Saturday, November 07, 2009

Secret Sun Weekend Edition- 11/7/09

Well, the big story this week is the massacre in Texas. After reading up on the story, I don't have that much to say about that hasn't been said elsewhere, other than it's a terrible thing and I feel for the families. I have a feeling that there are going to be some other shoes dropping, but this is what happens- wars have a habit of coming home.

You can check out Loren Coleman and Kozmikon or the Synhromystics list for the latest. I don't have anything to add to the Orlando incident either. I try not to bring too much of that energy to to this blog- it's not the venue for it. However, one strange coincidence is a story hit the wires on Thursday (Guy Fawkes Day, if you didn't hear) claiming that the infamous photo of Lee Harvey Oswald and the sniper rifle has been declared 'genuine'. Take it for what it's worth.

Two movies open today that we've looked at in the past; The Fourth Kind and The Men Who Stare at Goats. T4k is getting murdered by the critics, which doesn't mean anything, but I'll probably wait for the DVD. Go
ats is getting OK reviews but I'll wait to rent that too. Interesting conjunction with the Fort Hood situation, in a way.

But something just hit, pertaining to our discussion on Michael Clayton from a while back- I had pointed out that the assassins' hair nets had reminded me of Mithras' liberty cap (also a kind of psychedelic mushroom, btw), but I just realized that one is holding his finger to Arthur's throat, almost like knife blade, and the other with the deadly syringe is between Arthur's legs...

...which both parallel the Tauroctony with the throat being cut and the scorpion lodged between the bull's legs. Given the bizarre nature of the Mithraic liturgy, I've started to wonder if the bull's blood symbolizes a potion made from mushrooms, similar to what is mentioned in the liturgy itself. Interesting how many of these tripped-out gods like Osiris and Dionysus and even Hecate are identified with the bull.

We started the week looking at Norse mythology and the next day, a Heathen-American was elected to the New York City Council, which seems to be an historical first. Strange stirrings are loose in the land, certainly.

Jack Kirby was obsessed with Norse mythology, so much so that he created his own spin on it, with The Fourth World. He was also very close with Frank Zappa, as you can read all about here.

Fringe took a beating in the ratings last night, which most observers are chalking up to the after-effect of the World Series. But I had mentioned the Battlestar Galactica ratings in the discussion on V and never-ending serialization, and if you click on the image you can see BSG's ratings history, which is a history of relentless decline. I've watched some eps of the series and enjoyed them, but did find the serial format extremely overwhelming. I'm sure a lot of people agreed with me.

A little easier to handle was Green Lantern: First Flight. An amazing film, even if you aren't familiar with the character's Byzantine backstory. The animation is incredible, and the story is surprisingly hefty with subtext. I've always seen the Guardians as a sci-fi spin on Alice Bailey's Great White Lodge of Sirius, and if you're thinking of checking out the film, read up on Bailey's theories- which I strongly suspect Green Lantern re-creator John Broome may well have.

Finally, Richard Hoagland has a new article up on the LCROSS mission. Money quote:
LCROSS' secret lunar mission turns out to be, in fact, designed -- from the beginning -- as nothing less than "an official, clandestine, NASA multi-sensor search for ... and scientific characterization of ... artificial ruins on the Moon"


  1. Speaking on the Men who stare at Goats thing. Years ago I remember watching a documentary (I own and have watched literally over 1,000, easily) on this. I remember the guy (the real fucking dude, I assume the same one that Clooney is based on) was trying to dig up a tape that he had of him killing a hamster, but it wasn't even straight away. It was almost comical IMO, keep in mind I watched this like 5 years ago or so.

    It also had a guy who was close "friends" with Al Gore. Who had been contacted by the government for some ideas about music and shit. I just remember he was put in charge of some "secret" program that itself was again almost comical to me. Like this new age hippie vibe. Where they would walk into villages with music around their necks (on radios) and bearing animals to "bring peace" to third world Countries. I know that all sounds crazy ,but it's a real documentary and also I remember looking up this real government program about this crazy shit. Back then I still remembered the name of the program. If anyone knows what I am talking about, please enlightened me. I need to look at my documentaries again cause it was a wellspring on info that seems like it might be relevant right now.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Green Lantern movie. I got a shirt with the Orange Lantern thing they are doing right now. I honestly only read this one story about Green Lantern and Superman once, it was pretty cool though. I am more of a Marvel guy myself, but always felt drawn Green Lantern for some reason. Probably seeing all the different ones there are and the Green Emerald series (covers) and all.

    Sorry for ranting but, I have been visiting your site and just needed to let some out.

    BTW that documentary you dropped on Halloween was great.

    Peace TQO

  2. re: Psychedelic Bull's Blood
    Terrence McKenna's "Food Of The Gods" is a must read on this subject.

  3. So V = 5 in roman numerals. The Fort Hood massacre takes place on the 5th (V) of November, Guy Fawkes day. Guy Fawkes was most recently seen as the mask worn by the character V in V for Vendetta. Then the premier of V the TV series occurs the day before. Thats a lot of V's! Also, all the things metioned above contain elements of anti-authority.

  4. Hi Chris, this will give you a good laugh.
    Alien Invasion opens at HK Disney

  5. Anyone remember the old Thor cartoon:

  6. My own personal V... visiting Vancouver for the first time this week, attending a conference. Grokking the atmosphere from the Hyatt Regency downtown. Thinking about X-Files, of course, but also noticing some interesting things from my hotel.

    The catty-corner view from my window on the 32nd floor consists of Park Place Building (666 Burrard), followed by a view of Harbour Centre with its Top of Vancouver Revolving Restuarant (opened by Neil Armstrong, of all people).

    So, keeping busy, while also keeping my eyes open.


  7. Rich stuff:

  8. speaking of the liberty cap:,8599,1897504,00.html

    (notice the shaved head)

  9. Interesting Alice Bailey link - she was heavily into Theosophy and the Guardians really are, in essence, Masters of the Ancient Wisdom (of which there were said to be 17). The idea of the Green Lantern is a bit of a Lensman rip-off (and there are Guardian-Arisian parallels, the latter bringing an Ancient Astronaut angle as they are directing the evolution on various planets to produce an army of supersoldiers and ultimately a hive mind) but the idea that you can project your will into physical form seems to draw on the concept of tulpas. Interestingly, Alexandra David-Neel was a Theosophist, which presumably inspired her travels (she wrote about tulpas in her 1929 book). There was certainly a lot of occult, esoteric and Fortean ideas knocking around sci-fi before World War II. I don't know much about E.E "Doc" Smith's beliefs but he was a big friend of Robert Heinlein and other writers who would form the core of Golden Age of Sci-Fi (who knocked around with Jack Parsons) and was influenced by Jack Williamson (whose sci-fi would influence both Jack Parsons' rocketry and occult thinking!! He even attended an OTO black mass - he wasn't impressed) and Abraham Merritt (who keeps cropping up for me at the moment - I'm going to have to dig out some of the biographies of him. He was an expert on the occult, was friends with Theosophists and would become an early member of the Fortean Society. It seems likely a lot of the Theosophical influence on Lovecraft came from Merritt and Richard Shaver thought he'd actually visited the underground caverns of the Deros!!). So while I am unsure how well versed Smith was in such matters, there are clear lines for transmission of more unusual ideas.

    When we were kids we all picked our favourite superheroes and I went for Green Lantern - I've only just about freed myself of the stigma of not picking a "better" superhero but there was something about Hal Jordan that was more three dimensional than say Superman or Batman (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Just thought I'd get that off my chest.

    Coincidentally, someone threw me a link to Children of the Dog Star the other week, which has a Sirius and Kolob link (so your mention of BSG is... interesting) - it was directed by Chris Bailey. Very strange.

  10. Re: the netted heads, if nobody has mentioned it, sounds like the Omphalos, "navel of the world," sacred to Apollo, etc. It was a rock covered in a net.

    So I dunno.