Monday, March 24, 2008

John Cusack, Superstar: Lord of the Skies

Sometimes the Symbols turn up in obvious places, sometimes they pop up where you least expect them. In the case of a film like Pushing Tin, a 1999 film starring John Cusack, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, it may seem like this romantic comedy would not harbor much potential for high initiate symbolism. But the theme of air traffic controllers and their chaotic lives takes on significance not only because of the godlike motif of flight but because of the added impact of 9/11. And the stunning foreshadowings to that fateful day hit you in the center of the forehead like a hammer blow in the very first minute of film. Computer generated planes are seen buzzing around the Manhattan skyline like hornets, with a particular emphasis on Lower Manhattan...

Here we see a plane bisect the Twin Towers, just two and a half years before 9/11. Note the A, L and I superimposed over the Towers. A+L+I= 22 in English Gemetria, and the 22nd Trump in Tarot is the Fool, associated with Horus.

More disturbingly, Ali was the name of Muhammad's successor...

In this shot, a plane flies over the WTC from the north and crosses paths with another plane coming from the opposite direction.

The film's title card flashes as a plane zooms over the Empire State Building. Just in case we overlook that particular obelisk's presence, the skyscraper is circled and the title is superimposed over it.

Here is the mural in the lobby of the Empire State Building, clearly announcing that this edifice on 33rd St. was clearly intended to be an obelisk, in the truest Solar fashion.

After the title card flashes, the plane makes its way to fly over the WTC, perhaps on the way to Newark Liberty Airport.

We meet Nick Falzone, air traffic controller extraordinaire, who hails pilots with the greeting, "welcome to my skies." This parallels exactly Horus' identity as Lord of the Sky, as does the extreme close up of his right eye with a radar map reflected upon it.

Nick is wearing this unsubtle tribute to Isis when we meet him, just in case you miss the Horus symbolism.

Speaking of Isis, his wife Connie is played by Hollywood's favorite Virgin Queen, the always breathtaking Catherine Elise (read:"Ka-Athyr-Ein/Eloah-Isis") Blanchett. Aside from Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings films, she played Queen Eloah-Isis-Beth, not once but twice.

We've also got the requisite 17 symbolism- Nick's street address is 5480. 5+4+8+0=17.

Later Nick makes 17 free-throws in a row at a barbecue.

We also have a symbolic castration, as Nick's finger is burned in a game of chicken with lit matches.

Of course, then we also have an androgynous character played by Vicky Lewis, whose very name is both female (Vicky) and male (Lewis).

Oh, hey look- wonder of wonders, we've got the requisite Baptist symbolism. Here Nick meets Billy Bob's character Russell in a river to have his sins washed away. Russell is wearing a John Prine cap, just in case you missed the symbolic message.

The film ends as it started with a jet liner flying past the Twin Towers. Note the lens flare (Stargate?) at the base of the South Tower. We'll look deeper into the incredibly deep and elaborate symbolism in this film in the near future, but suffice it to say that the 9/11 foreshadowing in this film give its super-abundance of high initiate signifiers an added charge...


  1. Well done...I also felt the simplicity of ALI or just A LI(E).

  2. A rapper named ALI renamed New York - Zoo York, he also had a lot to do with early - graffiti movement. I posted ' Turn OZ the lights, I cant see a thing' a few days ago.
    LI = the abbrev. for Long Island.
    Vicky Lewis , Victoria and Louis. One a Sun King , one an Empress on whose Empire the Sun never set
    I took the Liberty............ of filching the shot.
    Cusack - the sacking, destruction
    Kubrick - the rebuilding

  3. filmnoir23,

    I have to totally agree. 'A Lie' is the first thing that popped into my head as well.

    This is great. Thank You. Thuth.

  4. Cheers, guys- this movie is very dense with symbols. Maybe you guys can help me make sense of it all when I post my analysis!

  5. Being John Malkovich and Identity are certainly very interesting films; re:Kubrick - are there any articles in the related blogs here about the references in Irreversible to Eyes Wide Shut and other Kubrick films, as there are very related synchs also going on with Lynch films and a film called Cache (aka Hidden).

    A whole blog dedicated to Lynch's recent 3 films (IE, Mulholland Drive, and Lost Highway) and the shorts relating to them (Rabbits and Darkened Room) could be done. I've always seen them as directly refering to precisely why there are such correlations between seemingly unrelated films, though Lost Highway isn't immediately about films but it does introduce the theme you need to know about to unravel the next two films - which brings me back to the two Cusak films first mentioned, as they also deal in bizarre forms of identity theft & changes, and confusions, and also looped time

    (eg - At the end of Lost Highway the sax player speaks into his own intercom a message that he himself hears (but doesn't understand) at the beginning of the film; in Mulholland Drive the car accident had happened already before anyone is hired to carry it out, and itself lead directly to the circumstances that had it ordered in the first place;

    these kinds of system glitches are common with computer Operating Systems when certain realities of command executions aren't taken into account, say for example there are two different operators both writing to one directory at a time and the system isn't designed to handle the updates correctly in that scenario (because the programmers of the OS never considered that scenario) - just to map that directly to the latter film example there, what could happen is that one operator enters in 'order hit' before the beginning of the whole process by which the hit is ordered has even begun - so the effect is to set into motion the entire process itself.
    This of course being possible because the operators are not within or part of the system - they exist outside of it and control it.
    This directly correlates to the 'mob' guys in the film who control who gets to be famous and in films - they exist outwith that system and control it from the outside.

    (also an interesting view of what 'agent' in The Matrix could also refer to, intentional or not)

    People as hosts of many virtual network identities (personas - & there's storyline coincidences with Mulholland Drive and Persona)..? Hidden shares, hidden realms, very Matrix-y ('follow the white rabbit').

    Since it's Easter Monday I'll just quickly mention a recurring rabbit motif: Frank in Donnie Darko, the dream rabbit in Sexy Beast, and the ones in Rabbits and INLAND EMPIRE.

    Rabbits are associated with the Moon in some cultures, because the shadows in the Moon from those latitudes looks like a rabbit.

    And the Moon is only seeming to be illuminated, since it's actually reflecting the sunlight, which is why it's associated with 'illusion' sometimes (mirrors, reflections, illusions).

    Again in networking, mirroring is a term used to describe an identical (or very near to same) website hosted at a different URL and / or IP.

  6. re: OZ - Tinman; 'tinfoil hat' is oft used by a certain 'memevirus' section of the internet to promote the lie that there's no truth to anything at all that deviates from the Official Line about any topic you care to mention, and it's a term they use as if anyone reading it should already know they ought to be scoffing alongside them at whoever is being slandered with the 'tin foil hat' abuse.

    (clearly their handlers at those meetings, that are never advertised as taking place even virtually, once again neglected to tell them that no-one else knows what they are talking about, and it's something that has to be deciphered later on. So much for their parents thinking they were harmless comments about low-budget sci-fi films.)

    In reality of course, 'tinfoil' refers to a cheap way of using kitchen aluminium foil to shield from things such as microwaves (hence why if you use a microwave you don't wrap the food in aluminium foil, as unlike a proper oven it will prevent the food heating up in a microwave), and microwaves are indeed a very-much-admitted-to means of sending physically harmful and also mind-control (ie - thoughtforms, or just brainwave-disrupting frequencies) signals directly - and maybe also as a carrierwave, though I don't know much about that; I think it's less likely than just using the microwaves themselves as it would need to be unpackaged at the reciever end - which is easy if you're a wireless enabled device, but not if you're a person.

  7. Zupie,

    Inland Empire and Mulholland Drive are two of the greatest works of film in history. Lynch is a Secret Sun Saint...

  8. Hi Christopher,

    You may have noticed the following tidbit re: John Cusack.

    He shares prominent initials with another JC... John Cassavetes, of course!

    This is especially meaningful as Cassavettes stood as the Black Joseph to Mia Farrows Rose-Mary. And the birthday of Rosemary's Baby: June 28th 1966, is shared by Cusack Superstar.

    Are they one in the same skin?

  9. PS- Cusack and Billy Bob also starred together in the Ice Harvest with the Devil's daughter Connie Nielsen!

  10. AlbertBilgani

    You should see if the location of the A LI on the towers match those of where the planes hit. That would be one hell of a confirmation.

  11. Mr. Bilgani! There's is no evidence that any "planes hit."


    September Clues 1

    Check out September Clues 1 - 8, One through Eight, Please.

    9/11 Taboo

    One thru Four.

    Discrepancies between footage:

    We've proved it so many ways, it's boring.

    The only reason people cannot see it, and don't know it, is:

    1. You cannot combat an illogical belief with logic.

    2. People will "see" something if they believe it is there.

    3.Perhaps the majority just don't have the neurological wiring/juice/perception power to come to the obvious logical conclusion?

    (Sometimes "beings" will see something, if they believe in it, even when it is not there: )

    And conversely, will not grasp the truth of something, if they do not believe in it.

    It's called a ruse, a false gesture, a false-flag operation and a fake-out.

    In this case the non-fictional event included Mass Media deception/ probable psychological operation test, a la the Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.

    Except here... and I can justifiably assume that the previous tests of the ability to get away with this genre of fraud proved so successful, it was deemed "O.K." to outright murder, with very little cover (the job itself was not technically well-done - yet, obviously, adequate) and with total impunity.

    The cover of "incompetence" is a total joke.

    If someone leaves the evidence right out in the open, and no one calls attention to it raising a hue and cry, that does not prove that the perpetrators are innocent. It only proves the subconscious collusion of those who argue, "If 'they' really did it, why would they be so stupid as to openly leave evidence, blatant trails and gross inconsistencies such as "X," "Y," "Z" and/or any number of obvious flaws in the cover story" (which cover-up is, BTW, layered like an onion.)

    "Do people know why they should not trust something which displays blatant inconsistencies?"


    The fact that their whole story does not make sense does not prove their innocence!

    To explain my use of "their":

    Quoting a researcher: "This was not a Quintet. This was not a Quartet. This was an Orchestra!"

    Back to Synchromysticism:

    The number of my building is "22" and the Apt. is in a similar location to the location shot for one of the "Time Machine" movies.

    ( this was brought to my mind by when I mentioned here Orson Wells / H.G. Wells).

    It appeared to me, when I watched the "Time Machine" movie (2002), that I myself was living in the exact location of the time traveler's townhouse, for the 19th c. bits!

    The Central Park bits were shot very close to my actual location.

    And then, for the 21st c. or beyond, it was switched to about a block or two away. That's for where the scenes are of storm troopers, in black riot outfits, who come to get the Protagonist. Obviously from a time of martial law/ totalitarianism.

    I am reading: "Einstein: A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion: The Essential Works of the World's Greatest Physicist" edited by Stephen Hawking.

    (Einstein: One Mountain)
    Hawking: Horus allusion? Just occurred to me...

    ...when I thought about wanting to quote what Einstein wrote about time:

    ~"Time is defined by simultaneity."

    There is no "external" time, outside of particular simultaneous events.)

    As far as Horus, and how that motif relates to my location:

    There is a "Pale Male" hawk that lives near here. People watch him from the Park. On Sept. 1 or 2nd , last year, my friend, who lives with his identical twin brother, saw a very large bird (which I Id-ed later as a kind of Hawk) 18" tall, (I measured and calculated from the picture later), sitting on the fire escape rail outside my friend's apt. The bird faced into my friend's room and stayed perched there over night. Rob's dog was lying in view from outside the window, where the bird could see in and "watch over," if it cared to. The dog died that night. Rob saw the bird there when he said good-night to "Doodle" and when he came back in the morn to find her dead.

    My friend took a picture of the bird the next morning before it flew away, right at the moment.

    If you walk up the street from here, also, you will see the carving representation of the Hawk-headed god, at the Met. The stone depiction, with a head-dress though, looks just like the actual resident near-by, Pale Male.

    I believe the visitor bird, outside my neighbor's window, was an un-specified variety of Hawk.

    I have the pic, albeit blurry, and can scan and post if anyone is interested.

    As far as the letters "A & Li"...over the Towers, in the Cusack movie:

    The "A" seems in a different type face, or is not script. The size appears different to me, out of sync with the rest of the lettering.

    The plane-shaped hole, alleged to have been created by the "first hit," was on the North side of the North tower, and was above the location of the "a" letter, as shown in the pic from the Cusack movie (said pic is taken from a southerly vantage). The plane-shaped hole was on the opposite side of that Tower.

    The "L I," appears in the Cusack credits on the South Tower, at approx. the location of the explosion and the appearance of the plane-shaped hole on the South Tower.

    Yea suckers, it's a "LIE" not "ALI!"

    An interesting 'synchromystical' movie, to me, was "Drawing Restraint 9" by Matthew Barney featuring himself and his wife, Bjork.

    There is a giant "art object" on the deck of a vessel. It's an extravagant blob and is cut-up over the course of the movie. It's an enormous layered Vaseline blob, treated with amazing respect and resources, on the deck of an authentic, extravagant (and authentically criminal, under International Law) Japanese whaling vessel.

    The movie portrays some kind of creepy (IMO) variation of a traditional marriage ritual, kinky for sure, and at some sort of "climax" Bjork and Barney cut-off the flesh from each other's legs, while immersed in a pool, and feed back to each other bits of their own leg flesh. (S & M erotic.)

    Then, their lower bodies, hacked clean, metamorphose to fish tails. The couple apparently change into unspecified underwater animals (I'm assuming whales) and swim away together. (As though: in another Aeon).

    After that, the movie ends with a pan, zoom-out showing this unbelievably large whaling vessel (probably taken from a helicopter !), as it sails-by gigantic melting ice floes.

    That gives a feeling of large scale time and geological durations.

    Some pics from the not often screened, but frighteningly powerful, Art Piece:

    There's OZ syncs in this movie too:

    September 2nd.

    The perception issue (or lack of it, as the case may more likely, be) is an "OZ sync" itself:

    "Do the Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Dorothy get, what they don't initially think they have, simply through belief?"


    "Is the mystery involved in 'getting' those qualities, experiences and strengths, which can only be obtained from within yourself, and which no one can directly give you, intimately related to the authority of consciousness?"


  12. Cusack is coming out with a indie film called War Inc. (he plays a hitman again)just premiered at the festivals this week i believe. Definitely gunna be watchin his critique of the war very closely. Far as the rabbit-moon motif, one of the biggest techno acts in the world, and they put on an amazing show, is a group called Rabbit in the Moon. The members come out dressed as a huge dragon which is then slayed, and then one of them comes out in a suit of various xmas lights, and throws out money and glowstix to the crowd. Nice job zupa.

  13. I think you're stretching it a bit with some of the numerology. We can see anything at all in anything at all. However, I love a good John Cusack film, or his sister Joan!