Monday, December 05, 2011

Looking Forward...and Back

2011 is drawing to a close and it's been another wild year here on the Sun. There's been a lot of changes in the way I've been blogging. The Facebook page has freed me up from the updates and need to post daily (I tried to use the Solar Satellite as a news ticker for a while, but running two blogs simultaneously is ill-advised, especially when you're not making money off it), inspiring me to dig more deeply into the topics I'm looking at.

It's also allowed me to interact with you guys in a more natural and immediate way. I love and treasure your comments-- one of my points of pride with this blog is the uncommonly high quality of commenters it's blessed with-- but responding to them was getting to be as much work as writing the actual pieces. The format is awkward and unnatural for conversation on my part- cutting and pasting and hoping people can follow the thread. If you aren't on the FB group, I hope you come join us. There are some really smart and self-directed people there, and the same cocktail party conversationalist ambiance you've come to expect.

What I've been doing over the past year is treating the Sun more like a magazine than a newspaper. Much longer, much more in-depth pieces like the Star Wars Symbol Cycle, the Nightmares in Camelot series and the Another History of the Knights Templar mega-epic have been the backbone of the blog and these pieces have definitely resonated with a lot of readers out there.

Looking forward to the coming year, I feel like I want to spend less time talking and more time listening. The Nick Redfern interviews have been huge hits here, and have been very intellectually satisfying for me as well. There are a lot of people I'd like to talk to, and not just the usual guests working the alt-podcast circuit. Artists, political and religious thinkers, Synchromystics and anyone else who lives the life of the mind. I've already put out feelers and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead.

I haven't decided whether I'd like to continue with the prose interview format or throw in some occasional podcasts (which a lot of people have asked me to do). That's a whole other discussion, because when I think "podcast" I start thinking about music and sound and all sorts of ideas that could get me in a whole lot of trouble. So don't quote me on the podcast thing quite yet (it also depends on what interviewees are more comfortable with).

Either way I'm excited about using the blog to interact with interesting thinkers and hopefully introduce some new thinkers and ideas to the world at large. There are a lot of different ideas I want to explore and hope to use them as a launching pad for my interviewee search. There'll be the usual Secret Sun type topics-- SciFi, mystical geekery, psychedelia, Gnosis, AAT-- but also some new ones.

One topic I want to explore are the Fascist and/or Fundamentalist assumptions under-girding so much of Conspiratainment, and just how many Wehrwolves in alt-media clothing there are out there.

In many ways it will be a eulogy, since I do believe the worm is turning and people are quickly wising up, but I'd like to find some people who've done work exposing the SRA and MONARCH hoaxes and can illustrate how these hoaxes are used to lure people into the most audacious and far-reaching mind-control program in the history of this planet-- religious fundamentalism. The evil genius of this is that it's the clergy who are the most prodigious abusers out there, and it's under the auspices of the religious establishment that the overwhelming majority of legitimate abuse cases have been documented.

On one end of the spectrum I'd also like to explore the Bernays school of using symbolism and psychology as a tool of social control, EST and the infiltration of the human-potential movement, the Establishment's bloody war on rock 'n' roll in the 50s and 60s, and the ongoing chipping away of artistic, religious and personal freedom.

On the other I'd like to explore the history of British sci-fi TV, Underground comix and the SF scene, the Surrealist revival and people involved in serious entheogen research.

All of this is intimately related in my opinion. It's all about the frontiers of the mind, whether they are expanding or contracting.

So what you guys out there can do to help is suggest guests you'd like to hear from, whether well-known or deserving of wider attention. My wish is to keep things accessible and entertaining to as many intelligent and open-minded people as possible. Bear in mind that I have a distinct right-brained bias (I'm pretty sure I don't have a left hemisphere) so I'll have to pass on more esoteric sciences and whatnot. There are other interviewers far more qualified than myself for those topics.

So send me your wish lists and I'll get on it. I'm really looking forward to all of this, but don't worry-- I'm sure I'll still be posting your usual Solar fare when the spirit moves me.


  1. Chris, megakudos to you. The sky's the limit here at the Secret Sun. I think that your having dredged up the Hollow Earth conundrum yesternight in facebookland as it dovetails with the Elusive Companion Theory merits more attention. Go hog wild. Here's Theo Paijmans' Mundus Subterraneus blog, which sought to chronicle all HE lit, whether fictional or alleged actual, ever committed to the printed page. Funnily enough or not so, it's been quite now for over a span of four years. Hush money much? Peace to you & yours for the holidays ~ (•8-o

  2. Maybe I missed it, but I don't recall seeing the follow-up to the ever-so-intriguing
    Introduction to the Secret Language post from 5/25/10. That would be top of my wish list. Great blog Chris!

  3. Chris,

    If you can look into Branford Keeney and his large collection of shamans / rites from around the world... Could be very interesting...
    Shaking medicine is his thing...

  4. whatever comes i earnestly look forward to.

  5. I've only been reading the blog for the last year or so and have found some of the posts thought-provoking.

    The movie analyses, in particular, caught my attention and run parallel with some of my own ill-formed conceptions. Likewise, the 'elusive companion' has become a term that reflects some of my interpretations of unusual phenomena. I disagree with ancient civilisation connections, but the rest generates some new ideas, or finesses those I already have.

    Your mention of the 'Fascist and/or Fundamentalist assumptions under-girding so much of Conspiratainment' will ensure I keep reading the blog. These guys deserve attention as many are adepts at seeding negative, paranoiac memes into the sub-culture of ufology, conspiracy and who knows what else?

  6. If you do cast some pods in the near future I'd really like to see you bounce off these guys (some of this is a pure fantasy wish list, but still...):

    1. Erik Davis (who you know, of course).

    2. Joscelyn Godwin:

    3. Joseph Farrell.

    4. Alan Moore. Erik Davis' recent interview with the venerable occult anarchist was a stormer. As you guys have similar views, yet conflict on certain key issues, such a conversation could make some serious fuel for the imagination.

    5. Michio Kaku.

    7. Arch-priest of the scientific method and physics rock star, Professor Brian Cox. Though I think the chances of such a meeting of minds is slim to none. Kaku would be far more open to dialogue than Cox, considering their stances.

    8. Jacques Vallee. 'Nuff said.

  7. Chris I wish you could do a pod cast with the pope, I'm still wondering if he's a warlock or a wizard. I guess there's little chance of that though.

  8. James Power(Metachannel on youtube) down to earth guy with tremendous wide of knowledge of metaphysics.

  9. I'd second some Hollow Earth discussion,I've been on a big HE kick these past few days. I'd also love to hear interviews with Joscelyn Godwin and Jacques Vallee.

  10. John Lamb Lash. You will really enjoy yourself with a whole host of paths to take

  11. I would love a well researched piece investigating links between various "conspiracy researchers" of the right wing patriot militia variety (such as alex jones g. edward griffin etc.) and the john birch society and cnp. Would also like your take on David Icke and Michael Tsarion who I believe pose as somewhat "New Age" but essentially promote the same line. Also continue the Secret War Against the New Age series.

  12. Hi Chris,

    I've been reading your blog for the past year but have never posted a comment before. I don't have much to say right now except "keep up the good work"! Although I belong to an older and I suppose more "traditional" generation of Gnostics, I never fail to learn something new and fascinating every time I read your blog.

    To give you an idea of just how far back my interest in Gnosticism goes, I first became active in the Los Angeles Gnostic Society and its liturgical branch, the Ecclesia Gnostica, in 1965 when I was 19 years old. This is not to imply that my involvement has been continuous or that my knowledge is anything to write home about. Basically I'm the same self-taught dilettante I've always been--just a much older dilettante now!

    But I'm still interested, still very curious about new developments and rediscovered old ones, and endlessly fascinated with new ways of connecting the dots. That's where your blog has been a real eye-opener for me--your research seems creative but solid. I wish I could come up with a concrete example of what I mean by that, but I'm drawing a blank right now.

    Also, it was on your blog that I first read the words AstroGnostic and SynchroMystic. While I can't pretend to have more than a very fuzzy idea of what these words mean, I look forward to learning more.

    Best wishes,
    Linda aka Raksha

  13. Chris, I am VERY interested in the subject of how conspiratainment can be used to further fundamentalist agendas. I was excited to hear that you will be pursuing this subject in depth because it is an avenue of research that few who take conspiracy research seriously are looking into. However, it alarmed me to hear that you are siding with the SRA hoax disinfo that the CIA-funded False Memory Syndrome promoted because, with all due respect for someone whose research I admire greatly, you are out of your depth here. Please take some time to look further into information about the Franklin scandal because the idea that elite networks of power are involved with child pornography/prostitution is one that does not necessarily have to fit into right wing ideologies. It certainly doesn't over at my blog and the Monarch Project is the main topic of discussion over there. One site that may be of interest to you is which deals specifically with the relationship between US government-sponsored mind control programs and child trafficking within the Catholic Church. The complexity of the situation that few seem to be perceiving is that, yes, "exposure" of the Monarch Project furthers an elite agenda. At the same time, that doesn't mean the project itself isn't real. What's interesting is that the hysterical, often illogical right wing MK Ultra "exposure" may be allowed to exist precisely because it discredits the work of other, more credible researchers. Again, I really hope you will consider both sides of the story in depth before jumping to any conclusions.
    Keep in mind that just because someone is wrong about something (and in the case of fundamentalists, MANY things) this doesn't mean they are wrong about everything.

  14. It would be really cool if you got Micheal Tsarion on your podcast. His research is pretty profound. And John lash has incredible knowledge on gnosticism and would be a magnificent guest.

    John greer who is this druid that has always really interesting stuff to talk about and he too would be a magnificent guest to talk about modern druidry and magic.

    I also strongly suggest getting brian bates. He has a really interesting book called "The real middle earth" and the stuff he has written in that book is so fascinating.

    Jan Irvin, too, to talk about entheogen and shamanism and the like.

    And I genuinely think Gary lachman is perfectly suitable for you upcoming podcast to talk about jungian psychological notions and pop cultures and the like.

  15. Chris, loved your stuff so far, look forward to whatever you have planned.

    Re: The other anon. I often wonder if much of the modern conspiracy movement is funded by intelligence services or big business as a way of diluting possible political rebellion. While there's certainly conspiracy researchers of all political hues out there, the famous ones seem to be in peculiar agreement on a number of issues that coincide with the big business & religious fundie agenda. It could be climate change, or the need for 'real' capitalism (i.e. deregulated with powerless government), a distrust of science and mainstream historical perspectives, a further distrust of democracy ("We're not a democracy, we're a Republic"), paranoia about socialism and a willingness to promote constant fear of foreign countries & religions.

    Ah, but the conspiracy scene distrust big Pharma. Surely if they were promoting a deregulated capitalist utopia they'd be in favour of it? Not really - this ties in I guess to the idea of availability of healthcare & the role of the church. By saying drugs cost too much (which they do) they can then spin the debate round to 'why do you need doctors?', 'get yourself well' and 'you have no need of nasty state-sponsored healthcare, you've got vitamins and holy men'... 'p.s. Buy my vitamins, buy my canned food and pray'...

    Also by contending that the control systems of the planet are led by a supernatural New World Order this makes it seem that ordinary citizens have no hope against corrupt politicians other than by immersing themselves in a theological belief system.

    I'd even contend that the gun obsession has an interesting double-purpose. I'm English so we don't have much availability of weapons but can see that US law mandates people can own guns to protect themselves. However looking at the conspiracy scene they're fixated on encouraging their followers to arm themselves to the teeth way beyond what one would expect for self-defence. The justification being they can fight against the New World Order. But what if its the other way around? Arm different political factions so they never get together and end up in a balance of power where nothing changes or simply fight against each other leaving big business & religion alone? After all should the economy collapse I can hardly see Alex Jones fans working with hippies and permaculture adherents to rebuild society. Divide and conquer nascent political movements before they become a threat & promote irrational beliefs to isolate them from the mainstream.

    The same ultra-right political ideas emerged in the UFO underground occasionally, especially in the 1980s and it effectively destroyed any serious interest in the topic. One of the top 'whistleblowers' at the time was William Cooper - who is now seen as a martyred conspiracy god by believers. Then of course there's John Lear and his history with the CIA.

    I also see the same belief systems at work in the likes of the self-improvement New Age market, with its original themes being replaced by a more controlled commercial environment. Problems are always your problems and nothing to do with anyone else - the system doesn't need changing, you need to change to fit in with it. Have cancer? Think better thoughts. You boss is working you to death? Work harder, he might give you a raise. No money? Stick a pic of a mansion on your wall and the universe will deliver...

    The self-improvement industry seems to be fostering a dependence on the current consumerist model & pushing easy platitudes - think positive! - rather than encouraging their readers to put in the hard work and actually improve themselves. Note the prominence of (for example) Sir John Whitmore in this movement.

  16. the Incal ROCKS.
    So does the Metabaron.

    See there's a film finally comin out?

  17. Some people do not have a Facebook page, I might have to get one if you are going to focus the Sun there. Jack Sarfatti is an interesting explorer I would like you to interview, you can find him and his wife Kim at Looking foward to the Secret Sun in the new year, 2012. Dennis

  18. Oops--that was a typo up there, where I meant to say False Memory Syndrome Foundation. And @ anonymous 4:30, SO many salient points I don't know where to start! I think where the extreme right/libertarian elements of conspiracy theory merge with the self-improvement demographic are in the ethos of unmitigated self reliance: with Ron Paul that would be that would be dissolving the Department of Education and slashing welfare benefits(we can see where that got us in Post-Katrina New Orleans, where public schools have been replaced by corporate-owned charter schools that place students in cages as a form of "discipline". seriously.), and with fans of The Secret it would be the belief that the purpose of spirituality is to secure a promotion or new car, with zero focus on responsibility toward's one's community. In both belief sets there is no attention paid to the way that social injustice can contribute to a person's economic circumstances, because the underlying assumption is that belief alone, with the added benefits of the free market, can conquer all evils. Ironically, the ruthlessness of right wing libertarianism (the only kind promoted in the U.S. these days) will do more to usher in centralized governance than any mainstream politician ever could, since once the American public wakes up to the fact that the social safety is disappearing while criminal oil tycoons like the Koch brothers are making out like bandits, they will boot anyone who supports unchecked corporatism from the public stage, and rightfully so. One point of contention: the area of holistic health is one where the conspiracy demographic has the potential to make enormous beneficial changes. Self sufficiency in food production is one of the ONLY areas where there truly is an alliance between left and right, and personally, I see much more hope for transformative potential here than in the patriot militias that Alex Jones would love to bring about. The true litmus test will be whether or not liberty movements are able to recognize their responsibility towards the most vulnerable in their communities, thus supplanting the need for globalist "philanthropy".

  19. Chris,

    Also, since the BBC is doing the Daphne Oram thing, how about composers of sci fi? Could be fun.

    Btw there is a museum show of Oram's machine more info here.

    Be well


  20. Second the notion of Gary Lachman as a guest for any potential podcast.

    Jonathan Sellers of the now defunct Antiquities of the Illuminati site would be sterling for a "Another History of the Knights Templar" themed interview.
    The cross polination of ideas between you two guys would be fecund.

    As for the conspiratainment angle, Justin Boland of Skilluminati Research and Terry Melanson of Conspiracy Archive would be superb candidates.
    I know the latter's worldview and research emphasis may be largely contrary to yours, but the guy knows his stuff.

    What about Frank Miller? As much as I love his work,the Manichaean (in the darkly political sense) tableaux he paints with very wide brush strokes is fascist Neo-Con to the core, and has been seeding the dark, foamy loam underfoot corporate-backed popular culture for some time. Nolan's Dark Knight in the ascendent is only what Miller dreamed up back in the 80's, and it's gone down hook, line, and stinker in post-9/11 memestream.

    What is interesting is to read Susan Sontag's essay here, and think of the Dark Knight of Miller's mindscape. So too his Daredevil, his Leonidas, his Elektra, and the darker side of comic book heroes in general:

    Fascinating Fascisn by Susan Sontag

    The list goes on, and on.

    Douglas Rushkoff? Chris Hedges?
    How about KMO of the C-Realm podcast?
    Also, get Jason Horsley out of retirement.

    O.K. I'm done.

    For the time being.

    Apart from: keep up the fucking good work, Chris. And everyone who comments here.

  21. Awesome work, Chris. The commentators have already come up with a host of people that would make potentially interesting interviews. I've no doubt that 2012 will be another year of excellent insights, research and opinions from our brilliant host - your good self.

    Viva la Revolución! But geekier, and peacefully.

  22. Just looked over the Facebook Secret Sun page and came across this quote from Chris, which I'm reposting because I couldn't agree more:"There are essentially two kinds of writing about MK-historical writing that exposes an often ridiculous program yet disturbingly ignores the fruition of the MK agenda in Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism. And the sinister and risible disinfo that actually advances the MK agenda by serving up irrelevant scapegoats, reinforces the fascist political underpinnings of the program and pushes the sheep back into the fold, where their children can be abused and even murdered with relative impunity."
    The problem arises when people analyzing this situation cling so tenaciously to their particular spiritual paradigm, whether that be conservative or of a countercultural bent. Having personally had loved ones who were subjected to ritual abuse at the hands of practicing occultists (NOT Christians), I find myself in a conundrum--because some of the ONLY people acknowledging these situations support a neo-fascist ideology that I want nothing to do with. Chris, before delving into the subject of the Monarch Project, you may want to place a call for survivors to contact you with their stories. If you keep an open mind you may be surprised by what you learn. And for a truly balanced perspective, let me also suggest spending some time reviewing the newsletters on the SMART ritual abuse site, even though this certainly will not be a pleasant experience. A lot of the people involved with that organization are NOT religious and, in fact, avoid dealing with the subject matter in a religious framework specifically because they realize that Christianity itself has been the context in which ritualized abuse happened for so many people.

  23. YES Incal !! Check out more about the Franklin Child abuse though, the shit is real and fucked up.

  24. Guys, I intended to do a post where I'd dig into the amazing feedback this post has gotten but I'm fending off a nasty migraine today. Hopefully tomorrow.

    Venus, I'm not saying there haven't been some sicko occultists here and there who've done some nasty things. What I'm saying is that you could add up all of the credible cases thereto and they wouldn't amount to a drop in the bucket of what's going on churches, synagogues and other religious establishments, which is much worse than the mainstream media wants you to believe. There are simply no two ways about it. To pretend otherwise is to grieviously distort the truth and enable the abusers.

    More to come on your suggestions and feedback. Thank all of you.

  25. Whatever you do, I wish it wouldn't involve Facebook, because I an't goin' there.

  26. i think it would be very interesting for you to interview some characters that don't sing in your choir such as Bill Deagle, Michael Hoffman, Tom Horn, David Flynn, Dan Burisch, Benjamin Fulford, Andrew D. Basiago, Sorcha, Monarch And Bluebeam proponents, .....

  27. Chris
    Did I not see you a few nights ago on that new VHI series on the history of Heavy Metal?

  28. Chris,

    I think this might be right there with british sci fi:
    music of British sci fi.

    Just a summary but you might have access.

    Be well


  29. Chris,
    I have no argument with your statement that refusing to acknowledge predatory behavior in religious establishments enables abusers, in fact the high-level organizations behind the Roman Catholic pedophilia scandals are a major focus on my blog. Where we may part ways is with my belief that the mystery religions, most formally preserved through the upper echelons of Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, have been involved in refining predatory mind control techniques as well, and that ultimately there may be many connections between the two opposing camps (Vatican/P2 masonic lodge money laundering scandal, anyone?). Of course, "satanism" is a modern invention so the idea that some ancient brotherhood has been practicing it for centuries is absurd. But there is a LOT more to the Monarch Project than fundamentalism and it is a tragedy that survivors of the project are mostly met with more brainwashing by god-fearing "deprogrammers". No, this is not the kind of thing you can read about in reputable books and many of the available sources are obviously corrupted by incredibly harmful fundamentalist paradigms. Just keep an open mind is all I'm saying. The information is out there for those who wish to find it.

  30. I would like to suggest a guest to be interviewed. He is fairly little known, but I feel his book "Time Rivers" is very important. The guest I suggest is Goro Adachi - who has been blogging about Hoagland, Nostradamus, Synchronicity and everything else since the late 90s. Thank you. - Chuck

  31. I forgot to mention: Paul Kimball.
    Love his work.

  32. Broadly speaking, I'm thinking about a secret history of music in general. What are the multi-genre "crosswalks" (some obvious, some not) that may or may not be culturally conditioned? To what extent can we talk about "universality" in musical language?

    Especially considering the depth to which we are culturally conditioned to think of it as the polar opposite to "popular" music, I think more discussion of "classical / serious" (Sirius?) music would add another useful element. I have noted a number of connections between Secret Sun themes and that type of music in a number of postings, whether they're based on my own personal synchromystic connections, or documented by others. Even if some claims are dubious, such as Claude Debussy's role as Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, their origins are still worth pondering and deconstruction.

    That said, I find the labels generally attached to "the music" to be misleading (hence the scare quotes). Classical refers to a very specific period (~mid-18th century through early 19th century) of "serious" music. As for the term "serious" itself, even a basic knowledge of different types of music shows that it is a loaded term. There's "light" classical (think Johann Strauss Jr's waltzes) and serious rock 'n' roll (whether in terms of topic or artistic merit).

    At any rate, I would be happy to make my own contributions on that topic. They have been relatively piecemeal, so I have yet to come up with something that's particularly comprehensive. On the other hand, maybe there's just enough to ask some good questions.