Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thunderbirds: "Terror in New York City"

OK, so this is 1965- we have "Terror in New York" in one episode (in which two skyscrapers collapse, the ESB and the "Fulmer Finance" building), "City of Fire" and then pyramids and aliens in another. 

The pyramid here is similar to the Tomb of Osiris- we even see statures of Osiris prominently displayed. However, this pyramid belongs to a race of aliens who take our heroes hostage and take them to their underground city.

This is a must-see- The Tomson Tower catches fire because of a fire in the parking garage. Tomson is a derivative of Thomas, meaning "twin." This episode premiered 1/6/66.

When the aliens emerge inside the pyramid, we see Oz encoded on their helmets.

I'm not sure if anyone has looked at these episodes yet, but if you have please link in the comments.

The more of these 9/11 syncs that I see, the more impossible it becomes for me to believe that they are all intentional. I'd say that most are not. There is something ingrained in our Collective Unconscious, which I am starting to think is either the result or a byproduct of a neurochemical software program encoded into our DNA a very, very long time ago. All of this is who we are.