Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Great 2012 Disappointment: The Only Veil is Over Their Eyes

When the Mystery cult of Isis began its mission to convert the mighty city-state of Rome in the second century before Christ, it scandalized the conservative establishment with statues of their goddess, a naked (or topless) harlot who gave everything she had to anyone who asked. 

This was the Isis of the old communal settlements, before surplus agriculture led to trade, which led to city-states, which led to the monetary system, which led to perpetual war.

The generals and the proconsuls responded to this generosity by having her priests crucified in the streets. Isis long outlived them and eventually did bring the Empire to its knees, in temples bursting with smells and bells and hymns and vespers and the whole nine yards, but not before Imperial censors covered her in burqaa-like robes, complete with a matronly veil. Rome's Isis was now a lot stingier with her gifts, which included the gift of the secrets of the Universe.

The Mysteries gave way to the Philosophers, who in turn gave birth to the movement now called Gnosticism. The concept of Apocalypse -the great unveiling- was in fact a Gnostic one. This polyglot counterculture, made up of misfits and outcasts from the various competing state religions, were given to tripping balls in the Alexandrian suburbs and saw the world as an illusion created by a blind idiot god.

The Celestial Hierarchy sent their savior figure to reveal the truth behind the great cosmic hologram. They wrote all kinds of Apocalypses, or unveilings, but for one reason or another the Apocalypse of John of Patmos was the only one that made the Big Cut, even though quite a lot of Church fathers rejected it as uninspired. Little did they realize.

Misinterpretations of John's Apocalypse became the fly in the civilizational ointment, a pretext for mass murderers and psychopaths and cultural suicide since the days of Constantine's Church. The contagion spread far outside the confines of Christianity, influencing traditions with no prior Big Finale of their own. 

Even the heirs of the Enlightenment aren't immune to its seductive pleasures- just look at the Singularity movement, an Apocalypse if there ever was one.

Church fathers as late as Martin Luther may have tried to debunk it, but it's hard to argue with its pitch that all the unbelievers will be slaughtered and spend Eternity in Hellfire while a thousand-year theocracy reigns over the Earth.

I've always thought this brand of Apocalypticism - whether old school or New Age-  was incredibly lazy. It's the wishdream of the low information believer, who thinks that the Heavenly host will do all the work while he just sits around and scratches his ass.

I left the Church partly because it was being taken over by knuckleheads, but partly because I just couldn't wrap my head around the revelation method of understanding the world around us. I think we were given these marvelous super biocomputers- free of charge- for a reason. The discovery method of understanding, if you will.

The Universe isn't hiding anything from us- we just have blinders over our eyes. The religious blinder, the ideological blinder, the ego blinder, the identity blinder and yes, even the "Science" blinder (meaning the reductive, authoritarian kind of corporate science that has become our new Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ).

And it's the very act of discovery- taking the blinders off- that gives our lives meaning. It keeps us young.


The 2012 Doomsday crowd failed to do their homework. If so, they'd see that Doomsday has a very poor attendance record. It can't be counted on to solve anyone's problems. I know its a big buzzkill, but a far more reliable way of solving your problems is, you know, solving your problems. Reading. Learning. Asking. Cooperating. Sharing. Communicating. The way any successful enterprise is run.

Instead of waiting for Apophis or Nibiru to crack your crown chakra, crack open a book. Hell, whatever crow he may have on his table, Daniel Pinchbeck has written some pretty good ones -- if you skip over the dopey crap about him being the long-prophesied messiah and the rest of it. You'll probably get some good deals on them and some others that might have some good information buried beneath the hype.

There's more information out there than you could ever process, so finding like minds to help you filter and process is always a good thing. And don't worry about gatekeepers anymore- if you're clever, you can just dig right underneath the gate.

The ancient Mysteries are alive and well
and living in Latin America

I don't have any time for the Disclosure movement, the Singulatarians-slash-Transhumanists, the "Truth" Movement and for any other movement that wants to take easy shortcuts. There's never been a time when more information has been available, and yet too many Americans use this amazing technology to trade videos of bum-fights or of idiots lighting their dicks on fire. 

 Well, maybe the future is self-selecting. When the shit does hit the fan, it will do so in slow motion. You'll see it coming well in advance. Real preparation is preparation of the mind. Just a word to the wise.

The Truth is most definitely out there and it's got its naughty bits out like the old gods on their altars. It's up to us to figure it out, to puzzle out its mysteries and to accept that maybe the joy of life is leaving some questions unanswered.

Sometimes Mystery is the answer.

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