Wednesday, November 11, 2009

MemeWatch: The Last Days of Selfosophy?

There seems to be a flood of damaging material about Scientology appearing in the press, after years of the media adopting a hands-off policy. The St. Petersburg Times is going after the CoS hammer-and-tongs in a massive series called 'The Truth Rundown.' And this latest story threatens not only to damage the church, but could also sink Tom Cruise's career:
On the day before the actor’s visit a couple of years ago, the compound’s managers took part in “the Tom Cruise arrival preparation drill,” which required “orchestrating every action they perform … in the presence of Cruise,” Rathbun recently wrote Fields.

But Miscavige wasn’t happy when he addressed 80 to 100 managers at a prisonlike facility, known as “The Hole,” where three insubordinate officials — Marc Yager, Guillaume Leserve and Ray Mithoff — were “incarcerated,” according to Rathbun.

“Miscavige berated [the managers] for being far too light in their demands for confessions” from the three, Rathbun alleges in his letter, “because they refused to beat [them] ... to pulps. Miscavige said that Tom … had vowed to come to the Hole and personally ‘beat the living [bleep]’ out of Yager, Leserve and Mithoff if the managers failed to do so themselves.
Check out these papparrazi pics of Cruise and Katie Holmes- the body language is very telling. Also check out Gary Lachman's article linking the Process Church with Scientology, and Blown for Good, a brand new book detailing a defector's escape from the church. Check out the always-excellent Religion News Blog for more.

This is undoubtedly an orchestrated campaign, worldwide in scope. I wonder what triggered it.

ITEM: John Muhammad executed at 9:11 PM. You think someone in the Virginia prison system has a sick sense of humor?

ITEM: As with nearly all of the critics, Budd Hopkins is not a fan of The Fourth Kind, though certainly for different reasons. Budd slams the movie for its hysterical treatment of abduction phenomena, the egregious AAT elements tossed in and, well, pretty much everything else but the cinematography.
Underlying all of this fictional, never before reported malarky, the film’s pseudo-documentary style strains to convince us that everything depicted is “supported by actual case material.” Well, after thirty-three years of working with hundreds upon hundreds people reporting UFO abduction experiences, I can say, first, that in no case has anyone ever reported the permanent disappearance of a friend, a family member or anyone even vaguely connected with my huge pool of subjects.
Check it out. Definitely worth a read.

Boy, they don't let up, do they?
VATICAN CITY – E.T. phone Rome. Four hundred years after it locked up Galileo for challenging the view that the Earth was the center of the universe, the Vatican has called in experts to study the possibility of extraterrestrial alien life and its implication for the Catholic Church.
Anyone get the feeling they know something we don't?

It looks as if Eastwick has been canceled and Flash Forward is in danger of following suit. Can't say I'm surprised, and regular readers probably aren't either.

17-Templar-Babylon mashup front page news on The NY Times.


  1. Hi Chris,

    I saw Tom and Katie on the Walmart checkout line mags the other day. So, yes, they are really deliberately under attack for some reason. Did this Scientology attack begin with those strange "Anonymous" threatening videos against the sect months back? Then there was the tragic death of John Travolta's son and attempted blackmail which was recently resolved in the courts.

    In Re: TVOD Update. I barely made it through the V episode tonight. It continues to disappoint me. The Morris Chestnut character is beyond weird...I admired him so in my college years' favorite "The Best Man".

    However, if you caught it, did you notice all of your "chevrons" not including the V itself?

    Well, the "it's not science fiction" Air Force commercials were better than V and the Air Force wings symbol or chevron really stands out.

    (You MUST check out the intro at this site!)

    Then there was the inverted V or chevron in the half dozen or more CMA Awards commercials. The CMA symbol really, really looks like the chevron and I think it used to be quite different.

    Then what was up with the V- Verizon Motorola DROID commercials. Where meteorites (droid eyes?) fell to the ground in dozens?

    Thanks, Chris!

  2. [quote]Anyone get the feeling they know something we don't?

    No i think its quite the opposite. No one knows anything but follows the one who seems to know, just in know.

    If they knew something, they certainly wouldnt perform studies like that, but would have figured out what to do, a long time ago. There wouldnt be a need for such studies, because they knew all along.

    Only the one who hasnt a clue performs studies like that.

  3. Chris,

    There must be some significance to the Weather Channel running the story over and over about the 17 year old trapped on a loosened ice floe after his father went for help.

    The teen is a hero because he survived the night in freezing temps as well as had to shoot a polar bear trapped on the floe with him. The bear, with two cubs, charged him and the teen shot the bear in self-defense. I don't know how well that went over with Al Gore but the kid's still a hero, IMO.

    Isn't that sort of a stark and telling photograph of the teen alone and unreachable on the ice?

  4. Chris,

    I can't resist adding this: the 17 year old youth in the above story was rescued by a team from a HERCULES aircraft!

    Thought you might like that.

    Thanks, Chris

  5. Fascinating, Soapie- Huffpost has a hadline on "Christopher Reeve's Son, 17, Recalls Favorite Memories Of Parents" Is his son named 17?

  6. CK: "This is undoubtedly an orchestrated campaign, worldwide in scope. I wonder what triggered it."

    Well there was a previous round of this when Operation Snow White was uncovered and this in turn revealed Operation Freak Out. It caused the CoS to fall back and regroup, only really re-emerging as a force to be reckoned with after the change in leadership and the more media-friendly aspects were promoted.

    I think the big problem (summed up recently in this article, but searching for that I also found this) is the Internet. Religions (and especially cults) often rely on isolating people from critics of the church so they never hear the negative viewpoint. With the rise of the Internet a religions teachings can be laid bare (so people can make up their own minds beforehand), people can find support if they wish to leave and former members/out-spoken critics can make their voices heard. There is also a snowball effect - CoS are litigious and people have been afraid to even mention the negative aspects. As people get together to support each other it becomes easier to speak out against problems and eventually you hit a phase where people are no longer isolated and intimidated. I suspect we are hitting that phase now, although Anonymous still live up to their names and most of the forums for ex-Scientologists disguise people's identity.

    Of course, this will also have the effect of creating a siege mentality within CoS which might strengthen bonds between members. It may also help with the idea that "perhaps Ron was onto something" and The Man wants to shut them down - I think I recently mentioned in the comments here that a lot of the remote viewers in the CIA-funded SRI projects were Scientologists, as were quite a few members of the group studied in When Prophecy Fails. Scientology claims it can give you superhuman powers and there are members who certainly believe they've got enhanced abilities, so perhaps they feel this is the forces of the Demiurge out to stop their ascension to Godhood. So I imagine there will be a backlash, or at least a circling of the wagons, so it is a bit to early to say if the Internet will deal the final blow to Scientology. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

  7. Great stuff, Empie. Who knows, maybe this is CoS' Diocletian moment. Maybe when President Will Smith is elected and finally comes out as CoS it will catch on outside of California and Florida and take over the Western world. Will Hancock become their Constantine?

  8. That has a spooky sense of inevitability about!! That said, Will Smith has managed to be coy about his CoS links and press probing would force him to make a definitive statement one way or the other. However, if he did people would look at his work in a new light and your visitor figures would triple over night!!