Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Re-Enchantment Dialogues, Part 2: Suggestion Box

Here's the first installment of this series
Please be sure to read the comments as well.

The thing about Re-Enchantment is that no one can tell you exactly how you should go about it. It's up to you. What's powerful and meaningful to you might be flat soda to someone else and vice versa. I realize that might be a bit of a disappointment to some, but I see it as self-regulating. This is all part of what Jung called the individuation process.

To that end I have a few suggestions for very practical ways to begin this process or if you feel you're at a bit of an impasse, to jumpstart it. These are all simple but very powerful tools to change the direction of your life experience. A lot of this might be self-evident to some of you, so feel free to share your results with us...

We all have a catalog of moments in our life in which we experienced magic, so a good place to begin to reconnect with enchantment is to write them all down. I think you'll find that many more will bubble up as you go poking around for them.

Some not-so-magical moments might come back up as well. That's OK, though- they're doing so because they are wounds that need to be healed. Work on those do and get someone to help if you can't do it yourself.

In recording these moments it's important to be thorough as possible in exploring what made them magic. Try to recapture that feeling as best you can. Remember that these moments might not necessarily be unalloyed moments of bliss, they might be more complex than that.

Either way, work them out: the when, the where, the how, what color the sky was, how the air smelled, and so on. Sketch things out, even if it's just stick-figure type of stuff. Anything you can do to summon the magic, do.

Then write down your favorite- and not-so-favorite dreams. Again, work very hard to pull all of this out of your head. Keep a dream journal if you're in that headspace, but concentrate on recording dreams from your past.

As with the memories, those muscles will grow stronger from use. You'll not only find yourself remembering dreams you had, you'll remember remembering them as well, which is equally important.

Dreams are very powerful tools for changing your focus. Seeing the world through the prism of dream is the place you want to get to. If you've had moments in which dream reality encroached on temporal reality, write that down too. Paying attention to the lighting is important, especially what the sky might have looked like. A lot of you might be doing lucid dream work too, but let's save that for later.

Synchronicity is going to be one of the jewels in the crown of your re-enchantment, so start writing your syncs down. I generally get annoyed when simple coincidence is mistaken for synchronicity, but in this case don't worry about the distinction. Pretend everything is a dispatch from Olympus.

As time goes on you'll develop a very keen sense of discernment and you'll be able to separate the signal from the noise. And then you'll get to the point where Synchronicity starts playing fetch with you and that's always a pretty startling experience.

Now, here's the thing about all of this; you have to really do it. You have to dig in and put your nose to the grindstone. You have to write all this stuff down. No one can do it for you. I think most of you out there will enjoy it, but it's still a lot of work. It might be discouraging at first, but you have to get through that.

OK, there's my first round of suggestions (I have more to come) and I'm sure a lot of you out there have your own methods. Share them with us. My only request is that you keep it simple and direct and accessible.


  1. Hey Chris,

    One of my methods of re-enchantment is to go walking and to stay open for sights and sounds that feel pregnant with meaning to me. Obviously this is a very personal thing - and might seem too simple, but like most of this stuff if you do it often enough patterns will emerge.

    For me it often happens like this: I'll be wandering through an area and a particular congruence of architecture, perspective, quality of light and sound will suddenly stand out to my inner faculties as somehow transcendent. Usually when this happens I'll get a tingling sensation down the back of my neck, or the sensation of the air tightening around me.

    It feels like locking into particular frequency. Sometimes I'll overhear a passer-by say something incredibly synchronistic when this occurs, but sometimes its just a feeling that the scene I'm perceiving has momentarily aligned into a 'clear channel'. Often times, new ideas will suddenly spring into my awareness, or old ideas will suddenly stitch themselves into new patterns of meaning.

    Sometimes these walking meditations, or 'clear channel' experiences, are so profound that very specific signs seem to be moving all around me in an impossible ballet. These experiences would seem staged or overwritten or hokey if I hadn't experienced it myself.

    So, yeah, I find walking to be a very useful tool for re-enchantment. Again, making/perceiving magic is a very personal process. I hope this helps, Chris.


  2. First, let me say, a great thinker/writer makes a great blogger. Chris, your blogging is the best I've come across.

    Love the painting at the top. A beautiful portrayal of my feminine ideal, or in other words, a woman I would be amazed to actually meet , , , in this 'culture'.

    "What's powerful and meaningful to you might be flat soda to someone else and vice versa. . . . but I see it as self-regulating.

    " . . . keep it simple and direct and accessible."

    Ok, Chris, you got it. You wanna know what works for me? Straightforward?

    The teachings of Jesus for the deep wisdom , , ,

    and, every so often a good therapeutic treatment of 420.

    I don't generally combine these two, but it very well may be a good idea now and then.

    I love the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. You know, it would be hard recruiting candidates to serve as 'company men' from people who 'got the jist' of what Jesus was teaching.

    For example : Matthew 23:8-13.

    Don't call yourselves 'Rabbi' (pastor, priest, pope, reverend, mullah, swami, etc., etc.): for One is your Master, and you are all brethren.

    And call no [man] your father upon the earth: for One is your Father, which is in heaven.

    Neither call any 'masters': for One is your Master.

    Let those who are greatest among you, be servants. Whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; but those who humble themselves shall be exalted.

    Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You turn people off from the kingdom of heaven !! Because first you yourselves will not enter, and then you detour other's who would enter themselves.

    I am also a fan of cannabis as a healing herb, healing and teaching at multiple levels, in a way nothing else I know of does in such a regular and patient manner. In this it is a genuine medicine indeed. If you needed any proof the system is utterly jacked by "scribes, Pharisees, hypocrites", and otherwise insane tyrants, that cannabis is illegal is one of the most irrefutable proofs I can think of. Unfortunately, I have a hard time generating much hope for a species of creatures that can abide such nonsense from their overlords with such unthinking, maleable gullibility. Perhaps therein lies another sad proof.

  3. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing your tips chris. Its funny because i have recently started sorting and writing a particular type of magical experience, and the sync and dream logs have been at the top of my list, and been underlined whenever i've heard you recommend it. I am lazy. I'll never get to heaven at this rate, not by invitation anyway.For people who are beginning their journey, being able to still the mind, or silence the inner dialogue is a useful, if not necessary, ability. I found that pretending that every thought I had, could be heard by everyone; was a useful technique for curbing this habit. I'm liking where this is going Secretsunners, and you are a community whose tips i am interested in hearing.

  4. "Pretend everything is a dispatch from Olympus."

  5. Chris - Please note, you posted this essay at the stoke of midnight.

    Let me also add that I have taken your advice to heart, and I did it on my own, the need to do so welled up in a sort of compulsion. Ot maybe I was impelled by my own higher self - or maybe an outside force.

    I have been journaling my synchronicities, dreams, memories and odd life experiences in a blog format. I feel that "declaring" these things so publicly adds to their power, and (no foolin') the volume knob has now been turned up a few notches.


  6. The most magical moments in my life have to do with my beloved Little Miss Scarlet.

    After she moved out of town, I never knew when I'd see her again, weeks or months could pass without so much as a whisper. But, inevitably, whenever unknown to me she had already returned to town, a big black DRAGONFLY would show up and land squarely on the other side of the store window where I worked, staring intensely at me, essentially telling me she would drop by later on in the day, and she always did.

    This big black dragonfly (an ancient symbol of immortality, especially among certain Native American tribes, since dragonflies hunt down and eat flies, flies representing death and the natural decay of time) became a "familiar" of sorts.

    But THE MOST magical moment of my life is when I got my Little Miss Scarlet's name tattooed on my arm. Being short on cash I was looking for the cheapest tattoo shop I could find, and this new place I had never heard of in the tourism district seemed interesting over the phone.

    Something very important to mention is that I had been thinking about connections between the ancient Egyptians and the Mayans all day long. When I showed up, I noticed that the place was literally called "KING TUT TATTOO". The tattoo artist I met wanted to show me some of his work. He asked another guy at the shop to take off his shirt, and all across his back was a highly detailed Mayan calendar he had been working on for free very slowly and gradually, for five years now.

    It was absolutely stunning. It looked like an actual stone relic, as if I could touch it and his back would be made of stone. He told me that it would probably take him another five years to complete it. This was in 2007. The Mayan calendar would be completed by "King Tut" himself by the end of 2012.

    The Matrix is lite beer compared to real life sometimes.

  7. Kensho moments are the sweetest! The feeling/realization that the Universe is a single living organism and you are a cell in the body of the whole. I like Raj's expression "clear channel experience" too.

  8. Here's my experience of re-enchantment, and what I do to get there:

  9. The key to re-enchantment for me is to simply envision yourself as an energy field, observing through an infinite energy field. To know that you are not separate from anything despite what chatter is going on in the mind. To walk with a sort of weightlessness whilst keeping a child-like sense of wonder. Believing that trees are all knowing, and can hear your thoughts.

    This is where the magic is at.

    Being in nature helps, far away from the psychic static of the city.

    I'll share an experience that happened recently, by far not the strangest, but one that is easy to talk about without sounding batshit,lol.

    About two months ago I went camping alone in the Oregon woods, near Mt.Hood. Mind you I do not take drugs other than an occasional beer and nicotine. Alone in my tent having uncontrollable thoughts of the past when a thought-form (not my own) came through and replied "there is no past". What followed was a night of high weirdness until I awoke in the morning with a voice reciting a poem that ended with "beyond the fields we know." It was beautiful!

    I googled this when I got home and found it was a collection of short stories written by one Lord Dunsany, a big influence on Tolkien. It was also a song by a band I love named Dead Meadow. Said song- Not knowing any of there lyrics I read them in my head, called my girlfriend, told her the story and read the lyrics to her.

    When I finished the last phrase "beyond the fields we know" I had an instant gnowing that the voice I heard upon awakening was my own reading them to my gf in the present moment.

    Did I bend space time? Don't know nor do I care. I think it is important not to get too caught up in the meaning of it. One has to stay grounded.

    I believe anyone and everyone can have these experiences as long as they keep that child-like sense of wonder and curiosity.

    I don't share these experiences with anyone but my girlfriend (who is usually less than impressed,lol) but I definitely feel the need to.

    So thank you Christopher for inspiring me to get off my lazy ass and start documenting these events. Your courage to put it all out there is truly admirable.

    Until next time I will stay grounded in the present moment, giving my energy to the Detroit Tigers for game 5 of the ALCS, lol!



  10. Read the Bible.

    But not as a believer, as a participant. I recall a writer describing the Bible as an alternate reality generator, and I didn't understand what that meant until I read about the rituals of ancient mystery religions. In these, the ritual was a kind of stage play, but the secrets of stagecraft were not public at that time, so it would be a completely new experience to the supplicant. It would be like virtual reality today.

    In this sense, the initiate found himself or herself actually inside the story where they were confronted directly with the creation myths and heroic acts of the gods. Where they felt themselves in the actual presence of the divine -- naturally, most of these rituals would involve hallucinogens or other drugs to remove distance from the participants' psyches.

    The point of this was not necessarily mind control or brainwashing, but to bring about an advanced stage of consciousness within the believer that connected to the greater consciousness outside. As you might say, to re-enchant the person to the magical context of their experience - the experience of existing as a conscious being, not simply existence.

    Today, even if they don't believe in it, people try to apply a kind of literal perspective to the bible when, obviously, what is on the page is not what is actually happening. That is true even with a paperback romance or murder mystery. Why should a text containing a generational path to transcendence be easier to grasp than a New York Times bestseller?

    So, read one of these texts - the Bible, or Mahabharata or The Oddysey or the Sagas of the Norse - but in a state of mind where you are not "studying it" but "living" the events of the book. Where this alternate reality is real to you.

    Then I believe you'll find yourself cultivating an enchanting consciousness even as you interact with the reality in our so-called "everyday life."

    John H

  11. Briefly, I wrote a 6 part series of all my experiences with the occult/paranormal, which was an attempt to come to terms with having been experimented on for inherited psychic/dissociative abilities by the military. There is a lengthy intro which ties all this in with ideas of gnosis/conspiracism such as the Montauk Project. Please excuse the typos.
    The re-enchantment process has been an enormous help in returning me to a spiritual center and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in mysticism as opposed to religious orthodoxy, although that may be a route for some people as well.

  12. In my understanding of Crowley's system, the key is alternating the paths of Yoga and Magick. This is the simplest and most direct method I can think of.

    Magick has been advertised openly for the last fifty years, and it's formula is recognized as sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

    Yoga, surprisingly, has become almost as mainstream. Yoga is mentioned in McDonald's commercials, and yoga pants are sold at Old Navy. It has arrived.

    Crowley would certainly be amused at all of this, especially that the essential components of his life's work are so readily available, yet still seemingly misunderstood.

  13. "Synchronicity starts playing fetch with you".... Absolutely!

    I can share here one (still in my computer) email-verified 'synchronicity' incident from more than two years ago.
    So there I was (alone) Apr. 2/08watching Vision TV's documentry called "Decoding Christianity" on Angels, when suddenly, (towards the end of show)just as the camera zoomed in on one of the town squares angel statues face, she winked!
    I made a mental note of the approximate time. I was convinced
    "it was electronically produced".

    It was late, but the "what if not?" thought kept buggin' me and after much ummmming, I found on the web the shows email contact folks and right out asked if that wink was someones handiwork -- adding, "wouldn't be the first time the Divine decided to supernaturally communicate its people-nearness."

    Promptly, got a word back they were "looking into it". Month later, another note "We're sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. We checked with the producers regarding your inquiry. They have conveyed that they did not have the statue wink in the documentry."

    One's Self winkin' to Self, LOL:)

  14. I mentioned my "MASS REALITY HACK" aka Sync(hronicity) Spirit (to contact the dead this month) Sigil Sync Bomb Launch.....

    Well the results (aka Synchronicities) speak for themselves...

    It's only 6 day's in and this is what I got back all yesterday.... Thursday, October 6, 2011
    'Magick Spirit Sync Bombs - HE Double Hockey Sticks on EARTH!'

    PS "I go to an alley way in my old neighborhood from the 1980's and find this crumbled up Synthetic oil bottle where the letters to "Synthetic" are crushed down (Synthetic) and spell out Sync...." THE PICTURE IS IN THE POST!

    PPS I just started a dream journal as per your suggestion! For some reason I picked up 2 blank journals yesterday at my trip to Good Will....

  15. Last week, my husband and I plant cottonwood saplings in a large circle in our back yard, one tree on each point of the compass. We dig the hole and plant the tree on the North point first, then South, East, West. And then we plant trees in between. We are very exact. We use a compass. We laugh and call it our magic circle. We drink a beer and survey our handiwork. I've been wanting a configuration/grove of trees like this for a very long time.

    The next morning, we awaken to find that our bee hives have been smashed and eaten by a bear. You can see his tongue and claw marks across the frames, where he has devoured the brood and honey.

    We put the hives back together. Our poor bees are very upset.

    Sometime during the night, the bear returns, and feasts some more. We're pretty sure one of the hives won't be able to bounce back. Upon examining the broken frames, there's no queen in sight.

    We resolve to move the bees closer to the house, once it gets dark.

    Just before sunset, I am standing in the circle, watering the saplings, and I see that bear back at our bee hives, a hundred feet away. Well, what I actually see is his shaggy coat, and the flash of his ample rump as he dashes off between the hives when the dogs start barking.

    In the dark, we move the hives, in the front end loader of our tractor, right up next to the house, beneath our bedroom window, where we'll be able to hear that bear if he does return. Which he does not. Or if he does, he is sorely disappointed at the disappearance of his honey supply.

    I suspect the compass in the back yard has something to do with this. I find an old Iroquois legend: "How the Four Winds Were Named"

    "O Bear, you are strong," said Gaoh. "You can freeze the waters with your cold breath. In your broad arms you can carry the mad tempest, and clasp the whole Earth when I bid you destroy. Therefore you shall live in the North, and watch my herd of Winter Winds when I let them loose upon the Earth. You shall be the North Wind. Enter your house."

    Synchronicity? Enchantment? Did we call that old bear from the north? I think we just might have.

    Pax. Kimberly

  16. Re:
    "I generally get annoyed when simple coincidence is mistaken for synchronicity..."

    What may be a simple coincidence to you may be a synchronicity to somebody else.My understanding of a synchronicity is that it is a "meaningful coincidence" in the life of the experiencer.Now if you are not the experiencer,then what may be a meaningful coincidence to somebody else may just be rubbish to you,but gold to another who is told of it.And sometimes later,we realize what at first we thought was trash,was actually something worth paying attention to.
    I put this quote on my blog after re-viewing what I first thought was a piece of trash.The movie "The Crow" and realizing it was a great work of art.

    "Little things,used to mean so much to Shelly.I used to think they were kind of trivial...believe me,nothing is trivial." Eric D(raven)
    (The Crow)

    And just let me say Chris,I have to thank (or curse.-)you and Mike Clelland for giving me the brave example to record what is to me,anyway...synchronicities and weird experiences and dreams in my life in a semi-anonymous way.
    And I would have to agree with all the comments above.There is no right way,only your way,as you perceive the truth.
    The best advice would be to look at life through childlike eyes and to see everything as a miracle.
    I like Raj's method,but I would say don't end the walk,keep walking and don't stop walking until you draw that final breath.We are all part of the one,we just have our own way of experiencing it.And I think that is a good thing in the long run,as long as we act with the one in mind.

  17. Try to get a copy of the book "The Double-Helix of the Mind" by the late British psychologist Stan Gooch. There is a chapter where he tries to do what you are also trying to do in re-enchanting the world. It might help a bit.

  18. Great post, Chris.

    I find it extremely beneficial to the psyche to clear one's mind once a day. Take a course on transcendental meditation, or do it the easy way: Relax and focus all of your mental energy on the feeling of breathing, really focus though, and you'll reach a state beyond ego and devoid of previous reality models. Change your mind every day.

  19. I've got more upsettingly grim dreams to work through than otherwise. Regardless, I'm still trying to make an effort to to keep your thoughts in mind, and you've crystallized a lot of my recent thoughts on trying to retain a sense of genuine humanity in times that are at the very least confusing.
    That aside, my suggestion would be to Be Interested in the world around you. I suspect I'm younger than some of the other commenters and more at risk of the isolation stemming from an endless flow of information, but that's the threat I feel pressing on me. People who haven't come of age in a digital womb might not feel this threat as keenly as I do. In case anybody is wondering if I feel contemptuously superior to anybody else, trust me, I don't. I'm describing my own issues here.
    And finally, Chris, on a personal note, I feel like your writing has significantly increased the quality of my life, and I thank you for it.

  20. I would add "Eat a heroic dose of mushrooms." That will re-enchant your ass like a mo-fo.

  21. Lots to comment on here, but will share my favorite exercise from You Are Psychic!:

    Defocus your eyes and see the whole scene around you, not turning your head to see things/movements, but letting your side vision catch them. (good practice for subway riding)

    great blog!