Monday, December 05, 2011

Looking Forward...and Back

2011 is drawing to a close and it's been another wild year here on the Sun. There's been a lot of changes in the way I've been blogging. The Facebook page has freed me up from the updates and need to post daily (I tried to use the Solar Satellite as a news ticker for a while, but running two blogs simultaneously is ill-advised, especially when you're not making money off it), inspiring me to dig more deeply into the topics I'm looking at.

It's also allowed me to interact with you guys in a more natural and immediate way. I love and treasure your comments-- one of my points of pride with this blog is the uncommonly high quality of commenters it's blessed with-- but responding to them was getting to be as much work as writing the actual pieces. The format is awkward and unnatural for conversation on my part- cutting and pasting and hoping people can follow the thread. If you aren't on the FB group, I hope you come join us. There are some really smart and self-directed people there, and the same cocktail party conversationalist ambiance you've come to expect.

What I've been doing over the past year is treating the Sun more like a magazine than a newspaper. Much longer, much more in-depth pieces like the Star Wars Symbol Cycle, the Nightmares in Camelot series and the Another History of the Knights Templar mega-epic have been the backbone of the blog and these pieces have definitely resonated with a lot of readers out there.

Looking forward to the coming year, I feel like I want to spend less time talking and more time listening. The Nick Redfern interviews have been huge hits here, and have been very intellectually satisfying for me as well. There are a lot of people I'd like to talk to, and not just the usual guests working the alt-podcast circuit. Artists, political and religious thinkers, Synchromystics and anyone else who lives the life of the mind. I've already put out feelers and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead.

I haven't decided whether I'd like to continue with the prose interview format or throw in some occasional podcasts (which a lot of people have asked me to do). That's a whole other discussion, because when I think "podcast" I start thinking about music and sound and all sorts of ideas that could get me in a whole lot of trouble. So don't quote me on the podcast thing quite yet (it also depends on what interviewees are more comfortable with).

Either way I'm excited about using the blog to interact with interesting thinkers and hopefully introduce some new thinkers and ideas to the world at large. There are a lot of different ideas I want to explore and hope to use them as a launching pad for my interviewee search. There'll be the usual Secret Sun type topics-- SciFi, mystical geekery, psychedelia, Gnosis, AAT-- but also some new ones.

One topic I want to explore are the Fascist and/or Fundamentalist assumptions under-girding so much of Conspiratainment, and just how many Wehrwolves in alt-media clothing there are out there.

In many ways it will be a eulogy, since I do believe the worm is turning and people are quickly wising up, but I'd like to find some people who've done work exposing the SRA and MONARCH hoaxes and can illustrate how these hoaxes are used to lure people into the most audacious and far-reaching mind-control program in the history of this planet-- religious fundamentalism. The evil genius of this is that it's the clergy who are the most prodigious abusers out there, and it's under the auspices of the religious establishment that the overwhelming majority of legitimate abuse cases have been documented.

On one end of the spectrum I'd also like to explore the Bernays school of using symbolism and psychology as a tool of social control, EST and the infiltration of the human-potential movement, the Establishment's bloody war on rock 'n' roll in the 50s and 60s, and the ongoing chipping away of artistic, religious and personal freedom.

On the other I'd like to explore the history of British sci-fi TV, Underground comix and the SF scene, the Surrealist revival and people involved in serious entheogen research.

All of this is intimately related in my opinion. It's all about the frontiers of the mind, whether they are expanding or contracting.

So what you guys out there can do to help is suggest guests you'd like to hear from, whether well-known or deserving of wider attention. My wish is to keep things accessible and entertaining to as many intelligent and open-minded people as possible. Bear in mind that I have a distinct right-brained bias (I'm pretty sure I don't have a left hemisphere) so I'll have to pass on more esoteric sciences and whatnot. There are other interviewers far more qualified than myself for those topics.

So send me your wish lists and I'll get on it. I'm really looking forward to all of this, but don't worry-- I'm sure I'll still be posting your usual Solar fare when the spirit moves me.