Sunday, October 19, 2008

Clown Show 2008- High Weirdness and Low Men

Bruce Springsteen was stumping for Obama on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway in the heart of Philadelphia when a fan caught what looks like a triangular (and -please forgive me - perhaps partially cloaked) UFO hovering overhead in broad daylight.

Some pertinent facts:

• The song played is "Does This Bus Stop at 82nd St.?" off the Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ album. I know these lyrics by heart, since my friend Rich and I spent the summer of 1979 committing the first four Springsteen albums to memory.

• Attention Tom Horn or Zack Sitchin fans: The lyrics make mention of "wizard imps" (wasn't that how Keel described the MIBbies?) and "interstellar mongrel nymphs." Is "nymphs" Greek for Nephilim, those space traveling wayfarers who came to Earth and created a hybrid (or mongrel) human-alien race?

• One couplet goes "And Mary Lou, she found out how to cope/She rides to heaven on a gyroscope," reminding us of the gyroscopic UFO in the Book of Ezekiel. "Mary Lou" is a she/he name, providing us with the requisite androgynous aspect that seems to follow us around when dealing with UFOs.

• Riding the Nephilim train (or bus, in this case), the song after "Bus" on Greetings was "Lost in the Flood," a song bursting with apocalyptic portent, featuring these eerily-prophetic lines:
The ragamuffin gunner is returnin' home like a hungry runaway
He walks through town all alone--"He must be from the fort," he hears the high school girls say
His countryside's burnin' with wolfman fairies dressed in drag for homicide
The hit-and-run plead sanctuary, 'neath a holy stone they hide
They're breakin' beams and crosses with a spastic's reelin' perfection
Nuns run bald through Vatican halls, pregnant, pleadin' immaculate conception
And everybody's wrecked on Main Street from drinking unholy blood
Sticker smiles sweet as Gunner breathes deep, his ankles caked in mud
And I said, "Hey, gunner man, that's qucksand, that's quicksand, that ain't mud
Have you thrown your senses to the war, or did you lose them in the flood?"

• This is purely anecdotal, but I remember Rich and I trading lines from "Lost in the Flood" at the drive-ins one summer night in 1979. The double feature was The Fury and Alien. I think the former inspired my long-standing subconscious obsession with telekinesis.

• Remember that the Nephlim were said to have either left Earth or been destroyed during the Great Flood, depending on whichever crackpot you listen to (here's a link to a review of Sitchin from the old USENET days).

• The Boss was doing his thing right near the Franklin Institute, which housed the King Tut exhibit last year. We've heard this week that the Egyptian Antiquities Authority has proclaimed that Tut was the son of Solar heretic Akhnaten, who was either himself a Nephilim or was in fact Moses, depending on which crackpot you believe. Remember that Tut restored the Throne of Horus after Akhnaten's tumultous monotheistic experiment. Remember too that Horus' father is an extraterrestrial, and inseminated Isis through artificial means.

• Speaking of human-alien hybrids, I was struck by how much this banner of Obama...

...reminded me of this image of another sci-fi savior figure- William Mulder:

In the "Always Hurt the Ones They Love" department, here are some well-fed Palin/McCain fans being both sheepishly awkward and obnoxiously bigoted at a rally in Nuremburg Johnstown, PA. This proves my theory that people don't vote on issues, they vote on symbolic manipulation and tribal identity. I don't know how many of you have been through central Pennsylvania, but it's a pretty grim economic spectacle. These people have been getting screwed for nearly thirty years as most of the blue collar jobs have either moved overseas or been given to immigrants shipped in by the big factory and farm owners.

The irony is that Obama is (or claims to be) the bleeding heart who wants to help these kind of people and McCain will toss them some red meat at these rallies and then let them twist in the wind once the election is over. Political identity has become completely symbolic and completely divorced from economic status or condition.

In many ways, this is by far the strangest and most disturbing election I've ever seen. This was supposed to be a cakewalk for Hillary, and McCain's stand on immigration was supposed to wipe him out in the primaries. I've no idea why a "moderate" like McCain is running around whipping up this kind of tribalist hatred (and- God help us- berating the media, whom he once rightfully called his "base") and I have absolutely no idea why so many people find Obama so enchanting.

I've long seen elections as mass-scale Kabuki theatre, but this is the first time I've felt that the players are merely going through the motions. And the people at these rallies seem to almost be in some kind of trance- no one seems to understand why they're getting so excited.

I can't help but think there is so much going on here beneath the surface and behind the scenes- something very big. Projection? Perhaps. But there's a lot of data I've been sifting through that is pointing me in very strange directions. I'm paying attention again and I'm getting the messages, so thank you.

For my own piece of mind, I'll be sitting home on November 4th or voting third- or fourth or fifth - party. ( Is there a Geek party yet? I mean, besides the Libertarians) I'll get a lot of crap from my liberal and conservative friends, but I learned my lesson about investing myself in the Clown Show- your ideals and your hopes and dreams will be shattered. Clinton's election set liberal hearts alight but ended up being a wet-dream-come-true for the corporatist and neocon wings of the Republican Party.

Similarly, Theocons saw Bush's re-election as their passport to Dominion, only to see it all come crashing down by the midterm elections. Case in point-I remember a local Evangelical bookstore had a big victory party for Bush in 2004.

They've since gone out of business.

What did someone once say - "There are no accidents in politics?"


  1. When was the Bruce rally? What day?

  2. Great post.

    I prefer to get my "Nephilim"/Sumerian/Hebrew info from Michael Heiser:

    Really. He is probably the only one on the entire planet qualified enough to cut through the bull.

  3. Great post.

    It's interesting to note that there have been several UFO sightings just north of Philadelphia, in Bucks County. Langhorne, in the spring and summer, if memory serves correctly. They actually made the local paper.

    But weirdly enough, I can't find them now, a seach of the newspaper's website, turns up nothing. The newspaper was the Bucks County Courier Times, of that I am certain.

    I believe I've heard that while there was no continued news coverage (how very surprising...not!) they have continued. However, it's rather hard to confirm rumor.

    I used to live in Bucks County, now just a bit north, so I'm familiar with the area in question.

    If those UFO's were there to see Bruce or Obama, I've got to say, they've got poor taste.

    And just for the record, I agree with you about the election. I'll be voting for someone other than the "Republicrat" or "Demipub" candidates as well.

    Maybe, we can see them go out of business too one day.

    I always enjoy your blog, but haven't commented before. Thanks for this, as well as all your other posts.

    Peace, joy and health to you.

  4. Kabuki! When the timer ran down to 0 for the start of the election process - at the very moment of zero, Tim Russert said 'Kabuki'! (check the videos). As soon as I saw the timing of the word 'Kabuki' I felt a portent of things to come...

    Also, If you're interested in other triangular shaped unexplained thinges, check this out:

  5. Also...not the throw the debunking wrench in here. But, they made be unidentifiable for all practical purposes or to us practical, common."folks." But it's quite possible they actually are some sort of drone/monitoring aerial devices that belong to whatever faction of the us govt. There was a large crowd there that day. The real question would be to ask the proper people or FOIA for answers as to what was in the air that day. If it's tough to get an answer, which it always is, you might as well label it a UFO then. The connections with the song(lyrics) and the location(what's next door) are tough though to refute as probable/possible synchs. All in all pretty amazing footage. My hunch is it is somehow cooperative and not roguish in nature. Looks like aerial support. Could be reversed engineered gear though. Who knows right? lol

  6. I think the people getting 'juiced' at these political rallies are doing so out of Stockholm's syndrome more than anything else; they desperately want to identify with their oppressors (the ruling aristocracy from whence the candidates derive) in the hope that maybe their lords will take pity on them. Not unlike the old feudal serfs, honestly.

    Personally I think the whole Dan Brown 'Grail Blood' crap is just a repackaging of the old Nephillim fable, only here the Holy Bloodline is called as coming from the God of Abraham, whereas, the 'divine right' of kings originally came from the 'divine' (Nephillim) parentage of the ruling classes of antiquity.

  7. A little off-topic, but here's a marginally related observation I had about Oliver Stone's "W." Anyone who has seen Stanley Kubrick's films will recognize a number of allusions to "Dr. Strangelove," which seems appropriate given the film's focus on the events leading up to the war with Iraq. However, a scene towards the end reminded me a bit of the "hotel room" sequence in "2001." It began when Dubya was looking at himself in the mirror before going to bed and noting how much he had aged. For some reason, it made me think of Bowman doing the same thing in Kubrick's film. After that, Dubya has a nightmare where he confronts Bush Sr. in the Oval office. It's a stretch, but maybe "Poppy" is supposed be an older version of Dubya... not exactly, but kind of, like the increasingly older versions of himself Bowman encounters.

    Yes, there is a half-baked idea hidden away in there. But I have to wonder if Oliver Stone intended to signify some weird parallels.


  8. Wow CK

    Gave me some fascinating stuff to check out

    My guess that was a black ops UFO, my mind is going wild coming up with why it's there

    for redundancy
    "In politics nothing is accidental. If something happens, be assured it was planned this way." FDR


  9. I agree with the idea that this may have been some kind of surveillance tech. The synch is the sighting and Bruce singing a song rife with UFO/AA symbolism.

    And I must say, in my most fevered moments, I see all of our modern tech as non-terrestrial. I don't know if you guys caught the PBS series on the development of the computer but the timeline of the explosion of solid state and integrated circuit technology and all the rest of it goes off the charts sometime after Roswell. Coincidence? Maybe, maybe not.

  10. DOES this bus stop at 82nd St.?
    and if it does,
    are any of us sure that we want to get off there?

  11. Unmentioned so far is the number of apparent lights in the sky (4), and how the lights seem to mimic specific constellations (including Orion's Belt at the beginning of the clip).

    Although they do look to me like the common metallic-colored balloons sold at florists, especially in the way they drift and perform no unusual "sudden accel/de-accel/90-degree-turn" movements that couldn't be accounted for by wind drift, nonetheless this fact needn't matter. I'd consider them yonder some interesting tea leaves for cipherin'.

  12. Great post.
    I'm glad to see there are others besides me that think most politics are just great puppet shows to keep the voters thinking that they do still have some power left to vote the bad guy out,and the good guy in.When the sad truth is that they both work for the big corporations,anyway.

    I tried telling that to some folk at another blog who prided themselves as supporters of "free-speech" a while back,and they came at me with pitchforks and fire-lit torches,almost.And the funny thing was the ones that that twisted my words the most and seemed most offended,were the one's that often brag about their psychic abilities and what hypocrites others are:-)