Monday, March 03, 2008

My Sweet Lady Jane

The missus and I attended the ArtExpo at the Jacob Javits Center on Sunday. Also attending was one of the foremost Sirens of my youth- Jane Seymour.

It was one of those strange moments when you struggle to hold on to long-held childhood illusions. Jane is a remarkably well-preserved middle-aged woman, and was quite gracious and personable, but she wasn't Princess Farah or Solitaire, which my inner child demands she stay for all time. 

Jane is a major constellation of my mythological zodiac, along with genre sirens like Jacqueline Bisset, Caroline Munro, Carol Lynley and Jenny Agutter. And time is not allowed to stain that, even slightly.

I was actually quite ridiculous- sending the missus over to get a picture and chat Jane up while I struggled not to catch a peek at her. I've met too many of my youthful idols to want to have any associations with Jane Seymour other than the impossibly beautiful 70's starlet who filled my fertile childhood daydreams. Plus, she was extremely tiny. 

Her imdb bio claims she's 5'4". Maybe in Gene Simmons boots she is, but in spiked heels she was topping out at 5'3". And she was so skinny she was hardly there. But still lovely, charming, and a beacon of hope for those of us facing down our on-rushing mortality.