Monday, February 01, 2010

Astronaut Theology: Beyonce Rising, or Isis in Chains (MAJOR UPDATE)

Let's backtrack to the announcement Barack Obama (or Barackobamun, if you prefer) made on the 42nd Anniversary of Gus Grissom's death:
CAPE CANAVERAL — President Barack Obama will ask Congress to extend International Space Station operations through at least 2020 but abandon NASA's current plans to return U.S. astronauts to the moon, administration and NASA officials said Wednesday.
This in effect extends the reign of ISiS, but scuttles the Constellation program (which NASA quite tragically just released a promotional video for) one which seems to have become its epitaph. The obvious reason for all of this could be the economy (which certainly isn't hurting the ballooning defense budget), but the timing of the announcement still raises my antennae.

If we needed a smoking gun of Obama's (alleged) obsession with the martyred Masonic spaceman, we couldn't do much better than that.

But the end of the Constellation program and the possible demise of the Ares rocket doesn't necessarily mean that the Orion capsule will be mothballed. Don't forget that Elon 'PayPal' Musk's SpaceX is developing some very snazzy rocketry, which spacewatchers claim kicks Ares' ass up and down the Martian canals. And look at the semiotics from this NASA forum:
Could Falcon-9 Heavy launch Orion? The payload fairing is 17 feet in diameter.
The Falcon 9 payload fairing is 17 ft in diameter? Now they're just f-ing with my head. And the 'Falcon' launching 'Orion' into outer space? Where have I heard that one before? Oh yeah...

Space junkies took heart in Obama's nod to programs like the Falcon 9, overlooking the very real possibility (at least in my fevered imaginings) that Obama is carrying out the final revenge against the hated NASA for the murder of his (alleged) childhood hero. Perhaps somewhere in Masonic heaven, St. Virgil is smiling down on all of this humiliation of his oppressors:
The reports suggest the Obama administration intends to move toward relying on commercially-built spacecraft, rather than NASA's own vehicles, to carry humans to low-Earth orbit. The plan would also involve extending the International Space Station's lifetime and abandoning current plans to send astronauts on moon missions by 2020.
Now remember- Grissom was a relentless critic of NASA rocket engineering, which he considered to be unsafe and unsound. And he was repaid for his trouble by a relentless smear campaign that continued long after his death.

But enough of that- Orion may be dead, but he may be revived by the Falcon (9, no less). So is ISiS now the "widow" of Orion? And does this tie back into the theories made by some in the exopolitical community that we've been "warned off" of the Moon? Where could we look for clues of this admittedly-extreme possibility?

How about the ISiS mission patch?

Here we see the space station in low orbit around Earth and surrounded by a chain made of silver and gold links. Outside of the chain is the laurel wreath, most commonly associated with Apollo, who gave his name to the Moon missions of the Sixties and Seventies.

Now, we know that these patches are deeply symbolic, and go through a long review process before they are chosen. So what do those chains symbolize? Do they somehow connect to the possibility raised by the scuttling of Constellation that the dream of manned space flight is a thing of the past? A secret admission of the inhibiting power of the Van Allen Belt?

Or do they speak to something deeper and weirder, perhaps speaking to humankind being bound to the Earth by external dictat?

I obviously can't answer any of that, but I can simply point out this fascinating coincidence: Beyonce Knowles, who was the big winner at the Grammy's* (which took place a few days after Obama extended the reign of ISiS) wore a lovely dress while accepting her record number of awards...

...made of silver and gold chain links.

UPDATE: Reader Patrick offers that the "Chain of Union" is an important Masonic symbol. From the California Masonic Lodges site:
The Chain of Union is, without a doubt, one of the most significant parts of all Masonic Rituals and actual symbols, which, decorate the Masonic Lodge. This “chain”, is actually a rope, which, circumvests the inner walls of the Masonic Temple in its upper part. Its “elevated location” gives it a celestial connotation, confirmed by the twelve knots that appear at intervals all along said rope, and, which, symbolize the twelve signs of the zodiac.
The author goes on to connect the chain not only to the tracing boards (and hence to the Stairway to Sirius) but also to a dizzying array of metaphysical and occult concepts:
...From a metaphysical point of view, the Masonic Chain of Union comes to signify exactly the same as “the chain of the worlds”: a symbol that synthesizes the conjunction of all states, beings and worlds, which, conform the Universal Manifestation, and coexist joined by the “Thread of Atma” (Sutratma), or, in simpler terms, through their “Breath” or “Vivifier Spirit”.
How about that? Then this:
The Chain of Union, thus, becomes a magical and sacred circle where a cosmic and theurgical force concentrates and flows through every “chained man” - in this way permitting them to be part of the True Masonic Spirit and partake of the same salubrious and regenerating energy.
Wow - there may be even more to this story than I thought. Though I must point out that the ISS chain doesn't exactly match the description laid out in the article, and that any good symbol has more than one meaning...

UPDATE: SHOCKER! Is James Cameron part of the Grissom cult too? GENIUS insight from reader David Stewart:
So is Grissom reaching out to this year as well? Chris you seem to be making the case that in some way he is, If we back up a week or so to your postings about the the movie AVATAR, I might point out that the reverse spelling of Grisson's middle name Ivan, is Na'vi - sure that seems a stretch, but the connection is not just bye the bye; check out the alternate name of the star Epsilon Cassiopeiae, a star that apparently Gus had used to set his flight charts by. Is there something in Avatar we are supposed to pay more attention to?
From Wiki: One of the NASA designations for this star is Navi, in honor of astronaut Virgil Ivan "Gus" Grissom, one of the three astronauts who died in the Apollo 1 accident.

Don't forget that Star Trek III was a thinly-veiled Grissom tribute, the original male lead on CSI is named in his honor and that an episode of the now-canceled NBC program Life featured a Grissom-type storyline in the first episode of Obama's presidency.

Interesting sync: Mark Rolston played Grissom in From the Earth to the Moon and was also a feature player in Cameron's Aliens as well as major figure in the X-Files Mytharc.

ANSWER: YES. Ed Harris' character in The Abyss? Virgil 'Bud' Brigman. There's also a Coffey (Chaffee) and Wilhite (White) in the film. Unbelievable. The Abyss and the Sirius connection here.

*Note also the emerging scifi meme on display at the Grammy's with Pink's Fifth Element tribute, the Black Eyed Peas robotic chorus line and Lady GorGon's Ziggy Stardust outfits. See also the "Astral Annointing of Taylor Swift."


  1. NICE post. You are firing on all cylinders, my friend.

    The only piece I'm still not seeing in context of all the rest is the role of privatization in our upcoming space activities. We have it on good word that whatever the UFO phenomenon may be (in terms of tech or info), it went private/corporate sometime soon after the closing of Blue Book. Perhaps someone knows more than NASA, and someone in or near to the administration knows that as well?

  2. Your guess is as good as mine, Doug. The way things are going, "public" and "private" don't mean anything anymore on any number of levels. Outside of the extreme possibility of some kind of reverse engineering coup after Roswell, I really don't know who knows what about ETs.

  3. What was up with that police state Beyonce led up on the stage? I thought the military/swat "dancers" were positively frightening. I mean, they just stood there menacingly. What was their purpose? To guard Beyonce? To protect the entertainment elite from invasion? Or were they the invaders? At least with Janet Jackson they would have been dancing.

  4. Yeah- I tweeted that. Someone said it was a Michael Jackson tribute from one of his videos. I just thought it was creepy and unsettling.

  5. Deliciousness. Stormtroopers=Jay Z's contribution, U dog u.

  6. Fair enough. But NASA's policy has always been to deny knowledge, at least publicly, of anything related to UFOs. We'll have to see what happens when the burden is shifted ;]

    Sync log: watching "Clash of the Titans" for what I thought was the first time last night, realized I had TOTALLY remembered the Medusa scene for my entire life. I just never knew what film it had come from.

    Perseus finds the three blind witches living in a domed structure, with a menacing, symbol-covered obelisk out front. Dome/Obelisk. Tried to find that for you on YouTube, but came up with this instead--a tribute video to a band called Angel Witch, set to a song called (Lady) "Gorgon," which uses "Clash" for its visuals:

  7. ''Chain of union''.It's a common freemasonry symbol.You know,unity,fraternity and so on.But for whom?I guess it's suppose to highlight the ''internationality''of the space station.

  8. the Grammys have become a sad joke, like the balance of this sick gynoculture

    Isis isnt enchained

    she is the chain, and the black iron prison

  9. Ray, Isis is enchanting. The Lady Gaga stuff is so not fashionable IMHO. The gal can sing though. To privitize the military industrial complex just shows how far this American economy is run by Wall street Generals. It seems likely Isis will lead to more off world platforms. A whole lot of science can be done without gravity or the prying eyes of terra firma. Disclosure is necessary to continue beyond low orbit. There is alot of human made space vehicles scanning our solar neighborhood. Made in his image always comes to mind. An engineered species seeking it's orgins. Black iron only deals with our bodies, our minds have no such bounds. Our souls are universal.Some rambiling thoughts left over from some family seniors crab feast last knight. Good werk as usual Chris. Dennis

  10. I truly believe that we have reached the point where technology has become one with our society, and I am fairly confident when I say that we have passed the point of no return in our relationship with technology.

    I don't mean this in a bad way, of course! Societal concerns aside... I just hope that as technology further develops, the possibility of uploading our brains onto a digital medium becomes a true reality. It's one of the things I really wish I could encounter in my lifetime.

    (Posted on Nintendo DS running [url=]R4i[/url] DS NetPostv2)

  11. Did you catch the Lincoln commercial with the tarted-up Space Oddity soundtrack that played during the Grammys? If Lincoln vibes with Obama, I think bits of the story of Major Tom are echoed in the fate of Virgil Ivan Grissom - -and astronaut David Bowman from the Odyssey proper for that matter; I'm getting the three of those astronauts all mixed up. All three rocketmen were separated from us by a mission whose true agenda may be kept hidden. Consider that David Bowie's real name was Davy Jones, a name which has a weird resonance with the watery fate of Grissomm's Gemini Capsule. Both astronauts Bowman and Grissom left widows named Betty (Elizabeth-God's promise). Now, what Major Tom's widow was named I don't know, but she can at least be seen here In Project P's 1983 song WHY ME - a song in which we are told that the "last person to leave here was never seen again; He won't be back until 2010"
    - Now what year was it that that Bowman fellow was supposed to return with news of "something wonderful"? Hallo Spaceboy! and watch out for that moondust.

    So is Grissom reaching out to this year as well? Chris you seem to be making the case that in some way he is, If we back up a week or so to your postings about the the movie AVATAR, I might point out that the reverse spelling of Grisson's middle name Ivan, is Na'vi - sure that seems a stretch, but the connection is not just bye the bye; check out the alternate name of the star Epsilon Cassiopeiae, a star that apparently Gus had used to set his flight charts by. Is there something in Avatar we are supposed to pay more attention to?(By the way, that's Cassiopeia who was slain by our friend Perseus using the Gorgon's head . . .)
    And I'll sign off before I get caught in an infinite loop . . .

  12. mine is a note of gratitude, curiosity, synchronicity, questions and directions. until three weeks ago, i was unaware of this blog and so many other things such as graham hancock and robert bauval. yet, if i let myself hear myself, i realize how much i already knew before hand. perhaps, there is a word for this, i don't know.

    reminds me of when i was back in kenya, which is where i'm from and i learnt during an afri. philosophy class that there were those who believed that greek civil was plagarized from egyptian/kemet traditions. besides, the anger and rage that come from that, i remember wanting to learn more but not ' knowing ' where or how to begin.

    reading through a variety of your posts, they resonate with me, even though, there are cultural references such as star trek, which i have absolutely no cultural lens to draw from. yet, i remember watching knowing with nicholas cage & making the distinction that there was something i needed to understand, but didn't know what it was. sigh.

    i feel like i'm rambling. (smile). maybe i am coming undone. which is necessary if that is the case. words are indescribable to explain how pervasive, viscious, systematic colonial heritage has been to many of us. i suppose, i have always felt like i had to align loyalty to the worlds of flesh or the one of the ancients call home. ( feels like farther rambling )

    a blog such as yours feels like a cool drink of water on a sunny day. i don't know what i will take from it, however, i know that it resonates with a this place beyond words. without going on with varying degrees of another tangent, can you recomend a book(s), author(s), blogs that can continue to illuminate on this path? i am curious about this egypt/symbol connection thingy..pricked my interest after listening to graham hancock on coast 2 coast.

    after i am done writing this, i am heading to the public library and borrow a copy of carl jung's ' memories.' i discovered your blog from a radio interview on which i found from reading about william henry that i had followed from the original spot at

    may you remember love.
    regards & with gratitude

    mbuya nehanda

  13. A Gold Gramophone?

    Perfect for playing a Gold [Space] Record!



    On a serious note; as a lyricist, I've taken the “Music Industry Illusion” course; so-to-speak.

    Example: Taylor Swift won best album; in reality, her phenomenal production team, or Universal's advertising department; whoever placed her songs in ads, television shows, etc. - won the Grammy.

    Hence, why Taylor Swift thanked her producers for letting her write all the songs on the album. [Taylor Swift is a rare case; a musician with real, non manufactured, talent]. Granted, Taylor Swift's marketing cleverly relies on “awh, how cute! Girl in her bedroom writing songs about unrequited crushes” - they'd be fools to mess around with said formula. Or at least wait until her sales start slumping...

    Concerning Lady Gaga:

    From what I understand, Lady Gaga went into the industry as a “product”. Told the 'suits straight up: “I am Lady Gaga, you own me; let's get the marketing started.”

    - which makes the 'suits lives a whole lot easier [musician + celebrity ego = head + desk]

    Lady Gaga thrives because she went into the industry “embracing” the manufactured Pop Music process. Heck, she gave the process her own personal spin!

    As for the vomit of Illuminati imagery Lady Gaga fascinates the world with...

    less global mass conspiracy, more rule of cool.

    Alternatively, there's a power structure entirely unrelated to the entertainment industry. [or any industry, for that matter] If you give a shout out to said power structure, they might throw a bone your way.

    An unspoken urban legend?



    Orion, dead; Earthlings imprisoned...

    - What? Did Darkseid enter our Solar System? [Now, we just need Batman to save us...]

  14. Chris,

    I'd like to know what, if anything, you make of Benjamin Creme's Jan. 14th announcement that "Maitreya" finally made his long-awaited US television debut? Is this guy even a blip on the radar for you? I can't help but think the timing of all this is just un-frickin'-real...

  15. Justie- Like the Run this Town video, right?

    Doug- They deny knowledge yet somehow all of the incriminating shuttle video leaks out. I think there's a big split within the agency on the issue.

    Patrick- Good catch- posted.

    Ray- Interesting neologism there.

    Dennis- Well put as always, my friend. But those Wall St generals have been weighing quite heavily on my mind lately. Rubbing our faces in the scam.

    Anony628- I agree. In fact I recently tweeted on it.

    David Stewart- Brilliant work, sir! You blew this whole Cameron-Grissom thing wide open, which as you will see on the front page led straight to The Abyss and all of the rest of it. I am in your debt.

    Nehanda- Thank you for your very kind words. As to recommendations, you're here now! Dig in!

    引っ掛ける- Oh I thought Taylor Swift was awful last night! Maybe it was just nerves but she was insanely off key, especially on Rihannon. But she's young still. Lady Gorgon? Desperate attention-seeking exhibitionist. She'll do like Madonna and hope on every fad and trend that comes down the pike.

    Agonus- Benjamin Creme! God, I thought he was dead! Only undead I guess. Anyhow. Yeah- Agent Creme and his imaginary friend Lord Maitreya. Would have been just another New Age scam had Constance Cumbey (the Fundamentalist drama queen) not got her knickers in a twist about it twenty five years ago. Lord Maitreya is the downsized version of the Secret Chiefs (cost-cutting measure, I reckon) who no one's ever seen, though Creme claims he popped up in East London twenty-odd years ago. Every few years Creme comes out of the woodwork and talks up his imaginary friend and then goes back to playing canasta at the rest home. Or something to that effect.

  16. Interesting take, Chris. Scam though it may be, the timing is still very interesting... Bill Cooper chatted up Maitreya pretty good himself (albeit as the Antichrist)... there's speculation that "Maitreya" is actually British Indian economist Raj Patel, who addressed the issue on his website... weird shit, dude.

  17. Oh, believe me- the timing is not accidental. Creme is an old hand at this kind of thing.

  18. No doubt. BTW I just caught on that SB44 features Colts vs. SAINTS this year...

    Or, would that be CULTS vs Saints?

    (You hear me, WT? NASA? Anyone?)

  19. well, Beyonce wasn't impressive at all
    what i found most impressing was Pink's madonna simbolism, being taken up in the sky, stars circling around her, being baptised/ reborn in water all this connected with her mermaid outfit for the ones who grew up in a catholic comunity is just astonishing similarity

  20. Pink's appearence was filled with madonna/mary motives,the clothing, being taken up in the sky, stars circling around her this added up with the rebirth/baptized from water and her mermaid dres for the ones raised in catholic communities it was astonishing the similarity.

  21. Agonus, I like the drama of Creme, and his imaginary role of messiah henchman. I don't believe, but I do appreciate the mission.
    I like Jay Weidner's spin on faked moon landing and Stan Kubrick.

  22. This is off topic, but I can't think of a better place to mention this....

    The number 33 has been popping up a lot lately. This is so very strange. What can we make of this?

    Labor Invents 33 New Crimes Every Month:

    Obama Seeks $33 Billion for Afghanistan Troop Rise:

    Church Group Arrested in Haiti with 33 Orphaned Children

    33 Injured Haitians Arrive in Ft. Lauderdale:

    Blast Leaves 33 Dead in Pakistan:

    Just for fun, type the number 33 into Google followed by any political, economic, or violence related keyword and notice how frequently it pops up in news headlines over the past 2 years.

  23. Yikes!...

    To add to the 33 syncs I previously mentioned; I just noticed ForecastFox is reading a high temperature of 33' for Tue and Wed out here near Chicago.

    Now I know how you feel Christopher. It's almost a buzz.

    Jim A.

  24. Great stuff. I especially like your mention of the Van Allen Belt, which, as many have suspected, seems to be a form of our planetary quarantine. It is interesting, also, that Stephen King's latest novel, Under the Dome, is explicitly said to be about the same scenario:

    The fact is we all live under the dome. We have this little blue world that we've all seen from outer space, and it appears like that's about all there is. It's a natural allegorical situation, without whamming the reader over the head with it. (Stephen King)

    I'm glad that David Stewart brought up the "Major Tom"/"Hallo Spaceboy" continuum. Knowing that one of the names of the Egyptian Adam Kadmon, Atum, was Tum, I am really thinking that "Space Oddity" depicts the "fall" of the original Adam and his disconnection from the Source—but are we Major Tom, or are we Ground Control?

    And Chris has already pointed out that Dave Bowman is a glyph of the First Adam as Oannes/John the Baptist. John must be beheaded before Christ, the Second Adam, starts performing miracles.

    The imagery in the "Hallo Spaceboy" video is also significant. Note the themes of gender confusion (cue Lady Gaga and her obvious Bowie-mimicry) and imagery of Martian invaders, tying back to the whole Mission to Mars mythos. Bowie is clearly fascinated with the Starchild theme, famously in "Oh! You Pretty Things" heralding the "Homo Superior" and in the much-maligned Tin Machine song "Baby Universal".

    Some of the footage used in the "Spaceboy" video was previously used in "Under Pressure," which one Youtuber has helpfully intercut with 9/11 footage to, perhaps, get at some of the synchrmoystic significance of the piece.

  25. I think your readers may enjoy this:

  26. Ela- Oh, it goes even deeper than that. Working on it now.

    77M/Anony- I can definitely see the clues but I think Weidner's overselling the Shining stuff a bit, which the author you linked to uses to discredit his much more convincing Apollo/splitscreen arguments. This cuts to the core of what I've always said about this blog- everything has a question mark. For two reasons- one, so we don't set ourselves up for a fall when TPTB feed disinfo into the memestream (as they are doing all the time) and so as to not marry ourselves to one interpretation and miss deeper connections that may be running parallel or beneath.

    Jim- Why do you think those are off-topic in a post that deals with Gus Grissom, a 33rd Degree Freemason? Good work.

    Eleleth- I'd add Bowie's son directing the excellent Moon in there as well. This whole idea of being trapped in low orbit is really starting to resonate with me more and more, I must say...

  27. Thanks for the kind words Chris - I hope you know all I was doing was scrounging for scraps underneath your wonderfully-set table! I remain in your debt, brother. Your discovery of the naming correspondences in The Abyss was startling; I think i felt a rumbling in the distance.

    Mankind has always had a Space Program; selected a few worthys we thought had the right stuff, prepared them, sent them heavenward and received them back to learn what they could teach us. The points where the old shamanism and the new science intersect is a study that seems to bring results.

    Grissom died in 1967, David Bowman was presented to us in 1968, The Major Tom Mythos was started in 1969, and I wondered if the stories of Bowman and Tom weren't straining to tell us something of the truth of what might have happened to Grissom and his crew. And now, we see that we can add the character of Virgil 'Bud' Brigman to the exposition as well. Hmm 'cepting that he was sent in the other direction to make contact. And they were all given up for dead, but then we are told they return/will return . . .
    Makes me play with the idea that your Gus was sent far-Ellie Arroway/ CE3K-exchange like somewhere else . . . I don't believe it necessarily, but as a costume to play with it might bear trying on.

    Jim A - if you take a look at Project P's 1983 song WHY ME that I linked to above, at PRECISELY the moment the lyrics state "he won't be back this way till 2010" you find a certain number flashed onto the screen - that right there is flying-monkey spooky.

    Eleth, your mention of Atum reminded me of the channelled voice of Tom, who spoke on behalf of the Council of Nine... and looking again at some of the Nine's pronouncements on how we should strive to live, much of it sounds like a description of Na'vi culture. It also reminded me of the meaning of Thomas as "twin" and thought Bowie might have latched onto that as a resonance with Grissom's involvement in Gemini??

  28. I'm thrilled you said that post???