Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Timing is Everything (UPDATE)

The operative element in "Synchronicity" is time- the Greek root means "to be contemporary" or "happen at the same time" (syn 'together' & chronos 'time'). So when we're looking for synchronicities- or something else, perhaps- we keep an eye on the timing of events.

Recently we saw some alarming satellite photos of planet-sized spheres orbiting the Sun, which were written off by NASA as radar blips or swamp gas or something. But then a funny thing happened- a mission to "study" the Sun popped back into the news. This project has also figured in 2012 theorizing, since it's set to study solar storms and their effect on the planet's magnetic spheres and especially, our power and communications networks. From
A powerful new solar observatory will spend the next five years recording images of the sun with 10 times better resolution than HD television, peering deep within the sun's layers to reveal just how solar storms erupt. The observations could help scientists build the first effective models for space weather forecasting.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) is slated for launch on Feb. 10 from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, Fla. It carries three instruments that will pierce the mysteries enshrouding the sun's magnetic fields and ultraviolet radiation, which together help shape the Earth's atmosphere every day.

"The unique characteristic of SDO is that it is designed to see everything all the time," said Madhulika Guhathakurta, SDO Project Scientist NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.
It turns out the mission was scrubbed for today and will be rescheduled.

But a crazy word keeps popping into my head when I think about the timing of the SOHO images and the SDO launch. It's like a itch I can't scratch. The word?


Crazy, right?

We've also been mulling over the Astronautical Theology of the Super Bowl, with "Sirius" kicking off the game and the Who with their Solar/Saucer imagery. And lo and behold the Who did perform the CSI:Miami theme song in their halftime medley. The next day that show presented us with a Grissom-like martyred astronaut theme with a Man Who Fell to Earth subtext.

But as Reader Jason reminds us, the Who also link us to Ken Russell, director of their rock opera Tommy, as well as Altered States, the innerspace odyssey that's the touchstone of the "Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre" series. Russell also directed Who singer Roger Daltrey in Lisztomania, which is the improbable name of a current hit by French hipster band Phoenix.

NASA's Phoenix mission was recently in the news itself, since it seems to have gone the way of so many Mars missions. Meaning it seems to have met a premature and unexpected end.

You can drive yourself insane with this stuff.

UPDATE: Speaking of timing- Bo, the "major issue" with "star quality" is seen playing in the snow in some photos the White House just released. Don't forget Bo is a Portuguese water dog, just in case the Sirius meme hasn't been drilled into your forehead yet. The snow kind of looks like stars on Bo's forehead there, no?

We also hear today that Obama now has an "attack dog" as well.

UPDATE: Which reminds me- according to's face recognition software the celeb (read:"dog/star") I most resemble is...


  1. It seems like those in the know, would like to know more.

    Unfortunately, lies can be quite suffocating and that seems to be what these individuals are best at.

    Lol @ having any kind of understanding of truth when all one knows how to do is lie.

    I'm a firm believer in this whole process being entirely freeing and positive.



  2. Fear of insanity is one of the reasons why I tend to focus on certain topics: opera/classical music and James Bond films are my specialities, or at least the cultural artifacts to which I am most highly attuned.

    Oddly enough, I got two versions of Strauss' Salome for my birthday (late Sagitarrius, close to the Capricorn cusp), as well as two James Bond film boxed sets (pre-Daniel Craig, though I have both of his movies) and the original Star Wars trilogy. Been watching both very carefully. I've talked about Goldfinger previously, but a few more 17 allusions stood out for me ("two more holes" in the golf sequence, and Bond's Fontainebleau Hotel room number 119). Thunderball was even odder, though: the major underwater element, the letters "JB" prominently featured after the gun barrell sequence, etc.

    Also saw Mozart's Don Giovanni on Sunday. Caught quite a few references to "the gods," even with the title character being dragged to Christian Hell.


  3. Interesting, the NASA photo is reminding me of that late 60s / 70s film, the name escapes me, I think it was titled Doppelganger, about scientist discovering another Earth on the opposite side of the sun that was the exact reverse of us.

  4. "Rendezvous.

    Crazy, right?"

    Jan. 30, 2010 Synclog: K and I enter a bookstore and explore separately while waiting to replace K’s iPhone which made one too many trips through the water-door. I buy Rendezvous with Rama, which I have not read. K buys a hacker magazine called 2600, which I have never heard of. Once we are back at K’s house, we realize the second paragraph of his 2600 quotes Clarke. “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” When I looked the quote up on wikipedia, I find it is referenced numerous times in fiction, most recently, in the iPad introduction video.

    Additionally, I work for Advanced Technology […]. Next to our office is a large black monolith.

    "You can drive yourself insane with this stuff."



  5. Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (AKA Doppelganger)... with Roy Thinnes, no less. I remember seeing it on a local channel's Sunday afternoon feature many years ago.


  6. @Chris,

    you were on quite a roll, going with the floW, as it were....

    Right up until you wrote:

    "You can drive yourself insane with this stuff."

    It is precisely that fear that causes the synchronaut's (a term generally and loosely used for the experiencer of synchronicty's - which really is everyone, you and me and everyone else) subconcious mind to stop the flow and to close the door on synchronicity through active denial. Part of synchronicty is the attunement of one's "self" (a term I use lightly) to the macrocosm of events occuring around us all.

    We are all part of one thing! - so it is in fact quite natural that the individual parts should have access to all the information available to the whole - but we have to allow ourselves (our conscious / logical mind) to be an active and consciously particpating part (as opposed to unconscious and thereby unaware part) of the creative macrocosm in order to see the bits and pieces (the synchronicities) of the underlying creation schema.

    It is that "leap of faith" into the conscious synchronicty experience that will most certainly change your life.

    That acceptance of the phenomena allows us to gradually begin to understand through experience the "one thing that is everything", "GOD" if you will, on a very personal and direct level.

    Synchronicity also exemplifies, through the experience of it, the larger concepts covered in our religious texts and books of "Faith". We understand through synchronicty the Biblical concepts of being fallen or enlightened or entered into Heaven.

    What is truly "insane" is the learned and hypnotic belief that we are individual and isolated, non-connected beings!!!

    There is not my matter and your matter in this Universe, there is only the matter that makes up the physical Universe - part of which is in me, part of which is in you.

    To exemplify: Even though we like to use the terms "My hometown" or "my city" we know that the town or city is not actually ours in the sense of individual ownership. We understand through the use of the word and idea that we are only a part of the concept of "town" or "city". The town or city concept is a group effort.

    The very same applies to our nations and countries on this planet. You know that I define myself as "Canadian" based on the fact that I was born and reside in a part of a landmass that has be section and appartioned into countries at some time in my past and the portion I am legally part of is called "Canada".

    Is "canada" the bounded and defined country and land - without the people in it - somehow magically different than the same land boundaried and define to the south of us called The United States of America?? NO. It's not. If it were not for roadsigns that people have made and erected you could travel across this conceptual Border boundary and line and never even know you crossed it.

    In the very same way we have applied the same conceptual boundaries and borders to the very matter that makes up the Universe and in applying these conceptual and non-existent borders and boundaries we forgot that all of it is actually just one thing - the "UNI"VERSE.

    If we allow ourselves to be restricted to the tiny and ever decreasing conceptual boundaries that we create, we consciously find ourselves restricted and isolated. If we allow ourselves to transcend those conceptual boundaries and borders, we find ourselves connected to everything and experiencing that connection - which begins at first, through the Jungian concept known as synchronicty


  7. I might sign up to My Great Great Great... Grandfather is Sir Charles Broadwater. He was overseer of FAIRFAX Co. VA along with George Washington. I got papers where he and GW singed into Masonic Halls and Philadelphia Meetings together. Sometimes when GW didn't go with him he went with George Mason. I amd bored cause all this damn snow it looks like the beginning of Empire Strikes Back out there with the wind.

  8. Chris, I laughed at the myheritage thing, It is actually true.
    Btw, I happend to have bought a book of zacharia Stichin and according to him, Pluto in sumer is GaGa...
    funny when you see that it was demoted as a dwarf but is doing a come back (we could have passed it) in music.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. RE: Bo

    Certainly does resemble stars on that doggy.

    "...My God, it's full of Stars..."

    are those stars I see on the lead as well?


  10. Hi Chris,

    I tried the myheritage thing the last time you posted about it and got some so-so results. But I suppose since it's Doppleganger Week, the myheritage folks have ramped it up!

    A few of my celebrity face matches: Sally Field, Liza Minelli, Dakota Fanning and Jesse Jackson?

    Chris, I'll follow your Sun to many links but that was weird!

    Great job, Chris!

  11. Chris you have been a syncromystic star. Those of you who have crossed the threshold into synthesis are indeed courageous. To see stars on the freaking dogs head is so much fun. Everything is connected, Strange I commented so spot on. One must have fun in the syncromystic world. My friend Jack Heart at Tek Gnostics is an expert of humor and Gnostic insight. Keep a smile concept in all of our werks! Soon beings of a human nature will see the smile in each others eyes and we shall rejoice/give thanks. Above all do not take this flight of beingness too siriously. Dennis from Oregon.

  12. S E, that is one of the most profund comments I have ever witnessed.The one with Chris in the flow,the more we evolve the more fun it gets! turn it up to oh GoB!. Dennis

  13. Interesting Bo' synch.

    I've recently noticed that words with Bo...seem to have more mystical power, magical power perhaps. B0 is like 13 0. And I've read that the numbers 130 are used by high avatars for training and synching those that are on an illuminated quest. Perhaps it is the language that programs the manifestations in our matrix. BO -- may be the container for a ghost/spirit to occupy the word force. I've also noticed that Mason references in movies utlize a Pi le of books (stacked books) to represent stacked forces at play. Just like a book shelf seems to hold books in place containing positive negative charge like an atom, one can stack their atomic shelves with books, or pictures of people they want to revolve around them. Bow - Finger, Mr. Bo Jangles, Boomerangs - come back to you, Boom makes a noise. Boo - can be said to someone to scare them. I think that shapes, script, text, italicized or put in different font all matters to what is brought forth.

    The fact that their dog's name is Bo synchs to me as I hear so often on TV and movies that all one needs to do is tie a bow on it. Perhaps because if a person bend's their elbow - they already have an arrow. So if they have a bow in their magical tool box, they too can play cupid or any other force of 'hitting' someone with an intent. I've heard a lot of shows mention that one needs to keep their elbows in, to be safe. I've also heard that mind control wing men will raise their hand above their had to make the arrow with their elbow and direct intent/energy in the direction of the victim being manipulated.

    Just thought I would share. Have a lot to share with someone who would be willing to sort things out with me. However haven't really found anyone willing to dissect language enough to make things sound coherent enough to be taken seriously.

  14. @Anony 11:07, (MK)

    What I can suggest to you is that you put up a blog and write about what you see regarding the matter.

    If you post the url to in a comment at my blog, I for one, would most certainly visit there and discuss your findings with you in your 'post comments'.

    I've "been there done that" when it comes to conspiracy research, as I believe has the master host of this blog, Mr. Knowles.

    (who I am also quite sure knows by now exactly when he's actually the "subject" of my post comments and when his name is simply a good name by which something else may be expressed ;)

    Maybe, by having an outlet where you can discuss your findings with others, you can better sort out what it is that you are seeing!?

    @Dennis Igou,

    Thank you Dennis!
    If I ever endeavour to have anything published in the more traditional manner, you'll most certainly see a dedication or thank you line to CK for, perhaps unknowingly, being a perfect model and teacher of interesting and quality writing by example.


  15. Since you've looked at James Cameron as of late, I wonder out loud if you've ever seen his short-lived TV series "Dark Angel"... which I believe was Jessica Alba's first big role. The plot was that an EMP had reduced America to a 3rd world nation.

    Now, I don't buy this guy's theory. but Clyde Lewis is pushing the idea of an EMP attack at some point today (Feb11th). - -I only listened to his show because he interviewed Freeman, who I enjoy listening to quite a lot.

    That being said, I was curious if you had a take on this darker side of James Cameron and the memes he pushed in Dark Angel.

  16. Interesting blog you got here. I'd like to read a bit more about this theme. Thanks for posting this material.

  17. 2Thy- I like your POV a lot more than a lot of the others floating around out there.

    Anony- Insanity is merely the dysfunctional side of higher awareness. Was PKD insane post-2/3/74? Some might say so, but he was extraordinarily functional an productive. It's a thin line.

    Matt- Cool- I'll have to look that one up.

    J- Cool! Combining my present fixations- Clarke as prophet and old school hacker culture in William Gibson's prophetic early books.

    SE- See above.

    Quark- Yes, entering hypospace. Keep us posted if you join MyH.

    Daniel- Is that so? I'll have to pull out my ZS tomes. Thanks for the tip!

    SEII- Yes- still have to rewatch that one. Under-rated as all get out.

    Soapie- Ha! That's quite a range. There was another facial-recog site out there but their results were even more ridiculous.

    Dennis- Good advice- a healthy sense of humor is what we need more than ever these days.

    Anony1107- I'd say it speaks to Obama's narcissism as well, give his dog his initials.

    Alan- Apocalyptic predictions are always a dodgy business. If I had a dollar for everyone I'd seen come and go I could buy me a Lexus.

  18. check out article
    SDO DESTROYS A SUNDOG: The Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) lifted off from Kennedy Space Center this morning at 10:23 am EST, kicking off a 5-year mission to study the variability of the sun. Moments after liftoff, SDO did something that astonished and delighted observers. It flew right through a bright, rainbow-colored sundog and destroyed it Sundogs are formed by ice crystals floating in cirrus clouds. "When SDO's Atlas V rocket penetrated the cirrus, shock waves went rippling through the cloud and destroyed the alignment of the ice crystals," says atmospheric optics expert Les Cowley. "This extinguished the sundog."
    hear the reaction of the crowd when the waves hit the sundog. "I've never seen anything like it," said Anna's friend and traveling companion Amelia Phillips. "It was amazing!"

    This was an auspicious beginning indeed for a mission designed amaze. Once it reaches its final orbit, SDO will make IMAX-quality movies of solar explosions and peer beneath the stellar surface to see the sun's inner magnetic dynamo. No one has ever seen anything like that either.

  19. The leader of the Hybrids in fringe is also named Thomas Jerome Newton the name of the lead character in The Man Who Fell to Earth.

    He also had the horseshoe/omega looking thing on his decapitated head.

  20. Alan Abbadessa - Faraday Cages are only one type of shield against EMP. In some cases they're part of a building's structural framework. EMP doesn't erase data backed up onto optical media. (sunlight will!)

    I'm glad the 11th passed w/o an EMP but thought you'd like the reassurance that you're not helpless in the face of such a threat.

  21. It is precisely that fear that causes the synchronaut's (a term generally and loosely used for the experiencer of synchronicty's - which really is everyone, you and me and everyone else) subconcious mind to stop the flow and to close the door on synchronicity through active denial. -StrangeEye

    You're telling Chris he's afraid? That line wasn't just a clever way to end the post?

    Once upon a time I was catching a ride with a younger friend, still in college, who'd taped a handwritten sign to his passenger-side dash: "Are you dreaming?"

    He explained that he was learning about lucid dreaming and had the signs posted everywhere he could.

    We teased him that while it was a good exercise to train his mind with a lucid-dreaming trigger, he was vulnerable: he wouldn't want that sign to prompt a hypothetical traffic cop to ask him the same question, perhaps just before deciding there was reason to search the car. Our friend agreed, and the sign came down.

    I have the same advice for you and the synchronauts you're cheering on: When exploring alternate realities, there is wisdom in keeping a grasp on this one. You still have to get along in this world. Have fun, but be safe and smart about it.

    Because you can drive yourself insane with this stuff. Or at least, look that way.

  22. Just for the record, I added the caveat that I didn't buy into the theory and even have my own long winded reason why I think that type of event is unlikely.

    However, the mention of such an event caused me to remember a James Cameron project with very much the same idea.

    Look at this guy's work:

    He seems to be pushing a lot of the alien ideas that Chris mentions (even going back to 1978 with a project called "Xenogenesis" - "A woman and an engineered man are sent in a gigantic sentient starship to search space for a place to start a new life cycle."

    But there's this flip side to Cameron's work that seems fascinated by technology and destruction. Terminator is an obvious project, but the "Dark Angel" series is a forgotten curiosity that aired just before T3 was released. It makes me wonder, as a writer who sometimes succumbs to "In-Universe" thinking even across projects myself, if James Cameron views something like an EMP that wipes out cold technology as the necessary pathway to the bio-tech of Avatar.

    It's also worth noting that T3 ends with the flip-side event: Blasts that wipe out humans and leave the machines.

  23. To be a good benign being is to from a make of openness to the mankind, an cleverness to group aleatory things beyond your own pilot, that can take you to be shattered in hugely exceptional circumstances pro which you were not to blame. That says something very important about the prerequisite of the righteous passion: that it is based on a trust in the fitful and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a spy than like a prize, something fairly fragile, but whose extremely precise handsomeness is inseparable from that fragility.

  24. To be a good benign being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an cleverness to guardianship undeterminable things beyond your own control, that can front you to be shattered in hugely exceptional circumstances on which you were not to blame. That says something uncommonly outstanding about the fettle of the ethical compulsion: that it is based on a corporation in the up in the air and on a willingness to be exposed; it's based on being more like a weed than like a prize, something kind of feeble, but whose mere special attractiveness is inseparable from that fragility.

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