Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shekinah Rising: The Missile Defense Logo "Controversy"

By now you've seen the news stories over the controversy over the Missile Defense Agency logo. The issue seems to be over its alleged use of the crescent and star of Islam, which neocons see as some kind of symbolic surrender to Sharia law (or something to that effect). I'm not sure any of them really believe it- it's an election year and the more they can divert the voters from America's grim economic future, the better. But there are deeper issues at work here...

First- if you're talking symbolism, note that the crescent is inverted. This is a significant detail in symbolism (upside down crosses, anyone?), not that it matters to the shills. Here are a couple typical arguments, if you can call them that:
"Team Obama’s anti-anti-missile initiatives are not simply acts of unilateral disarmament of the sort to be expected from an Alinsky acolyte. They seem to fit an increasingly obvious and worrying pattern of official U.S. submission to Islam and the theo-political-legal program the latter’s authorities call Shariah."

"I'm having trouble seeing past the crescent and star in the new logo," one critic posted on "Is this our signal to the muslim world that we're not going to shoot down their missiles?"
It's funny, these are the people last week who were complaining Obama was killing too many terrorists (to call American politics a clownshow is to insult honest, hardworking circus performers). I would think Muslims might see a US defense project incorporating the (inverted) crescent and star as a profanation and an implied threat. Is that why this ridiculous controversy was manufactured, to preempt more legitimate concerns?

I've said it before, I'll say it again: Whenever a controversy erupts in the media over symbols, it's always an intentional diversion disguising a deeper meaning.

Let's take a closer look at the logo:

None of the media shills pointed out that the "star" is actually two crosses superimposed upon each other. Note those elongated bottom rays. Coincidence? Maybe, but maybe the whole thing is all a coincidence, then.

The effect resembles an X (or a Chi, if you prefer) laid over it, just as the Church of Scientology cross does. Why they use that symbol is another issue altogether. Some have speculated that Hubbard borrowed the logo from Crowley, who decorated the reverse of his Book of Thoth Tarot deck with the cross, which is derived from Constantine's chi-rho cross (why it is is another issue altogether).

But the cross, the globe and the crescent bring us to another Tarot deck- that of Crowley's arch-nemesis A.E. Waite. This is the High Priestess, who Waite describes thusly:

In a manner, she is also the Supernal Mother herself--that is to say, she is the bright reflection. It is in this sense of reflection that her truest and highest name in bolism is Shekinah--the co-habiting glory. - Waite, Pictorial Key to the Tarot

Sound familiar? Not a few researchers noticed that Shock and Awe- the big buzzword used during the early days of the Iraq invasion- sounds not a little bit like "Shekinah." Waite also writes that "according to Kabalism (sic), there is a Shekinah both above and below."

"Above and below." You mean like in the desert and the sky?

William Henry wrote on the "Shock and Awe" issue in 2003:

Most Christians and Jews are unaware that this Divine Fire is a feminine component of the deity in biblical times. This feminine Glory of God is called “shakina” (Shock-in-ah).

Shakina is the Indian Shakti, translated as “Cosmic Energy.” The term is used in the Talmud and Midrash in place of Word (Memra, Life Force Energy, Christ).

The image of the Shekinah reaches back to the goddesses of Sumeria and later to As-Tara in Canaan.

She was first exiled from humanity as a result of the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden, which some scholars locate in various places in Iraq. She has shared the exile from the Garden (Iraq) with all of humanity. She is addressed as the ‘Mystical Eden’, the ‘holy apple garden’.

Some occultists and students of the Tarot interpret the High Priestess as an incarnation of Hathor as well. Hathor was associated with the sphere, the crescent (which corresponded with her horns) and was known as the "Lady of the Stars."

But like Shekinah, Hathor had a violent streak- she was also known as Sekhmet, a "bloodthirsty warrior" and "goddess of destruction":

(Hathor) was also a goddess of destruction in her role as the Eye of Ra - defender of the sun god. According to legend, people started to criticise Ra when he ruled as Pharaoh. Ra decided to send his "eye" against them (in the form of Sekhmet). She began to slaughter people by the hundred. When Ra relented and asked her to stop she refused as she was in a blood lust.

So, an entirely different picture is starting to emerge from these symbols than the one the medias- both the mainstream and the so-called "alternative"- would want to make you believe.

Think about it- which crescent and star do you think elements in the military would want to identify with- that of Islam or Sekhmet/Shekinah?

But the mystery deepens- some neocons have compared the logo to the Iranian Space Agency logo- take a long look at it...

...then look again at Hathor's headdress. How about that, eh?

Of course, we've been down this road before, with the election logos, right? Like the Iran S.A. logo, it leads me to believe that maybe the forces the media presents as adversaries are no such thing. But there's one fascinating connection here...

Between the MDA logo and the Stairway to Sirius. Note that the "earth" is a pure blue globe. Kind of like a water planet, no? Coincidence?

Maybe. The world's full of coincidences these days, isn't it?


  1. Hi Chris,

    Although i agree with your comments re the High Priestess in the Rider-Waite deck, the very first thing i thought of when i saw the MDA logo was the Star in the Thoth deck - which as well as being smothered in stargates, is the 17th card in the deck ;-)



  2. wklaus23@yahoo.com8:01 PM, February 25, 2010

    so "boner" went missing, and now "boner" has been found. Osiris is whole again. Things are about to get interesting....

  3. Absolutely stunning post here, Chris. I'm forwarding it to friends. Sooo glad you wrote something up on this while it was fresh in the public's eye. You caught stuff I didn't see (the cross...can't believe I didn't see that.)

    On another topic but related with syncs to your recent Star Trek posts.

    Actor Andrew Koenig, missing since February 14, was found dead in Vancouver, British Colombia, Thursday, a source close to the family told CNN.

    His body was found in Stanley Park.

    His father, Walter Koenig -- himself an actor, known for his role as Pavel Chekov in the "Star Trek" series -- flew to Vancouver with his wife, Judy, on Tuesday to help with the search.

    OK. We start the Olympics in Vancouver with a death of an athlete and then an actor (once a child actor) chooses Vancouver to commit suicide just as the games are wrapping up....Bookends of sacrifice?

    What is the origin of the name "Koenig?"

    He played "Boner" on "Growing Pains."

    He was 41 and disappeared on February 14 (41 inverted.)

    But with all you've been writing on lately, Chris, re: Star Trek, it's just a little too weird. Agree?

    Here's the link:

  4. Great post, man. I wish I could talk about this stuff with my friends without them instantly denying the connections I make or seeing them as superficial. People who are "pseudo-skeptical", as you put it, are giving me a hard time lately. So it's awesome to come to your site and just let my brain loose.

  5. Brooke- interesting- I was looking at it but it didn't really fit into the piece. What's your thinking?

    Klaus and LD- Yeah I saw that. Pretty sad story. Koenig means king in German. I don't really know how "Boner" fits into the Olympics, so I don't know about the rest of it. Maybe just a depressed guy living in depressing times up in a dark, rainy corner of the world well known for inspiring suicidal thoughts. But yeah, strange sync with the Trek vibe to be sure.

    Tommy- People pick and choose what's superficial, I suppose. Me I think most of what is popular in the media is superficial in the extreme. Let your brain loose, brother!

  6. Crescent moon symbolism.. has nothing to do with the moon at all.. It is a planet moving in front of it's star. The Star is not our Sun.. It is representative of the star that are ancestors originally came from. Notice there is also a vector symbol in the missile defense logo as well. V is equivalent to 6 in Hebrew.. but if you watch Jose Escamilla's new film 'Moon Rising' you'll see that the vector shape is simply the same shape as a commonly seen UFO. It's on just about every Nasa Mission patch as well. :)

  7. Hello, my friend. Interesting that Koenig/King walked out of a taping of the Larry King show moments before going on air.

    The two crosses also form an eight-pointed Chaos Magick Star.

    The crescent as a moon - the moon is also an important symbol right now - New Moon / Wolfman / NASA announcing water on the moon / etc.

    Doppelgangers are also big - two crosses laid on each other. Look-alikes / Double Magick.

    Keep on keeping on. I LOVE lurking on your site.



  8. Hi Chris,

    When I was in DC recently at the Library of Congress, I was admiring the paintings on the outstandingly beautiful ceiling, and was struck by these words painted above "The True Shekinah is Man".

    Photo here:


  9. Heh, Chris i wouldn't describe what i was doing as thinking. To my eye, there is something about the shape of the red missile tail (if that is what it is meant to represent?) that reminds me of the posture of the figure on Crowley's star. Doubt that helps much ;-)

    I wonder if the tantric element is intentional - red spear point penetrating a blue crescent moon in a burst of (illuminating) starlight? Red, white and blue, i know, but c'mon, really!

  10. This is a cool post, I like it when you let your symbolism cred out for a walk. "Double Cross" also means to reverse a vow, which is a kind of "double magic". Your synch with Iraq, Shakti and the "War on Terror" is hilarious, since she is regarded as a "terror".

  11. Hi Chris,

    Brilliant observations as usual!

    Agreed that this flap is an intentional diversion especially since most media outlets today ran the LIVE Health Care Summit.

    It was the President, Speaker Pelosi, Vice-Prez and everyone else but the kitchen sink all in one room at Blair House...As if to say, "see we were live to the nation, up front and above board, while that logo flap was happening"!

    And you should have heard the banter! Obama to McCain, "this is not the election anymore." McCain, "I know that." Totally and completely bizarre! But transparent.

    Chris, the crosses remind me also of what I've read on Etemenanki blog about the GC galactic center and the cross-quarters CQ. These are also seen most of the time on the shuttle mission patches as the destination star of the star gate. There seems to be a bit of the NASA red chevron things going on there too.

    I'm just wondering why they've put such a blatantly appealing logo out to folks like us. Why they're sure to know that we can analyze it! Maybe it's another test run to see how viral something like this can hustle like the Norway spiral did on the alternative sites.

    And wow! I loved the goddess Sekhmet angle. How cool is she?

    "...When Ra relented and asked her to stop she refused as she was in a blood lust."

    Those guys may as well paint her image on their missiles!

    Black Dog Star has a great post on the Dark Mother/Kali and her violence as well.

    Thanks Chris,

  12. Steve- Indeed You might notice I studiously avoided the term "crescent moon" in favor of simply crescent. Vector aka chevron.

    Speaking of which- from tonight's Trek:
"As far as Moriarty and the Countess know, they're halfway to Meles II by now. This enhancement module contains enough active memory to provide them with experiences for a lifetime."
"They will live their lives and never know any difference."
"In a sense, you did give Moriarty what he wanted."
"In a sense, who knows? Our reality may be very much like theirs. All this might just be an elaborate simulation running inside a little device sitting on someone's table."

    - Barclay, Picard and Troi in the final scene

    Thuth- Eight-sided- the octagon. Another can of worms, entirely. Lurk away, brother!

    Flying H- Hardcore! Thanks!

    Brooke- Oh, I think whoever designed that logo really burnt the midnight oil on it! Very complex. Worth another post? Maybe!

    Michael- I didn't know where to go on the cross thing, but double magic certainly makes sense with the phony controversy.

    Soapie- I don't know what's behind it, but it's times like this I feel like I'm up at bat at a slo pitch softball game. Maybe it's letting all the sensitives know what's on the way. Thanks for the recap on the HC meeting!

  13. Edward Waite did not create the Rider-Waite Tarot Cards; they were commissioned illustrations drawn by fellow Golden Dawn member Pamela Coleman Smith [unfortunately, she is rarely given proper credit].

    -she was friends with Crowley; I'd question “anti-Crowley” disses hidden within the artwork.

    Here is a Japanese Golden Dawn website; there's many scans of Pamela Coleman Smith's illustrations.


    As for the Iranian Space agency's logo; if you spoke Persian, you'd realize it's poetic.

    It looks like a partial lunar eclipse.

    The Persian noun for Moon is also an adjective meaning Gorgeous/Lovely/Radiant.

    [Note: this goes back to Nizami and the poem “Layla and the Madman” <- Layla was called “his moon.” Add a thousand years of Pop Culture diffusion; Moon = adjective]

    Anyway, the logo is likely patriotic; symbolizing Iran “Radiantly Eclipsing” other space agencies. [& with NASA canceling any potential moon missions - they just might]

  14. Hello Christopher,

    Here is where the logo originated. It was used at MIT before Obama ran for President.

    It was used before Obama ran for President--a recruiting ad @ MIT. Page 17 btw

  15. Numerically ShKYNH = 385 - 5x77

    77 = the flight that popped the Pentagon

    The swoosh seems like a flight path crashing into a 'crescent' shaped building[ were such thing to exist.

    Thus the only building crashed into and still standing was the Pentagon

    The symbol seems to have features similar to Obama's election symbol/

    Also MDA = ADM - Adam , first man , and it means 'red'


  16. Yes, but Shekinah/Sakina is also: "Tranquility, referring to God's blessing of solace and succour upon both the Children of Israel and Muhammad."

    Not much shock-n-awe there.

  17. Good work as always, Chris

    Those two crosses also look like two swords.


  18. Cosmic strangeness just keeps coming:

  19. The missile patch has 4 vectors in the red part, three on the right side and one on the left. What a curious word vector. Soundless Dawn is on to something concerning the vector.Dennis

  20. Dennis, the whole "V" symbol and shape seems to be cropping up a lot. Consider it the Vessel for the Sacred Feminine meme that has been growing in popularity (almost to the point of nausea.)

  21. I meant to add this to my last post:

    I get the same queasy feeling when I look at this MDA logo as I did when I first saw the Obama "sun" slogan. "Queasy" isn't the best word but there is something emanating from the artwork or design on both that simply feels strategically dark. For me, it's got nothing to do with Obama or war or whatever. I'm simply speaking to the vibe off these two "symbols."Perhaps whatever it is supposed to be "speaking" is talking to me on some level and I don't like the conversation?

  22. Cool, so MDA logo is Stairway to Hathor? Since Sirius was worshipped as Sothis/Isis/Hathor? Or can be viewed as Aphrodite/Venus/Columbia? What is this obsession with this assimilated goddess? We're all trying to get back into the loving arms of our mom?

  23. The lost and found "Boner" got me thinking about King Tut - whose body and dna was back in the news recently - and his wandering member.

    Then I laughed remembering that the song "Detachable Penis" was performed by a band called King Missile!

    Okay, so we have the king, the boner and the missile all in place. But, wait, it gets better.

    Per Newsweek:
    "Tut’s tomb contained canes and what the scientists call “an afterlife pharmacy,” supporting the idea that he suffered from a condition that hobbled him."

    Lyrics from "Detachable Penis"??
    "I asked them to check the medicine cabinet
    'cause for some reason I leave it there sometimes"

    I laughed once more thinking there was a funny connection, but nothing too heavy. Then I recalled how the story played out for King Missile and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

    "Then, as I walked down Second Avenue towards St. Mark's Place, where all those people sell used books and other junk on the street, I saw my penis lying on a blanket next to a broken toaster oven.
    Some guy was selling it.
    I had to buy it off him.
    He wanted twenty-two bucks, but I talked him down to seventeen."

    Here's the music video:

  24. PS: If you had to guess what the original band name was for "King Missile," what would you say?

    I don't think any of us would have guessed it, but we certainly shouldn't be surprised...

    "Dog Fly Religion"

  25. Alan,

    According to what Chris wrote, Koenig means "King." So, there is another sync with King Tut.

    So, Koenig (King), Boner and the Vancouver Olympics local for his demise. This really feels like something more significant here. (Also, Koenig's parents were scheduled to be on Larry KING's show and walked out before the interview.)

    Also, the way Koenig looked with his long hair reminds me of a look from centuries ago.

  26. Olympics...Yoko Apollo Ohno. Fun fact Apolo 13: add Apolo's helmet numbers together 5+6+2=13. So it really is Apollo 13. And all that gold.

  27. I noticed this one on the subway today.

    Planet and two suns?
    BTW amazing job on the Bishop story. Those updates keep getting creepier and creepier.

  28. that logo reminds me of the nike/saturn logo.

    and thanks for the great blog!

  29. Pleas; delete this'un as totally off topic: "Thewheeldeal" the moohsickle x10deadvirgin of some text you wanted to hear - mucho embarrasomento!

    Thanks for all the good blogging.

  30. hey chris,

    saw this hieronymus bosch painting and it reminded me of the spiral over norway. maybe he saw it in a vision. he is from the netherlands about 500 miles from norway. maybe a bit of a stretch but interesting nonetheless.

  31. Hi Chris,

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  32. HELLO AGAIN....


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    Ever felt you were being left out of something?

    Splendid Full Moon Happening People!


  33. Me Again, Flossy..... Well, regarding 'Longer Boats' by Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam) this is what the interviewer 'Star'(17) found out from the man himself....

    Addition verse performed in live version of this song.

    Raise your mind up and look around
    You can see them, yes they're looking down
    From a lonely asteroid, in a vacant void.
    Dyin', but not destroyed.

    STAR: My favorite song on Tea For the Tillerman is Longer Boats. It’s a curious song. Would you explain what it means by, "Longer boats are coming to win us—hold on to the shore, or they’ll be taking the key from the door...?"

    CAT: One thing, Americans try to make too much of my songs. They’re just songs. I don’t know why I write them. But they try and find all kinds of hidden meanings in my songs. Longer Boats is actually about flying saucers. One night I was lying back in bed and I saw this flying saucer shoot across the sky and stop over me. And it sucked me up into it. When it put me down, I shot up in bed. I knew it wasn’t a dream, It didn’t feel like a dream, It was real, I know itwas real.

    Cat Stevens was in reality writing about UFO’s, flying saucers, in this song. I must admit the words are clear (now that I’ve been enlightened that is). That same phrase now sounds like very large boat-like space ships are coming to take over ’’win’’ control. The line ’’Hold on to the shore, they’ll be taking the key from the door.’’ takes on the meaning of protecting ones self against little green men. Interesting, how far off I was back then. Now some of you are saying right now, ’’I knew that all along’’, well why didn’t you call me and let me in on the simple mystery?

    Tea For The Tillerman is probably the most well-known of Cat Stevens' albums. Two other songs that spoke of UFO’s with a clear message were ’’It’s a Super (dupa) Life’’ (New Masters) and ’’Freezing Steel’’ (Catch Bull at Four ).

  34. BORING-LY, Floss's last stand.......Who's this?....

    Well, I dreamed I saw the silver spaceships flying'
    in the yellow haze of the sun,
    there were children crying' and colors flying'
    all around the chosen ones
    All in a dream, all in a dream the loading had begun.
    Flying Mother Nature's silver seed to a new home in the sun.
    Flying Mother Nature's silver seed to a new home.

    Lyrics by Neil Young

  35. looks like my link didn't come through...but the painting is called ascent to heaven. cheers.

  36. Flossy,

    Well, this is just creepy. I was just now listening to KD Lang's "Hymns from the 49th Parallel" CD and the first song on the CD is that Neil Young song. I had to play it several times because I had never really "heard" the lyrics before, if you know what I mean.

  37. This is synching off the comments, not on the actual post, so delete if off topic, but I had a bit of synchage via the Star Trek "Boner" death that you and the commenters might find interesting:

    Whale Watching



  38. Hi Chris, here's a news story that might be of interest-

    Given the increasingly interesting things going on in our skies it seems like a strange time for the Ministry of Defence to get rid of its UFO investigation unit.

  39. "Massive" Pharaoh Head:

    It is in fourth paragraph when they make clear that, of course, we are talking about a statue here. Still, our gods must have massive heads, no?

  40. レベッカ= Colmeman Smith illustrated the deck based on Waite's instructions. He devised all of the symbolism for the deck, which is explained in the Pictorial Key to the Tarot. Which isn't to diminish PCS's work- but the symbolism is Waite's.

    Song!- Excellent- thanks for the links.

    Aferris- Thanks for the numbers.

    Anony828- Double meanings are the crux of the matter, always.

    JB- Good call, there. More fuel for the fire.

    Dennis- four-in-one. There's an interesting theme.

    LD- Hmm. It doesn't really strike me one way or the other.

    Alan- Ha!

    Anony238- Interesting. Let's keep our eyes peeled for the closing ceremonies.

    Joe- Thanks.

    DDJ- That reminds me of the classic NDE light at the end of the tunnel. Very interesting.

    Flossy- Weird. All of a sudden there's this huge private space program that pops up out of nowhere. Interesting.

    Michael- Where else but Vancouver could the Olympics be held? Never more timely.

    MrPanda- I guess they don't need them anymore. I don't pay attention to that stuff. Just another excuse for the media to run crudely crawn cartoons of UFOs and subtly hint that UFOs are for idiots.

    Davidly- Yep- already put that on the Satellite.

  41. Chris,

    Interesting terminology lately given your heads up re: watching for the "water/indigo" language.

    "The Chile Earthquake Came in Waves," said one resident who witnessed the destruction.

    Then the subsequent tsunami watches and the maps they showed on CNN looked oddly similar to the three red "vectors" on the MDA logo pointed toward the star/crosses on the logo (point of impact of earthquake) and the emanating wave patterns of tsunami waves moving out toward the Pacific. (In fact, this curved pattern on the MDA logo has been repeated even in some solar flare patterns which one guy is using to predict quake zones.)

    Here's a link:

    Check out the top video "Hypertime Foreshadow of What?" to note the solar flare pattern I'm referencing.

    Not to mention that the woman's gold medalist from South Korea wore "aqua blue" when she won the medal.

    LOTS of that same aqua/marine blue in fashion now, BTW.

  42. LD,

    Did you notice that the video link you just posted talks about an earthquake "centered near 49 degrees north latitude" (In the video "Earthquake Watch thru March 8th - AV-2010-02-26"
    and the KD lang album was "Hymns from the 49th Parallel"?

    I may have mentioned this to you in the past, but back in 2007 I was asked by a publisher to write a book about the 2012 meme. They insisted that I write it from a 100% apocalyptic viewpoint "to scare people into buying books." I refused at that point, but the idea has always stuck with me so I look at all the fear mongering with that eye. The apocalypse could be happening all around me and I'd still be like "Nah, I just don't buy it."
    However, something in that Blue Origin video you posted on The Solar Satellite struck me with the notion that the new space race is looking more and more like a rush to the exits. Even if I never buy into that "end of the world" schtick, I think a lot of the guys funding this stuff probably do.

  43. It could well be, but the little spaceplanes they're showing off now won't do anyone much good now. Blue Origin is dinky- a three seater.

    But your publisher gave the game away- apocalypticism is a surefire sales tool, plain and simple. Has been for 2000 years now.

  44. Alan,

    Wow. I didn't notice that connect with Lang's CD. Crazy, eh?

    And re: end of world stuff, FEAR SELLS. Fear is being used more and more now to sell everything from snow gear to vitamins. If someone uses fear to get me to listen to them or buy their stuff or sign up to their newsletter, I refuse. I don't have my head in the sand but I won't be sandbagged by fear or allow it to corrupt my good common sense.

    That's one of the reasons I like this blog. It lays it out and shows it to you but Chris doesn't blanket the sell with fear or try to sell you anything. Well done.

  45. Chris,
    A dinky little pod might be sufficient if you think of yourself as superman ... :) just kidding (I think)
    But you even wrote "All of a sudden there's this huge private space program that pops up out of nowhere" so I hope you'll look at the thought in that context. "Blue Origin" didn't look that spectacular, but it did make me think instantly of escape pods.

    I have to echo your comments. Chris does a stand-out job on that front, that's why I enjoy his site so much. The Secret Sun is where I come to wash out the bad taste left by surfing other data.

    I left you a stupid response to the comment you left on my page. I forgot all about the 49 thing here since the 49 had come up somewhere else all together and I was focusing on that. So now I realize that the 49 isn't just a major personal sync (the reason why I was blown away that you knew I was thinking about it) but something to ponder on with much deeper inspection.

  46. The oldest temple discovered in turkey

    " The single largest carving shows a vulture poised over a headless human. Schmidt theorizes that human corpses were ex-posed here on the hilltop for consumption by birds—what a Tibetan would call a sky burial."

    to me this sounds more an egyptian god than any sky burrial.

  47. Slightly strange, just after reading this post yesterday I picked up Tim Powers' novel THREE DAYS TO NEVER. In it, one of the characters is an Israeli Mossad agent and Powers wrote a scene set during the 6-day-war where the character reaches the wall of the Temple in Jerusalem. I can't remember the exact wording, but he described it as the Shekhinah, the divine presence of God on Earth.

    I'm sure others have had the experience of seeing a word for the first time and then seeing it all over the place, but it's such an odd word to pop up twice in such a short span of time.

    Tim Powers, of course, was a close friend of Philip K Dick's, though his novels are not actually very Dick-like. Nevertheless, the historical accuracy he uses to inform the stories makes them surprisingly realistic. I've enjoyed The Stress of Her Regard, On Stranger Tides and Declare for that reason. His fiction certainly fits this blog.

    On Stranger Tides is supposedly the basis for the next Pirates of the Caribbean film, but I imagine the title is about all they are really going to take from the book.

    John H

  48. Update on the 49/quake connection. This on msn front page today:

    Pacific Northwest at risk for mega earthquake