Monday, March 31, 2008

Hathor Locklear

The name Heather is said to come from the Middle English hather, which decribes a flower once used in the brewing of beer. But knowing as we do that Druids were merely a branch of the Egyptian Solar priesthoods, it makes sense to assume that this flower was originally named in honor of Hathor, to whom beer was sacred. So we have another name to look at during Hathor Week, though seemingly less charged with significance than Ka-Athyr-Ein.

Heather Locklear's first notable role was on the unintentionally hilarious cop show, TJ Hooker, forming the third part of a trinity with Adrian Zmed and Bill Shatner (a Secret Sun saint, who will make a very important appearance here soon). The late Bill Cooper noted that Shatner's signature role as James T. Kirk had symbolic import. Kirk's initials were JTK, the reverse of the initials for Knights of the Temple of Jerusalem. Kirk's predecessor was Christopher Pike, whom Cooper claimed was named in honor of Albert Pike, the Masonic grand poobah of poobahs. Cooper didn't note that the Enterprise's registry was NCC-1701, or that James Tiberius Kirk could be seen as a cipher for "Supplanter of The Roman Church," the all-consuming goal of the Knights since 1307.

Speaking of unintentionally hilarious, this scene were Heather displays her somewhat boyish young figure and awkwardly dances while posing as a stripper certainly fits the bill. But seeing that Hathor is the goddess of music and sex, this display seems almost obligatory.

Following a stint on Melrose Place (Melrose means "barren heath") Heather was hired on ABC's Spin City, playing opposite noted time-traveler Marty McFly as "Caitlin Moore." Caitlin is yet another variation on Ka-Athyr-Ein.

Another blonde Hathor emerged in Holy-Wood in the 90's, Heather Graham. She first caught my notice as Rollergirl in Boogie Nights, which starred Mark Wahlberg (I tend to pay extra attention to symbolism in Wahlberg movies since his family lives a block from the house I grew up in). She then appeared in Steve Martin's Scientology parody Bowfinger with alleged androgyny enthusiast Eddie Murphy. It's generally believed her character is a satire of Anne Heche, who claimed to have hosted an extraterrestrial persona named Celestia and gives voice to Lois Lane in the Superman: Doomsday animated film, a blatant dying/ressurrecting Solar parable.

But Graham hit the semiotic bullseye with From Hell, the Masonic conspiracy film based on the Alan Moore Jack the Ripper graphic novel. Though seriously trimmed down and altered from the original source material, we do see a depiction of Moore's unlikely theory that Jack the Ripper was the decrepit, elderly surgeon William Gull (a 72 year-old stroke victim at the time of Mary Ann Nichols very violent death). But the film does give an interesting look at English Freemasonry, believed by many observers to be an elitist corruption of the original Masonic ideal.

Sadly, Hathor Graham's career zoomed towards the b-list in fairly short order. One straight to video extravaganza she starred in was Blessed, a blatant Rosemary's Baby ripoff filmed in Romania, co-starring James Purefoy (Rome), Andy Serkis (aka Gollum) and David Hemmings (Blow Up). Rosemary's Baby seems to have inspired a few knockoffs in the past few years. None of them star John Cusack, who was born the same day as the original baby in question.


  1. Heather will always be Dynasty's Sammy Jo to me.

    You've pointed out the Masonic underpinnings of Star Trek before and I was wondering where you placed Scientology in the Hollywood religions. Crazed Masons in Space? Or no relation?

  2. Hi Christopher

    Your work is a boon to the trade of sync questing in pop culture (modern myth).

    Listened to your live interview. Thanks for the 'shout out' and same right back at you, fine sir.

    You are correct that these Blogs and Henrik's work is pushing the boundaries of taking control of media.

    I think we might just astonish ourselves at how far indeed we may yet find our fields traveling.

    Be very well

  3. I don't know what relationship Scientology has to Masonry but they certainly seem to be taking over Hollywood. They apparently got Will Smith now. They scare the hell out of me.

    L Ron Hubbard reportedly had his own obsession with Hathor....

  4. Heather ,as a plant , also has the name ERICA. When Osiris was shut up in the coffin it sailed until it met an Erica bush, tree, shrub, whatever, which grew around the coffin. This tree was chopped down to form a roof beam, and I think this then formed part od the Tet/Djed pillar.
    If it comes your way a great book on Egypt in Finnegans Wake by Mark Troy called MUMMERIES OF RESURRECTION, its also quite a brief book.
    The LOCK could resonate with the Lock of hair that Harpocrates grows.
    Heath and Lear - great scene, full of fools

  5. Cheers, Jake! And thanks as always for all the juicy morsels of info, Ferris!

  6. Heather Graham has a great body!

  7. Bowfinger as Scientology? I did not know that. Here's an interesting synch with Steve Martin. In the recent movie 'Shopgirl' (which was surprisingly very good), Steve Martin plays a wealthy man who falls in love with an everyday shop girl. He's so rich that he flies in private jets and limos and has a beautiful modern LA home, etc.

    The interesting part is when the Shop Girl asks him what he does. His reponse, "I'm kind of a wizard. . .A wizard of symbols".

    I was floored.

    Thanks for the Hathor lesson, and it lead me to looking up Heather Beer. . . mmmmm.