Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Tenth Planet rises on the Solar Satellite.

There's no business like fearporn business. But the industry might suffer a serious setback if December 21, 2012 is just another dreary day under the yoke of the New World Odor.

You've all heard the predictions over the years that Nibiru aka Planet X would come crashing into the Earth on that dreaded day, but you may not realize that such a scenario was the stuff of vintage sci-fi long before bored suburbanites were transformed into apocalyptic seers by our Reticulan space brothers. Or that a fly-by of the tenth (or ninth, if you go along with the Pluto downgrading) planet was the plot of a classic British sci-fi film of the early 1950s.

The Man from Planet X is barely over an hour long and yet it packs a more resonant punch than most of the garbage being dumped on our heads by Hollywood these days. Yet another sci-fi film that veers into the netherworld of the occult, it has all the mood and mystery of a classic Gothic thriller.

I can't quite explain why but these ostensible science-based narratives feel downright magickal to me, and reach into deep and strange reaches of my brain in a way that so much of the paranormal huffing and puffing out there can't begin to equal. It feels as if there's a parallel communication going on just beneath the surface here, a phenomenon I've been attempting to understand since 2001: A Space Odyssey blew my brains out.

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