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Stairway to Sirius: The (Pink) Star of the Sea

As I said on William Henry's show in December (and here as well) we need to be on the lookout for water symbolism this year, as well as mermaid/mermen and other symbols associated with Sirius in esoteric lore. The recent Serious Mysteries posts explored these memes in depth, particularly as they relate to James Cameron, who is obviously very deeply obsessed with both aliens and the oceans (and Gus Grissom, strangely enough).

Well, much to my surprise the Grammy Awards turned out to be a motherlode of these 2010 memes. Though Cousin Beyonce and Lady GorGon went out of their way to steal everyone's attention (as usual), it was Pink who came through with the hardcore symbolic booty. And this wasn't the kind of garbled, rudimentary, pseudo-Masonic tedium that's being tossed lately by artists like Jay-Z or Rihanna- no, this was something else entirely...

The performance opened with the stage done up in a deep, blue, undulating oceanic motif, almost as if Pink were under water (like a mermaid). As she made her entrance, a bright light flashed like a star, as if she were emerging from it.

Secret Sun readers are well familiar with the star Sirius and its identification with Isis, and that visual juxtaposition reminds us of Isis' title as the Stella Maris, or 'Star of the Sea', which sailors used to navigate by in ancient times. Later this role was assumed by the Virgin Mary, as we see in this dramatic illustration.

As she emerged, we saw that Pink was dressed in a white robe and veil, reminiscent of the one Beyonce wore when standing at the foot of the Sphinx at Giza (which brings us back again to Isis). Note also that in Greece and Rome, Isis had absorbed Hathor's sistrum and her role as patroness of music, appropriately enough.

We then see two lights above Pink. As every Secret Sun reader is sick of hearing, Sirius is a binary star system. But this may also have a double meaning, as all potent symbols do.

But it's right here that we get our money shot- the goddess descending the Stairway from Sirius. It doesn't get any more explicit than that.

And here it is again- the Stairway, the Blazing Star, the goddess. Note that the three stage lights correspond to the Sun, Sirius and the Moon in the tracing board iconography.

But we're just getting started...

...because Pink then removes her veil and her robe, revealing a costume not only highly reminiscent of Leeloo in the The Fifth Element, but also of this famous statue of Isis-Venus. (break out your "Isis Unveiled" jokes now). Of course, Pink is also distinctly androgynous which may earn some extra symbolism points as well.

Pink is then suspended from midair with three other women, where she continues to sing while performing some pretty damn impressive acrobatics. But what part could the three women be playing in this apparent symbolic drama?

According to Wikipedia, "The Belt of Orion" constellation in Latin America is called as Las Tres Marías (The Three Marys). I suspected as much. But if that's so what's the connection with the three women at the top and Pink suspended beneath them?

Note again the cluster of lights behind this performance- again we see a kind of star effect... it meant to correspond to this?
Wiki again:
Orion is very useful as an aid to locating other stars. By extending the line of the Belt southeastward, Sirius can be found...additionally, Rigel is part of the Winter Circle. Sirius and Procyon, which may be located from Orion by tracing lines, also are points in both the Winter Triangle and the Circle.
Note how the angle linking Orion to Sirius corresponds to the shape of the strap (or belt if you prefer) which is holding Pink aloft.

Here's the grand finale- Pink is drenched then pulled back into the air where she spins and sprays the audience like some kind of baptism. Given the obvious water symbolism and the Isis parallels, I couldn't help but think back to this...

...from December 17. Remember that red granite pylon from the Temple of Isis? This was part of the big finale of the Stairway to Sirius, Revisited series, which kicked off with the aerial anomaly over Norway. Kind of brings everything full circle, doesn't it? What are the odds?

Funny thing about Egyptian red granite, though- it's more what you'd

I won't sit here and tell you what it all means. But I will go back to what I said after the 2008 Election, when we first began exploring this enigmatic iconography. After looking at the history of secret societies, I confessed that years of studying some of the well-known Masonic and occult texts had left me completely baffled as to what all the fuss was about:
I've been studying this dilemma for several years and none of the secrets these groups supposedly kept were even all that interesting, never mind profound (Morals and Dogma will bore you to the point where you pray for the sweet release of death). I'm not sure exactly when it happened, but at some point in the last year or two I became convinced that there had to be something else. Perhaps something lost in time that we could only figure out by reading the symbols and metaphors these groups couched their secrets in.
Something else, indeed.

UPDATE- Cross-platform synchery with Toure's latest post at The Sync Whole.


  1. Mr. Knowles,

    How many people visit your blog from Los Angeles? Do you think the "stars" people see these posts (or posts on like minded blogs) and that they influence the symbolic content of these performances? A kind of "meme feedback loop"?

  2. Ooh. This is good. VALIS also shot pink beams of gnosis at P.K. Dick, and of course, Valentine's (Eros) day is coming up, red and pink hearts all around, and arrows (Orion, Diana, etc.).

    I used to use this kind of thing as proof of "Masonic conspiracy", but lately, I'll bet you dollars to donuts that Pink's gay choreographers were consciously oblivious to the esoteric symbolism that they "created". I'm currently putting that in my pipe and smoking it. ;-)


  3. @Chris,
    Awesome work again!

    The last time we saw PINK
    (Ms. Alecia Beth Moore born a LEO on 9/8/1979)
    was at the MTV awards 9.13.2009

    She was Up,Up in the Air there as well!

    At the 2009 MTV Awards
    PINK did a trapeze act:
    part of it blindfolded in her odd costume with the heart, legs in checkboard and purple.

    and the 82nd Academy Awards list of nominees was released for The Oscars on March 7, 2010 :

    Best Motion Picture of the Year

    - Avatar
    - The Hurt Locker
    - A Serious Man
    - District 9
    - The Blind Side
    - An Education
    - Inglourious Basterds
    - Precious
    - Up
    - Up in the Air

    mmm....hmmmm... Quite an interesting list.


  4. Love this post! My question is, is it all for display, (for whom is a different question entirely) or do the songs and lyrics have meaning as well? The sound of this song was almost enchanting, her music is never like that right?

  5. Chris,

    Did you also happen to notice a "birth" sub-theme running throughout the show ??

    I thought it odd that Jay-Z brought up his son?
    I've never seen that happen on any awards show before!?!


  6. Great post, there must be a kick ass team of machine elves in your head.
    I know a few years back Pink visited the xm/sirius radio headquarters in Washington DC. Also she got her name because a black guy friend of her's kept asking to see her poonanna so she showed him. Venus's clam, the same symbol of the world's largest corporation Royal Dutch Shell

  7. The two lights above Pink, could also be representational of how the Isis has been placed in the mythological iconography - between her husband Osiris and son Horus. Of course, it could also represent the absorbed Atum-Ra from the Ennead, since she was also seen as the child of Ra, as well. Mother Mary, the Christian parallel to Isis, is often seen nursing the Christ Child with two small angels (stars) beside her head.

    In your conversation with Henry, you speak of Obama's restoration of order, which harmonizes with Isis' role in the restoration and resurrection of the body of Osiris following his death at the hands of Set. One of the most important beliefs in the Egyptian mythos.

    Speaking of resurrection, Isis' symbol is the tyet, which represents eternal life or resurrection. The tyet arm points downward (resonating with the direction from Orion's Belt)at an angle and is often called the Knot of Isis, Buckle of Isis, Belt of Isis and/or Blood of Isis.

    Finally, since we are onto order or new order, Isis' relationship with Sirius usually signifies the advent of a new year (age, order) - the rebirth or reincarnation of an ancient order. The rising Phoenix. The new age links us to the age of Aquarius. Aquarius is the "water-bearer," which brings us right back to the water symbolism.

    Oh, nearly forgot, the Phoenix reference points me to this video from my friend Slushpup of an amazing image from the Hubble telescope:

    Video: Is This The Image Of A Bizarre Asteroid, Phoenix, UFO, Bird Of Prey?


  8. There definately has to be something else, and I'm not sure the true secrets would be held all in one place or held by one group. I think different groups have some truths, others have some more. Such as the Vatican, then the Masons then NASA. Perhaps that's what the fighting is about, these socities are fighting over eachotherss piece of knowledge and we see it all on TV as it being a fight for a different reason with a different label put to it. OR, maybe these esoteric secerets work at a more profound, ethereal level that was whispered to us millenia ago by our Overlords (whatever that exactly means)to teach us and now secret societies have just an echo of that knowlege. I've been debating this alot though too. @_@ frusterating.

    Ohh by the way, here is a bit of news....a mysterious object acting unlike anything known in space:

  9. Speaking of Vag, one symbol that shows up a lot for me is the red triangle or pyramid. Bass beer(the first registered trademark in England), and citgo gas would be two. This is the logo for the gym I go to, you could write a thesis on this one.

  10. Star of the Sea?

    - that's the name of a local Catholic parish [adjacent to that Dunkin Donuts were drug addicts purchase coffee 'cause there's a methadone clinic at the next train stop].

    Granted, it's most likely a case of “we're near the ocean, let's name it after that!” than some mass conspiracy spanning back to ancient times [I wish Church was that awesome...]

    As for Sirius; do you think Sirians would be amphibious?

    Like, in Power Rangers SPD, the Sirians were dog headed fishey scaled people.

    BTW, Scariest puppets ever; like, if Fraggle Rock screwed Dorothy, Elmo's Golfish *shudders*

    Also, I'm pretty sure one of the Sirians from SPD was named Isis. And she came back from the dead.

    Not that I've watched Power Rangers, or anything *shifts eyes*


    You'd get a kick out of the Asian music industry; it's practically built on Freemason-ry blueprints. [Not that I'm complaining; I find it rather fun]

  11. Looked up Beyonce and Pink on the web, their birth dates are sept. 4th and 8th respectively. Making them both Virgo's, too weird

  12. Hey Chris, saw this link and thought you'd dig it:

    More disclosure from Britain's biggest tabloid newspaper! Keep up the good work, have been following your blog for YEARS!!

    Cheers, Mark

  13. wow. Goro-esque, Its like an astrology reading for current events. You make this underground man feel a lot better after a post like that. Thats, of course, after i feel like a giant ass.

  14. thank Chirs!
    excellent work.

  15. @Chris,

    Thought this might be interesting given the context of the "flying aparatus" Pink was hanging from...

    Prince's new fight song written for the MINnesota Vikings:

    Hear it on youtube:

    Purple and gold song article at huffington

    Purple and Gold by Prince
    the veil of the sky draws open
    the roar of the chariots touch down
    we r the ones who have now come again
    and walk upon water like solid ground
    as we approach the throne we won't bow down
    this time we won't b denied

    raise every voice and let it b known
    in the name of the purple and gold

    we come in the name of the purple and gold
    all of the odds r in r favor
    no prediction 2 bold
    we r the truth if the truth can b told
    long reign the purple and gold

    the eyes say ready 4 battle
    no need 4 sword in hand
    we r all amped up like a rock n roll band
    ready 2 celebrate every score
    ready 2 fight the elegant war
    ready 2 hear the crowd roar

    that's what we came 4
    and so much more
    in the name of the purple and gold

    r spirits may b tired
    r bodies may b worn
    but since this day is r destiny
    r history - that's y we must b
    4ever strong as the wind that blows the Vikings' horn
    in the name of the purple and gold


    All the spelling is correct in the above to that as written by Prince.


  16. Good Work, on this, Chris.
    I was amused that even 'friends' not into the esoteric were noticing the 'fish' shaped dresses, 'greek' symbolism to their non-researcher eye at the Grammy's.
    As above so below, Cameron has his eyes on the stars and the oceans.
    Golden Globes, Jim Cameron acceptance speech.
    "'Avatar' asks us to see that everything is connected, all human beings to each other, and us to the Earth. And if you have to go four and a half light years to another, made-up planet to appreciate this miracle of the world that we have right here, well, you know what, that's the wonder of cinema right there, that's the magic,"
    The Nines seem to play significance here, Avatar, december 18=9. Pandora a world 4.5 light years away 4.5=9.
    Nine like the G in masonry can symbolize both 'serpent' -wisdom of sky gods, and a fish. Sirius distance to earth is 8.6 ± 0.04 light years.
    So 8.6 + 4 =18, 18 the start of Avatar in the month of the birth of the 'sungod'. Naturally 18=9 going back to the nines.
    Since Jim Cameron is a 33 degree brother, let us look at what Avatar opening date, and Pandora distance to earth=9 mean.
    9° Master Elect of Nine. This degree teaches that Truth often emerges from the clash of opinions, and to look at life and duty and God through the minds of others who do not share the same religious faith. Interesting, look through the minds of 'others', an Avatar perhaps?.
    18° Knight of the Rose Croix of H.R.D.M.. In this degree, the principles of tolerance are affirmed and grants to each man the right to answer, in his own way, his convictions. Naturally Jake Sully chose the side of the Na'vi,blue alien giants over earth due to his on convictions. The number 17 also plays a part in Avatar. 17 being no mystery to secret sun readers. Wiki says of James Camerons-Avatar. Jake was born
    August 24 2126,22+4+2+1+2+6=17. Jake's avatar is about 17 years old (Wiki). Jake arrives at Pandora after a journey of 5 years, 9 months and 22 days 5+9+2+2=18 again. Pandora itself orbits the gas giant Polyphemus. Polyphemus in greek mythology being, the gigantic one-eyed son of Poseidon and Thoosa. Poseidon the water god of Atlantis, now sunken beneath the sea. Thoosa, was a sea nymph, bringing us to full circle to Grammy's & Pink.
    Pink being a Virgo, what do you know so is Jake Sully. So Cameron likes space and the ocean. So does Sir Richard Branson Master of Virgin empire. Now if one looks at his early Virgin logos, you see dragon, serpents, virgin twins, and trees of life. Both Cameron and Branson it is safe to say are intiates, both of them use the western initiate system of as above so below, the stars in heaven mimic our own 'lost' now underwater civilizations. Strangely Branson's underwater submarine operates from his own 'private' island, as well.

  17. Just reading Red Ice and had to point you to this article:

    Too weird, particularly with the date.

  18. Pink was born on 8 September?

    30 years to the day after Richard Strauss' death (1949).

    Veils imagery. Water/Oannes imagery.

    Too bizarre...

    Time for a couple of Fifth Element-related reruns.


  19. Edit, sorry Chris, a typo, and some other thoughts.
    Jake Sully Jake Sully, born August 24, 2126. so 2+4+2+1+2+6=17
    Pylyphemus is a one eyed giant born of sea nymph mother and sea god father Poseidon. The one eye, all seeing eye of the gods, and Galactica Cylons-Caprica. The Cylons in Galactica like the fallen Nephelim take 'human' lovers to mate with and create children. In reading about the filmed but not used Avatar movie, Jake fathers a child of his Avatar, and the Na Vi race, but we are told that Jake's avatar is a mix of human alien DNA. So going back to the Cylon, Caprica concept, of 'Cylons' as Giants, that later destroy humanity. This is quite an interesting turn. Avatar ends with Earth-Gaia, being condemned to death, as the myths say. The gods decided to destroy their creation. As for if Jim Cameron is a Freemason, i had a chat with a mason in the months leading up to Avatar's release, he was 18 degree, i amusingly mentioned that Avatar is opens december 18. The brother said, okay, i will give you the fact that James Cameron is 33 degree, as his fellow brothers told him. Also that to people into the esoteric Avatar would be filled with it.

  20. B I N G O ! ! ! !

    What an incredible piece of deciphering Chris and I'd say in record time too!!

    "Pop music" has apparently become a showcase for occult manipulation of our children and hence, is shaping future humanity...

    It's just as well so many are awake and awakening daily now.

    Bravo Chris - bravo. Enjoyably edutaining and informative as always.

    Love and bless you


  21. I prefer this Stella Marie:

  22. Nick- A lot, actually. I often wonder about that feedback loop but then again it's not like all of this isn't out there floating around in the ether. It's still stunning to see tho.

    Michael- I was just reading about Dick and the pink beam, which sounds like a Gosporn title. The sequencing seems a little specific for someone to be oblivious to its meaning, but there are a lot of neopagan types in the gay community. And there's also the issue of unconscious influence as well. Again, there is no such thing as the occult anymore. It's all out there in your face.

    Strangey- I was thinking about the MTV awards- she's doing the old Hanging Man bit there.

    Vegan- Again, I don't know. There's no reason to think the whole point isn't simply to entertain. I'm loathe to read too much into this stuff, since it all tends to get rather random.

    Strangey II- I didn't watch the whole thing, so I'd have to say no. I did notice that Taylor Swift needs to learn to sing in a big hall, though.

    Andre- Well, the Star Tarot is the 17th and that's the water-bearer there for you. I've got some weird theories on the whole resurrection of Osiris thing (which as we've seen doesn't really sync up with Persephone/winter-growing seasons thing, since Osiris seems to stay in the Underworld). We'll get to those in a bit. Cheers for the link- I say its the Klingons!

    Grey- I agree. There are several different factions at work and they're all battling to discover the meaning of all of these secrets. I think all of the business with ET and the Vatican and the Royal Society is the perfect example of that- all of a sudden you have these mega-PHds talking like Richard Hoagland. It's all so odd.

    77M- Yeah- very Solar. Though I believe the upright triangle is generally associated with the masculine principle for obvious reasons.

    引っ掛ける- We see a lot of amphibious connections in the lore to Sirius. What that's based in I'm not sure exactly. That Power Rangers stuff doesn't surprise me- all of this stuff is everywhere, most especially in Japanese popcult. I first noticed this back when I was reading the Gnostic literature and happened to watch Akira.

    Mark- Yeah, all part of the Royal Society madness. I wish I could figure out what the real agenda there is.

    Justie- Glad to be of service! And me and Goro both are the batard stepchildren of Richard Hoagland in that regard.

    Ela- Cheers!

    Strangey III- Wow- crazy stuff. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

    Anony- Oh the Nines have a much deeper meaning than numerology. That's for sure. As to Cameron, I wouldn't be surprised if he's involved in some deep initiatory business (certainly the Grissom stuff is fascinating) , but I really don't see him as a Mason and there's no evidence of it, either. The Masons themselves deny it, though they'd obviously be thrilled to claim him. As I've said before many times, the Masons are very low in the overall scheme of things and tend to be very conservative Republican types, which Cameron most certainly is not.

    But Branson sure sounds like he's well on the way to becoming Blofeld!

    Anony- Yeah- check my Twitter feed.

    Jason- Cheers for the links- forgot about that stuff!

    Suki- I must confess to feeling totally alienated from what passes for pop these days, and have for quite some time. The business took over and replaced real artists with narcissists and computer programming. But as I say about the guys with their JayZ exposes, if they weren't offended ten years ago by his (and his contemporaries) narcissism, greed, misogyny and violence and suddenly decide to get upset by his occult dabblings then I have very serious questions about their intellect, ethics and personal morality. Who can sit there looking for some triangles in the Run This Town video when the entire tableau is a celebration of fascist rule and mob violence? It's so ridiculous, it's beneath contempt.

  23. Chris - have you looked in to the water/blue synchs and any possible connection to the Aquarian Age debate? It certainly seems to make sense that if a water age is coming, then the water symbology and the blue skinned creatures that keep popping up these days would make more sense. I don't necessarily put stock into those things, but ignoring the connection isn't useful either. Have you looked in to this?

  24. Sure- check this out:

  25. "If there is magic on this planet, it is in water." Loren Eisley

  26. Fascinating. I'm watching it over and over. This is much more sublime and entrancing esoteric ritual and symbolism than the so often nihilistic, ugly pieces of theatre Lady Gaga and the rest of the usual suspects employ.

    I'm quite taken with it and still have no idea what it all means.

    A Mystery eh?

  27. Talk about water symbolism… Rick Riordan’s book series “Percy Jackson & the Olympians – The Lightning Thief,” a Disney picture, is scheduled for release on Feb 11th, 2010, which has the protagonist discovering that he is the son of Poseidon!

  28. I missed this performance and it seems the youtube got yanked.

    Imho, I agree with both Michael up there and you as well Chris.

    I have a strong feeling that both the right/left brain + spirit/soul etc, etc are being funneled to a singular point of oneness for this entire universe.

    If that's true, then what were seeing is a veil being lifted and both conscious and unconsciousness working in tandem.

    It will all seem very natural fluid because it's no longer tedious work.

    I still like what you said about ritualistic behavior being created due to fear, but this performance looks as if it had a certain beauty to it that is more celebratory, hence positive.

    Unbelievable work btw. You weave this info together like a spider. Kudos!

  29. Hi Chris,

    Interesting points directed at Suki, and I have to completely agree, this might not be the place to mention, but I do a lot of home recording, songwriting, not to 'make it', but for creativity, fun, and to keep myself mentally sane, so it's an obcessive hobby, and I avoid all of that digital auto correcting, as I'd rather keep the honesty of a one pass performance. The problem isn't the digital technology, it's how it's used, and most modern commercial acts have lost their honesty, sad.

  30. Hi Chris

    Love the Blog! I haven't commented before but this post brought to mind a picture of the Hollywood and Highland Center I took during a trip to Hollywood just before Christmas - ie. the three star motif - there was some sort of Christmas concert taking place.

    Also, slightly off topic, but I noticed the Observatory at Griffiths Park has a dome/obelisk conjunction.

  31. @ToothyGM

    a new youtube version of the PINK youtube Grammy performance vid is up at my blog

    See it before youtube pulls it again.


  32. Anony331- It is a water planet, after all.

    Justin- Agreed on both counts. Maybe the producer is a fan of the Sun!

    Jack- Oh yeah- we've been all over that one.

    Toothy- Well, this is a performance with ritualistic overtones rather than an actual ritual. This one was a lot of work for some reason so thanks for the kudos.

    Matt- Oh, I agree. The problem is also the radical selfishness and self-absorption that some of these "artists" perpetuate and promote.

    Col- WOW. Awesome pix. Thanks for the links.

    Strangey- Good deal. That will get yanked soon, but such is life, as they say.

  33. This is a fantastic essay! Pink Granite! And I finally, finally found Sirius in my own sky! Wonderful!

    Thanks, and Congratulations.


  34. I just watched the vid over @ Strange Eyes.

    Thanks Strange Eye!

    Wow. I've never followed Pink but that was incredible.

    I didn't get a bad vibe from it, or even a weird one.

    It was very, very pretty.

    Again though, your post adds a dimension I would've never seen.

    So again, your work is very much appreciated.

  35. Yes, it was a nice corrective to the semiotic vomit Lady GorGon and Rihanna have been polluting the memestream with. I really think there's enough darkness in the world, don't you?

  36. Yes!

    Call me crazy but I also believe it's turning around as we speak. Like REALLY turning around. Absolutely no question. True Love, Peace and Harmony.

    I only want to add to the light. That's my whole purpose in life.

    It's obviously yours as well.

    I don't have a doubt in my head that the magic is rounding the bend. You know you see it.



  37. @Chris,

    100% with you my friend...

    WE have to BE the change we want in this world and stop waiting for someone else to change it!


  38. You heard it here first:
    Iran launched a rocket carrying its first domestically-built space capsule today 2/3/10

    "The Kavoshgar 3 (Explorer) rocket has a cargo of live animals including a rat, turtles and worms."

    I am suffering an absurd mental image of weightless turtles and worms in space.

  39. interesting by itself, but awesome in the bigger overall context that seems to be revealing itself...

    Blazing fireball sighted in sky
    (UKPA) – 5 hours ago

    Sightings of a fireball blazing across the sky have been reported across the country.

    Astronomy Ireland said people in the north and south witnessed the spectacle.

    It is thought the fireball was a space rock travelling at a 100,000 miles per hour, or the equivalent of a small atomic bomb blast in the skies.



  40. @ Chris,

    Yessir, a little slow I am sumtimes..! LOL!

    I just now got the Lady GorGon and the STONE connection!

    "who had hair of living, venomous snakes, and a horrifying gaze that turned those who beheld it to stone"


  41. Wanna hear about synchronicity?

    In my earlier reply, I mentioned a...slight fear of puppets [their eyes don't move; evil felt skinned creatures]

    Anyway, after a curious Google search of “Scary Puppets” I discovered classic Sesame Street nightmare fuel.

    “Bert and Ernie explore the Pyramids”

    Thousands of people claim to have been spooked by said clip [and 'some' still are *shifts eyes*]

    It's worth checking out; it touches some weird subjects [Egyptian past life, Ernie telling the truth but Bert not believing him].

    Still not as creepy as H.R. Pufnstuf; but definitely up there with Fraggle Rock. [You know, for a person terrified of puppets, I've seen a great deal of puppet-related programming]

  42. Gah! I had a comment-mod mishap this morning- can you guys resubmit your comments?

  43. Toothy- Well, one thing we can do is BE that change, as Strangey says? All of the other crap is already running out of steam- there's nowhere for it to go in the end.

    Strangey- Exactly. And that fireball is interesting timing...

    Lynn- Well, if Iran's getting in on the act there's obviously something deeper at play that is not being discussed in the media.

    引っ掛ける- Sesame Street doing Jewel of the Seven Stars? I love it!

  44. Chris, we should look at the song she sang, too -- "Glitter in the Air." Within the Grammys context (not just a love song), these lyrics become ominous:

    It's only half past the point of no return
    The tip of the iceberg, the sun before the burn
    The thunder before lightning


    It's only half past the point of oblivion
    The hourglass on the table, the walk before the run
    The breath before the kiss and the fear before the flames


  45. oyin,

    it's all a matter of perspective!

    Way I see it is, it's not really fear being expressed in the tune but anxiety.

    I take the lightning and flames in the more esoteric view of the "Holy Fire" or "Holy Spirit". I cover that perspective a little in my take on the show on my blog.

    I look at it like this...

    The "Holy Fire" is expressed through the phoenician/aramaic character "SHIN/SIN" which is written as "W" and sounds as "S/Sh" (it is three (3) yods joined into one character - (yod = Flames, Nails - which pierce, ignite and purify)

    think of it in terms of this Christian example (I use that example assuming a larger Christianity-aware readership):

    IHVH = Yahweh / Jehova

    In the story/gospel
    When Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist he "as the living man-god" received the "Holy Fire/Spirit".. and then the story tells us HE will now baptize in turn with the Holy Fire/Spirit.

    IHVH + SHIN/SIN = IHShVH (yod heh shin vav heh)

    IH.Sh.VH = YahoShua = Jesus (now triune as God, Son, Spirit)

    Expressed in the familiar formula:

    "In nomine Patris et Fili et Spiritus Sancti"


  46. If you need a more modern example of the idea and one not so quite so "Christian" in affiliation (even though af-FILI-ation still resonates its religiousity):

    You can look to the end scenes in the movie The Matrix

    NEO is shot with bullets by Agent Smith. This represents the character SHIN being inserted in "the name/You".

    Once infused with this Holy Fire/Spirit, (depicted by the bullets which represent the yods), Neo becomes "THE ONE" (Theo indicates 'GOD').

    If we count he's shot in Yesod,
    then Tiphareth, then shot 7 more times to symbolize each of the remaining Sephirot, that appear on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, then a pause and another final shot for Kether.

    We see the 3 Agents Smith (WE3M the spinner character SHIN/SIN)representing "SHIN/SIN" in the trinity of characters.


  47. Wow, it's great to read something about pop culture that relates to a deeper history of myth and mystery rather then the usual bland topics. Thanks for sharing!


  48. Oyin-- It's certainly starting to feel that way, isn't it?

    Strangey- Osiris the Baptist, reincarnation of Elihu?

    Margo- Cheers! Dig in - this is just the tip of the iceberg!

  49. @Chris,

    I can say I haven't the froggiest what it all means yet in the bigger picture... but this TRINITY / SHIN / HOLY FIRE/SPIRIT meme is really starting to play fast and furious into the conscious stream from all angles...

    I'm certainly trying to remain hopeful it's not the white sands type and just the awe of the flow of the "Holy Spirit".


  50. "Well, one thing we can do is BE that change, as Strangey says? All of the other crap is already running out of steam- there's nowhere for it to go in the end."

    Honestly, this is simple, sage advice. But I never was able to put it into true blue practice until very recently.

    There is so much incredible power to be put to honest to goodness positive use that it's actually pretty surprising.

    Buckle up Brother and tighten your chinstrap, this is just beginning to go into a GrinWorthyGear!



  51. My goodness that was a beautiful performance by Pink, with whom I am only vaguely familiar. This is some seriously potent symbolism when viewed at first blush, especially the star symbolism, the water and the baptismal stuff, the being lifted into the air (as someone who has herself dabbled in circus arts), that speaks to me, and I will have to spend some time sorting out what it means. You've given me more food for thought with your observations about it, certainly.

    I wonder if these female singers aren't trotted out before us as "goddesses" to be "worshipped"? To what end, I am unsure. Most of the time, I think the ritual symbolism portrayed in their performances is intended for some negative purpose directed at the uninformed and sound asleep, not that I claim to be so bright eyed and bushy tailed 24x7. Sometimes I feel as if I am being mocked by these Hollywood types with their in-your-face symbolism that they seem to think some "pleb" like myself and others "like me" would never be able to fathom. I'd never seen a Lady Ga Ga vid until yesterday, and all I have to say is YECHT ... A dark, plastic, made-for-tv goddess, no doubt. These people are playing with the mysteries, I think, to what end, well, we may see one of these days.

    I make a point of finding Orion in our Northern New Mexico sky nearly every evening when out feeding the farm critters after work. Nice to think of Orion's belt as Las Tres Marias. And while I'm not navigating any oceans out here in the high desert, I will see Sirius in a new maritime light as well. Thanks for that.

    Thought provoking as always.

    Pax. Kimberly

  52. There are heavy messages throughout Sesame Street, many of them just beneath the surface, and few right there in front of you. I've always thought the show had less to do with ABCs and brushing your teeth and more to do with introducing children to the concept of dualism, among other things.

  53. It's so nice for once the symbolism in the performance isn't this dark nasty murky stuff we've seen so often in the last bunch of years. I thought it was actually quite lovely. (And up until I saw it, Pink was only a name I was vaguely aware of--I didn't know what she looked or sounded like.)

    Apparently, her performance from the Grammys is part of her regular act with some lighting changes (which might be the very thing that pushes it over the edge to sychromystic territory)--not an act created for the awards.
    See the 10th paragraph of this article where Pink is quoted saying the lighting changes for the Grammys disoriented her a bit:

    I've got a tendency to agree with what Michael said in the beginning of the comments (sexual identity notwithstanding)--I'm not so sure the people who put this together consciously embedded the symbolism that is clearly there. I think they just did what felt 'right'. If that's the case, then perhaps the ancients were right, and true art is the voice of the gods?

    Got a couple of other thoughts, but Kimberly beat me to them a couple of comments back.

    Anyway, this was a great post Chris. Lots to think about. Thanks.

  54. I apologize if everyone has already seen this! I have only read through the pictures and captions. Creepy!

  55. Interesting blog you got here. Keep it up :)

  56. To the person whom believes Pink is a Leo ....

    That would be incorrect. 9/8/1979 makes her a Virgo which is said to be the Sign of Venus (Isis/Mary/Ianna/Ishtar/Astarte/Hecate/Diana) The Mother of All (mother of God) etc. According to the secret sects of above mentioned Fraternities. The day sacred to her is Friday. An association to Venus. Venus Represents Love.

    Venus rises before the sun (the sun is said to be the spiritual center of all life) which would be the Heart.

  57. In alchemy, water is symbolic of divinity or the unified self. The alchemical marriage is uniting of the masculine conscious mind with feminine unconscious. In Rihanna's umbrella video, she is singing from the point of view of an immaterial unconscious higher self. She says things like "come into my arms, its ok don't be alarmed, come into me", "nothing will come inbetween, you are part of my entity" and "i'm going to make the rain pour i'll be all you need and more" all the while being pictured golden in side a triangle which is the symbol of unity....When pink is elevated and drenched in water, it is symbolic of the unification of the self. Beyonce's Halo video deals directly with the same idea as Riannas except she is singing from the point of view of the conscious mind being unified with her higher self. At the end of the video, she is seen floating gracefully in water while she opens her eyes. She has been awakened to her true self. The mythologies that represent this process make it seem complicated but it was made quite simple once once I understood the universality of it all. Its just like using many different languages to describe the same thing, unification of dualities. Alchemical marriage is no different from Gnosis or enlightenment if i'm not mistaken.