Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thunderbirds: "Terror in New York City" (UPDATED)

  This is a must-see- The Tomson Tower catches fire because of a fire in the parking garage. Tomson is a derivative of Thomas, meaning "twin." This episode premiered 1/6/66.

OK, so this is 1965- we have "Terror in New York" in one episode (in which two skyscrapers collapse, the ESB and the "Fulmer Finance" building), "City of Fire" and then pyramids and aliens in another. The pyramid here is similar to the Tomb of Osiris- we even see statures of Osiris prominently displayed. However, this pyramid belongs to a race of aliens who take our heroes hostage and take them to their underground city.

When the aliens emerge inside the pyramid, we see Oz encoded on their helmets.

I'm not sure if anyone has looked at these episodes yet, but if you have please link in the comments.

The more of these 9/11 syncs that I see, the more impossible it becomes for me to believe that they are all intentional. I'd say that most are not. There is something ingrained in our Collective Unconscious, which I am starting to think is either the result or a byproduct of a neurochemical software program encoded into our DNA a very, very long time ago. All of this is who we are.


  1. Wasn't there an attempt to 'blow' the Twin Towers in the early 90s, the bomb only damaging the parking lot?
    great OZ, also the double Z reminds us that we might fall asleep

  2. There was indeed. And coincidentally enough I was working in the Empire State Building at the time.

  3. Supermarionation...
    Super Mario Nation?
    no, Super Marionette Animation..
    Odd stuff...
    Wich reminds me of not only government puppets, but also ourselves possibly as puppets of puppets, being programmed by "predictive programming". Or even that we are puppets of the universe itself, unless we break through the cycle of reincarnation.

  4. "The more of these 9/11 syncs that I see, the more impossible it becomes for me to believe that they are intentional."

    I agree. There's a guy who's doing a series called Hidden in Hollywood alluding to 9/11 and the plans after it. 15 parts already, did you know about that Chris Carter series "Harsh Realm?"

    Excellent post, thanks for sharing.

  5. I saw it on your site, Droidy! There is absolutely something else at work here. Aside from the fact that there is no coherent narrative with most of the syncs, the first question in real conspiracy research- Qui Bono?- is hardly ever even addressed.

  6. Qui Bono?

    I suggest this as a dire possibility: Media entrainment and "making it happen" kind of like an enormous hypersigil...


  7. One thing to keep in mind: 9/11 when written in the European date format is 11/9, which corresponds to Tisha B'av - the remembrance of the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem in 70 AD. It is also the date the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492. Perhaps someone is sending a veiled message of either warning or payback...

  8. Given the correspndences on the Thunderbirds here, I think the fact fact that September 11 is the Coptic New Year is more compelling...

  9. I spent some happy hours watching these old episodes on Sunday morning. Every one is packed with synchronistic vibration. I'm with you on the "conspiracy" angle - these stories and symbols repeat themselves because they are encoded within...

    Cheers, Michael

  10. What's your gaydar reading on them, sensibility-wise, Michael?

  11. Pretty high, in hindsight. A bunch of young men and their "Dad" hanging out in the pool on their tropical island/Mt. Olympus. But nobody gay thinks of Thunderbirds as subliminally queer - too obscure.

    Johnny Quest, however, is another story...

  12. Oh yea, Oz is pretty gay. Oz = the land down under = underground city = Mythraic caverns? Perhaps all this underground, underwater referencing (note the Empire State was toppled by a secret underground river) is the surfacing of the "sub"conscious mind... and I recall in the latest Tbird movie the Hood drove a secret, pyramidal submarine! Just call me Jung lite! ;-)

  13. Plus, the whole marionette thing as well. Which come to think of it also ties into Being John Malkovich, which brings us to Eternal Sunshine- oy. I'll stop now.

    Thunderbirds is definitely deeply whacked- all sorts of subconscious bells and whistles are triggered by it, for sure.

  14. A little off the subject, but I remember a shock of recognition I had a few years ago when watching "2001." It occurred as I was watching the scene at the excavation site on the Moon. For some strange reason, I thought that it bore a rather uncanny resemblance to some photographs taken at night around Ground Zero.

    I wasn't sure what to make of my notion, and I couldn't find anything validating the weird connection I had made. Logically, it made no sense, so I chalked it up to an overactive imagination. However, this seems like the perfect venue to float this idea.

    Here's an image that seems rather striking, in this context.