Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One Step Beyonce (UPDATED)

Andre at Alien Project sent me this picture of Beyonce chilling out with Zahi Hawass in Giza at sunset. Zahi must have been in heaven, especially since Beyonce was nice enough to dress as Isis for him. Beyonce played at a Red Sea resort on Friday 11/6 (=17), over the objections of Islamicist groups, who branded it a "sex party" and called Beyonce a "Satanist." You'd think they'd have more important things to worry about these days.

Beyonce is married to Jay-Z, who's been toying around with 'Illuminati' imagery. Which shouldn't surprise anyone- these stars live like pashas, why wouldn't they see themselves as one of the "Enlightened?" It's yet another case of propaganda blowback- when you create this image of all-powerful, all-knowing 'Illuminists' who have all the money and all of the fun, why would some narcissistic pop star not want to sign up for that?

It's just like how Fundamentalist anti-metal hysteria in the 70s was the primary inspiration for bands like Venom and Slayer in the 80s. All of the ridiculous propaganda about innocuous party rockers like Van Halen and AC/DC made Satanism infinitely more alluring than the cranky old rock 'n' roll hater Anton LaVey ever could. By the same token, I'm willing to bet Jay-Z and whoever else wasn't exposed to that material by checking Morals & Dogma out of the local library- it was almost certainly through conspiracy literature.

As to some of the 'transgressive' or 'occult' imagery you see in some of these music videos these days, to be perfectly honest it's all so repellent that it's difficult for me to pay any attention at all. I don't need to look for any hidden subtext with Lady GaGa- she already lost me with the text. It's as if the Marilyn Manson aesthetic* has taken over mainstream pop, which has inspired the original model to unleash some truly offensive imagery in his latest clip, just to stay ahead of the curve.

But in the end, what these people want most is your attention. Positive or negative, they don't care either way - in fact, negative publicity sells better these days. I'm tempted to predict a backlash, but we may be too far gone for that. But changing the channel is a good place to start.

UPDATE: Oh, how incredibly timely- Lady GaGa's new video was released tonight. I couldn't make it through the whole thing. I literally started to feel nauseous. Definitely a case of Marilyn Manson syndrome- the contrived provocations acting as talent substitute. That whole milieu becomes more and more diseased with the passage of time. Dehumanizing.

*None of it is nearly as shocking today as it was when bands like Throbbing Gristle and SPK were doing the transgressive thing thirty years ago. Manson was simply doing the Hot Topic version.


  1. I'm usually a silent observer... but you've got to remove the 'toying around with illuminati imagery' link... FYI that's one of the worst, most uninformed threads I've come across on the subject. there are plenty of good videos out there that do a great job of actually drawing the connection between Jay Z and the occult/'illuminati'...

  2. Hey Chris,
    I've come across this site a few times and found it interesting:
    It pertains to the illuminaism of celebrities.
    Not adhereing to any religion, I still think there is something dark going on in Hollywood land.

  3. These "celebs" could have access to all the library at the fucking Vatican and they still wouldn't have as much illumination as any regular Joe who spends a few mins digging around and reading the easily accessible "right books".

    But isn't always been a flavor of the æon for anyone in the "public eye", let them be. To be honest I am pretty amused with some of that "Lady GaGa's" outfits. And also I have personally found some of these celebs dabbling a nice "doorway" to speak about the occult.

    Hey Anton Levey's son sells Nike shoes on eBay. And somehow I get the feeling most people don't really "get" Crowley. Like JayZ rocking the "Do What Thou Wilt" shirt.

    But I honestly get where your coming from on this one.

  4. WOW!!!! Beyonce and Hawass the popstar of Egyptian gate keeping, The "Z's" do have some interesting friends, (they also had a meal with the Queen a few years ago). That is interesting... talking about blatant exoteric imegery...http://eyeamthateyeam.blogspot.com/2009/10/little-boots-earthquake-official-video.html

  5. Excellent! It often crossed my mind that these Pop tarts are milking the illuminati conspiracy theories for all the dollars they can get.

  6. A backlash is the last thing we need. They're doing it for the backlash. Like you said, just change the channel.

    Back in the day artists got your attention the old fashioned way-- they earnnnned it.

  7. I'm gonna go on a limb and imagine that celebrity and the money that comes with it give these folks the opportunity to buy their own brand of enlightenment that doesn't transform them into 'better' people but just reinforces what they think they already know.

    Look at the celeb draw of Scientology.

    Oh, and let's not forget that "religion" is trendy. 20 years between Madonna's Boy Toy belt and kabbalah and she can still get random everyone wearing red strings on their wrists.

  8. Behold A Pale Horse was a huge influence on certain Hip Hoppers.

    Also, the Nuwaubians have had a strong influence as well.


    Hip Hop and conspiracy have always gone together but that pic of Beyonce does make me wonder.

    Still though, I believe Jay-Z is using the symbols to empower himself and create a mystique of all power and knowing that goes along with his Jay Hova moniker.

    He's savvy enough to know how use use the symbolism to create a myriad of effects and judging by the amount of youtube videos dedicated to him it seems to have worked like a charm.

    But who knows. :)


  9. You have to check this guy out.He goes way inside the work of JayZ and others.


  10. I would have to agree with Deadprez on the thread you chose. Also, Lenon Honor has some FABULOUS work out there.
    Not quite sure I agree with your views on this one, but they certainly got me thinking.

  11. Hot damn, The Secret Sun has some seriously savvy readers! I'm glad you guys get it. And is it just me, or are you sick to death of looking at all of those symbols? But the good news is that once you can put something on a Jon Gosselin-type t-shirt or in a Dan Brown novel, it's lost any lingering resonance.

  12. Liza- Deadprez- Readers are always welcome to offer differing opinions and or links. I put in the ATS link because there was a debate over the issue. Some of the posters there know their stuff and don't necessarily buy into the conventional wisdom.

  13. Prodigy of Mobb Deep was writing letters to either The Source or Rap Sheet, basically identifying the illuminist wing of hip hop last year.

    'Jay Hova' was most certainly involved with Malachi Z York, and his early videos with Jaz employ that very fact.

    Hip hop culture has always walked a permeated lined with the occult. I would have to say the peak of which occurred around 1997, with Killah Priest 'Heavy Mental'.

    In my own judgement, and based upon my own experience, given that most of the hip hop music industry is run by Alphi Phi Alphi brothers, it isn't a surprise to me that the Boule retain significant influence.

    Saturn is everywhere.


  14. Fascinating- don't forget Prince Hall masonry too. I have to admit I stopped paying much attention to Hip Hop when the gangsta stuff came up in the early 90s, but my eldest son played it constantly. I'd turn the ignition on in my car and be blasted to my chair by a blizzard of f-words.

  15. Interesting to consider: At what point does one who is being savvy and using the power of 'illuminist' symbolism to promote the image of a supreme, dark force actually become the embodiment of that dark force?
    Chris, I believe the resonance of the events taking place within 'popular' culture today is only amplified by a John Gosselin t-shirt or a book that reaches 80 million readers. These subjects and the methods used to publicize them are directly in tune with the way the majority of people's minds are conditioned to function. Of course this wouldn't apply to all of us... I agree with you, on a personal note, as most of the imagery and subject matter in hip hop and popular culture in general is completely repellant to my sensibilities. But the imagery and ritual is either SO POWERFUL or it contains something that people are just so drawn to at this moment in time, because it certainly seems to have the masses in a trance... ENTERTAINMENT!!!

  16. I hear you, DP- Which is why I try very hard not to become an unwitting accomplice in that process. There's a very thin line between exposé and exposure, and you really have to wonder if some people who claim to be "exposing" that symbolism actually get off on it. Symbols often have a power independent of context- it's very important to remember that.

  17. Hi Chris,

    Thank you for delving into a little bit of mainstream music. We can ignore it sometimes and forget how subversive it really is.

    I find myself thinking like my parents. They felt the precursor groups to hip-hop, that my brothers and sisters and I loved back in the day, like Earth, Wind and Fire and The Commodores; were practically subversive to all that was good. But what gansta rap, Jay-Z and similar "crews" have done to African-American youth is positively genocidal and part of someone's master plan to make money and destroy whatever was left of the black community after the Civil Rights Movement. Jay-Z could care less about his race's youth and cares most about making the money that he was originally hired to make for in-place music moguls.

    What he has done to society is criminal, in my opinion, on so many levels. And for him or his wife to perpetrate and feign some notion of studying history, art or "Illuminati" secrets is as preposterous as his music. None of the music groups or entertainers will ever be let in to the true "in" crowd. That can't be bought. They are simply fooling themselves.

    What is interesting is that Hawass seems to want in on the "rock star" stage. Remember his similar photo -op with President Obama?

    Sorry to go off on a rant on this but these so-called entertainers do not get rich from me or many people I know because we and many others see through their money-making schemes of destroying society just to make a buck. It's one thing to hear this music on the radio or see a video on television but we do not buy their CD's or pay to see their concerts.

    It's a shame some shovel money into these people's pockets just to watch them traipse around the world while their music lovers stand in unemployment lines.

  18. DP said "Interesting to consider: At what point does one who is being savvy and using the power of 'illuminist' symbolism to promote the image of a supreme, dark force actually become the embodiment of that dark force?"

    This reminds me of Vonnegut's idea that you eventually become what you pretend to be... so be careful what/who you pretend to be!

  19. Well put, Soapie. Like I said, I really don't differentiate gangster rap from satanic metal or any other kind of shock tactic provocation disguising itself as music. Just the surface of it all is so off-putting to me, which is why I've never looked for any weird symbolism and also why I'm not surprised by it either. The music itself is about ego, aggression and selfishness. I guess you need to be conditioned to it from an early age.

    Good one, Anony!

  20. Chris, I put together some videos on YouTube you should check out. They are called "Freemasons Hijack the Music Industry". It comes in 9 parts. Also there is another series that is called "The Jay-Z Deception". Both series show all kinds of interesting imagery from various videos and lyrics. Lots of stuff about Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kanye, and Rhiannon. ALl are deeply immersed in freemasonry and the usual symbology.

  21. Anon Said : "This reminds me of Vonnegut's idea that you eventually become what you pretend to be... so be careful what/who you pretend to be!"

    That reminds me of something the RZA from Wu Tang Clan recently spoke on.

    He was discussing his cousin Ol' Dirty Bastard and was explaining how deep and intelligent he really was but that the Ol' Dirty Bastard character took him over completely and it destroyed him.

    Back to Jigga man. Jay-Z using certain symbols is just a different more powerful form of braggadocio and control. It can be construed as insideous since he's not saying a word as he does it and the obvious occult connections, but it's just a natural progression of his character, Jay Hova. The last thing on his mind is some all powerful negative force unleashing itself on humanity.

    All those youtube videos are doing is giving him and the symbols more power. He is one savvy piece o' work. And So are those symbols.




  22. The Vonnegut connection in case you're interested:


  23. Iggy- Thanks for the heads up. Though I must say your title assumes they didn't create it in the first place, which is matter of debate.

    Toothy- Brother, you get the star of the day: "Jay-Z using certain symbols is just a different more powerful form of braggadocio and control." What I was trying to put into words but you beat me to it. Right on.

  24. toothygrinmatt said 'The last thing on his mind is some all powerful negative force unleashing itself on humanity.' not true at all... I have plenty of first hand knowledge that contradicts that statement, as my colleagues and I have been working with Jay Z and others in the industry for years... This definitely runs deeper than braggadocio fellas...

  25. CK-Thank you good sir. This place really stimulates the mind.

    DP-Please give up the info. I'm all ears and open minded. Don't hold back dude!


  26. Dude,

    You are kidding me with this post!!!

    I turned to your blog to reference it in a new ConspiracyGrimoire.Com post, AS MY WIFE IS LISTENING TO BEYONCE SINGING WITHOUT AUTOTUNE ON HOWARD STERN.

    Also, Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z is about his becoming a 3rd Degree Master Mason. . .So I've heard said.

    Great natural synch.

    Also, LenonHonor - pointed out by MCrumbles - is worth checking out on this topic.

    You would probably dig his Borg movie most, though.

    You rock, as always.


  27. Cheers, Thuthie- we're in sync all around, as you will see at midnight...


    WTF is this for real, I just got this on a lame discussion site. 9/11?!?

  29. Deadprez wiki on the rapper Dead Prez "Dead Prez is an American underground political hip hop duo composed of stic.man and M-1. They are known for their confrontational style combined with SOCIALIST..."

    NUFF SAID...

  30. While patiently waiting for Deadprez to bless us with some inside info :

    I'd like to add to the discussion an example of a more positive expression of Hip Hop that would seem to be right at home here at The Secret Sun.



  31. now, now... Anony 9:35pm...
    Pigeon-holing and dualistic labels, placing each individual nicely in a box to categorize them is a definite big NO, NO in getting to truth and understanding!

    Open minds never see those types of boundaries and limitations to thinking. If you do, you've already biased yourself and may be unable to see truth for opinion.

    No matter what you believe you can enjoy the insights and exploratins of ILLUMINAT Vol.II by EnigmaTV (Chris Everard)
    available at these links:


  32. Sorry ,I ve only recently (in the last few days) became aware that jay z is into masonic imagery ( and i confess i have read all the links posted) but i have read the stuff on "vigilant cityzen",but i'm not at convinced that the masons are this evil elite of devil worshipers either , i don't see that is particularly evil to use masonic imagery and i find it far less scary and a bit more intelligent than some of the satanic metal imagery about, Am i just ignorant ?or can someone point out what jay zee's done that is supposedly so bad , he's just a succesfful rappper who married a successful singer can we blame him for being successful ?

  33. asljkdfhasjkdhfjkasv hahahahah nothing to useful to add here other than this is effin CLAAASSIC :

    Christopher Knowles said...
    Fascinating- don't forget Prince Hall masonry too. I have to admit I stopped paying much attention to Hip Hop when the gangsta stuff came up in the early 90s, but my eldest son played it constantly. I'd turn the ignition on in my car and be blasted to my chair by a blizzard of f-words.

    _a very immature 40yr old fan =8 )

  34. Seeing Beyonce being a spokesperson to peddle Hamburger Helper as acceptable nutrition for the poor is, to me, very evil.

  35. http://bikyamasr.com/?p=5683

  36. @ Anonymous said...
    that dropped the last link http://bikyamasr.com/?p=5683

    That was just great, lol. Two sides to every story and somehow I bet this one is closer to the truth.

  37. @ Christopher Knowles, I don't know much about that guy ,but I would venture to guess he aint no John Anthony West. John Anthony West is who I would want to give me a tour.

  38. The way she's dressed and all the makeup on her face to be in EGYPT at a gazillion degrees. Pretty obvious to me her being there was not about her education, more like her edumacation.

  39. Anony, interesting article link if that be true! (which would not surprise me at all having met Zahi!) - "Egypt's Zahi Hawass calls Beyonce “stupid person” " - it will be interesting to see if there's any fallout from that! (let's hope!)

    "According to Gamal, during Hawass’ self-guided tour, he said “I showed her the Sphinx and I gave her a book on King Tutankhamen,” but then his anger and frustration made its way to the forefront.

    “Then he stopped being diplomatic and said in anger, ’she’s a stupid person and she doesn’t understand a thing and she doesn’t want to understand’,” wrote Gamal.



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  41. Aside from the hooded sweatshirt with "Do what thou wilt" on it that Jay Z wore, check out this post by 'Aleister Crowley 2012' thanking Jay Z! http://ac2012.com/2010/01/05/thanks-jay-z/