Friday, March 28, 2008

Fine Art Friday: Hathor

It turns out my suspicion that Saint Catherine of Alexandria was little more than a usurpation of Hathor might have some justification. Legends of Catherine's death have it that when beheaded milk flowed rather than blood. Of course, Hathor was associated with the cow, so this myth would make sense in that context. Also, Catherine was said to be betrothed to Jesus in heaven, just as Hathor was betrothed to Horus.

Modern scholars believe Catherine probably never existed. The Catholic Encyclopedia is itself skeptical of the legends of Catherine, though it doesn't go far as to deny her existence.
Unfortunately we have not these acts in their original form, but transformed and distorted by fantastic and diffuse descriptions which are entirely due to the imagination of the narrators who cared less to state authentic facts than to charm their readers by recitals of the marvellous.
Further evidence that Catherine is merely Hathor in cognito is given by the fact that the Knights Templar held her in particularly high regard...

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