Monday, October 03, 2011

The Re-Enchantment Dialogues, Part One

Images from Promethea by Alan Moore and JH Williams.

For most of 2011, I've used The Secret Sun as a venue for in-depth essays and historical treatises. I've been sweating blood on these pieces, either struggling to form inchoate theories into readable pieces or wading through reams of data trying to connect the dots on topics that have been well covered in several other places, but not in the context that I tackled them here. Basically what I've been doing for the past year here is journalism, though not quite as technically rigorous as I'd have done for print (footnotes, references, indices, etc).

At the same time I've had all kinds of thoughts flying through my head, obviously influenced by what is happening out there in the real world but also in my interior life as well. And what I see out there is a crisis of courage, of vision and of possibility.

I started off this year exploring the frontiers of magical thinking-- not the kind of thinking that replaces rigor and sweat, but the kind that augments it. Which means that elusive x-factor that kicks in once you've dotted all the i's and crossed all of the t's.

This kind of magical thinking-- the more common definition of magical thinking is just plain old craziness in my view-- is needed now more than ever. I think what is happening to the economy and the culture has to do with a collapse of confidence, brought on by all kinds of bad habits that I still don't really understand the genesis of, never mind the appeal.

My most recent post dealt with William Gibson and his Cyberpunk novels, the so-called 'Sprawl' and 'Bridge' trilogies. The latter seems to have predicted the world as it is in 2011, though a lot of people saw these books as unduly pessimistic when they were released back in the go-go Nineties.

Kevin Kelly and the rest of the Silicon Valley hope merchants predicted the good times were a permanent entitlement, but it was all so much software salesmanship. Not even-- more like upgrade salesmanship, and I'm sure most of you out there realize how pointless most upgrades ultimately are.

I'm concerned with software as well, but software in question is the shareware that came in a bundle along with our birthday suits. I think if we step back and look at the topics we discuss here-- synchronicity, symbolism, the various mytharcs of life, parapolitics and the paranormal-- as code, we'll be able to begin then to reprogram our own OS using that code as part of an ongoing, open-source OS reprogramming project.

Meaning that if we choose to, we can incorporate all of this memetic code the way it was intended to be used back when the first brick was baked in Sumer-- as the means to inspire ourselves and those around us and make our world a better place to live.

As tortured as this metaphor is, it's also useful in that it allows to step back for a moment and look at how the code works and what are its results. Since all of this is ultimately ephemeral and subjective, the only criteria we have available to us are the results.

Having traveled around the Sun forty-five times now I feel as if I have a reasonable degree of experience observing how different philosophic operating systems work by having seen their results.

I've seen how a lot of OS's are like meth-- they feel great the first few times you try them but eventually you end up grinding your teeth into stumps and picking your scabs until they end up drying into disfiguring scars.

And memetic crystal meth is awful popular these days, thanks to an endless media stream that rewards sensationalism and spoiled brat behavior. I can't help but notice how bitter and angry so many of our skeptic friends are, and how all that rage addiction ends up carving ruts into their faces. Since I'm such a fan of myth-building I couldn't help but notice how often that walrus-looking chap on MythBusters looks like he's about to stroke-out from stoking his raging rage-on.

I also can't help but notice how the virtual armor so many people wear online seems to be oxidizing into a virtual iron maiden, with all of the "EPIC FAIL" snotiness and the post-irony we see.

I also can't help but notice how all of this reduction-worship is playing havoc on geek culture, which is stuck in an endless rut of remakes, revamps and reboots. A lot of this is down to the elephantitis (or Elephantiasis for the smarty pants set) plaguing the media monopolies, but a lot of is simply down to the atrophying of the mental muscles that enable the suspension of disbelief.

The dream industry is suffering from a supply- and a demand-side crisis-- the need to feed the media monopoly beast has alienated so many of us from the concept of entertainment itself, and the current generation of fandom have been criminally incompetent custodians of our pop culture legacy. "Hot young novelist" seems to be an anachronism these days, along with "original screenplay" and "revolutionary new musical genre."

Now, everyone will tell me about the economy and the wars and so on and so forth, but the Great Depression of the 30s was a veritable hothouse of creativity and innovation, and the bloody High Renaissance compared with today.

No, there's a much deeper disease at work. It has to do the fact that nihilism and narcissism have been the new national pastimes. The mass production economy and the mass media have been radically distorting influences and the rise of Fundamentalist religion has led to polarization of the body politic.

That's self-evident to most of you out but the point is that fixing this mess and beginning the re-enchantment process all starts with dialogue. It all starts with someone saying, "hey, we need to make magic happen again because this effing world is intolerable without it," and hopefully that thought will eventually go viral.

So when the spirit moves me I'll be dropping random thoughts and half-formed concepts on you out there in the hopes that at some point one of them will stick.
Please feel free to drop in whatever is on your mind in the comments section, whether it's Aristotelian-grade or otherwise. I'm sure I'll be posting on other topics as well but I'm opening the floor for whatever is on my mind or yours.

Sometimes you have to just throw whatever you got at the wall and see what sticks. Hopefully that will lead us back to enchantment. Why? Because no sane person really wants to live scientifically, they simply did magic wrong and became disenchanted with it. But saying you believe in "science" and "reason" is like saying you believe in tape measures and staple guns. Those things are just tools. Transcendence is the only thing worth pursuing in this life.

In the end it's like this- I know where we are and I know where I'd like to be- I just don't quite know how to get there. And I'd like as many people to make the trip with me. So if you have something you think might help, lay it on us. And stay tuned for more rambling and fumbling in the dark, random thoughts and impulses posted at ungodly hours with no discernible rhyme or reason than the tireless pursuit of magical possibility.


  1. This has reminded me of a concept that has been floating around my head recently. It's actually related to this post quite strongly. It's this concept that doesn't have a word attached to it yet, but it's the idea of that sense of awe, wonder, optimism, fun, profundity, that is suggested by the Idea of High adventure, Super heroics, and space gods. Like the concept of Moore's 'Blazing world' (not quite his, but he hijacked it nicely). Not as the world is, but as it 'should' be or could be in the retro-futurian Steam-Punk 'World of Tommorow!' Numinous isn't quite the right word, and neither is Empyrean, but they touch on it. It's the feeling of flying with Superman to Metropolis, or Seeing the Human torch soar overhead. Where are problems aren't the banks sucking the blood from the poor and downtrodden, or who is able to afford their life saving medicine, but How Doc Atom will stop the moon men from Stealing the Phantom League's Skybase. The World we all want to read about, or see on the silver screen. The world of dreams made real.

  2. Awesome one Chris, my favorite one yet!

    Change is gonna come, Anyone on facebook feel free to join in my effort to "shake things up". This moths "October Month Long "Spirit Sync"(hronicity) Bomb Sigil Launch!"


    One man (or Woman) can make a difference with Magick.... Who wants to waste your time joining a collective and protesting anyways. This way it's more fun!

    Honestly I am looking forward to "The Next World". If this one burns we got front row tickets to the "Freak Show", like George Carlin use to say.

    Peace "C"

  3. "...but the Great Depression of the 30s was a veritable hothouse of creativity and innovation, and the bloody High Renaissance compared with today."

    Can't quite work this one out myself.

    I think you're close to it with your assessment of the impact of mass media, etc.

    Part of me also suspects the ubiquity of expressive technology (instagram, twitter) that short-circuits the natural creative impulse.

    This suspicion is based on the conjecture that a creative project has to grow in a pearl-like fashion. After all, you can't tweet a new music genre.

    Anyway, looking forward to where's you're going with this!

  4. "there's a much deeper disease at work"

    The way I see this disease is like this: the death of imagination.
    I'm talking about that child-like imagination, more connected to the sense of wonder, mystery, magic, the unconscious, life itself, the Universe etc. It is the power to dialogue with the Universe, or the power to dream, to change our reality.
    People walking around disconnected from this imagination (in other words from their Alien within), are kind of like walking zombies/drones, they're slaves to the "Master OS". And I think this is very much connected to the idea of self-betrayal that starts out for most of us as children. The game now is for people to reconnect to that force lying dormant within. Nothing else really matters I believe. Politics, conspiracies, media, entertainment, technology etc, all that is beyond the point. If a reasonable number of people get back their "dreaming power" this whole reality will start to change. It doesn't matter how or to where will it lead us. I believe this "Alien force" within is the doorway to some sort of intelligence that is not separated, it's a unified field of intelligence/wisdom/creation that permeates the whole Universe. If people reconnect to this force, it will know what to do. It'll start to act in mysterious ways, via synchronicity, magic, and so on. Things would get nasty for the controllers.

    But how can people regain that power? People are kind of hypnotized by the system, and the "Master OS" in their minds keeps them in line, through fear. How can they snap out of it? What can we really do besides writing blogs and talking to people, spreading information? Not much. I'm not really for "waking people up". Tried it, doesn't work. And those who seem to be doing it, look like their starting a cult or something, and the people following them aren't really connected to the Alien within, they just shifted their dependence to someone else, without really getting individuated.

    We could start working with what we already have though. I've got one suggestion:
    We could we start doing some online experiments with magical thinking. We could try an experiment for a whole week. I believe that most readers of this blog have reconnected or are in the process of reconnecting with their dreaming power. So if we could all concentrate our minds/hearts during a whole week for something to happen. It would be interesting to see if the wished/thought event actually unfolds in meatspace. It would have to be a trivial event, that could not interfere much with the workings of daily life, but important enough to show up in the media, so we could verify it. Via synchronicity it would show us if this really works. This is not much different from some experiment with ESP cards. Is the guy guessing the cards creating his reality, the cards, or guessing? It's not really certain IMO. I've got this thing with numbers, specially with number 36. I've realized that it only manifests in my reality when I'm looking for it unconsciously, or when I'm focused on that possibility. So would we be guessing what happens? Or would we be creating, affecting things? So if this actually worked, it would lead us to some interesting conclusions, and other interesting experiments. I don't know if this sounds stupid but it would be interesting to see if we can collectively use our dreaming mind in a synchronized effort.

  5. Yes. I'm in. Ever read Callenbach's "Ecotopia" or Brezny's "Pronoia"?

  6. Amen. I've grown sick of this world we've embraced where we worship facts. I think that there's a very big difference between Truth (with a capital T) and facts. I appreciate science and I'm not anti-science, but I am pro-imagination and pro-religion, as long as your religion doesn't mean to subjugate other people's beliefs and soul, which our current monotheistic theologies all seem to want to do.

    We need to start imagining and enchanting and filling this place with other things than anger and disbelief.

    I know that I'm going allover the place here, but Disney World is so much fun for kids because they believe in the magic. They clap for Tinkerbell to come back to life. The big ole Son of God had it right when he said to become as little children. I want my children to have a sense of wonder, to be kids, not little future atheists and denbunkers in training.

  7. Chris, I so appreciate this post. A long time ago a friend said he felt that much of life was about living with ambiguity. That's what your post says to me. Reading your thoughtful articles without expecting neat answers allows us to ponder the questions ourselves and maybe even come up with our own answers. It's all good.

  8. The first step for many has yet to be taken Chris. They have to realize what it is that they ARE and what it is that they think is important or worthy. It is important to know what we are going to transcend as well. I pursue a path of knowledge in hopes that it opens a vista of possibilities for transcendence. Reading opens my mind. Actual books I mean, both fiction and non-fiction, as far as reading is concerned. I see some avenues for development out of this. It has translated for me into a deeper identification with those who have been victimized by the destructive world we live in that has been shaped by lunacy. I look forward to more avenues for development.

  9. Quantum Psychology by Robert Anton Wilson should be on every public High School's recommended reading list. Maybe if we can all disown the current collective reality tunnel, we'll make space for the next renaissance!

  10. Very good essay.
    There hasn't been anything truly new or "novel" in the way Situationists said, because schools don't teach a course in it. If they did, would it be called "Transgression 101"?

    For people to suspend disbelief there needs to be a single authorship, and film/TV lacks this. There would need to be a low budget film channel that supports anyone's POV...that would be the realization of the "see if it sticks" point you made. To get newness, you need to engage in process, which is way too easily derailed along the way to completion.

    People are willing to suspend disbelief--Pixar does this with every offering--but the audience doesn't yet flock to those creatives who confront and (occasionally) offend. Me, I appreciate a really good offense. It takes talent to figure out what presses my buttons before I know what those buttons are.

  11. Very Inspiring.
    I just watched Ingmar Bergman's the Magician. Bergman says the film is a metaphor for the artist. Very relevant scene of the Magician being interogated and analyzed by Chief of police and Doctor. Attempting to debunk their worst fear: the inexplicable.

  12. Great post. I agree with the near-death of imaginiation. I'm a musician who's trying a "different" kind of music. Its not easy to get people excited about performance art. Society is searching the collective of humanity is looking for something. But I think it has to get worse before more people begin to realize how important it is to get back what we lost. It's like we all have amnesia about the majik that is on the tips of our collective toungs. We know it but just can't quite remember what we needed to do inorder to kick-start the momentum......

  13. I have been involved with another seeker /thinker and we have spent some long drawn out nights recently using a synchronious radio to text event to break down everything we know into a simple satement

    here it is


    thats it,game over ,figure this one out and you will be up to date with your self.
    sit down and create YOUR character and then if you can be bothered write the rest of your life involving your character and everything will fall into place,but remember ,THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAIL.
    watch what you wish for ,be exact.

    and then do some simple sygil or whatever you use and voila.


  14. "Transcendence is the only thing worth pursuing in this life."

    That's it my friend,
    and each of us need to figure out how to
    maximize our creative output,
    as by creating we achieve transcendence.

    simply reading and watching what the 'meme makers' put in front of us is simply soul sucking...

    Great post Chris...!

    : )

  15. The real science is in subjective results trying many different operating systems and seeing what works, like you said. People seem to forget that any objective result is due to subjective measure, either by the instrument taking the measurement or the biased naked ape recounting the experience. Science, in its current pop form, is simply spiritual laziness and neglect of the creative, transformative mind.

  16. Good eve, Professor Knowles,
    You tell a wise and thoughtful tale and I just want to point you and our good readers to the new movement (Ha, Ha) 'Occupy Wall Street', to which Roseanne Barr has subscribed herselfsince as runner for The President of the USA and Israel ("It's a two-fer"), and you can listen to the 'politicaL broadcast' on Max Keister: RT:

    Love, love and LOVE your brilliant understanding of the Zeitgeist!

    Flossy-Kali yours. X

  17. Yeh, it's just like in the movie The Neverending Story. The Nothing is enveloping the entire world and the only thing that can save us is the imagination of a child. Christ was right, we have to become like children to reinfuse some Joy into this place. I think it's up to each one of us to write a kick-ass story starring ourselves and then live it.

  18. I'd second Quantum Psychology as something that should be a high school level course.

    By coincidence, or synchronicity, I just read this article, which addresses the idea of spirituality as "Open Source" movement, as opposed to the proprietary model. Perhaps something is in the air.

    Over at The Archdruid Report, the Archdruid is getting around to discussing magic and its relationship to sustainable living, which is apparently intriguing the Peak Oil crowd that he's largely been writing to. Specifically, the last couple of posts have been busily trying to point out that "magic" doesn't necessarily mean what the neo- (or pseudo-, take your pick) skeptics want to say it means.

  19. Sir. I have been enjoying your post for a few years now. I enjoy your quest for knowledge and your creative depth of thinking. I don't comment usually on anything online yet this is my second comment to your post.(My last comment referred to you drifting into dogma to which you replied "prove it" which was an interesting yet trite answer)I find myself in agreement with you often though not so much with your conclusions but your quest. Your beloved 80's (my decade was the 60/70's)with it's coke abuse and punk rock is were the germ of this narcisistic(coke)nihilistic(punk) disease began. I warned to deaf ears back then that the path went astray and little good would come of it. The first step to the cure is recognition of the disease which you have done. The next is to find it's correct origin. Denial is counter to your quest as is rewritiing history and passing the blame to the 90's which is symptomatic. I have "circled the sun" 57 times so far. Thanks for your time as well as your enjoyable writing. A Seeker

  20. It is said that the 40's are the age of wisdom and the 50's are when that wisdom can be applied.
    The key is getting the ear of a generation young enough to do something with the wisdom bestowed on them from the older wiser generation. As they say "youth is wasted on the young." I watched back then with Hunter Thompson as the wave crested and fell back. The weed of the earth was given as a shortcut to enlightnement and it almost worked until the powers that be clouded the minds and senses of the day with manmade chemical poisons such as coke ,speed and downers, as well as besmirching the weeds rep. with silly movies about stupid idiotic potheads written by outsiders looking in who didn't understand what they were observing and wrote with jealosy that they missed out on the party/lesson. If truth is truly what you seek then stop and think before you react to this message in a political and socially correct manner. I lived it. I watched it go down and lament it to this day. It was that close! It is not as hard as you think to get back to the garden. Free your mind and think for yourself. Spread the word and the weed. Respect for the power of Mother Nature and moderation is the key. Stay far away from that manmade garbage. Now you understand why it is illegal...because the truth is illegal. As I said in my last comment..I "circled the sun" 57 times so far.
    A Seeker

  21. thanks chris.. i appreciate the blood/sweat/tears of your work :)

  22. some cool ideas in the comments. i gotta put in a request for something with 'initiation' as the theme.

  23. Wonderful. As I had hoped this thread inspired some excellent feedback. I hope this continues. This is a very important topic in that we see a process in motion where everything is reduced to dead matter and deprived on meaning. It's the corporatizing influence on culture, where the Bottom Line is the new god, surrounded by a host of fallen angels like "efficiency" and "essentialism." It's a way of forcing you to think like they do, and we've already seen what damage it's done to our culture and our religions. Bigger is not better, one size does not fit all and we don't all have to think the same way.

    Again, fantastic feedback. Let's keep it up as the series progresses.

  24. Hey Chris,

    Another fantastic, heartfelt post. With regards to re-enchantment, I’ve found in my own personal life that when you direct insight, motivation and action at something a process of enchantment seems to occur – or perhaps it becomes more easily visible.

    I’ve often found that this frequently occurs with things dear to my heart. Take this blog, for example. It is very dear to my heart and has been an exceptionally useful tool for me. The more focused attention I give to The Secret Sun, the more I become the recipient of enchanted synchronicities that seem to bare its mark and yet point to themes and details far greater than myself or this blog. I can’t tell you the number of times that certain phrases in your posts or comments closely echo things that people have mentioned to me at the time, or echo thoughts I myself was thinking.

    I think this is as it should be, but what I find particularly interesting is that the occurrences that seem the most strange and enchanted usually occur when I have applied or pushed myself in a particularly discerning or rigorous way. Because of this I tend to think of the synchs that result as enchanted rewards for my effort.

    But on the other end of the spectrum, I do get quite spectacular synchs when I am feeling particularly low, burnt-out or depressed. Rather than rewards these synchs feel like a kick up the ass, to get me out of my rut and back into an active, playful, provocative state of mind.

    Personally, the more spectacular synchs cannot help but make my experiences seem very enchanted – in the sense that there is more profound meaning contained within our lives and symbols than is readily apparent. When things like this occur I come away feeling like the main character in an epic novel or movie; the eye of a storm that extends to levels above and beyond me.

    And I think this is what enchantment is really all about; a sense that not only is the world genuinely magical and alive and potent somehow, but that we personally have a direct, active connection with this enchantment.

    All of the devices of storytelling that we witness in fiction – symbolism, repetition, juxtaposition, mirroring – they all seem to be occurring in our personal lives when we perceive the presence of enchantment. Not only that, but the enchantment seems to be using these literary devices to speak DIRECTLY to us in a language that is incredibly intimate.

    This is why I’ve said before on this blog that only the recipient of the enchanted synchronicities could fully fathom the levels, layers and nuances, because much of the circumstance and context would be lost in the retelling of it.

    I’m a big believer in the idea that human beings often communicate with each other on levels and through means that our conscious minds are not aware of – some of these means appear to be a-temporal and non-linear. So the idea that infinity is doing the same thing is an easy one for me to consider – especially if the threshold between ‘literal’ and ‘symbolic’ reality is a blurry, mysterious one. Which it must be if we are to account for the phenomenon of synchronicity in all its staggering complexity, right?

    In our current times we are Modern Man in Search of a Soul, but something else is also occurring simultaneously: Soul in Search of a Modern Man – the two-way, open-source path of Enchantment.


  25. P.S.

    The word 'enchantment' goes back to the Latin 'incantare', which literally means to 'sing upon' or 'sing into'. So, the title of your post can literally be taken to mean 'The Conversation of Singing Into Again'. Dude, that's cool. You just just can't beat a good piece of music, you know?

  26. I just discovered your blog via Gordon at Rune Soup. I have nothing clever to say today, but I will definitely be back. I will also be sharing this post with everyone I know.

  27. I concur Chris. Excellent post and it had its desired effect. I'm not as seasoned as you, although I'm currently circling the sun for the 50th time, in seeking the way (truth) but I felt what you were attempting to convey--sometimes the essence of what we want to say cannot always be put into words (Tennyson wrote,"I wish my tongue could utter the thoughts that arise in me.")Even the Bible says,"...but the Spirit himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."(Romans 8:26) Now I'm not implying St. Paul had all the answers, but he may have known more than we give him credit for. I see you striving for that unuttteralbe essence--that which helps us to transcend.

    I also agree that there is nothing more important than transcendence in this life. And maybe collectively we can achieve the synergy required to make the leap. I am trying to see more than what is in front of me. I think that is one reason I liked comics growing up in the late 60's and early 70's (during the Marvel renaissance). Even though I didn't understand there was far more symbolism involved than was dreamt of in my philosophy of life at the time--Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man etc., sparked my imagination and transported me to other worlds. So although I am a relative newcomer (just within the last 6 years or so) I have come a long way. I stay tuned to your wavelength (blog) because it helps me to see things I've never dreamt of.

    I laid a foundation--classic conspiracy research(but have come to understand there is so much more than that), and have graduated, in part by your suggestions, to the more meaty issues--the esoteric, the sublime, or that which is the real underpinnings of reality. Who am I? Yes that is important, but why am I still resounds in the background like a beating drum calling out to me to follow a path of discovery. The trail isn't always straight or smooth, but personally one well worth embarking on. I look around now and see people struggling with this life--hoping that winning the lotto will relieve them of all thier problems (as if!)--only now to realize that true enlightenment lies in seeking understanding and truth of our origins and our potential. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is a prison that so many have confined themselves to. I am trying and your blog is helping me on my journey.

  28. Chris…

    Since you not only left the creative/collaborative barn door open… but actually invited the wild animals in… please allow an acceptance your most gracious offer. Your call for community is timely in that there is a sense of urgency in the “lack of wonder” in the world today. It is important to bear in mind that “science and reason” are mere artifacts, to be used to improve the human condition.

    As to the certainty of magic being alive in the world… “we hold these truths to be self evident”. I cannot imagine a more wondrous universe to be set loose in. In the spirit of “seeing what sticks” to the proverbial wall, we had drafted the eight-fold path in an attempt to address this and similar issues.

    We all are “feeling our way in the dark” in our efforts to be a part of the solution… such is the nature of a dualistic universe. At the risk of sounding overly flattering, your work has been consistently qualitative, thoughtful and encouraging in this process of reclaiming the magic.

    We now return the favor of invitation. We have some projects in mind that we fell are compatible with the themes presented at the Secret Sun. We would be honored to have your thoughts on some of them. If you have the inclination, please e-mail to:

  29. "It all starts with someone saying, "hey, we need to make magic happen again because this effing world is intolerable without it," and hopefully that thought will eventually go viral."
    ---Christopher Knowles

    I could not agree more with this statement, it could even be a declaration. And this is mostly felt in all cultures, I think, by children. Losing the fundamental resource of a child is what is missing in much of our worldview, at least in the so-called more advanced nations that flaunt in arrogance their military-industrial-scientific achievements like it was a new religion of the harsh, cruel, and physical realities they seem to support.

    Childlike in the sense that as a people, we have lost our ability to look at the world with an inner wonder that used to literally surround us as kids and have replaced this ability with the artiface of our technologies. Our strange fixation and love of gadgets has inched us away from what was inside of us all along and pushed it outwards. Trying to create with our intellect and sciences the same places we stood as children questioning everything and taking joy and delight in our discovery of the world around us.

    Sadly, even our kids now are becoming so attached to the gizmos and gadgets that they are losing touch earlier and earlier than the generations before them.

    We took the tools of our intellect and glorified them above everything else. This has produced the ego driven, selfish, states of diminishing returns we currently find ourselves in today. What was once a tool of basic survival has turned into an obesession and a sickness. Like an extension of the cancerous cells in a body, we continue to exponentially expand and consume, taxing and eating away at our resources and destroying our environments both spiritually and physically.

    One has to wonder if this is the destiny of mankind. An experiment gone wrong or one that is right on track? Which road is the right one for us? What can we learn from this current place we are in and how can we survive against ourselves? Is this some form of collective egocentric planetary suicide that eventually afflicts higher lifeforms that advance in such a way? Is there a cure? Are we strong enough to take it if there is or will our own weaknesses and inertia drive us into extinction?

    Lots of questions. Lots of suggestions. Lots of comments. Perhaps one of you out there has the keys that will unlock those doors. There is always a chance and always hope, folks. I still believe there is a purpose to the things going on and we are following some plan that, at the end of which, is something so unimaginable that we have not even the capacity to think like that yet. Maybe that is wishful thinking, but when I was a kid, I used to think I could make clouds vanish out of the sky by thinking them away. Sometimes, I seemed to make it rain. Was I just a kooky little kid or was I tapping into something that we all share as human beings at our most significant manifestations into this reality? Our desire and need to believe in something magical guides us along that fair and bonny road that lies between the other paths.

  30. Hi, I need to give you this:

    glycon livejournal com/13888 html

    ... if you haven't seen it already.

  31. My method of magic (creativity and imagination), is to cut out all of the elements in a collage, throw them down ,add some things that don't belong to the subject matter, create text that is ambiguous, and glue it all down. If you can get yourself outside of the box, you can grasp concepts there are no words for.
    To relate this to a spiritual shift and resulting way of life, you have to play and be able to laugh and see how ridiculous this reality truly is. Most of the time this works for me.
    If you can tell yourself-"It doesn't have to be THIS way, it could be ANOTHER way." Then follow that way and see where it leads. Hmmm, words fail me, I'm going to go cut out pictures. I enjoy your blog, Chris. Thanks for the words and art.

  32. Where does one start with Chris. His last posts, ( including the history lessons on the Templars et al ) just keeps me holding on to a thought that there is an awareness of loss and the need of a transfusion of  curiosity -  awe in this world of Facebook-  google+ .

    I am grateful I still have sight, hearing, smell. Those senses that are heightened now due to autumnal changes going on. And the leaves are turning in Taos, the rains are here in the southwest at last. I feel joy, because my teachers in the public school system I was brought up in inspired us to keep questioning, stay curious. I do not need to know the answer to everything, I want some mysteries to stay that way, to keep me looking and searching for their heart. Magic, yes magic is needed. I find mine in great writing, as Chris proves he can do in spades, painting, music, theater. Life.

    We are reading your blog Chris, because some one some where taught us to read. And that got passed on today by some one some where linking to your blog or emailing us a link and it was the mana we needed to have in our life right now. 

    We are here searching, and I can only speak for myself, am grateful of the mystery of linking that brought me here.


  33. As we pass through this material world and allow ourselves to see into the esoteric we begin to long for an escape, or at least relief of some type. This Prison Planet weighs heavy on the ones with eyes wide open. We wish to En "lighten" our load. We dare not rush in where angels fear to tread and throw off the material bonds hastely. Ancient wisdom tells us there are two paths. One is quicker yet fraught with the danger of stepping off into the dark abyss. We are now trained for immediate gratification by the wicked powers that be which causes many to step off into darkness because they lost patience and "want it now!" This is a trick. Be cautious fellow seekers for each one of our energies that get added to the darkness gives more power to it to crush the world of the blind along with the seers. The void is a vacuum that will sooner swallow itself the more it is starved for fuel. Be a flame and watch the darkness flee from the light. A patient quiet flame does both create and destroy. The dark is just the absence of light, a destroyer. Light lacks nothing. It is one and complete. A Singularity. Duality is the cosmic sin. When only light is left oneness is achieved and this reality is exposed as the lie and illusion it is and it will cease to exist when looked at straight on instead of in the peripheral vision like some shadow entity. Never look straight into the sun but become the Sun. This is the wisdom of the Sun that never sets. As George Harrison warned "Beware of darkness(Maya)
    2 cts worth from 57x around.

  34. thanks! great article! it does seem that we are happy to dance on a shrinking dancefloor and criticize our fellow dancers, not the guys who are sawing the floor around us!