Monday, October 06, 2008

A Very Sirius Election: My Turn to Be the God


This is all getting much, much too strange. When you do this kind of work, you often pull on a semiotic string that unravels the veil, and leads to a chain reaction of connections that call to mind images of thousands of dominos tumbling in a pattern like a DNA helix. 

The last person you expect to trigger it all is someone like Bruce Springsteen.

Click for a better look at the UFOs hovering 
over Springsteen's head in Philly

Longtime Secret Sun readers will recognize the significance of Rockefeller Plaza, the epicenter of Masonic Manhattan. 

Well, while I was driving down the highway this afternoon, Bruce Springsteen's "Living in the Future" came on the radio. Nice little tune, I thought, reminded me of his River-era stuff. Then a line about "election day" caught my ear, as well as scattered references to the Sun. I made a note to research the tune when I got home.

Invocation and Aspiration- The Heavenly Beam 

I did a search on the song and, lo and behold, a video for the song being performed in Rockefeller Plaza pops up. The last time we looked at the Rock it was in the context of Astronaut Theology

And now we have Bruce performing a song about a election in one of the world's largest (alleged) temples to our (alleged) AA progenitors as well as (alleged) UFOs gazing down at Springsteen while he performs at an election rally. As well as the fact that Obama chose Bruce's 9/11 hymn "The Rising" as the benediction to his victory speech on Election Night. 

 The Rockefellers, UFOs, 9/11, sun worship, Bruce Springsteen... sometimes I hate my job.

I might add that when the tune came on I was driving through the old stomping grounds of an old USENET prankster/OG Synchromystic madman who was a major influence - and probably a bad one - on The Secret Sun. 

 You know, I have as hard a time processing all of this as some of you may. And I've been at this for a very long time. It really takes a lot of work to try to make sense of it all. And to people blissfully ignorant of this symbolism and its very ancient history, it can all seem like utter madness. If the implications of these emerging patterns weren't so important to us all, I'd find something else to do. 

 Believe me, I would.