Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Secret Sunset on Binnall of America (UPDATE)

Part two of my marathon gabfest with Tim Binnall is now up on the BOA website. Mr. Binall?
Our conversation with Christopher Knowles continues as we discuss his epic and increasingly popular blog The Secret Sun. In this jam session style of conversation, we'll talk about the Vatican and Royal Society recent statements on aliens, the sense that something is looming on the horizon, mythic elements finding their way into our everyday world, the ongoing subliminal references to Sirius in the mainstream media, and tons more.

SYNC LOG UPDATE: The ever-present blue people make the front page of the Ipswich Chronicle site. According to the article, Amy Bishop was passionate about writing, sci-fi as well. Which may be why I remember her as being a bit more lively than others do, if my memory serves and she was in my Sci-Fi Lit class at BHS.

Ipswich is Lovecraft Country, in case you were wondering- right near Innsmouth.

UPDATE: From Amy Bishop's yearbook entry:
“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes-and-ships-and sealing wax-Of cabbages-and kings-And why the sea is boiling hot – And whether pigs have wings.”- Lewis Carroll
Check out the Braintree/Bishop megapost for today's latest outrage.


  1. There is now four hours of audio on-line discussion with Chris. This is an amazing resource.

    This is a STRONG interview, that guy Tim is really good at hitting key points in a logical progression (alas, I am NOT good at that).

    And Tim swears a lot, something I think is just fine!

  2. Mike C! has recommended I put up a gadget with all of the interviews I've done- I think I shall do that soon.

  3. Hm; you seem adamant that the Old Gods will return.

    Have you considered; maybe they never left?

    I mean, it would explain all those “Sirius” memes rather well.

    Who else would be making them? [- like Easter Eggs in media; i.e. hidden creator shout-outs]

    Who knows?

    Maybe Isis has a year-round pass to your local Hollywood Tan, or Enki is the guy in front of you buying Jack Daniels and a carton Marlboro Reds while you wait to cash in your scratch-off Lotto ticket at the liquor store.

    What? A girl can dream!


    Great Podcast!

  4. Lot of good stuff on the Binnall interview(s)!

    So: when can we expect to see a comic book full of cool mystic stuff done between you and Mike C!? ;)

    With Mike's visual style, I bet it would be like a cool mix between R. Crumb's Fritz The Cat & Tintin :-P

  5. Christopher Knowles you rock, please touch more on the Annunaki and there links to the Reptilian race..What no one has touched on is the whole Reptilian thing, These things have been in our culture for thousands of years, are we being prepared for a reveal of these Reptilian gods?

    Fabian Starr

  6. Fascinating interview.

    You have a very sobering way of bringing this information down to earth in a very balanced way.

    That's very rare and very helpful.

    Also, In regards to the 17. In order for me to vibe with something without meaning, I usually project my own meaning onto it to give it some sort of grounding. For me, 7 can be seen as a Goddess/God # and 1 is the all, oneness, the cipher, totality. 7+1=8. Flip the 8 on it's side and you have ∞.


    So the "Allness" + the "Oneness" =Infinity

    So I make it a 17 is infinity blipping in the finite as a sort of wink. A wake up ring, etc. Hopefully we'll create a future where the mathematics merge and a new level will be born.

    It's just a fun way of looking at it.

    Also, Lol @ that dudes reaction to the Howard the Duck movie. The wtfness in his voice said it all. Classic.


  7. Great interview Knowles!

    Fabian - I have some contacts in the 'inner sanctum' that have been suggestive that the return of the God's scenario is indeed what the people are being prepared for. There is evidence of an ancient war that occurred on this planet between the Annunaki and a race of intelligent reptoids that populated this planet Aeons ago. Lovecraft often wrote about these beings.
    Fiction will blur into reality at an astonishing rate in the next decade. Homosapiens were more or less a genetic hybrid of these original star people - and because our DNA is linked with the holographic coding system of the cosmos, we are waking up to our true identity as more of the 'code' becomes accessible to us. It has to occur in stages so as not to overload the system and cause a premature reboot. :)

  8. Fascinating interview with Binnall. One of the best one's, as of yet.

    Interesting to hear the discussion about "Howard The Duck", I have to make a confession, while I would have rather it had been another film, the one opportunity I had to visit Lucas' ILM studio shooting lot / warehouse, was due to a older friend who was the soundman for "Howard", and I got to spend the day with them doing bluescreen for the sequence of Howard flying on his sofa to Earth from his home world. Interesting experience.

    I feel very much at home with the Lovecraft references and discussions. I have pondered why some of us are drawn to the most bizarre of sources. I guess it's that disconnect of not feeling a part of the world.

  9. "There is evidence of an ancient war that occurred on this planet between the Annunaki and a race of intelligent reptoids that populated this planet Aeons ago."

    So where do the Pleiadeans figure?

    Oh, BTW Chris - I used to have "Brain Trees" in the backyard of my boyhood home. Seriously. Don't know what they're called - firs of some kind that grew "fruit" that looked just like little brains. Scared the shit outta me, they did...

  10. I don't know if this has already been underlined, but ads can be in a way too much "synchronic", that means they shouldn't be treated as such. This is because of the tracking of your browsing by advertising companies.
    To really break the spell and exit the matrix you need to browse anonymously (use TOR or anything else similar to it)

  11. Hi Chris,

    You make a great radio guest...you've got tons of material! You made "long-time readers" of the Sun proud.


  12. @Chris,

    Check out AB - The JOY of Canada and Post Comments on my blog to see how the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games (and more now) have been telegraphing the month of "MAY" (Amy = MAY).

    The events of the Olympics are all giving the same date...

    May 14, 2010 (145 = 14.5.2010 in dd.mm.yyyy)


  13. *sigh*

    If only I had a sci-fi lit class in high school... I'd probably be dangerous, too.

  14. レベッカie- Have you read Neil Gaiman's American Gods? If not, you should. As to the return, don't forget Temple's theories that the Nommo are in hibernation around the gas giants. Hmm, it IS 2010, isn't it?

    Red Pillie- Good idea! Maybe one day.

    Fabian- Not exactly my area of expertise, but I am watching Doctor Who Meets the Sea Devils. Maybe those Silurian storylines are more important than we think.

    Toothy- Well, it's interesting you bring that up because 17 signifies immortality in Chaldean numerology, which was recently brought to my attention.

    Steve- Thanks for the kind words and the data, brother.

    Matt- Great story! Did you take pics?

    Agonus- Funny you should bring up the Pleiadeans. I just read a book on the Billy Meier story. Fascinating enigma and not as easily dismissed as some would insist you believe.

    Justin- Cheers.

    Soapie- Then mission accomplished!

  15. I say WOW! Fabulous interview and I totally aggree with :ToothyGrin:

    "You have a very sobering way of bringing this information down to earth in a very balanced way.

    That's very rare and very helpful."

    Soundlessdawn takes the biscuit as far as a synopsis of the times, I reckon.....The 'star-people',of which we may be a hybrid (HIGH-BRED)resonates for me with the number 17, being the STAR in the Tarot and also resonating with AQUARIUS (water carrier), which is also GANYMEDE (sheep-herder), a story about the Gods taking a human as a sexual-plaything!?!

    Is this maybe how we let things get so bad?

    Beautiful 7% crescent moon tonight which could show you the earth's shine reflected in it, if you get a clear night just after sunrise(unlike here in UK)
    www.spaceweather.com for it's Earthshine picture and prose.

  16. @Mr. Knowles:

    During breakfast, I decided to watch the Super Sentai season premiere [before my Tivo deleted it]

    I had a vague understanding of the premise, the promos only focused on selling some card game [due to the recession, cards sell better than expensive Giant Robot models]

    Long story short - I started choking on my oatmeal.

    Please read its wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tensou_Sentai_Goseiger

    Plot: Inter-dimensional humans with magic powers travel through a stargate to protect Earth from an invasion of mantis-like aliens.

    - I can't even make a witty comment about that...

  17. At exactly the 59 min mark:

    "My little Gremlins, my little spies are combing the media for 17 mentions"

    ORLY? I only report 77s these days. 17 is so last decade.

    Good job, pointing listeners to SecretSun's 120 posts tagged '17' instead of pinning a specific meaning on the number. Keep us coming back for more.

    Now, newbies may find the prospect of 120 posts daunting - you may catch more readers in the future by suggesting a particularly juicy post to start with, perhaps one of your St Patrick's Day posts.

    Enjoying your interview,

  18. great interview chris and tim.

    tim is really on the ball and asked great questions, especially regarding the background to your blogging and writing in general. you brought the high weirdness into a grounded path of experience, which helps reputability, not always necessary - but sometimes hard to come by in the tin foil hard hat areas. AAT and jungian consciousness work can be a thorny pairing, but somehow you made it clear its about DNA & epigenetics to a great degree ( steve willner ALSO deftly pointed it out in his comment above).

  19. Thanks Chris, it never occurred to me to take pics, I was around 14 at the time and so grateful for the opportunity, I wouldn't have risked it, anyway, Lucasfilm was just as notoriously secretive back then as they are now. Instinctively, I understood even back then about keeping things confidential.

  20. Chris, I actually burst out laughing in the end of the first part, when you finished talking about the whole diversion esoterism out there and you said "Does any of that makes sense".
    Believe me it does.

    As usual it was a pleasure listening to you, Keep up the good work.