Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Get Ready to Cringe

I admit it- I'm easy to entertain. Why? Well, I think growing up in the 70s had a lot to do with it. Certainly everything marketed to kids was cut-rate and depressing, and the adults didn't have it much better themselves. This is a prime example of what the network monopoly system produced- a desecration of the ancient and venerable Olympic ideal that would inspire the Korybantes to descend upon network executive suites in an insatiably murderous frenzy. But these things were hugely popular back in the old days- which just goes to show you how impoverished people's expectations were back then.

Watch this and then go watch a few episodes of Super Friends and tell me that the latest Indiana Jones and Transformers movies were terrible. This is the bloody golden age of everything in comparison to Starsky & Hutch, Hong Kong Fooey and Hello, Larry. That's my Cancerian nature- old grudges may smolder but never truly die out.

But I suppose these travesties were an interesting foreshadowing of the unholy abomination men call "reality television." Actually, they must have revived the Network Olympics by now, right? I'm so out of touch.

UPDATE: Alien Agenda continues unabated in Tinseltown...


  1. Kojak sucking on a camel in a track suit wearing Ray Bans.
    Ahhh the good old days.
    Revival of network olympics? You know, if they included news networks, I might just have to watch.

  2. Don't be dissin' Hong Kong Fooey-- my number one super-guy. Treadin' on thin ice Mr. Knowles!

  3. Oh the nostalgia!
    I can hardly stand it! LOL!

    The lack of today's "Political Correctness" sure is glaring in the racial epithets flying around in that vid!

    Thanks for the blast from the past Chris!

    You know, those lofty gods of Olympus have even shown their faces in the Tiger Woods Crash/Mistress drama!

    I've updated my Tiger Woods, Tareq and Michaele Crashers ceverage with the latest on my blog.


  4. I'm sorry, but I'm gonna have to disagree with you Chris, just this one time. I loved it! How cool were the 70's? From the funky soundtrack to Kojak sucking on a cancer stick whilst competing in an athletics event - hilarious!
    And don't ever underestimate that 'mild mannered janitor', Hong Kong Fooey was and still is totally ill.

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  6. Starsky and Hutch is way way waaaay better than Transformers. there, i said it!!

    I'm a child of the 70's, so naturally i think that decade ruled.

  7. Guys- far be it from me to harsh anyone's nostalgia mellow, but that's the kitsch factor talking, believe you me!

  8. Mermory lane, smoking thai sticks and watching MASH, with friends.Funny and sad to be sure. War sucks! Dennis