his name. Steve "reluctantly suffers fools that can pay" because he doesn't take percentage points on records he's made. he gets a flat fee up front and receives no royalties off the sales, so he's gotta keep working and he is a near zealot about the DIY/Punk rock mentality and having a barrier to entry for regular bands would go against that ethos.

      And Glyn Johns is as equally responsible for Zep's sound as Page.

      other than that, I'm not quite following what you're laying down. Page has occult knowledge of vibrations and that's why he chose Albini, which is also why SunnO))) chose him? they all have occult knowledge regarding sound/vibrations? it's actually not the first time Stephen O'Malley has recorded with Albini, he did Burning Witch's "Towers..." ep in '98.

      The idea that they have strange ideas about sound isn't something new. most musicians are weirdos and sensitives (hence the love of vibrations) and love this type of stuff. O'Malley's talked about the dudes from Sun Ra's band being interested in Agartha etc. if you do even the slightest bit of digging, most great artists have had interests in these areas...

    6. I agree with you that it’s, merely, some level of synch with Pagey & Stevie. Just icing and confirmation (for just me apparently).

      However, my actual point in mentioning this whole angle is - exactly what you stated, “the idea that they (musicians) have strange ideas about sound isn’t something new.” Absolutely agreed. Exactly. Perfect. Now, further expand this premise - back through all of recorded musical time. It isn’t something new, it’s something old. Very old.

      For Example – SunnO))), Steve Albini, Jimmy Page, Glyn Johns, Sun Ra, Oliver Messiaen, Claude Debussy, Alexander Scriabin, Erik Satie, Don Carlo Gesualdo, Orlando di Lasso are just a few guys that “get it” or “got it”.

      More so, this is notable now at The Secret Sun after I phucking accosted the comments with my 3000ish words – “Staring @ The Secret Sun – Exegesis, Part 1, in eight (bowel) movements.”

      Ultimately, one thing I’m trying to do with all these dumb words is explicitly lay a basis to view the history of occult musical gnowledge – in the light of “The Secret Sun”. I.E. through symbols & narratives – sited here by Chris or commenters.

      If you’ll note I also mentioned Debussy as being in the line of practitioners (back through time) that “gets what Pagey gets.” Whether or not you believe in Baigent & Leigh’s assertion that Debussy was the 33rd Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, succeeded Victor Hugo, then followed by Jean Cocteau…

      …Whether or not you accept that tidbit as real, it still seems to have relevance to oft repeated themes at this blog. Jean Cocteau is an important name here, I hope you would agree. His name graces the Queen Dowager of Sibyls’ band for a reason. His Beauty/Beast informs so much Disney AND Chris’ revelation star calendar - again - for a reason. Cocteau’s “Le Six” deserves attention here as early musical/social engineers. Well, much more explicit attention than all the synchs Chris has mined to date (that I’ve read at least, as I haven’t read everything here.)

      I too, fellow Albini fan, am having trouble understanding what I’m laying down – make no mistake. Anyway, I gotta at least pretend to werk sometime today at my job, thanks much for conversing.

      With luck, Chris can shed some light.

    7. no worries, I think we're mostly on the same page now. I don't have the background on Debussy and some of the other stuff you mentioned, but SunnO))), Albini, et al is my wheelhouse. SunnO))) had to actually come out a few years ago and explicitly state that they weren't Devil worshipers to quell unrest about them playing some massive festival in Europe (wish I could find a link).

      when Chris was doing his deep dive on the invention of the transistor and the connection to Roswell, etc, I pointed out that some of the entities responsible for the tech revolution after WWII had iconic pieces of gear - namely Fairchild - that were all over the classic recordings of the century. I dare say most of this music would not have spread around the world without the integral inventions from the labs of these iconic and mysterious companies.

      anyways, cool to find another metal/drone weirdo on here...

    8. Agreed! Hope you're enjoying Sleep's - The Sciences as much as I am. What else has caught your ear of late?

    9. Thanks for the Sunn clarification, andrew. Sunn amps had some transistor stuff back in the day that I've noticed still hold up well. That was the angle of interest for me.

    10. @anony: No problem.

      I listen to a wide variety of stuff so I'll have to keep it short or I'll endlessly rattle stuff off:

      guitar based:
      I've been on a big metal/death metal kick for the last few weeks:

      Enslaved - E (epic, excellent album)
      Obscura - Diluvium (German tech/death. insane guitar playing)
      Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper (drone/doom)
      Opeth - Blackwater Park/Deliverance
      Triptykon - Eparistera Daimones/Melana Chasmata
      Gnod - Chapel Perilous (scuzzy psych post-punk from the UK)

      I haven't been listening to the new Sleep record as much as I should...

      I also listen to a lot of electronic/drone etc:

      Abul Mogard - Above All Dreams (phenomenal artist, record)
      Caterina Barbieri - Patterns of Consciousness
      The Bug vs Earth - Concrete Jungle (apocalyptic future dub with droning guitar?)
      Huerco S. - For Those Of You Who Have Never
      Jon Hopkins - Singularity
      Miss Red - K.O.

      I have to stop taking up Chris' real estate or I'll go on forever...

    11. @Sean
      oh, and considering our conversation, you might want to check out Anna von Hausswolff - Dead Magic

  8. Note the Underground Pool reference in the text and the Mermaid at 4:40ish in the video.

    I suggest that those mer-style sea-creatures we increasingly witness in the ubiquitous mediation we all breathe – are symbols of a post-apocalyptic human integration of Psi. Half, what we accept as human. And half a new flowering of what we’ve been controlled to dismiss.

    Yeah. Mermaids as self-initiates that don’t get left behind, no H20 explicitly referenced. Able to personally navigate the coming “seas” so as to avoid “drowning”. Seahorses, Horns, Floods, and yes – Mermaids – are perhaps best integrated as metaphors. To use another metaphor to root this point…. Hold that final image of 2001: A Space Odyssey in your mind’s eye and imagine a….

    Reverse Tower of Babel Moment.

    Take a moment, or 4:35, to let anything I said that may actually be of use – synch in.

    Perhaps this too if you feel it… …as we may all be “coming up on a new state line”.

    My guess is that Chris’ Coma is only partial. Only partial as, apparently, we’re all merely semi-conscious.

    Get yer Hippocampi a hummin’ Secret Sunners.

    More so than ever before, Chris, thanks for what you do.

  9. Look-she even divulges her demigod roots:

  10. Here's a news item for you Chris.
    An earthquake rocked Western Australia just after midnight and if you look at the satellite map you will see it happened near the Fraser Range.

    "A magnitude 4.3 earthquake has struck in the south of Western Australia at Norseman, in the Goldfields-Esperance area.
    The quake was detected at 12.19am local time on Thursday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology."

    1. Western Australia is the home-state of the late Heath Ledger/Joker by the way:-)

  11. Hi there! I could have sworn I've been to this site before but after browsing through
    some of the post I realized it's new to me. Anyways, I'm definitely delighted
    I found it and I'll be bookmarking and checking back

  12. Message just for you, Chris: ah, I'm not sycophant enough, nor do I provide viable information that coincides with your blissful biomedical reality tunnel. Even funnier: you chat about censorship, while censoring. Double standard much? I grow tired of doom. Not that this world isn't is.But so much more. Anyways, hey, Fun run, but flimsy speculation is so very 90s.

    I dare you to put this up. Yeah, live a little. No? Okay, don't.

    1. What are you talking about, Bryce? Can you translate this?

    2. "The Hijacking Of Once Positive Symbolism"

    3. Anon11:47, the eye is a symbol of the secret sun/Sun dance and intersection - compare with almond/luz/vesica piscis.

      Human eyes - as a pair of eyes - remain positive, un-hijacked.

      The use of the eye as symbol either connotes esoteric knowledge (cognoscenti), or membership of a cult thereof.

      If you have seen the pyramid (in a holistic sense) and have understood its message regarding the secret sun, then you have a very keen eye.

  13. Chris, the synth pop, witchhouse band Crystal Castles did their own take on the Babalon Working in their first album. Alice Glass and Ethan Kath on the album cover are hunched over like wind up robots waiting to be wound up. The songs basically tell the story of an artificial woman coming to life. The lyrics in the song "Xxzxcuzx Me" go as

    We can insist on having robots
    Bugs and insects
    Leave me for dead
    How can you love?
    Program the head

    We get so demonstrated
    Nuts and bolts for granted
    Lie like a dog
    Now it's just wires
    Full of promise

    Robotic love
    I'm programmed to rust
    AIDS robot is clad in iron bolts

    Robot grunts have bled each other
    They wanna play with my placenta
    All we have is dirty weather
    Someone push the button

    I know we're just disease
    A bloody cyst
    What will you live,
    What will you die for?
    Protect the cure in me

    Baby I know
    We'll celebrate the fucking rain
    Just because we don't feel flesh
    Doesn't mean we don't fear death

    Alice Glass, real name Margaret Osborn (Oz born), looks strikingly similiar to Marjorie Cameron. They pulled off some of the most beautiful and melancholy "I just want to get high and listen to this album while I float through the Ophiucus Region" music since The Cocteau Twins. The album prophesied the coming of Sophia if but by a few years. But so did the 1927 film Metropolis. There really isn't much left to predict now that the plan has so perfectly been set before us. These abominations do cause desolation as the human body is described in the Bible as a temple and man and machine go together like iron mixed with clay.

    1. Crystal Castles was absolutely tremendous. Unfortunately Alice and Ethan had some kind of insanely awful breakup and the band is dead.

      There's a story that he abused her, but there's no evidence per se so it could just be that they had one of those fiery furnaces of a relationship that are so common among the muse-possessed and they both got burned.

      Of course I suppose the abuse is entirely plausible too. The muses choose broken vessels. A man unable to love and a codependent woman who puts up with his abuse sound like ideal candidates for the voice the Al Azif.

  14. Just drove by a church and noticed their sign offering a free screening of the 1927 silent
    film Metropolis tomorrow night....As the Siren story has pretty much been revealed for what it is and regular site readers understand that female celebrities are being used to repeatily promote the central figure.Questions remain about the opposing figures in the story,as it seems the media / secret societies are hiding them from us.Out of sight - out of mind.It would be interesting
    to hear theories about the "real-life" Muse or Muses (who defeat the Siren) and who is the opposing male figure in the drama? It seems we have yet to hear the other side of this story.

    1. First, it's obvious that archetypes are going gender-fluid. So don't assume that the siren is always going to be female, or her counterpart male.

      Second, you may want to think of a three-some, rather than a couple.

      Not trying to get all transgressive here, just saying what I'm seeing. There are versions of it that are all prim and proper boyfriend and girlfriend stuff. Like Twilight.

  15. Apologies for the brevity; I'll have to finish this comment later today, with some examples. But when you asked rhetorically if chimera experiments are being carried out in West Virginia...well, the answer is a resounding Yes!

    I've been collecting Appalachian folklore for about twenty years now; and in the past few years I've noticed a big upswing in the number of people that, instead of reporting ghosts or UFOs or any of the traditional folklore motifs, are reporting animals that they don't recognize, and that upon investigation don't seem to match any known species. For example, two summers ago, a friend of mine was playing with his daughters on a creekbank near his house,when a fish crawled up on the bank,coiled up like a snake, and struck at them like a snake (though it was definitely a fish, as it had dorsal and lateral fins and prominent gills). After a good deal of research, I discovered that there's actually a species of fish that exhibits that behavior: a very rare (possibly extinct) eel found only in the Ganges estuary.

    I've also spoken to two different people who have seen brightly colored spiders that birds in large, very thick webs. One had photographs as evidence. What makes it even more credible is that neither was reporting this as something paranormal; they knew there were bird-eating spiders (though they didn't know what the things looked like; turns out it's nothing like the ones these folks saw); and they wondered if maybe these spiders were migrating here due to global warming.

    I recall many years ago reading a book by Freeman Dyson (I'll have to track down the reference; I think it was "Infinite in All Directions"), in which he suggested that the solution to all the broken, unused machinery littering the inhabited landscape would be to genetically engineer a species of turtle with diamond-tipped teeth that ate steel: and he didn't seem to be writing tongue-in-cheek.

    So I don't doubt that Appalachia- an internal colony of the US, the only Third-World country entirely within the borders of America- would be first choice for field-testing chimerae in the wild.

    Man, I hope this comment did not sound too insane. But in any case, CLK, keep up the stellar work!

    1. Interesting that at least parts of WV are also the rare EMF-free zone, purportedly so as not to interfere with sensitive secret stuff. Or maybe, like the Skinwalker Ranch, something there is so powerful as to make and EMF-free zone necessary or desirable.

    2. Just a couple more examples, in case I didn't sound crazy enough to start with...

      You've wrote about the family that found three dead octopi on the shore of a Colorado lake. It reminded me of how, a few years back, a Kentucky fisherman pulled a fairly large octopus out of the Ohio River. So I did some digging...and discovered that a truly surprising number of octopi (or things resembling octopi) have been taken from WV waters. In almost all cases it gets a brief mention in the local media as quirk news (usually played for a laugh), and is rapidly forgotten. But putting them all together, I honestly have to wonder if Appalachia doesn't have a native species of freshwater octopus (whether natural or GMO). I'll admit it's a far-out hypothesis: but then there are seals in Lake Baikal, and sharks in Lake Nicaragua. As for why they wouldn't have been discovered yet: the Ohio runs right past my backyard. It averages 34 feet deep here; and on its clearest day, I've never seen it with a visibility more than 3 feet down. *Anything* could be living on the bottom, and, so long as it stayed there, we would never have a clue.

      As for *why* the archons would be whipping up the chimerae they're field-testing...every answer I can think of sounds like the plot of halfbaked SF novel. Which, these days, probably means it's more likely to be true than less.

      At the risk of repetition: as always, CLK, keep up the stellar work.

  16. I can’t wait for that humanmice thing to go horrible awry. Or... I see a great cartoon option Teenage Mutant Ninja Mice. And I definitely can’t wait for hot bod dudes that are mice/toad/fish/matthew mcconaughey robodemons I can totally bone for hours! I do say it’s looking pretty pretty preeeeetty good.

    Oh and Bruce is a total dick. Free speech allows the sunner community to shame this ineffectual, privileged, effete, soft-penis'd, debutante. get that shit outta here Bruce. Your harshing the mellow.

  17. Lol I meant Bryce. Damn’t!! Now I look like that idiot ha ha. Well payed Bruce well played..

  18. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  19. Hi, just wanted to tell you, I enjoyed this blog post.
    It was funny. Keep on posting!

  20. McKenzie Davis kinda has Betty Fraser eyes?

    Speaking of things Frasier, looks like the Sybil is not smiling on our Asian cousins - House of Fraser to close 31 stores
    'Nanjing Xinjiekou, the Sanpower-controlled ENTITY that actually owns House of Fraser, has seen its shares lose almost 70% in the year-to-date'

    'possible saviours include investment funds Alteri, an offshoot of US hedge fund APOLLO'

    Note the Getty Images photo with Prince Willy (very weird statue in the back?!)

  21. Wow! This is the first time I've read the comments where most of them don't seem to have anything to do with Chris' article.

    In any event, from Chris' latest observations it is just all the more evident that we are at the end of empire. A quick check of empires through history show the same road map over and over and we are following it to a 'T'. The only problem is I think more and more now that we are following it to the end of humanity this time being that other empires didn't have the technology to end it all like we do now. The twisting of creation through various forms today, the robot fascination, the full-fledged occult in open view, etc. Anyone remember Jude Law's sex robot character in the film A.I.? In the movie, when those robots were in operation humanity was in its last stage before it vanished from the face of the earth. Remember that one of the last cities shown is a literal hi-tech neon Sodom and Gomorrah. I'm no church-goer, but I know the warnings and parallels when I see 'em and again, as history has shown over and over, humanity is too fucking stupid to heed the signs - even the final ones!

    By the way, Chris, saying the sex robots also speak 'douchebag' was freakin' hilarious. Do you have any goddamn idea how hot coffee is blowing unexpectedly out your nose? :-)

  22. So a friend of mine is on a yoga retreat in southern India and post an image of Kamadhenu.
    Secrets in scrabble triple word score!

  23. Hi Chris,

    Interesting timing. On the same day that the article about stem cells appeared on the Irish News at 17:17 (coincidence?), two major fires started, one in California and another one in Greece near Athens. Is Prometheus waking up? Apparently clay can stimulate stem-cells

  24. That JH all-seeing-eye looks like a crappy rush job for a failing project. The angles are off (right side seems bent by landscape as if forced in place) and the proportions seen off as well. Could it be the all-seers are desperate and/or weakening?

    1. Apparent flaws in religious buildings are never true flaws. They are indications of a deeper design intention. I've seen it again and again, I'm into sacred geometry so I know it for sure.

      And Jehova's Witnesses are an interesting lot, deliberately trying to scoop up anybody with an inclination to take the Bible literally. I bet their End-Times plan is as sophisticated as the one of the Catholic Church, and I'm not doubting for a moment the Catholic Church's talent for extremely complex plans.

  25. All right buddy, I think you're a fucking loon. Having said that, I think I'm starting to believe you. What that says about me is...actually, I don't know what that says about me...

    I'm flip flopping all over the fucking place. Hated the idea of Trump as president as much as I hated the idea of Hillary as prez but voting seemed a bit pointless so I don't bother anymore. When Bush & Gore banned Nader from the debates & then the League of Women Voters stepped down from holding the debates, that seemed to be a big clue that elections aren't about informed debate or democracy anymore. If they ever were.

    But now that Trump is literally attacked every day, I still don't like the putz, but I can't help thinking that he hasn't sold missiles to Iran, he hasn't backed any Central American death squads, he hasn't invaded Iraq, he hasn't signed any middle class eviscerating treaties, he hasn't let wall Street assholes skate free from their crimes, he didn't promise hope & change & deliver neither etc., etc.

    If it's any consolation, I'm not sure there are many people who actually buy any of these magazines, like Vogue, anymore. The magazine section at my local B & N seems a bit bereft of customers lately. At least when I'm there.

    1. Bingo on the Bush/Gore rig. The VPs on both sides were neocons.

  26. The media ain't nothing but a Ghost in the Shell Game...

  27. Chris, loved the title of this post. My brain says thanks for making me watch Gary Numan/Captain Pike via Urgh, A Music War….

    Urgh always hooks me in when I cue up any portion of that document.

  28. Charles Taze Russell, founder of the Jehovah's Witnessess was obsessed with ancient Egypt. Their early (embarrassingly specific) End-times prophecies were plucked from what Russell thought he read in the construction of the pyramid. The winged disk features prominently on covers of the older books put out by the organization. And, Russell is buried under a stone pyramid with lots of nice symbols to boot. :)

  29. Please read The Lost Language of Symbolism by Harold Bayley and let your heart and mind be opened. The entire text is available online for free.

  30. I´m sorry to drop them here war-infoes non-sequitur, prolly non- sensical, totally unrelated lynx in2 this illustrious circle. 4 I am afraid and alone, and have nowhere else 2 go.

    1. Another strange kid story:

      Be sure to read the bit at the end with this heart-warming quote about those wonderful customer-service aces ready to spring into action any time there's an emergency that might require very small sized prison-wear:

      "The jail attire was custom-made by the Prison Industries Clothing Division."

  31. Hey Chris,

    Smashing Pumpkins is coming to the hideous tin can entertainment center in Sacramento. You should take a look at the show advert. Its the "Shiny and So Bright Tour"

  32. "Wetiko/Black Iron Prison has created an illusory, fake world, and the ground of being itself, in a radically new ontological category that PKD calls a “fake fake,” has imitated the imitation. Delighted by this new idea, PKD asks the question, “Is a fake fake more fake than just a fake, or null-fake?”[45] In other words, if a fake fake is not more fake than a fake, is it the real thing? PDK’s idea of a fake fake is cognate to the indeterminacy between originals and simulacra that is the hallmark of the world of virtual reality. To quote PKD, “A fake fake = something real. The demiurge [the false God in Gnosticism] unsuccessfully counterfeited the pleroma, and now God/the Savior is mimicking this counterfeit cosmos with a stealthily growing real one.”[46] In other words, God/the ground of being is assimilating our seemingly counterfeit universe into and as itself.

    Writing about the Savior, PKD writes that “it doesn’t want its adversary to know it’s here, so it must disguise (randomize) its presence, including by giving out self discrediting information; as if mimicking a hoax.”[47] Just like the BIP tricks us into identifying with its world, the true ground of being tricks the BIP by surreptitiously imitating and becoming it; i.e., taking it on (and into itself). It doesn’t want to let the BIP know it is doing this, which would defeat the purpose of its counter-ploy; the Savior does its mimicry on the sly. PKD comments, “The Urgrund does not advertise to the artifact [i.e., wetiko/BIP] that it is here.”[48] Just as the BIP works through our blind spots, the ground of being works through the BIP’s blind spots. PKD comments, “the artifact is as occluded as to the nature and existence of the Urgrund as we are to the artifact.”[49] Like an underground resistance movement, the Urgrund’s activities, in PKD’s words, “resemble the covert advance of a secret, determined revolution against a powerful tyranny.”[50]

    Speaking of Christ as another reference for the ground of being, Dick writes, “Through him the properly functioning (living and growing) total brain replicated itself here in microform (seed-like) thereafter branching out farther and farther like a vine, a viable life form taking up residence within a dead, deranged and rigid one [BIP]. It is the nature of the rigid region to seek to detect and ensnare him, but his discorporate plasmatic nature ensures his escape from the intended imprisonment.”[51] In other words, the spirit can’t be pinned down; in PKD’s words, “He is everywhere and nowhere.”[52]

    Describing this deeper process of how the ground of being potentially saves us—and itself—from wetiko/BIP, PKD comments, “a criminal entity [BIP] has been invaded by life giving cells [Christ, God, the Urgrund] which it can’t detect, and so it accepts them into itself, replacing the ‘iron’ ones.”[53] PKD is describing transubstantiation in the flesh. Speaking of the savior, PKD writes, “like a gas (plasma) he begins invisibly to expand and fill up the whole of BIP.”[54]

    What I so appreciate about PKD’s vision is that he’s not just describing the life-destroying workings of wetiko/BIP, but he’s also articulating the other half of this process, which is the response from the living intelligence of the universe as a whole. To quote PKD, “The key to everything lies in understanding this mimicking living stuff.”[55] PKD equates this “form-mimicker” with the Deus Absconditus, the dark and hidden God. The idea is that God reveals Itself through its darker half."

    1. Absolutely perfect Christa, thanks for the quotes and the link, and your commentary.
      PKD's (and my own now deepening, after a profound experience last year) appreciation of this process could also be subtitled 'How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love AI/black goo/Our Lizard Overlords'

      Not easy to actually stop worrying mind you!

      He's describing an anti-cancer, layers within layers. God/the Whole/the Field perhaps continually re-devours itself in this way, as the only way it/we can come back to Love parts of its/ourselves, by trapping, re-creating, externalizing, modelling, looking from outside, then diving back in. A kind of divine autocannibalism...

    2. PKD opines,"The idea
      is to break the BIP's power by revealing more and more about it."[30]Just as a vampire loses its power in the light of day,wetiko/BIP has no power in the light of conscious awareness.To quote PKD,"The Empire is only a phantasm,lingering because we have gone to sleep." The false reality created by the demonic mind parasite infected modern society resulting in collective amnesia,profound anti-intellecualism and terminal apathy is effectively portrayed in the movie "Dark City" (1998) "The film also contains motifs of Greek Mythology," SPOILER Comparison of 1998 Theatrical Version and 2008 Director's Cut The wetiko/Empire/Black Iron Prison describes
      the Mandela Effect term for "idiotic zombie denier syndrome",MSM's 'collective false memory' label of the effected is actually true of the unaffected/deniers,the reason for the changes and the Being causing the alterations. 'Another event was an episode of supposed xenoglossia.Supposedly ,Dick's wife transcribed the sounds
      she heard him speak,and discovered he was speaking Koine Greek-which he never studied.'...A noted change in company logos by Mandela Effected,is the alteration of the English alphabet letter "A" into the Greek Lambda symbol. A Gnostic investigation and interpretation of the Mandela Effect

    3. Amazing commentary. As a person with a lifelong interest in PKD and esotetic Christianity, I never saw this before. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  33. Thanks Christa.Everyone needs to read the full article in the link above and continue researching the related subjects.From article "We ignore--and remain ignorant of--what PKD is pointing at to our own peril."

  34. Lol Chris thank you for this:

    "I'm sure he can sweet-talk his mate with charming anecdotes about countless weekends spent detailing his Escalade, his rad new bench-press techniques and his favorite Ed Hardy shirts."

    Clearly there is a destroy-the-family, eliminate-love-and-relationships agenda, globally, of which these new devices are clearly part. I wonder how long until they're as commonly-used as the smart-phone.

    1. I'm old enough to remember when the phrase "robotic sex" referred to something monotonous and unexciting. It may still mean that when all is said and done.

    2. Those things really creep me out. I can't see them taking the place of real flesh-and-blood sex though, despite all the hype.

      And I can't help but wonder, if someone's got enough money to afford dropping 30,000 on a sex robot and still can't get laid, why not opt for high-end call girls instead?

      It could have been just the right medicine for Jeff Dahmer, though. Might have saved some lives there.

  35. Sean Graves, many thanks for the news about a new Sleep album.
    2018 is now a year to remember!

    1. Right?! It's such solid material, all the way through.

      Especially when they push up the faders on the room mics at 2:20 and 3:40 on the last track - "The Botanist".

      Massive frisson.

  36. Gigolo Joe, whatdoyaknow?