Thursday, November 26, 2009

TVOD: V is for 'Vitamin Regimen'

The latest episode of V did little to discourage my suspicion that the series is an allegory on Scientology.* The "vitamin shots" that the V were offering as well as the E-meter type diagnostic apparatus used to lure the "poor man's Tom Cruise" into their clutches are fascinating clues here. The paranoia and punishment of dissenters ties into the recent news stories on Tom Cruise's alleged violent threats against disobedient "managers" and the "Fifth Column" is eerily similar to Anonymous. The attempts to divide kids against their families (witness the storyline with Tyler and Lisa) is typical of most cults, and I can attest that Scientologist recruiters used that tactic on my friends and I when we wandered unknowingly into a "personality test" way back in 1983.

There is definitely a coordinated effort being waged worldwide against Scientology that includes governments, the media and private interests. Who the combatants are and what the battle is all about is unclear, but it's not just about some ditzy Hollywood cult. There are big players behind both sides, using the visible antagonists as surrogates. Of that I'm sure.

This is not my battle and I'm content to watch it all from the sidelines. But let me just say this- grassroots cults don't become widespread and powerful in a relatively-short periods of time. There are always players pulling strings behind the scenes, who know that belief is the most powerful weapon in the world.

* The first posting of this article was overly unambiguous, and contrary to this blog's own stated mandate of 'questions, not answers'. That happens sometimes- which is why I usually wait to post major articles. The thrust of the piece is the same, but the goal is to instigate discussion not end it.
I'm always interested in hearing differing opinions.