Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Very Sirius Election: Lipstick on a Dog (Star)


 We've seen how the iconography of the Obama and McCain campaigns incorporates different aspects of the Sirius glyph. We have the "star-making" joke equating herself with a dog (Pit Bull Terrier, in this case) that Sarah Palin recited at the Republican Convention, which reminds us that Sirius is the Dog Star and also that Sirius was equated with Isis:
The connection between Sirius and a dog may reflect the stars association with the destructive power of the goddess, universally symbolised by various predators of feline or canine origin (lions, tigers, panthers, wolves and hunting dogs in particular). In Greek culture this became the she-dog of Orion, the sublimated form perhaps. - wiki
Note that the GOP Convention was held very late this year, in the month of Virgo (though still within the Dog Days), furthering the goddess link.

Given this identification with Isis (which I have absolutely no doubt Palin is totally in the dark about), the incorporation of Sirius iconography in the two campaigns makes much more sense. As does this rising sun and wheel image that Palin finished her speech in front of.

Palin here is presented as Isis, giving birth to the Sun. No accident then that she was the mother of an infant child (though there remains controversy over that issue) and the mother of a pregnant 17 year-old. We also had the contrived lipstick on a pig controversy which, if nothing else, reminded the entire world that Palin identified herself with a dog during the Dog Days of Sirius.